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July 30, 2009

The Displaced Scholars

In 1933, with Hitler’s rise to power, thousands of Jewish “scholars” and professionals immediately packed out of Germany. No true accounting of the numbers or “rescue” organizations appears to have been compiled and the refugees represented by this movement that lasted into 1941 is an intangible transfer of professional practitioners of the sciences. By appearances and the testimonials of individuals who benefitted, the hand-selection of applicants and placement within other countries looks strategic, indeed. The process began in World War I. Institutions such as the New School of Social Research, founded in 1918 New York City, were crafted expressly for “refugee scholars”.
Between 1930 and 1933, new institutions for the professions were being founded to receive the incoming scholars. Abraham Flexner founded Princeton’s Insitute For Advanced Study, recruiting the scientists John von Neumann, Eugene Wigner and Albert Einstein before 1933. American universities established entirely new departments and staffed them with Jewish immigrants. Specialty committees and fundraisers, short and long term, placed untolled thousands in scattered communities across the U.S. In other countries, similar organization prevailed. Felix d’Herelle, who discovered properties of the bacteriophage, left the United States in 1933 to establish the Bacteriophage Institute in Tbilisi, USSR. A special project of mine is to help assess the volume and nature of this “movement” and how it affected the direction of scientific research.
Clear definition can be brought to bear on the development of nuclear weapons by refugee Jewish physicists, and bioweapons fit this pattern as well. Today’s genetic research is drawn largely from the “Phage Group” leaders like Max Delbruck and Salvador Luria, themselves “displaced”. They and their European associates were sponsored by rescue committees to develop this special kind of biological research science in the U.S. while other institutions like the Pasteur Institute networked abroad. My personal guesstimate is that tens of thousands of specialists were manuevered out of Germany and brought to the U.S. for the overt purpose of prosecuting World War II and the covert purpose of changing the course of global history, our social history in America, and the genetic future of our species.
This is a partial list of some of the better known longterm rescue organizations:
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Jewish [Foreign] Scholars (USA)
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Physicians (USA)
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Medical Scientists (USA)
Emergency Rescue Committee (USA)
The Institute of International Education (USA)
Committee for the Study of the Recent Immigration from Europe (USA)
Committee for the Re-education of Refugee Lawyers (USA)
Committee for the Guidance of Professional Personnel (USA)*
National Committee for Resettlement of Foreign Physicians (USA)
American Council For Emigres In The Professions (USA)
American Guild for German Cultural Freedom (USA)
American Friends of German Freedom (USA)
German-American Emergency Conference (USA)
German-American Congress for Democracy (USA)
German Academy in Exile (USA)
German Academy of Arts and Sciences in Exile (USA) 
National Refugee Service (USA)
Russian Student Fund (USA)
Refugee Economic Corporation (USA)
International Relief Association (USA)
International Refugee Organization (USA)*
 Academic Assistance Council (UK)
German Refugees Assistance Fund (UK)
Federation of University Women (UK)
Jewish Professional Committee (UK)
International Student Service (UK)
Notgemeinschaft Deutscher Wissenschafter (Zurich)
Comite International Pour le Placement des Intellectuals (Geneva)
Association Universelle pour les Exiles Allemands (FR)
Comite Francais pour l’accueil et Organisation du Travail des Savants Etranger (FR) 
*location unconfirmed, for a more complete list of rescue organizations visit
To add understanding to the kind of information scattered about on Jewish refugees, read this article from Time magazine, Feb. 1939, on Refugee Physicians. Two more organizations noted by this article can be added to the list above, the “Boston Committee on Medical Emigres” and “Refugees Unlimited”.
note that a near syndicate of pricing appears for medical services, i.e. “fluoroscope, 50cents” –a fluoroscope is a real time x-ray

Enter O Viruses

Enteroviruses can infect all tissues of the human body. The tropism of each virus for certain tissues is not well understood…”
Gut bacteria and viruses make perfect bioweapons. One of the world’s foremost influenza researchers, Frank MacFarlane Burnet, is on the record advising the Australian government to produce intestinal ‘agents’ for its weapons arsenal. The same year that Burnet made these statements publicly, 1947, he had helped in the ‘typing’ of polioviruses, a broad class of enteroviruses that is presently expanding.
The sensitive intestinal tract is home to an amazing array of organisms and viruses. The “friendlies” are those we can’t live without; aiding digestion and manufacturing essential nutrients, and the “unfriendlies” have a ready gateway to the bloodstream from intestinal disability and injury. Not without irony, one of the most damaging and vaunted technologies to ever come along, the X-ray, has a profound ability to harm the tissue of the intestines.
Back in 1896, Simon Flexner, who later became the director of the Rockefeller Institute in NYC, wrote up a paper for the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) entitled “A Statistical and Experimental Study of Terminal Infections”. Excerpts from that paper, are in quotes below. The study subjects appear to be mostly autopsied victims of pneumonia infection, but the source of those infections may have surprised the researchers.
“The intestine, as will appear from these statements is regarded as the portal of entry not only of many of the bacteria found in the inflamed peritonaeum, but also of some of those present in the pleura, upon the heart valves and within the organs. This conclusion is based in part upon the behavior of those species which are known to be derived from the intestine, namely, the colon group of bacilli. It has been found that these bacteria wander through the intestinal walls with great regularity where lesions of the intestinal mucosa exist. The lesions present here need not for this purpose be considerable, as localized areas of hyperemia and small hemorrhages often suffice to open the way for their escape…
   The occurence of the colon bacilli in the organs is frequently unassociated with any lesion referable to their presence….In a few cases however, they were present so generally in the body and in such large numbers that they could not be disregarded, and in rare instances they were found in association with definite lesions in such manner as to leave no reasonable doubt of their pathogenic character…
   On the other hand, the frequent occurrence of the colon bacillus in combination with the pyogenic cocci is a matter of considerable importance…The majority of cases of acute pericarditis and acute endocarditis are found at autopsy to be associated with pneumonia, either lobar of lobular in nature…..
   Indeed, certain bacteria appear with such uniformity within certain organs that these must be regarded as presenting better opportunities for their growth than do others. Examples are afforded by the colon bacillus which is so commonly found in the kidneys and the lungs…”
In Sept. of 1897, more confirmation of these findings is given:
…”there can be no doubt that the bacillus coli communis possesses pathogenic properties, and that by artificial methods of treatment it may be brought from a condition of benignity to one of virulence”……………………………………………

July 29, 2009

Time for Vigilance

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Yesterday I got a last-minute request to fill in on a radio show called “Truth Quest with Melodee”. We talked about the Pandemic and other subjects. Melodee asked a question about the Flu being a diversion “from what?”. I had a poor response at the time, but of course thinking about it reminds me in a very stark way that our American Founding Fathers warned us to be vigilant. We seem to have a collective weakness about monitoring the activity of our Congress and Courts. The people who work the hardest bringing truth to light follow the minutiae of legislation and alert us to pending  legislation. Bird Flu, economic collapse, perpetual wars…all diverting our attention away from our judges,  legislators and executives. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this : the devil’s in the details.

July 28, 2009

Charges of Bioterrorism, Revisited

It’s not my idea to spend too much time on this subject or invite much in the way of dialog. I did enough exploring for me to be convinced that this is staged and shot full with disinformation. I’ll state my position again on the “plan-demic”: this pandemic-influenza is being generated by the NEWS. Take a look, if you will. After this, my effort is back on my own track to investigate the medical research.
These are the doctors and whistle-blowers bringing the “Charges of Bioterrorism“. Instead of filing a real lawsuit against Baxter International for neglect or endangerment and proving the charges, these injunction documents “teach”. This was designed for the uninformed or the partly informed. How good is the history? How good is the science? Do they back it up with evidence acceptable in a court of law? This lawsuit crew promotes vaccines and they denounce vaccines. Which is it? Where’s the evidence that vaccines caused the Spanish Flu? Dr. Ott can’t even name the right vaccine, but he repeats and repeats it.
Here’s a brief look at Deagle, Ott, Jones and Ridenour :
DR William Deagle
Dr. Deagle has been speaking out for years now about the IMMANENT Bird Flu Pandemic (expected in 2005) and owns a company called Nutrimedical, catering to people who fear the pandemic. The page link shows a listing of articles from his colleagues also on this crusade.
Bill Deagle and Henry Niman push the Bird Flu back on Aug. 26, 2005. Deagle says “we have to get vaccines for everybody”, Niman agrees, Deagle repeats this and states clearly “they can make a safe vaccine”. Both men agree that a “Manhattan Project” for a bird flu vaccine is needed quickly.

Here’s a couple bits of an interview with Dr. Deagle:

[interviewer referring to a man named ‘Cliff Hugh who says Deagle is a gov’t agent, which BD denies]

When I worked in occupational medicine back in the early ’80s, they made a decision in the government that they no longer wanted to have a lot of jobs done by people inside the military. Because they either didn’t have the expertise, they wanted to hire a company and if they weren’t satisfied with the work that was done by that company (i.e., medical or contract for specific things), so they started contracting out; especially during the era of Bill Clinton.

So what they did, is they contracted for me. And my first major job for C-Com: to contract C-Com to handle Fort Carson, NORAD, Falcon Air Force Base, U.S. Space Strategic Command, the GPS Military-Grade system, and Directed Energy Weapons. The reason why I was their doctor was simply because I was their doctor. I took care of people that worked in these things; worked around these toxic things, worked around rocket labs, and I was their physician. They were not permitted, most of these people, to even talk to their colleagues who were in the next room, let alone the next building. But they would talk to their doctor.

And the only difference was with me, is that because I have a technical background in nuclear physics, advanced computing, electronics, biotechnology; they would share with me. And after a while, because I’m a talker, they were more interested in what I would have to say about the bigger picture about what was going on at their facility, and they were more interested in telling me their little piece — that’s very, very compartmentalized — than what I would tell them.
………………… … _2009.html

BD: I have people who have written books as long as ten years ago when I spoke at the Prophecy Club, that literally — I can’t believe this — but literally have written a book that I’m the antichrist. I mean, how foolish! [Kerry laughs] I mean, every day I put my personal life, my career, everything on the line to be the whistleblower for…
In fact, I just did an audio for tenth anniversary of Columbine. I was the examiner for the Englewood Fire Department and the first young man shot in Columbine outside the restaurant there, Mark Taylor. I was the exit examiner for the 5 Special Op Team of the Oklahoma City Memorial Building. I have been trying to do radial toxicology testing on the World Trade Center debris, and I’m writing the position paper which I’m going to present at We Are Change, New York City, on the eighth anniversary of 9/11.
I’ve been told by my radial toxicology colleagues, because I have advanced training in radial chemistry, that if I order the tests the Department of Defense and the FBI will arrest me immediately for requesting the tests of debris which I have from the World Trade Center. Further proving that they not only used Thermate and other high explosives, but they used nuclear bombs in the buildings, okay?
KC: Okay, you know…
BD: People need to realize that I am a whistleblower central. That’s why my Genesis [Communication Network radio show]… The number one reason, number one, that I did this is: twelve years ago, when I spoke at Human Life International in Zurich on the super-soldier program, which they tried to recruit me to in 1978 at UCLA VA/Wadsworth Hospital and I turned them down, is because I have the documents and the proof that they were trying to create a pandemic flu to bring the world, and literally we are going to enter the new world order with a mask. This is their plan. I had the documents 12 years ago. [end excerpt]

Does it make any sense for this man to advocate a “Manhattan Project” to make a bird flu vaccine and then stand behind the effort to thoroughly discredit it?


from Utah, owns a company called Mother Earth Minerals. He does hucksterism for his “Magi” machines, and is noted for his salesmanship of other equipment and products. He promotes shape-shifting demons at the root of our problems and chastizes his fellow Mormons for corruption in degrading the One True World Religion. He brags that his ‘142’ IQ puts him in the intellectual elite 2% of the population and qualifies it with a testimony of his visionary ability. He also claims that he, True Ott, was the unaware keeper of secret documents that “prove” the who-dunnit and how of JFK’s assassination. Turning over his documents to JFK Jr. led to the fatal plane crash off the N.E. coast. Fortunately for himself, he’s alive and talkative today, alerting you to these “truths”. Do you want this man to be your teacher or spokesman?


Dr. Ott speaks continually of his ‘friends’ who work for Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, NIH, and the military. He claims to have inside knowledge, the kind for which no one else has proof. He claimed certain knowledge that the pandemic would be started in China during the Olympics. He also claims to have been “recruited” by elitist-eugenicist ?? intelligence forces within the government. Listen to him say it in the “Fallen Angels” interview, linked below the next paragraph. He says his school is the “Kneip Institute” and they teach “German theories” there that you “can’t get anywhere in America”. A Kneip Institute search brings up the T.J. Kneip Institute of Environmental Medicine in New York City, a sub-unit of NYU. Ott says he believes the Nazis from ‘Project Paperclip’ are responsible for the flu. He also says that in his own background in the “Mormon cult-ure” he was “completely and totally brainwashed” and that’s “not a bad thing” as his life was “safe and secure”.
In his presentations, recordings and this “lawsuit”, Dr. Ott repeats and repeats what appears to be an error, confusing (?) the illness of Typhoid Fever with the illness of Typhus. He also makes mistakes or misspeaks on medical history and terminology. The encyclopedia says “Typhus is not to be confused with Typhoid Fever….they are not the same disease.”
–from the injunction/indictment:
(p.22)”The 1918 virus pandemic was the direct result of TYPHUS FEVER VACCINES injected into
millions of soldiers during the Great War (WWI).”


Alexander S. Jones in his own interview on “The Awakening” program states clearly, twice, with emphasis that “the Spanish Flu was caused by Typhoid Fever B vaccine”. Where did he learn his information from? He says he learned it from Dr. True Ott. Jones “outs” Henry Niman as a “gatekeeper” and calls him a liar which he did on the advice of Bill Deagle. Listen to Jones get testy about being challenged on the science.


Jones also makes it clear that his whistle-blowing is directed at the “American Patriot Movement”. His prior relationships with Ott, Deagle, Ridenour, Burgermeister, et. al., are not known to me. I didn’t find anything on him beyond the audios and his address/phone. His professional expertise appears limited to 3 years of “computational bioinformatics” at the NIH. Listen close and hear that his information on flu genetics was provided by others.…_-jones/



Dr. Ridenour gave an interview on Coast to Coast am where a brief biography, supplied by himself, can be found. (free audio here … /678520364)
Gary Ridenour
Gary Ridenour attended Hiram College and was at Woodstock and the Kent State Shootings. He interviewed at numerous medical schools that refused his application because they didn’t like people that,”rock the boat.” Gary attended medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and was one of the main characters in the movie, “Bad Medicine,” written by a classmate. He ran his own clinic for the poor out of a Catholic Church clinic and…did his Internship in Regina, Sakatchewan, and then moved to St. Louis for his residency in Internal Medicine.

Later he set up the Critical Care Fellowship Program and was the first fellow. After training Dr. Ridenour ran the emergency room at St. Louis City Hospital, where he saw a murder a day, a rape a day and two gunshots…. was, “Citizen of the Year,” in 1980. He decided to go West and arrived in Fallon, Nevada in 1981. During the Reagan years, Naval Air Station Fallon grew into the premier fighter weapon school in the world and boasts of being the home to, Top Gun. Dr. Ridneour has been heavily engaged in the leukemia cluster in Fallon and has co-authored four papers on the subject. He probably is the only citizen in the U.S., who can say he turned an aircraft carrier around toward home and made sure everyone received antiviral medications on the way. His current interest is in educating everyone on the threat of the, “Avian Flu.”
ADDITIONAL information on Dr. Ridenour turns up this:
State of Nevada
Board of Medical Examiners

License Verification</CENTER

Person Information Name: Gary Charles RIDENOUR Address: 625 W. Willams Fallon NV 89406 Phone Number: (775) 423-6400
License Information License Type: Medical Doctor Status: Active Issue Date: 4/3/1982 Scope of Practice: Family Practice Internal Medicine

APRIL 25, 1994
The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board
of Medical Examiners filed a formal complaint against
Dr. Ridenour alleging that he was prescribing controlled
substances to others except as authorized by law, writing
a prescription for controlled substance without a exam,
failure to maintain medical records, influencing a patient
to engage in sexual activity , and conviction of a felony
involving moral turpitude relating to the practice of medicine.
Copies; Complaint w/ Exihibit 17 pages
JUNE 10, 1994
The Board entered into a Stipulation for Settlement with
Dr. Ridenour and it was orderd that his medical license be
revoked, the revocation was stayed and he was placed
on probation for 5 years, he must complete a prescribing
course, he must complete a 6 month course in medical ethics,
must perform 40 hours drug abuse public service, he shall not
prescribe Schedule I, II & III drugs, he must fax to the Board a
monthly log of all Schedule IV & V controlled substances he
prescribes, he must submit to random samplings of body fluids
collected by the Board, reimburse the board the cost of the
investigation and prosecution, shall pay a $1,000 fine, and he
shall receive a public written reprimand.
Copies; Stipulation for Settelment 8 pages, Order 7 pages
JUNE 28, 1999
The Board ordered that Dr. Ridenour successfully
completed his probation and removed him from probationary
status and restored his medical license to a full and
unrestricted license in the state of Nevada.
Copies: Order 1 page … irst_Name=


Another person with military involvement, named by Alexander Jones is the “journalist” Lt. Col. Carmen Reynolds. Reynolds also promotes the Nazi-Paperclip story and claims our terror-activities are caused by Arabs.

Other spokespeople for genocidal bird flu vaccine and the Nazi story include Mayer Eisenstein, Rebecca Carley, Dr. Coldwell, Dr. Cantwell…and more jumping on the bandwagon.


Dr. Joseph Mercola is an example of someone with a widely circulated newsletter, nearly a mainstream source and known to alternative health advocates, who has picked up the gist of this phoney lawsuit and appears to endorse it.


Patriots, Truthers and Lies

It’s prudent of us to think of the “Pandemic” as a government assisted operation which it definitely IS if everyone is required to take a vaccine because of it. The preparation for a coming ‘bird flu‘ has been years in the making. We should scrutinize this unfolding pandemic event with the same kind of clear-eyed vision that enabled seeing through the deceit of September 11th without “falling” for a reenactment of the pattern. This is global and personal, very personal. Nothing in my imagination compares to the potential of this epic event to precipitate worldwide socialism.
There is no greater enemy to the coming World Government than the real patriots of America, and therefore no better place to entrench the cleverest opposition. The so-called Patriot Movement is swarming with operatives. It makes sense, so everybody else knows it too, whether or not they’ve examined their feelings or evidence. Speaking-out about state-sponsored deception inevitably invites “allies” and “enemies” but hardly distinguishes them one from another. Unfortunately, taking individual action eventually ‘blends’ a person into a group of activists, no differently than any sub-group of society that troubles the collective waters; “the strikers”, “the bikers”, “the homeless”, the “Jesus freaks”…etc. Getting a “patriot” soapbox to stand on for a few hours, no matter how limited the outreach, has put me in this camp.
“Similar” is not “same” just like fresh milk from a farm is NOT the stuff in the grocery store. Identical bottles would not fool you, would they? Would you accept the pasteurized/homogenized message, no matter how much it looks like the real thing, knowing it’s worse than useless to your body/being? ….your gut knows. Put it to the test. Take good care of your gut…and trust it (seriously, I’ve heard it called your “other brain”). I don’t know where to find the “Patriot Movement” exactly. I’ve experienced a little “movement” here, there, and everywhere; around kitchen tables, in coffee shops, sitting, standing, or waiting, and having conversation with “neighbors” over minutes or years. I listened for the Idea of America.
In my lifetime as a kid growing up in the 60s, I’ve seen the Idea of America dissolving into myth. I’ve seen Freedom do the “dead cat bounce” in the guise of hippies and drug abuse. I thought being a “baby-boomer” meant a birth in the age of Nuclear Bombs. We don’t know, my neighbors and I, if America can overcome the supranationalists leading the opinion shapers and policy-makers. Whatever the outcome, I’ll live my “Idea of America” until I cease to live. Share the road and I’ll show you what I found. If there is still an Idea of America with enough life in it to keep this nation and protect our Republican experiment into the future, then I’ll be satisfied. The premise of this blog is a simple one –it’s a demonstration of my learning curve.
Focus is coming my way because of the planned pandemic. I just learned that I have the attention of “patriots”.  Indeed, at least one, Dr. A. True Ott, is telling a lie about me. On Dec. 27th, 2008, in an episode of “What’s Ailing America”, Dr. Rebecca Carley and her regular guest, Dr. Ott, are asked by a caller if they heard of me. Dr. Carley says no, but Ott isn’t sure. The caller clearly identifies me by naming articles I’ve posted. Less than 2 months later, in an interview by Melodee on Truthquest, Dr. Ott responds to a question that he’s been “giving me info for years…and vice versa”. Folks, I’ve never communicated with Dr. Ott in any form or at any time, nor would I. Dr. True Ott, Dr. William Deagle, Dr. Gary C. Ridenour, “whistleblower” Alexander S. Jones, and others are behind the “Charges of Bioterrorism“. Had it not been for Tony asking my opinion on the lawsuit, I would not have discovered this lie, but it was not Tony’s intention to help, as he posted several more comments to me at this blog demanding I respond to my own opinion with “evidence”. The “truthers” are coming out in force.
This is not about personal self-defense but about catching a leader in the patriot “truth movement” telling a lie that I know is false. What other lies are Dr. Ott, Dr. Deagle, Alexander Jones, and their associates telling you? I don’t want to give any help to professional disinformation people by posting their self-promotion, but this is an exception. They claim to have special insider info that no one listening or reading can prove or disprove. The charges of bioterrorism against the US gov’t and Baxter Int’l are intended to do WHAT? They are preying on fear to what end –violence in the streets? The military-medical complex has been using bioweaponry on the public longer than I’ve been alive. We deserve to know the truth about this kind of “medicine”. That’s my point.
A caller (Keith) in the last segment of hour 2 (minute 40) asks Drs. Carley and Ott if they heard of Jenny Lake….Dr. Carley says “I’m not” and Ott mentions a Jennifer [sound-alike] he knows “who wrote a book but I’m not sure if it’s the same one…”(not me)…caller names my articles and moves along to mention The French Connection.
“What’s Ailing America” broadcast- December 27, 2008; hour-1, hour-2 .  
Less than 2 months later, and after I did an interview on Truthquest myself 2 weeks earlier on 2/10/09:
Starts at 12:51 in:
Melodee: Are you familiar with any of the research Jenny Lake has been doing? is that name at all familiar with you?
Ott: I…I have uh…given her…uh, some information over the years…and vice versa…so yes…
Melodee: okay, I was just curious…
Ott: yeah…
Melodee: ’cause she got into a little bit of that history, uh, it seems like histories that kind of cross paths
Ott: Oh yes, yes…and so you see…uh…once this is finished and weaponized ….[etc.]


Ends at 13:25


July 25, 2009

Understanding Virus and The Flu

If influenza genetics appears bedazzling to us lay people, looking for understanding is best found in the historic research on “bacteriophage”, or simply called “phage” research. Phages are described as the viruses that infect bacteria, although use of the word “infect” needs qualification. All complex living things are composites of cellular material including bacteria and viruses. The “Origin of Life” theorists claim that human beings are composed of 90% microbes. Evolutionary biologists are recognizing that viruses are essential biologically derived “chemicals” that further the processes of life. Living organisms synthesize their own viruses to perform complementary activity as part of their natural adaptation to the environment. Using the word “phage” instead of the word “virus”, the phages of bacteria “contribute to bacterial homeostasis in nature, keeping bacteria under control”. They “do not leave an ecological footprint — phages are comprised of and disintegrate into amino acids and nucleic acids, and are normal commensals of humans and animals.” Phages and viruses also arise from the very same acids and other available material in the environment. The shifting “transitional” forms are called “polymorphisms”. In the 19th century, Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard pioneered the study of polymorphisms and came into conflict with the “monomorphism” of Louis Pasteur from whom we get the basic “Germ Theory”. Pasteur, apparently, received his funding and support from Gustave de Rothschild, building state of the art laboratories in Paris and elsewhere. The commercial interests at the time were focused on the processes of fermentation, or harnessing bacteria for industrial use in food and beverage production.
A self-taught bacteriologist named Felix d’Herelle dubbed the “phage” in 1917 with a Greek name, meaning roughly “eater”, and became the most eminent of proponents for phage therapy. He believed they were organisms, as early virologists believed in the living status of virus. –“D’Herelle’s theory that the material is a living virus parasite of bacteria has not been proved. On the contrary, the facts appear to indicate that the material is inanimate, possibly an enzyme” — [ref. below].
Felix d’Herelle traveled the world as a contract bacteriologist to national governments, setting up fermentation operations in Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, and France. In 1925 d’Herelle was hired as a ‘health officer’ of the League of Nations to monitor infectious diseases on board ships passing through the Suez Canal (wow, what a job! Suez was the one of the most strategic shipping channels on the globe). He lectured and taught in the United States at Stanford and Yale, and in 1933 he left the US and went to the USSR to found the Bacteriophage Institute in Tbilisi. He appears to have been a dedicated communist throughout his life and did not return to the US, although he maintained his activities including his businesses in France and Russia.
D’Herelle’s legacy in the US was organizing “one of the most extensive trials of phage therapy” called the Bacteriophage Inquiry, a project spanning the years 1927 to 1936, involving alot of human experimentation. After him, phage work was taken up by Max Delbruck, Salvador Luria and Alfred Hershey. A “phage group” was formed, involving the institutions primarily of Cold Spring Harbor Lab, California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) and Vanderbilt University. Summer sessions at Cold Spring Harbor on phage research became a yearly feature of genetic research. It is documented that over 800 scientific papers were published on phage research from its beginnings up through 1956. Influenza researchers avidly used phages to study human, swine and avian influenza viruses. One of the most prominent flu researchers, George K. Hirst, who worked under the auspices of the US Army as well as private institutions, notes that phage-influenza researches were “dropped” after this time. Where did it go? What were they learning? I’ll be back with answers to those questions and more.
Biography from wiki on Felix d’Herelle
This is a learning page on phages
quotes used–
Sequel: Understanding Virus and the Flu II and III, collated in the margin page as ‘INFLUENZA special’

July 24, 2009

Staging a Pandemic

It’s my belief that a pandemic is being HYPED in the press & media and will appear to get much much worse as vaccines become ready. The potential is RIPE for police-state powers to gain permanent longterm advantages, overcoming the last measures of personal freedom designed by the US Founding Fathers. The most oppressive examples of exercize of legal jurisdiction have come in regard to “public health” threats such as epidemics. The Quarantine Act of 1908 allowed “health officers” in the New York City polio epidemic (1916) to forcibly enter homes and separate families. The Supreme Court case of 1905, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, allowed forced vaccination. The Court refused to hear the testimony of expert witnesses provided by Mr. Jacobson on his own behalf. The American public has had ample opportunity since 9-11, 2001, to review the circumstances of the attack that led to the Patriot Act, creation of Homeland Security, the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the bundles of legislation that followed. Complicity within the government is evident and undeniable. As such, the unfolding pandemic deserves our scrupulous attention as a planned HOAX, elaborately constructed to permanently alter the national and civil rights of not just Americans, but citizens in all corners of the world. Below is a summary of a discussion thread from a public forum where I’ve posted news and information on the current swine flu epidemic.


July 23, 2009

 where are we in this Plan-demic?

 The early news reports, which included limited but certain information about individual deaths, showed that victims had underlying medical conditions. I could not find one example of a person without a previous health challenge, not counting an infant in New York where no information about the baby’s status was given. This dispels the propaganda of “healthy young adults” dying from ‘swine flu’. Evidence is not there and no one at TIU has posted anything other than the repitition of the claim. As the toll mounted and included more adults, less information was given, and mostly no information was given regarding a person’s health.

Comparison to Spanish Flu, where most of my posts focus, I hope by now are evidently false. This is the centerpiece of the current “pandemic” myth compounded with the “never before seen” recombinant A/H1N1. Ruben Donis of the CDC made a statement in April that similar viruses were recorded in 1998. H1N1 is noted for being globally endemic in many species and recombining easily. In the 1930s, “phage” work was inserting infectious bacteria with (then) recently identified “influenza virus”from multiple species, known definitively by the 1950s to be RNA/DNA fragments. The “mixing bowls” for swine-human flu genes were bacteria used in lab experimentation, demonstrated by a speech from George Hirst in 1961. This removes a need for contact among the species. Currently, doctors like Stefan Lanka and Nancy Banks are arguing several points about ‘virus’ not being detected in cases of HIV/AIDS. Historically, there is ample evidence that virus was undetected in other diseases declared to be contagious. “Contagion” has a clear legal definition, but not a clear medical one. The medico-legal definition of many diseases is dependent on the quality of the tests designed to determine whether the conditions for the disease are present. No such tests, good or bad, existed in 1918.

The Spanish Flu was many “flu-like” illnesses, but the most dreaded element which frightened doctors and nurses was the rapid hemorrhagic-like illness that caused people to turn blue/black and bleed out from their ears, noses, eyes, and lungs. Poisoning may account for this, as this particular set of signs/symptoms vanished after the war, never to return. The role vaccines could have played is speculative. I posted some evidence that Frederick Gates, John D. Rockefeller’s right hand and sometime medical researcher, was sending reports from Ft. Riley Kansas in 1918 regarding the use of experimental meningitis vaccines. Nitrogen compounds were ingredients in vaccines as well as pervasively used in processed foods and war munitions, possibly responsible for sudden onset sickness, resembling in an uncanny way in cows and pigs the same signs as Spanish Flu. Other issues regarding chronic disease and damage from nitrogen compounds are posted in the thread, including links to the cause of AIDS.

The issue of reporting, due to awareness or lack of adequate testing and diagnosis was as much a problem for the US Army during WWII, despite vigilant monitoring, as it is now. Fear of the flu, this particular flu, would cause more people to seek out a diagnosis. Even still, case incidence is low, mortality lower than seasonal flu. In concert with the media hype and pseudoscientific “expert” reports of the mainstream are a small band of “champions for truth” who’ve filed the charges of bioterror targeting the internet news community of “patriots”. In their own words, they promote the need for vaccines, and yet demand the public join them in resisting “with deadly force if necessary” the vaccines made for this purpose, claiming contamination and unsafe proceedures. In every case known to me, vaccines kill and disable a percentage of the population. Many articles and professional medical journals highlight this tragic fact as a certainty. To say that a certain vaccine has a high probability of causing injury or death is disingenuous –a vaccine, any vaccine, has a certainty of killing or injuring a nominal group of people who receive it. Ironically, the people leading the charge against the “new” vaccine sell products that claim to detox vaccines and kill viruses while concurrently claiming the scope of a “real” pandemic far beyond the available evidence. In other words, the claim is that a truly contagious “deadly bioweapon” has been unleashed as a “resurrected 1918 virus” but will only spread if people accept the “contaminated vaccine”. At best, this is a mixture of little fact and mostly fiction.

 The clear motive of money-making is evident in the commercial Vaccine Congresses which have demonstrated the market demand and intend to capitalize on the very lucrative business of vaccine-production. The individuals appointed by gov’t and NGO agencies to direct the policy and investigation of pandemic-related incidents are also invested in the vaccine business. They are looking forward and planning for a growth to 4.4 billion dollars, however, reports about expenditures to date are already over half this amount this year, so a future market value of 4.4 billion (for the year 2016) appears to be an extreme undervaluation of this actual market. Many billions are spent on R&D; posted that Robert Webster rec’d 7.1 billion from the Bush Administration. Are the funds for R&D left out of the equation –counting a “market” of sales value only? The many billions in funding being drained from national treasuries is not covered. Obviously, veterinary vaccines will be a part of this growth industry too, but not accounted for here. According to the site article in this thread, the US makes up more than 50% of the global vaccine market. Terrapinn also claims that 3.5 million people die annually of flu, while news outlets are repeating a figure of 250,000 to 500,000. Is the purpose to make it appear that a deadly pandemic is occurring when “actual reports” count flu deaths over a million?

Questions remain about the role of viruses and bacteria. More questions are being raised about the trustworthiness of information. If there’s any common ground between the Spanish Flu and today’s pandemic, it’s the use of the media to promote an Influenza PANIC.


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July 21, 2009

Was the Polio Vaccine a Radiation Experiment?

This subject is getting a full treatment at   

In January of 1947, a new “study” in medicine was organized called Health Physics which is defined as “a highly specialized branch of Radiology…to make a study of radiation problems and devise means of preventing radiation damage…” This link (if it works) refers to a document in the National Security Archives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The military medical staff that had overseen the Manhattan Project reorganized in the era of Nuclear Testing and developed Health Physics to examine the effects of fallout and industrial use of radioactive materials. At that time in 1947, the document states, “many critical problems of far-reaching scope remain to be solved. Information concerning the method of production of these injurious effects in body tissues is almost completely lacking. No methods are available which might stop or delay the development of radiation injuries. No therapeutic measures are at hand….Such problems relate to the fundamental nature of living matter…”.

The team that devised this document recommends for a “safe atomic power program….the effects of acute and chronic exposure must be determined…actual dtermination of the toxicity of a substance must be made, measuring how poisonous it is, both in acute and chronic exposures. The amounts administered are decreased until asymptomatic levels are found…some pilot work in this direction has been completed for a few compounds of uranium, plutonium and certain special oils…..[but] No practical mask, military or otherwise, which will protect against some of the worst hazards has yet been found.” The document goes on with recommending “study of casualty effects. Field study of fission clouds, possible injury to water supply, soil, and the like, human damage by population surveys…”

 …and… “Feeding experiments using radioactive materials in the foods”… “…methods of determining the amount of plutonium, polonium, uranium, etc. that are fixed in the body” and to “bring to light entirely new problems with unknown hazards and unpredictable safeguards”… “Large scale biological work is mandatory“.

 In 1953, seven years after drafting the Health Physics document, the secret Wilson Memorandum shows the government finally giving itself permission to experiment on the population, despite the many decades of doing so less officially. The field testing of the Salk “IPV” vaccine began in 1953. This followed the “gamma globulin trials” of 1951 in Provo, Utah. In my article, “Polio, Then, Now and Forever”, I made a partial case for the precision of the down-wind gamma globulin trials coordinated with the Nevada Test Site series called “Buster-Jangle”. The continuum of ongoing research has shown me even more precise coordination with nuke tests that followed and the specific will of the experimenters to persist under the heading of Health Physics. Future articles will explain and illustrate this vital connection of  “Operation Polio”, as I call it, to the use of nuclear weapons and the elaborate activities of the military-medical complex to cover it up.

NSA can be accessed at, search for documents using quotes

July 19, 2009

Timeline Project

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The Timelines on the right-side are culled from pages and pages of my notes, most relating directly to article content, but I welcome help from you to send entries to the comments or send a good link. At the moment they are ‘bare bones’ and I have lots of additions. The ‘comments’ won’t be saved for timeline posts but rather transfered directly into the pages. If you leave your “mark” (initials or nickname) I’ll post it with your entry, and thanks so much for helping!

July 18, 2009

Tracking the Spanish Flu

When I began researching the early epidemics of polio, the emerging disease of the 20th century, I quickly found out that the “flu-like” illness of polio was caused by toxic assault from poisons and x-rays. Demographics of the ‘differential diagnoses’ led me even further into correlations of pollution events with disease outbreaks, none more glaring and diffuse perhaps than the Spanish Flu. Understanding the Spanish Flu was a challenge to learn the “hidden” history of World War One.

John Barry’s book “The Great Influenza” states that the Spanish Flu was spread by war conditions and proceeds to make his case based on the movements of men and materiel. Toxic events never get a once-over from Barry but I already knew from patterns of sickness from industrial development that they would be there. Looking for the toxic ‘sensitizer’ for the Spanish Flu, I stumbled into a can of worms about nitrogen poisoning and added it to the perspective of “Spanish Flu on the Comeback” as an overlooked cause of influenza. A serious consequence of too much nitric oxide in your cells is a DOUBLING of the effects of radiation.

There’s alot of veterinary literature on nitrate toxicosis that looks exactly like the horrific version of 1918 flu and is/was a major hazard to livestock, especially cows and pigs. Bacteria in the rumen of these animals converts ‘nitrate’ (concentated in their feed) to nitrite, hence nitric oxide.

Dr. Stefan Lanka has this to say about nitric oxide ( which in very low concentrations controls blood pressure:
“It has to be detoxified by the body immediately because in higher concentrations it acts agressively destroying everything. That’s why the macrophages of the immune system release nitric oxide in high quantities in inflammation reactions; to destroy and digest the bacterial cells. So if you take up nitrites…it means you start the self-destroying process in your own body, especially in the lungs. You’re destroying your lung tissue, and fungal infections are growing on this dead organic matter….
The first cells to suffer oxygen deficiency are the lining of the epithelium, the smallest vessels, where nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide– this is the definition of KS, kaposi sarcoma, when the lining of the smallest vessels develops cancerous form, growing bigger and multiplying….”

The Merck Veterinary Manual
among other resources on the subject offers description of the disease process in animals, basically a conversion by bacteria of nitrates to nitrites which is ten times more toxic than nitrates and supplants oxygen uptake by the cells.
“When unconditioned cattle consume plants containing high levels of nitrates, the the nitrate to nitrite conversion exceeds the ability of the rumen microbes to convert nitrites to ammonia. Blood levels of nitrites increase and alter the hemoglobin in blood cells to produce methemoglobin. Unlike hemoglobin, methemoglobin cannot carry oxygen to the tissues of the body…..
Many species are susceptible to nitrate and nitrite poisoning, but cattle are affected most frequently…young pigs also have gastro-intestinal microflora capable of reducing nitrate to nitrite….
…in acute intoxication [from methemoglobin]…incapable of oxygen transport and resulting anoxia…secondary effects of vasodilation on vascular smooth muscle may occur. [blood ‘pools’ when veins are unable to contract and turns the tissue dark as in cyanosis]. The nitrite ion may also alter metabolic protein enzymes. Ingested nitrates may directly irritate the GI mucosa and produce abdominal pain and diarrhea.
[nitrate toxicosis] although usually acute, the effects…may be subacute or chronic and are reported to include retarded growth, lowered milk production, vitamin A deficiency, goitrogenic effects and increased susceptibility to infection.”

Signs of nitrate/nitrite poisoning:
–usually appear suddenly due to tissue hypoxia and low blood pressure due to vasodilation.
–muscle tremors, weakness and ataxia; early signs when methemoglobin is 30-40%
–brown, cyanotic mucous membranes develop rapidly as methemoglobin exceeds 50%
–dyspnea [irreg. breathing], tachypnea, anxiety, and frequent urination are common
–in some monogastrics, due to non-plant exposures; salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and gastric hemorrhage
–anoxic convulsions within one hour after a clinical course of 12-24 hours….with a ‘recovery’ [that may] occur but then develop into interstitial pulmonary emphysema with continued respiratory distress; sudden collapse and death can occur
–sudden death without appearance of illness

“Differential diagnoses include poisonings by cyanide, urea, pesticides, toxic gases, chlorides, aniline dyes, aminophenols or pharmaceuticals (i.e. sulfanomides, phenacetin, and acetaminophen) as well as infectious or non-infectious diseases (i.e. grain overload, hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia, pulmonary adenomatosis, or emphysema)”

An explanation of the nitrogen disease process in humans is best explained by ‘catabolism’, the opposing complement of anabolism and is much of what Dr. Lanka is addressing in his refutation of HIV virus as the cause of AIDS. Catabolism, the breakdown of cell tissue, is essential to release the energy needed for anabolism and is provided for naturally by the minute synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. This is the finely balanced cellular metabolism, subject to disruption by nitrites, compound salts of nitrous acid that recombine under certain conditions.

In my general research and articles, I’ve taken interest in highlighting the scope of nitrogen-based products which exploded into use after the Haber-Bosch process (1910) made atmospheric nitrogen extraction a reality. Though requiring immense inputs of industrial power to do so, Haber-Bosch made nitrogen excessively available and cheap after 1913 by I.G. Farben.

I’m working on a personal theory that nitrate toxicosis is the orginal source of the swine influenza virus as we know it and that the bacterial ‘phage’ work of the 1920s and 30s perfected the “recombinant influenza” viruses we see “evolving” today. The reason that nitrogen poisoning went undiscovered in the 1918 flu, as the Merck vet manual points out, is that nitrate can be ‘lost’ in plasma or postmortem serum and “must be measured promptly”. In live patients methemoglobin can convert back to hemoglobin within 2 hours. This would have eluded most doctors in 1918.

Another question I posed in an article about ‘polio as the flu’ addresses the 1915 and 1916 polio epidemics that erupted and led to the largest quarantines known in US history (to my knowledge). The 1916 epidemic in New York City and the response by health officials is still the only one of its kind.

There’s reason to think that nitrate toxicosis also played a large role in this event. In the profile of this epidemic, it struck hardest at the very young, but included teenagers. NYC would not allow anyone sixteen or under to leave the city. On the record this illness is recorded predominantly as ‘atypical pneumonia’, but the polio component of paralysis is a manifestation of acute toxicity affecting the central nervous system.

At the time, the US was stockpiling munitions for the Allies on the Jersey shore side of the Hudson across from Manhattan until the night of July 30-31 when the cache at Black Tom Island was blown sky-high and incinerated to dust. What had previously been a few dozen cases of ‘polio’ accelerated within 2 weeks to thousands of cases. Child victims of this so-called polio epidemic had their remains turned into ‘filtrate’ by Simon Flexner of the Rockefeller Institute who created a new disease with it –experimental polio. Flexner had an inner conviction that polio was a respiratory tract infection because the victims came down with ‘flu’.

Decades went by before poliovirus was determined to be a disease agent in the 30s (though ‘virus’ was distinctively absent in polio epidemics), and it was designated an intestinal microbe. Poliovirus, they said, enters the bloodstream in the same way that bacteria do, written and published by Simon Flexner, empirical director of the RIMR, in 1896 as microbes [bacteria] that “wander through the intestinal walls with great regularity” from “imperceptible lesions”. This is evidence that an intestinal ‘agent’ in humans manifests as the flu, and it was already known that gut bacteria “cause” pneumonia.

How does this fit the profile of Spanish Flu that broke out 2 years later?
according to this quote from
“Spanish Flu killed more rapidly than any other form of influenza known up to that time. This particular strain of influenza was especially dangerous to young adults….morbidity changed dramatically and was now highest for the very young, and higher yet for persons between the ages of twenty and forty. The elderly appeared to be spared for the most part”. This statement is a KEY feature of polio! The 1916 polio epidemic affected 3 to 6 year olds in greater proportion, but that was rapidly changing to include older and older persons. Originally, “infantile paralysis” in the 1800s was prevalent among even younger children, infants and toddlers. By 1916, young adults were contracting the disease and by the 1950s the 20-40 year-olds were 80% of polio victims. FDR, who had the Spanish Flu as Assistant Sec of the Navy in 1918, got polio 3 years later at the age of 39. The sentence, “and higher yet for persons between the ages of twenty and forty” is deceptively worded and placed, clearly the meaning is that this group saw the largest increase in flu compared to itself as not normally susceptible to flu. A normal flu does, and did, kill the elderly, but the elderly are not a representative group of victims in polio outbreaks.

Spanish Flu appears to be multiple ailments: bacterial pneumonias, nitrate toxicosis, polio and many more. Viral agents were never found! Bacteriophage (virus that infect bacteria) genetics at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory encouraged interest in the field in the 1930s. Max Delbrück and Salvador Luria, two “displaced scholars” who were sponsored to leave Europe before WWII, promoted the “Phage Group” in working on the developments of molecular biology which led to experimentation on influenza viruses inserted into common bacteria.

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