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September 24, 2020

COVID, of course, by DARPA



Well, I’m cutting to the chase  –even though I won’t be skipping the BATS, rats and vats in this scenario–  DARPA’s M-O is the essence of speed. They kind of deny it.

“ ‘We have been thinking about and preparing for this a long time’ …said Amy Jenkins, manager of DARPA’s antibody program, which is known as the Pandemic Prevention Platform, or P3 …In that program and other [programs], DARPA has quietly been seeding the ground for…a rapid cure for a pathogen like covid-19 for years…”


This quote above, and all others following, comes from a Washington Post article published back on July 30, found at

A no-brainer, you could say, but a good condensed catch-up story on DARPA’s CoV footprint in vaccine-making.  Unfortunately, there’s not a dot in this piece about delivery tech, test methods or formulas also sponsored by DARPA, suggested by ‘other programs.’ Please do read on to DARPA’s Darkest Agenda and the activist post from ‘Stillness in the Storm’.

Nonetheless: “ ‘Being at DARPA at this time is exciting…because we get to see the research work that was funded… ten to fifteen years ago now really start to pay off,’ acting director [and current deputy dir.] Peter Highnam said…” speaking of COVID.

Remember this is fun!

Paying Off

“The first company [Moderna]… to enter clinical trials with a vaccine…was funded by DARPA. So was the second company [Inovio]. And the P3 program has already led to the world’s first study in humans of… antibody treatment… In addition to Moderna, two other pharmaceutical companies –Pfizer and CureVac—are pursuing RNA vaccines… CureVac was also funded by DARPA… …  DARPA also funded… companies [unnamed]  that manufacture vaccines…in tobacco-like plants as well as a ‘self-assembling vaccine’ platform at Massachusetts General Hospital…  ”

Something I appreciate is the article asking the natural question about treatment with antibodies:

 “Instead of forcing the body to produce antibodies using a vaccine, why not just inject the best antibody directly? The DARPA team began to pursue that aim in parallel. [Dan] Wattendorf called the rapid delivery of an antibody using RNA ‘the more aspirational dream.’ The idea was to take…the best antibody out of thousands in the bloodstream. Then, the genetic code of that antibody could be injected [into combat troops]…to give…protection…immediately. Protection could range from a few weeks to a few months –enough time for a deployment. In a pandemic, DARPA envisioned using such antibodies as a ‘firebreak’… For example, if one person in a nursing home tests positive, the antibody could be given to all the other residents…  DARPA had funded the development of rapid antibody technologies for years. Then, around 2016, DARPA director Arati Prabhakar [second woman in the chair, after Regina Dugan] wanted to weave [the programs] together into a production line… The result was the Pandemic Prevention Platform, which Prabhakar signed off on before leaving DARPA in January 2017. The goal of [P3]…was to develop an antibody for any virus within 60 days of receiving the blood sample of a survivor.”

Credit for DARPA’s Pandemic program, however, goes to “a brainy Air Force doctor named Dan Wattendorf [who] helped push rapid pandemic response further to the top of DARPA’s priority list… Wattendorf had ideas for a solution. In 2010, he took to a conference room at DARPA…to make a pitch…[and] Regina E. Dugan…greenlight[ed] his proposal. The result was a program called ADEPT, which invested $291 million from 2011 to 2019 in an array of technologies… ‘It may turn out to be the most important program from my time at the agency,’ said Dugan, who ran DARPA from 2009 to 2012. Chief among Wattendorf’s targets for the program: delivering vaccines and antibodies by implanting their genetic code… Wattendorf hoped to short-circuit [conventional methods by] cutting out the manufacturing process… By 2010, scientists had tested the idea using DNA with mixed results. Wattendorf wanted to try its single-stranded sibling RNA. If successful, RNA could be used to develop both vaccines and antibodies… It also offered a one-size-fits-all approach; in the future, scientists would need only the genetic code…   At least initially, the antibodies won’t be delivered using RNA, although Duke University plans to manufacture an RNA version of its antibody, meeting the original DARPA vision for the program.  Wattendorf…left DARPA and now works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”



DARPA’s Darkest Agenda

“DARPA-backed DNA and RNA vaccine companies, including Moderna, Inovio as well as Germany’s CureVac, have been unable to get their products licensed for human use, largely due to the fact that their vaccines have failed to provide sufficient immunity in human trials… Several workarounds for this issue have been proposed, including vaccines where the genetic material (RNA or DNA) ‘self-amplifies’ …[by] incorporation of nanotechnology…as the carriers for the genetic material”…

“[A] long-standing DARPA program, now overseen by BTO, is known as “Living Foundries.” According to DARPA’s website, Living Foundries “aims to enable adaptable, scalable, and on-demand production of [synthetic] molecules by programming the fundamental metabolic processes of biological systems to generate a vast number of complex molecules that are not otherwise accessible… The types of research this “Living Foundries” program supports involves the creation of “artificial life” including the creation of artificial genetic material, including artificial chromosomes, the creation of ‘entirely new organisms’…

“Changing human brain chemistry and functionality at the cellular level is only one of numerous DARPA initiatives aimed at changing how human beings think and perceive reality. Since 2002, DARPA has acknowledged its efforts to create a “Brain-Machine Interface (BMI).” Though first aimed at creating “a wireless brain modem for a freely moving rat,” which would allow the animal’s movements to be remotely controlled, DARPA wasn’t shy about the eventual goal of applying such brain “enhancement” to humans in order to enable soldiers to “communicate by thought alone” or remotely control human beings (on the enemy side only, so they say) for the purposes of war….

“According to one recent report on DARPA’s N3 program, one example of “minimally invasive” technologies would involve: an injection of a virus carrying light-sensitive sensors, or other chemical, biotech, or self-assembled nanobots that can reach individual neurons and control their activity independently without damaging sensitive tissue. The proposed use for these technologies isn’t yet well-specified, but as animal experiments have shown, controlling the activity of single neurons at multiple points is sufficient to program artificial memories of fear, desire, and experiences directly into the brain

“In 2011, DARPA announced its “Rapidly Adaptable Nanotherapeutics” program, which seeks to create a “platform capable of rapidly synthesizing therapeutic nanoparticles” aimed at combating “evolving and even genetically engineered bioweapons.” DARPA’s plan for these nanoparticles, which media reports described merely as “tiny, autonomous drug delivery systems,” was to combine them with “small interfering RNA (siRNA),” which are snippets of RNA that can target and shut down specific genes…

“ [The] current coronavirus crisis appears to be the perfect storm that will allow DARPA’s dystopian vision to take hold and burst forth from the darkest recesses of the Pentagon into full public view. However, DARPA’s transhumanist vision for the military and for humanity presents an unprecedented threat, not just to human freedom, but an existential threat to human existence and the building blocks of biology itself.”

Read it all at

Q and A

Healthcare? –DARPA

5G and the Internet of Things? –DARPA

Thought control? –DARPA

The future? –DARPA, DARPA, DARPA

Any questions?



September 23, 2020

Tobacco Vaccines by DARPA




In 2012, DARPA’s exiting director, Regina Dugan gave a TED talk touting the accomplishments of the  defense agency; among them, hypersonic Mach 20 flying machines, artificial hummingbird drones, and ‘green goo’ tobacco-grown vaccines.  She said, ”This green goo may someday matter to you. This green goo is perhaps the vaccine that could save your life. It was made in tobacco plants. Tobacco plants can make millions of doses of vaccine in weeks instead of months and it might just be the first healthy use of tobacco ever [even] if it seems far-fetched that tobacco plants could make people healthy.” [approx.minute 11]

DARPA is on the front lines of making COVID-19 vaccines, in part, through its Biological Technologies Office (BTO) and the leadership of Dr. Anne Cheever who “led a team focused on COVID-19 vaccine acceleration… in support of Operation Warp Speed (OWS) and the Department of Defense.”


Tobacco and its constituent Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV), the first ever virus discovery, makes a fascinating array of now-useful substances in synthetic biology and AI microelectronics. One of these materials, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP, and its analog vinylpyrrolidone, or VP) became the subject of my 2012 post ‘Morgification’ about the discovery and use of PVP and its compelling property of making vein-like branched hollow tubes. PVP, I suspect, gives rise to some of the very weird physical extrusion phenomena in Morgellon’s sufferers. PVP was used post-WWII as a blood volumizer, and today is a cheap food-additive bulking agent like cellulose. Even “cellulose has received much attention as an emerging smart material, named as electro-active paper (EAPap)…”  Citations predating 2012 and uses of these materials, plus a brief review of biopolymers is at the Morg post.


No crop in the history of America has as rich a history as tobacco. The Pilgrims made a commercial pact to provide tobacco in exchange for their passage and supply. In the early 20th century, the uranium tailings leftover from radium production were spread on tobacco fields as ‘radium fertilizer’ to plump up the poundage of this valuable resource, possibly having a mid-century effect on people like Henrietta Lacks, whose cancerous HeLa cells changed the world of biomedical research during the age of radioactive fallout—and enabled the rapid production of polio vaccine,  More directly, today’s version of tobacco, it appears, is all genetically modified and the ‘green goo’ is a fluorescing protein from jellyfish –perhaps the same basic substance combined with nicotinic acid that ‘lights up’ your brain and makes you smarter. Maybe, as James Watson would have it, the cure for stupidity in a vaccine.


DARPA, of course, is covering the bases:  One early top contender on the way,  Moderna Inc. of Cambridge MA, maker of the mRNA vaccine advocated by the Gates and trialed on computer technology workers in Seattle, is in strategic alliances with…DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” –as expected.  Moderna is the ‘wealthiest’ company in the state of Massachusetts. But in the liberalized wild-west climate of “national” vaccines, the current COVID tobacco contender made by Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP), a subsidiary of British American Tobacco ( B.A.T., or BATS on the London stock exchange), may have its day –expect it!


Coming up, more DARPA, more BATS, tobacco vaccines, such as those for Ebola and tularemia, and the fascinating Tobacco Mosaic Virus and related science of pyrroles and porphyrins.



September 19, 2020

Better Bodies by DARPA



“ The whole point of DARPA is to ‘accelerate the future into being,’ its strategic plan says… and bring them to the near side as quickly as possible” writes  Joel Garreau in his 2005 book Radical Evolution. “Today, DARPA is in the business of creating better humans.” –p22, 24—and if that’s not a definition of eugenics, nothing is.

Readers of 2005’s Radical Evolution who are also familiar with the documentary The Transcendent Man, starring ‘futurist’ Ray Kurzweil’s exposition of The Singularity, can pull the ‘Transcendent’ script right off DARPA’s pages in Garreau’s book.


Radical Evolution informs us that “since the late nineties [DARPA] has increasingly focused on human biology through the Defense Sciences Office [the DSO, whose staff] treasure shirts with the legend ‘DSO, DARPA’s DARPA.’ The notion is that if DARPA is at the cutting edge, DSO is the cutting edge of the cutting edge. In enhancing human performance, the program managers of DSO see a ‘golden age’ of opportunity… (p25) Just to make things clear, ‘DARPA has no laboratory space, [DSO director Michael] Goldblatt says. ‘DARPA does no work which we would consider execution. The actual work products –the milestones, the goals and objectives—are all done by independent investigators. They have the common tie –that they applied for—of funding coming from [DARPA programs].” (p31)

DARPA is by no means the only or even the largest organization in the business of creating the next humans. DARPA’s… annual budget is less than that of the National Science Foundation and is dwarfed by that of the National Institutes of Health, just to name two… [and] its ‘bio-revolution’ program represents only a fraction of DARPA’s overall agenda. The significance of DARPA trying to improve human beings, however, is that few if any institutions in the world are so intentionally devoted to high-risk, high-return, explicitly world-changing research… That’s why DARPA is at the forefront of the engineered evolution of mankind.” (p23).

“DARPA, for example, is very interested in creating human beings who are unstoppable. Three things that slow humans down in combat are pain, wounds and bleeding. So Navy Commander Kurt Henry…is directing researchers who are working on those. He is manager of a program called Persistence in Combat (PIC). In California, there is a biotech company in Silicon Valley called Rinat Neuroscience. Henry is funding its ‘pain vaccine.’ What the substance does is block intense pain in less than 10 seconds [and can] last for thirty days… The product works on the inflammatory response… The commercial implications are formidable… Rinat is a spin-off from Genentech, the world’s first biotech firm. It has attracted venture capital… (p27).

Particularly significant, DARPA creates institutions to support the future it desires. DARPA invests 90 percent of its budget outside the federal government, mainly in universities and industry. Academic centers at MIT, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon that made fundamental contributions to information technology coalesced because of DARPA. If it feels companies need to exist, DARPA helps foster those, including Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics and Cisco Systems.” (p24) And Rinat Neuroscience is but one example here; Garreau gives us many.

Here are a few more of DARPA’s life science DSO projects discussed with author Garreau:

The Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures program :  “The object of the game is to discover the essential part of life common to many of these pathogens –no matter how they might be genetically re-engineered –and interrupt them. An example would be finding an enzyme that appears only in bacteria but is not in us. It might exist only for a brief time in the bacteria, but without it, that life form cannot exist. Then you attack it. Another is ‘genomic glue’ –something that sticks onto the genome… so tightly that it prevents the genome from being read, translated and in any way replicated… There are a half dozen approaches to viruses and bacteria in the works, but one anti-genomic drug is at the last stages of testing in mice. This one seems to work on smallpox, malaria, anthrax and tularemia. It stops the Black Death –the plague—in its tracks. And yes, it also works on the flu. Researchers [in 2005] are ready to go to the FDA for human safety trials.” According to the program director John Carney, “ ‘despite the fact that you’re in the middle of nowhere and you have no way of getting medical help…the drug will work.’ What’s more, as a side benefit, it apparently could cure malaria and probably the common cold. ‘Yes. Anything that can infect you,’ says Carney. …We’re talking about about Pestilence as in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?  ‘Right,’ says Carney.” (p30)

The Metabolically Dominant Soldier program: “Hunger, exhaustion and despondency also slow humans down. Dealing with that is…tinkering with the internal machinery of human cells –controlling cellular metabolism and other activity within the cells… Take mitochondria, for example. They produce the energy to power the cell. [DARPA] is interested in modifying the number of mitochondria…[and] their efficiency at creating energy.”  Program manager Joe Bielitzki “is confident that he can take an individual now formidably trained to perform 80 pull-ups before exhaustion and render him capable of 300… One of the ways Bielitzki would like to do this is by eliminating the need for food… ‘We’ve all got stored calories—we just don’t have access to them [all the time]… Bielitzki acknowledges the potential for spin-off technologies. ‘Forty billion dollars a year goes into the weight loss industry in this country,’ he muses. ‘This will change it‘. (p32).  One of the goals of the Metabolic Engineering program is to allow badly injured soldiers to go into suspended animation or hibernation. It would allow them to survive even without oxygen for…periods of time… This is also the program interested in allowing soldiers to run Olympic-quality sprints for 15 minutes on one breath of air. Turns out humans are very inefficient in the way we process resources. There’s a whole lot of oxygen in one breath, and we waste most of it.” (p40)

The endosymbiont mitochondria in human, and ‘other’ species cells produce ‘the energy molecule’ adenosine triphosphate, ATP, use of which which ranges over any number of DARPA programs. “This brings us to Alan Rudolph…[the]godfather of the telekinetic monkey… He is the program manager for an extraordinarily broad portfolio of DSO’s projects. He jockeys hundreds of principal investigators…[and] has 15 patents in biological self-assembly, biomaterials, tissue engineering and neurosciences. He makes a distinction between DARPA and think tanks such as RAND, Brookings and the Highlands Forum. ‘There are a lot of people who think about the future. [DARPA] is one of those places where you can put money behind those fantasies. You get a vision, and then you start throwing money at it… to roll the ball down the road. It makes it an interesting place, no doubt. (p34) …So now he is working on everything from multi-legged robots to computerized human eye implants to brain-machine interfaces… (p35) ‘Power is a big issue. Our battery technology sucks. Our power problems are huge. I think all these implants will be run off the energy in the body, ATP. There’s low-temperature fuel in the body. The body is amazing in terms of its chemical conversion of energy. So we have a whole program… Biomotors… implantable batteries that work off the natural body constituents. Tissue engineering is going on to give us muscle… Right now we can keep [muscle] alive longer than we can get a battery to work. Yes. Outside the body. Yes. We’ve got a thing called the ‘lox bot.’. It’s a little biorobotic device that resembles a piece of smoked salmon. It uses skeletal muscle from a frog, and the damn thing swims using skeletal muscle. It swims through its energy source. It’s in a bath of glucose and ATP and the thing swims for like 20 hours. That’s the University of Michigan and MIT.’” (p38)

“The Mesoscopic Integrated Conformal Electronics (MICE) program has already succeeded in printing electronic circuits on the frames of eyeglasses and helmets, weaving them into clothes, even putting them on insects. These include electronics, antennas, fuel cells, batteries and solar cells. The Biological Input/Output Systems program is designed to enable plants, microbes and small animals to serve as ‘remote sentinels for reporting the presence of chemical or biological’ particles. They’d do this by changing color [or] lighting up fluorescently… The Brain-Machine Interface program is investigating how you would put wireless modems into people’s skulls. And that’s just the Defense Sciences Office, the department of DARPA most involved with human enhancement.” (p40)


“Among those at DARPA who are working on changing what it means to be human, the word you most commonly hear is fun. Fun comes up all the time. Program managers view what they’re doing as the greatest fun of their lives…  Their tours of duty are usually only three or four years… They know they will never see its like again.” (p42)



September 15, 2020

Antibody Problems


For example……


Nancy Banks, AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, 2010:

“The HIV antibody tests are another scientific conundrum never fully explained. An elevated antibody count has been historically used to identify those who have developed immunity to a disease… This elevated count is claimed to indicate that you have developed immunity from being exposed to [a] particular virus. This is the underlying theory of vaccines. If your antibody count drops, you are said to need a booster shot for the specific purpose of raising your antibody levels called titers. It is claimed that the vaccine will raise your immunity to the disease by increasing your antibodies against this pathogen. The immune system is imminently more complex, but this is the theory that has been rolled over from the 19th century to justify the ever expanding roster of mandated vaccines.

“Yet in the case of HIV, when your antibody titers are already elevated, indicating that your body is working normally and has developed immunity to HIV, you are said not to be immune and are subject to the development of AIDS –a scientific wonder never explained by those promoting this theory. Yet the AIDS promoters are promising a vaccine against AIDS although they know that any vaccine would produce the exact antibodies, in which case people would be said to be immune from AIDS. Needless to say, the vaccine trials have all been gigantic failures. If you are already confused, that seems to be the point of ‘HIV’ science.” –pp58-59,  AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, by Nancy T. Banks, MD, 2010


“One of the early treatments for HIV was a process called plasmapheresis, in which blood is removed from a patient and put into a centrifuge, with white cells and platelets in one area, red blood cells in another, and plasma in yet another. The plasma was known to contain antibodies that in HIV/AIDS caused part of the problem. The plasma was replaced with albumin so that the blood volume was maintained, then the blood was returned to the individual. Many patients experienced significant relief from this treatment, though they weren’t cured.” –p275, Plague, by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits, PhD


Lewis Thomas, The Youngest Science, 1983

(ch8,’Neurology’, p74) …”we learned that John Dingle’s laboratory [at Harvard] was being mobilized for a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where a meningitis epidemic had just been recognized [c1940] and the health authorities…requested help from Harvard. So we packed…[and] I went to work on the treatment of meningococcal meningitis with a new sulfonamide called sulfadiazine, of which I had never heard… We were in Halifax for about a month, culturing the spinal fluids of several hundred patients with meningitis, collecting samples of serum from these patients and other people who did not develop meningitis but were in close contact, in order to study the role of antibodies in protection against the disease, and recording with care the clinical course of the illness under treatment with sulfadiazine…[which] was wonderfully effective. The only patients who failed to recover were those with a rapidly developing and overwhelming infection—some of them became comatose within a few hours and were brought to the hospital in deep shock, their skin surfaces covered everywhere by areas of hemorrhagic necrosis (looking very much like the Shwartzman phenomenon which I was to study several years later), and these patients were dead before we could start treatment. All the rest, the majority, recovered promptly when given sulfadiazine…[with] none of the late complications—blindness, deafness, mental confusion—which had occurred in earlier epidemics of untreated meningococcal meningitis.

“We came back to Boston with crates of cultures and sera, and my laboratory was committed to the problem of the meningococcus and the mechanism of its peculiar affinity for the surfaces of the brain and spinal cord in human beings. None of the conventional laboratory animals were particularly vulnerable [p76] to this organism: rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice could tolerate the intravenous injection of huge numbers of live meningococci without turning a hair, and the bacteria disappeared from their bloodstreams within ten minutes or so. It was evident that the animals possessed a highly effective mechanism for their protection, and I settled down to find out more about this. The first and simplest possibility, that they were able to kill off the injected meningococci by means of an already-existing ‘natural’ antibody, was easiest to test in rabbits, so rabbits became the laboratory’s routine animal. We quickly learned that the serum of a normal adult rabbit was capable of destroying almost any number of meningococci; when up to a million organisms were added to a single milliliter of freshly obtained rabbit serum, and the mixture then incubated for a few hours at 37 degrees Centigrade, the specimens became sterile. If the serum samples were heated at 56 degrees Centigrade for an hour before adding the bacteria, the bactericidal action was completely lost, indicating that the killing power depended on the presence of complement (a sequence of proteins, still incompletely understood, which makes possible the action of antibodies against antigens on the surface of bacteria).

“We thought it useful, given so powerful an example of natural immunity already in existence in animals, to see whether we could obtain even stronger antibacterial sera by immunizing the rabbits. We injected animals with suspensions of heat-killed meningococci, and collected sera at weekly intervals… Within the next few days we encountered our paradox: the sera from the immunized rabbits [p77], which had been capable of killing a million meningococci in a few hours, had now lost this property. There were potent and specific antibodies in these sera, as we could show in other kinds of tests—agglutination, precipitation, and complement fixation tests. But, with the appearance of a specific antibody, the bactericidal activity vanished.

Moreover, something of the same sort could be shown in the whole rabbit in vivo. When we injected live bacteria into the bloodstream of our immunized animals, and then measured the survival of the bacteria by serial blood cultures, we were surprised to learn that the blood cultures were still positive twenty-four hours later in the more intensively immunized rabbits, in contrast to the unimmunized animals, in which all of the meningococci had disappeared within ten to fifteen minutes.

By this time it was late April of 1941 and I was in a hurry. The problem had turned into something fascinating, involving both paradox and surprise. I knew I was expected back in New York the next January to become a neurologist, so I worked as fast as I could. What I had run into was an antique immunologic phenomenon called the ‘prozone’ in which an excess of antibody turns off the immune reaction unless the serum is sufficiently diluted. However, the difference in my laboratory –what was new—was that it worked in vivo: an immunized animal could lose, as the result of being immunized, its own natural defense. This might, I thought, have useful implications for susceptibility in certain human infections beyond meningitis –typhoid fever and brucellosis, for example—and I wanted to get on with it.

“However, as it turned out, I never got to finish the problem or even answer the principal questions. Nor did I ever get back to the Neurological Institute [in NYC]. The Rockefeller Institute [p78] was put on notice in late 1941, then mobilized as a naval medical research unit; I was assigned to it as a lieutenant, and received orders to turn up in New York, in uniform, by the end of March 1942. John Dingle and I reluctantly agreed to bring the still inconclusive problem of the in vivo prozone to a premature end and write the work up; to this day [1983] I’ve never been able to return, full-time, to the problem. It still hangs there in my mind, and I don’t believe any other laboratory has ever settled it.” –pp 74-78, The Youngest Science, Notes of a Medicine-Watcher, by Lewis Thomas [MD], 1983



“In an agglutination test, a person’s serum (which contains antibodies) is added to a test tube, which contains a particular antigen. If the antibodies agglutinate with the antigen to form immune complexes, then the test is interpreted as positive. However, if too many antibodies are present that can bind to the antigen, then the antigenic sites are coated by antibodies, and few or no antibodies directed toward the pathogen are able to bind more than one antigenic particle.[3] Since the antibodies do not bridge between antigens, no agglutination occurs. Because no agglutination occurs, the test is interpreted as negative. In this case, the result is a false negative. The range of relatively high antibody concentrations within which no reaction occurs is called the prozone.”


From Dr. Banks again, AIDS, Opium, etc.:

“Folate, one of the B vitamins, is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells… Folate deficiency hinders DNA synthesis and cell division by affecting co-enzyme synthesis and the metabolism of certain amino acids. Folate is also necessary for the production of the energy molecule ATP in the mitochondria. (p260) Sulfanomides inhibit folic acid synthesis… The metabolism of the double folic acid inhibitor T/S [Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole, used to treat AIDS] is an important part of the AIDS story. Because bacteria, fungi and parasites have the same mitochondria as humans, the consequence of using T/S should have led to the following assumptions: Sulfamethoxazole blocks the synthesis of folic acid in both human and microbial mitochondria, and therefore human cells are just as vulnerable as microbial cells; trimethoprim likewise blocks the activation of folic acid… The metabolic product of sulfamethoxazole, especially the toxic product hydroxylamine, has to be detoxified by glutathione, the three-amino-acid master antioxidant… The lack of this powerful antioxidant leads to nitrosative and oxidative stress… This decreases the production of ATP the energy molecule, leads to mtDNA damage and to disruption of protein synthesis…

“This predictable disruption of cellular metabolism as a result of oxidative and nitrosative stress caused by this drug combination… [leads] to increased cell disintegration… or to cellular transformation to tumor cells that switch to the less efficient cytoplasmic glycolytic energy production… [A] decade before the sudden appearance of opportunistic fungal infections and Kaposi’s sarcoma as AIDS… it was already recognized [c1970] that long-term medication with folic acid inhibitors could provoke neutropenia (low white blood cell count) and systemic fungal infections… (p262)

…”Microbes and humans possess the same type of eukaryotic cells. If a drug attacks the metabolism of the microbe, it also has the possibility to attack the metabolism of the human, and a range of antibiotics have been shown to do just that. However, the microbes…have the ability to adapt to hostile environments… Many of the drugs humans create to kill microbes end up killing themselves. It is now known that Trimethoprim, Azothioprine and AZT suppress the function of nitric oxide (NO) gas producing Th1 immune cells and after a few days cause a Th1/Th2 switch of cellular immunity. This is important because it is the NO gas-producing Th1 cells that kill intracellular parasites. If the Th1 cells are prohibited from producing NO gas because of exhaustion from chronic overexposure to free radicals or because of malnutrition, then the ability to mount an effective response of what is called cellular immunity (as opposed to humoral, or antibody immunity) is thwarted, and this gives rise to the overgrowth of opportunistic microbes. It also gives rise to a Th2 counterbalance with an increase in antibody production. This is why HIV patients respond positively to the HIV test. Not because there is [or isn’t] a virus, but because the organism is responding in an evolutionary biologically programmed way to environmental stressors.”  –p263, AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire





7 Reasons Why Antibodies Can’t Possibly Provide Immunity



September 13, 2020

Eugenics and Vaccines


Turn back the clock a hundred years to a Supreme Court decision that upheld a case of involuntary sterilization in Buck v. Bell (1927), the most famous legal ruling in the American eugenics crusade against the ‘unfit’. The majority decision, written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., sanctioned the practice of sterilization surgery by public health authorities with these words:

“It is better for all the world if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles is enough.”  Holmes was referring to Carrie Buck, her mother Emma, and her young daughter, Vivian, born in March of 1924 while Carrie was institutionalized by the State of Virginia. (source ref. p121, War Against the Weak, by Edwin Black, 2003)

The broad principle of compulsory vaccination, we infer from Holmes, is the preeminent exercise of the state to dispense with any perceived biological threat to society for the common good, established in 1905 (Jacobson v. Massaschusetts) as the right to “vaccinate and revaccinate” according to the dictates of the state. War Against the Weak further informs readers that the influential Holmes “asserted that the idea of inherent rights [of individuals] was ‘intrinsically absurd’,“  and taught as a matter of course in his 1881 lecture series, The Common Law. Citing statistics kept until the end of 1940, Edwin Black reported that in sum “no fewer than 35,878 men and women had been sterilized or castrated—almost 30,000 of them after Buck v. Bell.” (p123) What is not reported by Mr. Black’s statistics is whether and how many of the numbers of sterilized were committed to institutional life sentences as were Carrie Buck and her mother. Carrie’s daughter Vivian was adopted and assessed to be ‘normal’ in every way and eugenical standards shortly fell out of favor.

Rise of the New Biology, or ‘newgenics,’ rapidly followed: “A concerted physicochemical attack on the gene was initiated at the moment in history when it became unacceptable to advocate social control based on crude eugenic principles.” –p9, The Molecular Vision of Life,[sub-head] Caltech, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology by Lily E. Kay, 1993. “During the 1930s a new biology came into being that by the late 1950s was to endow scientists with unprecedented power over life. These three decades culminated in the elucidation of the self-replicating mechanisms of DNA and an explanation of its action in terms of information coding, representations that laid the cognitive foundations for genetic engineering. Scientists could now manipulate genes on the most fundamental level and attempt to control the course of biological and social evolution…[p3]… By defining life in terms of fundamental physicochemical mechanisms, molecular biology ultimately narrowed its principal focus…based on the protein paradigm, the premise that the salient features of life—reproduction, growth, neural function, immunity—could be explained through the structures and functions of proteins. In fact, guided by the protein paradigm, research on antibodies occupied a key position with the new biology. This important chapter, however, has been written out of the history of molecular biology.” –p5, ibid.

Let’s write the antibody chapter back in.


War Against the Weak concludes with “Eugenics Becomes Genetics” and “Newgenics” chapters [pp411-444]] and a statement from James D. Watson, co-discoverer with Francis Crick of double-helix DNA structure, who “told a British film crew in 2003, ‘If you are really stupid, I would call that a disease. The lower 10 percent who really have difficulty, even in elementary school, what’s the cause of it? A lot of people would like to say, ‘Well, poverty, things like that.’ It probably isn’t. So, I’d like to get rid of that, to help the lower 10 percent.” –p442, War Against the Weak

…….more to come……

August 30, 2020

Postscript From The Herd




Hey, there’s lots to share including how the the vaccinia (cow-derived) virus, alleged to prevent smallpox, became a BW agent and compares to the coronavirus. In fact, both are the ‘largest of viruses’ with the most genetic material –vaccinia under military study in the 1980s was the promising entity to make a “supervaccine” with room in its genome to accommodate as many as 30 or 40 antigens. Maybe vaccinia was dropped in favor of coronavirus. But we’ll get to that in time. Mooving on, “We might mention here that herd immunity theories have been proven wrong time and time again. In fact, evidence suggests that vaccinated children [and animals] are more likely to be reservoirs of disease than their unvaccinated peers.” –p30, The Vaccine Religion, Mass Mind & the Struggle for Human Freedom, by Walene James (founder of Vaccination Liberation), published 2011. “Commercial interests have also transformed the definition of herd immunity. From Dorland’s Medical Dictionary (1944) we find that herd immunity means ‘freedom of a group from some disease…usually brought about by some sanitary measure such as providing pure water or milk, drainage, etc.’ Today freedom of a group from certain diseases is said to be the result of…the…vaccinated. The magic number required to produce this version of herd immunity keeps rising as vaccine failures become more evident.” –p54, ibid.

“Remember that geometric axiom you learned in highschool—the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? The vaccine model turns that one on its head by substituting one part of the immune system for the whole system and one aspect of the immune response for the full immune response to infectious challenges. This is, of course, the antibody.

   “ Most of us think of the nose, mouth and throat as the normal portals of entry for any substance. If we extend this to include the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system as well as the skin whose porosity makes it another portal of entry, we have what are called the primary immune organs, more commonly known as ‘the first line of defense.’ If a foreign substance survives the mucosal lining and secretions of the primary immune system, the lymphatic and circulatory systems take over. These systems contain scavenger cells such as lymphocytes, leukocytes and macrophages which devour bacteria and other elements foreign to the body and, along with serum complement and interferon, are some of the components that create non-specific immunity. These cells and their function are sometimes called ‘the second line of defense,’ or aspects of the secondary immune system.

   “Antibodies and disease-specific immunity are ‘the third line of defense,’ as  an aspect of the tertiary immune function. What does this tell us about the importance of antibodies? They are hardly a major player in the creation of immunity. In fact, studies and even records of epidemics reveal that those with high titer (antibody) count have a high degree of susceptibility to the disease for which they were vaccinated, and those with low titer count have a high degree of immunity. What does this mean? A person whose vital forces are strong will have fully functioning primary immune organs or outer defenses, and foreign proteins such as ‘pathogenic’ bacteria, viruses or other toxins will never reach the bloodstream. This is assuming that infectious challenges enter the body naturally, by way of the primary immune organs. But vaccinations? Vaccines bypass the natural portals of entry by being injected indirectly into the bloodstream. Vaccines are injected into a muscle which then makes its way into tissues and then into the bloodstream—a transport method which the entire immune system is designed to prevent.

…”Researcher Dr. Wendel Belfield said that ‘antibodies are not needed when the primary immunological defense (leukocytes, interferon, etc.) [what we call ‘innate’ immunity] is functioning at…capacity.’ And ‘antibody production appears to occur only when the ascorbate (vitamin C) level of the primary defense components are at low levels, thereby permitting some [pathogens] to survive the primary defense.’ Other researchers have pointed to the naivete of assuming that there is a one to one correspondence between antibody and antigen and that the doctrine of ‘one antibody, one antigen’ is incorrect.

…”The purpose of vaccines, which function as antigens, is to provoke antibody production. High blood antibody count is supposedly indicative of disease-specific immunity. That it is not indicative of immunity and may well indicate immune weakness will be…a price [we pay] for those circulating antibodies

“Did you know that cell receptor sites in the brain are identical to the cell receptor sites in the immune system? This means that any injury to the immune system by foreign substances can be directly transmitted to the brain.” —pp33-35, The Vaccine Religion

C you next time.


PPS — Read ‘Disease Begins in the Brain’



August 28, 2020

The Herd Shot Round The World




This is not a piece for Mad Cow Morning News, the well-circulated post-9/11 journalism of global crime researcher Daniel Hopsicker who used the punning title, but it is about global crime and the promotion of herd shots (“herd immunity”) in the Public Health lexicon of vaccinology. The Herd Shots are coming. Recent news from NPR is that testing for COVID-19, our CoV SARS ‘2’, is being deregulated from U.S. government oversight by FDA and will probably also apply to the vaccines –all hundred-and-something of them—prompting a commentator to remark that we’re entering the ‘wild west’ of public medicine. To my mind, the concepts of ‘herd immunity’ and ‘wild west’ go together. If we’re to have a vast globalized healthcare system, a One Health paradigm for the planetary livestock, a good starter strategy is to circle-the-wagons, take on all comers, and pioneer the way forward. Bring the babies, leave the dead and keep going.


In  COVID posts to come, I hope to take on a few comers; testers, vaccinators, regulators, profiteers, scientists, journalists and other perception managers. Our national propaganda radio is throwing everything-and-the-kitchen-sink in the name of CoV, including how some towns in America (in CA and TX, for example) have been “wiped off the map” by coronavirus –one of those midmorning, side-swiping NPR gems that fails to get replay, gosh darn-it. Do you know of any towns wiped off the map by CoV?  I learned in 2012 after the Sandy Hook CT school shooting that NPR was then, and still is, the principal media partner of the EAS, Emergency Alert System, and coordinator of the communication network which extends itself to organizing ‘media performance evaluation’ symposia for event analyses. In the Sandy Hook case, the 2013 NPR symposium included the Boston Marathon Bombing: “Sandy Hook, Boston and Beyond”.  Are we in the “Beyond” yet or beyond the Beyond? Maybe some pertinent contact-tracing is called for.


The COVID Cassandras

Mass coronavirus outbreaks appear ‘scheduled’, if you will, on the heels of the 2003 SARS evaluations under the management of Jerome Hauer, the emergency operations and Kroll official with a background in Biological Warfare (BW) who became familiar on 9-11-01. The COVID predictions known to me were propagated by journalists in 2004. Naming here only two as examples; John M. Barry, author of The Great Influenza (2004), and Laurie Garrett, author of The Coming Plague (1994), both of these ‘knowledge-based’ journalists attained spokesman-like authority for their efforts. Mr. Barry, as a newly minted historian on the flu in 2004, announced his awareness of CoV as the next big pandemic on CSPAN’s Book TV while promoting The Great Influenza, providing the historic basis of pandemic ‘response’ to a then-unknown set of factors during WWI. We were to see the flu ‘plandemics’ in rapid succession –2005 bird flu, 2007 and 2009 swine-hybrid.   Ms. Garrett, on the other hand, wrote her comprehensive epidemic thesis, The Coming Plague, as a graduate student with Harvard School of Public Health (1992-93), concurrently writing for Newsday magazine. Choosing journalism over a biology PhD, she went on to win a Pulitzer in 1996 covering Ebola in Africa. By 2004 Garrett had joined the Council on Foreign Relations where she created the CFR’s ‘Global Health Program’. Her educational background includes a BS in biology from UCBerkeley and graduate research at Stanford, at the time also becoming a notable radio reporter on HIV/AIDS. According to her website, serving the CFR from 2004-2017 (under CFR president Richard N. Haass, former Middle East advisor to Bushes I&II who contributed ‘Accelerating History’ to the COVID dialogue). Laurie Garrett is receiving acclaim for being a premier coronavirus Cassandra:

“I’m a double Cassandra,”**…. “I’ve been telling everybody that my event horizon is about 36 months, and that’s my best-case scenario… I’m quite certain that this is going to go in waves… It won’t be a tsunami that comes across America all at once and then retreats… It will be micro-waves that shoot up in Des Moines and then in New Orleans and then Houston and so on, and it’s going to affect how people think about all kinds of things…  Did we go back to normal after 9/11? No. We created a whole new normal. We securitized the United States… And it affected everything. We couldn’t go into a building without showing ID… [and] couldn’t get on airplanes the same way ever again. That’s what’s going to happen with this… We need either a cure or a vaccine.”

**“Listed as a twice-ver “Cassandra”, in WARNINGS: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes (2017), Richard A. Clarke and R.P. Eddy, HarperCollins Publishers.”


Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is a theory of community resistance that supposes a majority (70-80%) of acquired immunity to a particular disease among its members is protective of the whole. The concept is of military value and origin.

There is natural immunity and there is acquired immunity but there is no evidence of naturally acquired herd immunity in people unless “childhood diseases” count. The phenomenon would be localized and temporary. In developed countries like the U.S., the public health mandate is to eradicate childhood diseases and thereby eliminate any naturally acquired herd immunity, if it exists as such. The rhetoric of herd immunity as ‘public health’ is purely elitist, and the very concept of herd immunity from novel emerging microbes is a false one. It was Laurie Garrett’s own work in The Coming Plague that convinced me of the nonexistence and unattainability of herd immunity in humans. The Public Health position is that there is one global scourge that interventions have prevented, but just one: smallpox***, the treatment of which became the original sacred “cow” that lent its name to the practice of vaccines –use of the ‘vaccinia’ cowpox virus countermeasure. Smallpox eradication is of recent vintage: “On May 8, 1980, the World Health Assembly formally declared that ‘the World and all its peoples have won freedom from smallpox…which only a decade ago was rampant in Africa, Asia, and South America.’” –p47, The Coming Plague.  Ironically, the history of smallpox epidemics and the vaccines to prevent them argue neither for nor against the concept of herd immunity, but only the for-and-against practice of vaccination. The disease caused by the alleged variola virus, Laurie Garrett maintains, has been around, and around, for two thousand years with variable virulence. We’ve been poised since 9-11 to expect a re-emergence of smallpox, possibly in the form of biological warfare, discounting any notion of acquired herd immunity. I’m not hearing much nowadays about re-vaccinating for smallpox as it would be unseemly to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” at such a time when the hard sell is on for new vaccine technology.  Pre-COVID vaccine success stories, such as smallpox and polio, had a very short run at the beginning of our CoV pandemic, but appear to have been dropped like hot rocks.

***Smallpox, according to Janine Roberts’s book, Fear of the Invisible, notes that, “By 1871 some 97% of the population of the UK were vaccinated or immune from already having suffered smallpox, according to evidence given to a Parliamentary Select Committee. But just as this report was published, a major Europe-wide smallpox epidemic spread, killing some 22,062 in England and Wales and over 124,900 in Germany. Shockingly, this epidemic seemed to mostly target the vaccinated. Other steps clearly had to be taken… The public authorities of Leicester…uniquely combined greatly improving hygiene, water and food supplies…[with] imposing a citywide program of strict quarantine and disinfection. This had startling success… ‘The result is that in every instance the disease has been promptly and completely stamped out at a paltry expense.’ It was not only smallpox that it stopped. They also eliminated most cases of measles and other infectious diseases. Leicester had remarkably achieved this while discarding vaccination completely, for the city authorities said they had found it hazardous and no help. Their [persistent] results seemed to bear this out. ‘Our smallpox death-rate was only 89 per million in 1893, with little vaccination; while [nationwide, with vaccination] it was 3,523 per million in 1872.” –p43

Biological Warfare and Vaccines

UK research journalist Janine Roberts also relates that, “In 1978, John Martin, the Professor of Pathology I [met] at the 1997 workshop [on HIV/AIDS], examined a bulk shipment of polio vaccine. He reported, ‘I worked at the time as Director of the Viral Oncology Laboratory at the Bureau of Biologics… There was a lot of extraneous DNA in the vaccine. I sent electron micrographs to three outside experts to ascertain if these were the the dreaded Type C retroviruses or not. The answers came back no, but there was so much debris and DNA in the vaccine that it was impossible essentially to do a nice clean prep of the viral vaccines, of the viruses. That was my first indication that, in fact, the vaccines were rather crude.’ But when he reported this vaccine contamination, he was most surprised to be told by his employer that ‘vaccine manufacturing was an essential component of industry, this [the U.S.] country’s protection against potential biological warfare… It’s an economically risky business. If one criticizes [the vaccine makers] too much and they stop production, then all the production will go [to other countries and] would then be bought out by the Russians, and then there will be biological warfare.’ “ –p33, Fear of the Invisible, by Janine Roberts, 2008. Dr. Martin got a privileged earful that day. Most medical scientists are kept clueless in line with the secrecy and deniability of BW no matter their awareness, but also as a measure of ‘openness’ in research. The authors of 1988’s Gene Wars, Military Control Over the New Genetic Technologies write that “even the DoD acknowledges that in BW research the difference between offense and defense is purely a matter of intent. Moreover, this largely holds true for development, testing, production, and training. Creating a truly effective weapon from an infectious agent requires intensive work to understand and master the microorganism… A primary goal of this book is to put the U.S. military’s intent and actions into scientific and historical perspective. At issue is the DoD track record on honesty, openness, concern for public health, and commitment to arms control…[which] we will show…is replete with subterfuge, reckless experimentation, and rogue actions and… violations of… legal and moral norms.” –pp26-27, Gene Wars, by Charles Piller and Keith R. Yamamoto, 1988.

With the advent of Big Biotech in the early 1970s, a dramatic change in the emerging global disease patterns became evident in the records of WHO and partners –I discovered those changes perusing their public documents in 2007 when I took up polio research. The push to World Government, it seems, has consistently been inflamed since the ‘70s by devastating outbreaks of killer disease. BW can never be ruled out. Gene Wars uses a then-current U.N. definition of BW as “ ‘living organisms, whatever their nature… which are intended to cause disease or death in man, animals and plants, and which depend for their effects on the ability to multiply in the person, animal or plant attacked.’”  The authors note ,” The major forms of BW –each potentially deadly—are bacteria, viruses, rickettsia and fungi.” –p21, and “viruses are considered the most efficacious BW agents. Because different viruses often cause similar symptons, viral diseases are often difficult to diagnose… Viruses could also be used as effective vectors for one or more powerful tox-genes implanted through rDNA techniques.” –96, ibid. Chemical and Toxin weapons are included in their review but not radiological and electronic weapons which are no less a part of the historical gene-war ‘unconventional’ spectrum.  I’m citing Piller and Yamamoto, however, for presenting a short example of presumptive clandestine BW which compares to an ultra- briefly- mentioned event in Laurie Garrett’s The Coming Plague describing what had been, in the 1980s, a recent die-off of Australian rabbits. The same event, recorded for different purposes, makes for a fine side-by-side comparison. The subject is global crisis due to escalating occurrences of widespread emerging diseases:

From 1994, The Coming Plague [Introduction], p5: “On May 1, 1989, the [top medical] scientists gathered in the Hotel Washington, located across the street from the White House, and began three days of discussions aimed at providing evidence that the disease-causing microbes of the planet, [p6]far from having been defeated, were posing ever-greater threats… For three days scientists presented evidence that validated… viruses were mutating at rapid rates; seals were dying in great plagues as the researchers convened; more than 90 percent of the rabbits of Australia died in a single year following the introduction of a new virus to the land; great influenza pandemics were sweeping through the animal world; the Andromeda strain nearly surfaced in Africa in the form of Ebola virus; megacities were arising in the developing world….[and] rain forests were being destroyed… [and]the very real possibility that lethal, mysterious microbes would, for the first time, infect humanity on a large scale and imperil the survival of the human race.” –pp5-6, ibid.

From 1988, Gene Wars (Ch5):  “An example [of BW] suggested by Rand Corporation analyst Raymond Zilinskas shows how an agent… might work: Rabbits are not native to Australia. After they were carelessly introduced there in 1859, their characteristic explosive proliferation soon spawned a major pest control problem. By the 1940s the voracious creatures were driving scores of farmers to bankruptcy. The Australians attempted many methods of control, including the erection of a 1,100 mile-long ‘rabbitproof’ fence. None of these was successful for long. The rabbits were ultimately defeated, however, through infection by myxoma virus, causative agent for the disease myxomatosis. Myxoma is a model BW agent. The virus is harmless to all species except the rabbit. And for the type of rabbit targeted in Australia it was highly virulent, causing 90 percent fatalities and sterility in many of the survivors. ‘For the purpose of decimating rabbit populations, the agent is stable and easily dispensed,’ Zilinskas said.  Although an effective vaccine exists for the disease, the rabbits, of course, had no access to it.” –pp94-95.

Examples of BW deployment, and the later exploitative use of the result for propaganda, rarely come clearer than this one.


And what about people?

“Many leading scientists now believe that new biotechnologies can develop effective prophylaxis for any individual disease or toxin. Indeed, viral vaccine development is the largest stated goal of the DoD biotechnology program.” –p103, Gene Wars, 1988.



So, are we here yet? –giving a shot to any ‘body’ that has a shot so everybody can take a shot.



May 28, 2020

The Final Solution

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The Final Solution vaccine — end of the “ill nation of the U.S.” as a free-living species– also anagrams to “a net of Th illusion” –‘Th’ referencing the ‘Th1’ and ,Th2’ immunity process of antibodies.

…and two more for you: “flu, then isolation” and “sion [ions] in the fallout



May 22, 2020

Counterrevolution: Evolving


The best antidote to fascist Techno-feudalism is living naturally with rational technology!


Here’s real biology from medical doctor experts who care about health:

RNA viruses

Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, from her 2015 interview with Sofia Smallstorm:

When a cell does not have enough electrons to function it begins to lose its ability to communicate with other parts of the cell –and this happens over time [not suddenly]…and means there is some toxicity or some deficiency that [isn’t] recognized… Cancer cells [for example] no longer receive the correct signals…  AIDS is defined as 29 different diseases –but AID [Acquired Immune Deficiency] is a malfunction of a certain kind of white cell… Even in virology they know that RNA viruses are not pathogenic… The theory of HIV is that the virus is in the CD4 [T-cells]…killing them… but the virus has not been found in the decreasing [T-] cells so clearly not what’s killing them. People with HIV/AIDS all have 30 to 60% reduced…glutathione… It’s a deficiency disease.

Sofia: [approx.. min.30] “So, let’s talk about AIDS as an energy deficiency disease… rather than being called Acquired Immune Deficiency, it should be called Acquired Energy Deficiency…”

Dr.Banks:  ”[Remember] that anti-oxidants provide energy, or provide electrons. Things that are oxidative take electrons. So glutathione has the sulf-hydryl group which is key to providing excess electrons in the cell. These excess electrons allow for all the normal functioning of the cell… normal cell division, normal use of the mitochondria…to allow one of the energy molecules, ATP, to develop… But the other important thing that happens in the mitochondria is that there are millions-per-second of…redox reactions [which] are simply reactions where an electron goes from one energy level to another energy level. When that happens, photons…create an electromagnetic wave and these waves are actually part of the energy of the cell, and part of the propagation of what allows the cell to keep itself together. So what happens if you…don’t have enough electrons to float that particular wave of energy in the cell…is you’re going to have…these reduced energy levels which do not allow the cell to function optimally… and that’s what’s going on with people said to have HIV.

…[Ebola in] Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea…just happens to break out where they just found [Aug.2013]..this huge cache of really expensive rocks [diamonds of 300+ karats]… They said Ebola was an RNA virus and the minute you hear [an epidemic] is RNA, you know immediately they’re not telling you the truth. Secondly, what is Ebola? –it’s a type of hemorrhagic fever, but there are many types…in tropical climates…and they’re trying to make people of afraid in temperate climates where tropical [diseases] don’t take hold, so that’s another nonsensical kind of thing, but we don’t really know what people are dying of… We know in this area the [World Health Organization] is testing all kinds of vaccines and drugs… but…the breakdown of the communities…and [civil] war [and dislocation] would cause diseases…and is no wonder…  March of 2014 was the first outbreak of Ebola and August 2013 [was] the announced diamond-mining discovery…

…”I do want to discuss…the RNA viruses. First there are two types of genetic material –DNA which is in our central genome and RNA…which has different [functions]. Now it turns out that it’s possible that the first type of genetic material on earth was RNA and…also almost 45% of the human genome is retro-transcribed…from RNA into DNA…and the term for it is ‘retrotransposons’ [or] DNA which is retro-transcribed from RNA… What it means is that this DNA, …what they used to call ‘junk DNA’…turns out that the more highly evolved a system is, the more so-called ‘junk DNA’ it has… But…this junk DNA actually has information –it’s messenger RNA and has some enzymatic functions… So as the cell functions and is communicating, it packages up these bits of genetic material [that] goes to different parts the cell or from cell to cell. If the cell is breaking down, then these bits of genetic material are transmitted out of the cell…   What they’ve been calling viruses, especially RNA viruses… most is not actually a virus but packaged pieces of normal genetic material…which are functioning the way they’re supposed to.

…”[In the past, from the 1920s], they believed that genes were stationary and didn’t move, transmitting information in one direction and [Barbara McClintock] said ‘no, genes are not stationary…they’re moving all the time’ …So you are evolving in terms of your environment because genes are always responding to…the environment…[and] move around almost like an alphabet making different words… We’re talking about a kind of consciousness at the energetic level… [It’s a dangerous idea] in a materialistic society because we don’t believe in consciousness at this level… The cell is completely quantum… so [knowledge of this] is going to break down the paradigm which is controlling science right now… [but] we’re moving into a whole new realm of how people think and behave.”



“Disease [is] not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient’s body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body.” –Hippocrates


The authors of The Body Electric, Dr. Robert O. Becker and Gary Seldon, chose Hippocrates’s words to introduce Part 3 of their book, ‘Our Hidden Healing Energy.’  The concept of Hippocrates “fluctuating condition of the ..body” was iterated by Antoine Bechamp as ‘pleomorphism’ (or polymorphism) in ‘bioterrain’, a contradiction to his peers promoting Germ Theory, or monomorphism, posited by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. I learned originally of Bechamp from Dr. Banks in 2008 when I began working out the many biological problems in poliomyelitis as an environmental disease of radiation and chemical exposure. The Body Electric elevates these ‘bioterrain’ ideas into scientific proof of cellular abilities to ‘dedifferentiate and redifferentiate’ into the perfectly-needed cell types for healing and regeneration under the right cell-level electromagnetic conditions.


“I felt as though the temple curtain had been drawn aside without warning and I, a goggle-eyed stranger somehow mistaken for an initiate, had been ushered into a sanctuary to witness the mystery of mysteries. I saw a phantasmagoria, a living tapestry of forms jeweled in minute detail. They danced together like guests at a rowdy wedding. They changed their shapes. Within themselves they juggled geometrical shards like the fragments in a kaleidoscope. They sent forth extensions of themselves like the flares of suns. Yet all their activity was obviously interrelated; each being’s actions were in step with its neighbors’. They were like bees swarming: They obviously recognized each other and were communicating avidly, but it was impossible to know what they were saying. They enacted a pageant whose beauty awed me…   As the lights came back on, the auditorium seemed dull and unreal. I’d been watching various kinds of ordinary cells going about their daily business, as seen through a microscope and recorded by the latest time-lapse movie techniques. The filmmaker frankly admitted that neither he nor anyone else knew just what the cells were doing, or how and why they were doing it… The film was shown at a workshop on fracture healing sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences in 1965.” –pp135-136, The Body Electric, [Robert O. Becker MD] Becker and Seldon, 1985

“In the mid-1960s, solid-state devices were only beginning to hit the market, and one of the PN junction’s most interesting properties hadn’t yet been exploited. When you run a current through [a PN junction] in forward bias, some of its energy gets turned into light and emitted from the surface. In other words, electricity makes it glow. Nowadays various kinds of these PN junctions, called light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are everywhere… but then they were laboratory curios. We found that bone was an LED. Like many such materials, it required an outside source of light before an electric current would make it release its own light, and the light it emitted was at an infrared frequency invisible to us, but the effect was consistent and undeniable.” –p131, ibid.

“Semiconduction, [a]third kind of current, was a laboratory curiosity in the 1930s. Halfway between conductors and insulators, the semiconductors are inefficient in the sense that they can carry only small currents, but they can conduct their currents readily over long distances…  [Albert] Szent-Gyorgyi pointed out that the molecular structure of many parts of the cell was regular enough to support semiconduction… he conjectured that protein molecules, each having a sort of slot or way station for mobile electrons, might be joined together in long chains so that electrons could flow in a semiconducting current over long distances without losing energy…and passed along as information… I  [Becker] theorized that this system…regulated growth, healing, and perhaps other basic processes.” –p93, ibid.

“Ultimately we must relate all we learn about regeneration to a general system of communication among cells, for regrowth is only a special case of the cooperative cohesion that’s the essence of multicellular life…  The control system we’re seeking unites all levels of organization, from the idiosyncratic yet regular outline of the whole organism to the precisely engineered traceries of its microstructure. The DNA-RNA apparatus isn’t the whole secret of life, but a sort of computer program by which the real secret, the control system, expresses its pattern in terms of living cells.” –p182. Ibid. “The pituitary hormone prolactin, the same substance that stimulates milk flow in nursing mothers, seems to sensitize cells to electric current. Then the signal causes nearby cells to dedifferentiate…apparently by changing the way cell membranes pass calcium ions… Steve Smith then confirmed the importance of calcium by preventing dedifferentiation with a calcium-blocking compound, and restarting it with another substance that enhanced passage of calcium ions… Widespread…work on calcium-binding proteins, such as calmodulin, has made it fairly certain that electrical control of calcium movement through cell membranes directs the give-and-take among these proteins, which in turn supervises the cell’s entire genetic and metabolic industry… [The] available evidence suggests that the current flows through the perineural cells [in the myelin] rather than the neurons themselves… These are several types of cells that completely surround every nerve cell, enclosing all the peripheral fibers in a sheath and composing 90 percent of the brain… Not all cells can respond, however…” –p183—“…[but] we reflect on the stakes: understanding regeneration well enough to restore it to ourselves. Certainly skin is electrically active. It’s piezoelectric and pyroelectric (turning heat into electricity) as well as a transporter of ions in wet animals. In the last two decades [1965-1985] nearly all tissues have been proven to produce or carry various kinds of electrical charge. Skin may play an as-yet-unknown role in regeneration… We can infer two things about the control [system]…in relation to the whole organism [;] the guidance can’t be purely local, but must come from a system that likewise pervades the whole body. Furthermore, there are no dedifferentiated cells left over when the work is done; there are just enough and no more… A large body of earlier work has shown that redifferentiation instructions are passed along a tissue arc whose main element is the circuit already established between nerves and epidermis” –p185—“The direction (polarity) plus the magnitude and force (amperage and voltage) of current could serve as a vector system… The electric field surrounding continuously charged cells…would provide a third coordinate…[and] a magnetic field…possibly adding a fourth dimension… Together these values might suffice to pinpoint any cell in the body. The electric and magnetic fields, varying as the current varies with the animal’s state of consciousness and health, could move charged molecules wherever they were needed for control of growth or other processes.” –p186—“As one who has performed too many amputations in his time, I find the prospect of being able to give a patient the real thing instead of a prosthesis tremendously exciting. There’s a good chance…such techniques could even rectify genetic birth defects. Since no one has yet achieved full regeneration…these dreams won’t come true overnight. They aren’t chimerical, however. The remaining problems could probably be solved…[by] basic research. Meanwhile, human capacities for repair of certain tissues are greater than most people realize, and there are already promising ways…” –p187, The Body Electric, 1985







May 20, 2020

COVID: Spelling Magic




Magic is “the Great Work” in Western traditions, ancient and timeless, and magic ‘spells’ convey creation into multiple dimensions, giving form to matter –at least, that’s what I’ve learned about magic and language over the years. Written or spoken, the dynamic convergence of science, art, and mysticism that is language encodes reality. The complexed western tradition is older than the Bible, encoded there too, of course, establishing Divine Order. That said, I observed the phrase ‘coronavirus disease pandemic’ as loaded with magical potential.

Firstly, it makes a ‘magic circle’ of 26 letters. A magic circle is made from a linear string of letters by drawing down-and-around the matching ‘c’ string ends, ‘locking’ them into a never-ending circle. This opens new dimensions; spheres, portals, wavelengths, etc. Repetition pumps power into the circle. The first time I posted a ‘magic circle’ and its only anagram on the blog (STX and Stuxnet), the result was startling. In principle, the magic circle makes a language ‘spell’ into a Force of Nature.

Anagrams can be weirdly revealing and predictive, sometimes exposing a linkage to otherwise unrelated events, especially I suppose if a magic circle is made.

In English, 26 letters makes our alphabet and equates to ‘8’ (2+6) in numerology. Our corona phrase also contains every vowel, the ‘singing’ tones invoking ‘the gods’, so it represents a symbolic whole –the whole world, eh? The number 8 in the zodiac is ruled by Scorpio –the 8th House—domain of Life, Death, Regeneration and Transformation. By the calendar, the water sign of Scorpio rises in October and completes in November. Scorpio’s time is coincident to the coronavirus pandemic plan known as “Event 201” in October 2019, the outbreak following in Wuhan in November. Wuhan is ‘across the water’ and ‘on the water’, and coronavirus carries on droplets of water. The I Ching titles the #8 hexagram as ‘Accord’;  in the western Tarot #8 is Justice, the figure above the central portal of Notre Dame de Paris that holds the world in Balance. The façade of Notre Dame, by the way, names the center door ‘Portal of the Last Judgement’ and above it Justice is ‘opposed’ by the Demon with its hand upon the world, controlling the balance while she holds the scale. Numbers ‘2’ and ‘6’ are earth signs in the zodiac (houses of Taurus and Virgo), below the horizon, meaning roughly ‘stability at home’, like “stay at home orders”. In the ‘Pentateuch’, first five books of the Bible, a deducible series of number ‘8’s  from the generations of Adam presents the numbers ‘17’ and ‘26’ respecting Fathers and Sons – it is both Power and Infinity invested in mankind. ‘8’ sideways is the infinity symbol and the two circles of a converged, overlapping ‘8’ have the ‘vesica pisces’ in the center, the ‘fish’ symbol of Lordship.

A few anagrams that I worked out last night seem to reveal some features of the COVID story. Here are five handy ones, each spelling back the phrase ‘coronavirus disease pandemic’:

“advise a microsensor panic due”

“I spoon media ruse in cadavers”

“science and media pour saviors”

“a censure divides a comparison”

“o raise as music and providence”

—surely, many more and if you find some, please share! Meantime, I’ll work the ‘story’ and be back with results. Make your own Magic!!




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