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July 17, 2009

Weather Control

Weather Control (current
Here’s a little history of US weather control:

Irving Langmuir and his assistant Vincent J. Schaefer, along with their colleague Bernard Vonnegut,  perfected the chemical formula for cloud-seeding in 1946 and won government funding for their company patron, General Electric, in Schenectady New York. Silver iodide and carbon dioxide were seeded by air and burned on the ground in over 200 weather modification experiments (notably performed between 1946 and 1953 as “Project Cirrus”) before the program was deemed “ineffective” and officially terminated. Records for Project Cirrus grow scant after 1953, however it was still an active program through at least 1957, coincident with the beginning of peak nuclear fallout in the northern hemisphere. In the same year of 1946 Langmuir, Schaeffer and Vonnegut joined up with the staff of New Mexico Tech’s new Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) founded by E.J. Workman. The main work of this group was high-explosive testing.

Langmuir always contested the official line of ineffective results and was recounted in the “Memoirs” of Edward Teller as provocatively describing his successes as causing great amounts of damage by storm manipulation. Teller thought Langmuir was trying to convince him that weather control was equally as powerful as H-bombs. In an effort to prove his claims of verifiable effects, Langmuir mounted a large-scale experiment from Socorro New Mexico in 1950, intermittantly burning silver iodide and sending huge plumes of smoke across the country in a fallout pattern. The excess and intermittant rainfall was proof, he said.

So many nuclei could be produced with silver-iodide smoke that calculations indicated all the air of the United States could be nucleated at one time with a few pounds of silver iodide.”

Langmuir’s massive rain/fallout tests look like they may have changed the hurricane pattern in 1950. Up to that year hurricanes were numbered but as of 1950 hurricanes were named –Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy, Fox, George…etc.–just like nuclear test operations. 1950 produced an unusually large number of high-intensity storms. Some of them (Dog, Easy, and Love) exhibit weird looping configurations which break the general patterns. The website notes that 1950 had the greatest number of major hurricanes (8) ever recorded. [Scroll down to the Fort Monmouth document]

In 1953, the storms were given women’s names that were often re-used in the following years. 1954 saw two of the worst hurricanes to ever come over land– Carol and Hazel. Carol cost money and Hazel cost lives. Look at the steering pattern of 1954’s Hurricane number 8. I’ve explicitly encountered info in the bios and memoirs attributing direction changes to cloud-seeding.
Storm maps are here :

Severe giant storms pick up dramatically in frequency from 1950 onwards. Rather than once or twice a decade, they occur once or twice a “season”.  In the book “The Secret History of the American Empire” John Perkins writes “Most US citizens are not aware that national disasters are like wars: they are highly profitable for big business. A great deal of the money for rebuilding after disasters is earmarked for US engineering firms and multinational corporations that own hotel, restaurant, retail chains, communications and transportation networks, banks, insurance companies,and other…industries.” ..hmm.

According to the listing at, weather experiments occurred in 1903, 1915, 1919, 1944, and 1947. We know from the work of Bernard Vonnegut that as of 1946, experiments included pumping storm clouds full of radar. A matter of record in 1947 indicates the greatest volume of rainfall in world weather history fell on June 22, 1947 in Holt Missouri– 12 inches of rain in 42 minutes. Was this a radar assist? Can radar also steer storms like cloud-seeding? The storm damage referred to by Teller may have been the eastern seaboard hurricanes that were steered back onto land in the 50s due to interference by both radar and cloud-seeding. Florida locals have long believed it to be true. Since airplanes were not needed for cloud-seeding, these events and similar occurances deserve another look.

What’s not addressed, but brushed over, are health hazards from cloud-seeding– silver iodide being another heavy metal salt with the “paradoxical dose effect” like all the metal-halogen salts. Not only does it mimic the toxicity of radiation but the rain it causes helps bring down radioactivity. In the 1950s, measured radioactive rain was falling in upstate New York where former Manhattan Project medical work was underway. Was this a combination of nuclear test fallout and  cloud-seeding experiments?

Fallout detection by the U.S. military, done by aerial sampling, revealed the Soviets’ first nuclear test in 1949. If the United States was sampling atmospheric radioactivity for knowledge of secret foreign nuclear capabilities, doesn’t it make sense that domestic “rainmaking” would hide the American activity from other nations?

Irving Langmuir bio:

Vincent J. Schaefer bio: … 02.010.htm

This page of experiment citations –a “pubdoc”– gives an idea of cloud-seeding work, some of it as part of Project Cirrus

Seeding over Hawaii was regularly tested in 1948. In 1950 and 1951 it looks like Langmuir & associates were all over the place…

‘History’ website says of hurricanes: “From 1851 to 2004, the greatest number of hurricanes to form in the Atlantic basin in one season was 12, in 1969. The highest number of of major hurricanes –category 3 or higher– was 8, in 1950, and the average number is 2.5. For the 2005 season as of October 1, there were 9 hurricanes… … ,+Typhoons,%OABlizzards,+Other+Storms

Kansas reports its worst floods were in 1951, which was the year that the Nevada Test Site began domestic nuclear tests in January (Operation Ranger) and again in the fall (Buster-Jangle).


Project Cirrus — The Rain Men of Fort Monmouth

“On Nov 13, 1946, Schaefer dropped 1.4 kg of dry ice pellets from an airplane into a supercooled stratus cloud near Schenectady, New York…And snow fell! In February 1947, the US Army Signal Corps became involved in these cloud seeding missions, and it earned the name Project Cirrus…a joint effort of the Army, Navy, Air Force and G.E. William R. Cotton and Roger A. Pielke wrote about Langmuir’s and Schaefer’s exploration into cloud seeding with cirrus clouds, supercooled stratus clouds, cumulus clouds, and even hurricanes in their book Human Impacts on Weather and Climate. The supercooled stratus clouds were the most responsive to seeding, and patterns (including L-shapes, race tracks, and Greek gammas) could be seeded into the clouds… Cloud seeding did not always produce expected results… [A Florida hurricane in October of 1947 was seeded and abruptly turned shoreward and deadly] Jay Barnes and Steve Lyons reported in Florida’s Hurricane History that many believed that the seeding was responsible for the turn, including Langmuir… Either way, GE’s lawyers told Langmuir not to discuss the hurricane until the statute of limitations had run out for prosecution… Langmuir was a noted workaholic. The New York Times reported that upon his retirement from GE in 1950, he did not even take a vacation but went straight to devoting more time to Cirrus.”

“Fort Monmouth (pronounced mon-mith) is located on the “Jersey Shore” …one and one-half hours South (three hours on a weekday at 7:00 am) of New York City… Fort Monmouth is home to the Army Materiel Command’s (AMC) Communication and Electronics Command (CECOM).”

“Mr. [Sam] Stine was offered, and left [Camp]Evans to become; an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, but was lured soon after by Monmouth to visit GE to talk to Dr Langmuir to get his opinion on solid state physics subjects. He became involved with seeding clouds with dry ice (Project Cirrus) and determining how thunderstorms form. Seventeen planes were used in a classified project. In Sea Girt, seeding clouds was tried. A hurricane was seeded by a B-17, assigned to Mr: Stine, measuring all storm parts, its’ eye and edge, temperature, humidity and pressure. In Albuquerque, NM, clouds were seeded which produced more rain water than the total of 3 earlier years.”

Bernard Vonnegut is best known..for his discovery on November 14, 1946  at the General Electric Research Laboratory of the effectiveness of silver  iodide as ice-forming nuclei that has been widely used to seed clouds in efforts  to augment rainfall.. Since there was little evidence to support the precipitation idea, Vonnegut  began his own speculations as to how clouds become electrified… He carried out many ingenious experiments, including the widespread releases of  ions into the air to test the effect of priming clouds with negative space  charges.  As he predicted, interesting, anomalous polarity clouds developed over  his sources of negative charge that suggested the operation of an influence  electrification mechanism…   His summer expeditions to the mountains of New Mexico for the study of  thunderclouds with his colleagues and friends at New Mexico Tech in Socorro,  were times of productive delight and inspiration. Noting that the intense rain that fell often did not exist in the cloud prior to  the electric discharge, they proposed an electrostatic precipitation explanation  based on the re-arrangement of charges around the lightning channels…       Vonnegut was long interested in lightning discharges and their effects on  clouds… He and associates photographed lightning from high altitude balloons.  He and  other associates made electrical measurements and photographs from U-2 airplanes  flying over thunderclouds and, with associates at NASA he obtained video  recordings of lightning from space.”

Vonnegut was also a prolific designer of instrumentation. His scientific papers carry titles like this: “Spray-nozzle type silver iodide smoke generator for airplane use”(1952); “Technique for the introduction into the atmosphere of high concentrations of electrically charged aerosol particles” (1967); “Enhanced charge transfer in dielectric fluids containing conducting particles” (1967), etc.

In 1963, the Socorro facility was named the Langmuir Lab “in honor of Nobel Laureate Dr. Irving Langmuir who initiated and conducted..experiments in cloud physics and weather modification in association with the Institute staff from 1947 until his death in 1957… The Magdalena Mountains were chosen..because thunderstorms are initiated by [them] and the storms are often isolated… The suitability of these New Mexico clouds for scientific study has long been recognized: E.J. Workman and Robert Holzer began the investigation of heat-low thunderclouds in Albuquerque during the late 1930s… After World War II, the New Mexico group moved to Socorro where Dr. Workman became Director of the Research Division and President of the New Mexico School of Mines. His study of thunderstorms with S.E. Reynolds and William Hume continued; this group pioneered in applying radar to study precipitation development and the electrification of thunderclouds…”

Raymond Falconer, Vincent Schaefer, Bernard Vonnegut, and Duncan Blanchard 1989Photos:


[History of Project Cirrus/compiled by Barrington S. Havens, 1952]
“…considerable publicity resulted from Schaefer’s historic snow-making flight over Pittsfield in November 1946… On March 24, 1947, a request for dry-ice seeding techniques was received from the Pineapple Institute [in Honolulu]…available information was supplied by Project Cirrus…experiments [were carried out] over the island of Molokai in 1947 by Dr. Luna B. Leopold… [Other] interesting experiments were the firm of Milliken & Farwell, a sugar company of Mobile Alabama. Activities concentrated on big cumulus clouds..of the Mississippi delta… [Another] account is given of the work done by Joe Silverthorne in seeding clouds for the United Fruit Company in Honduras..for the purpose of..controlling rainfall… Langmuir visited Honduras in 1948 and 1949 and co-operated actively with Silverthorne…[pp68-69]
…Many co-operative groups of water users were formed, and organizations sprang up for the purpose of engaging in cloud seeding on a commercial basis. At the time of writing (May 1952), some 350 million acres of the United States west of the Mississippi were subject to cloud seeding by commercial operators… Topping the list is the Water Resources Development Corporation with offices in Denver [CO] and Pasadena [CA] whose rainmaking contracts were reported to cover an area of over 300 million acres, or about 12 times the area under irrigation in the United States. “Farmers and ranchers paid millions of dollars for the services of this organization, which contemplates extending its operations to Central America, South America, South Africa and Europe.” [according to a Senate Report 5/12/52, p69] …So many and so active are the organizations for this purpose, that there has been some concern over the effects of introducing such quantities of silver iodide into the atmosphere. Studies by the Research Group of the project indicated that silver iodide can continue in the atmosphere for an almost indefinite period… Currently, some members of the Research Group feel that there is a definite possibility that some abnormal flood conditions of recent years have been caused… [p70] and in CONCLUSION…So many other research projects had been stimulated that continued progress..seems assured…”[p71]
Wikipedia: “Project Cirrus was the first attempt to modify a hurricane. It was a collaboration of the General Electric Corporation, the US Army Signal Corps, the Office of Naval Research, and the US Air Force. After several preparations, and initial skepticism by government scientists,the first attempt to modify a hurricane began on October 13, 1947″. The modified storm which was headed out to sea turned back and slammed into the coast of Georgia. “Cirrus was canceled, and lawsuits were threatened…”



Inspired by the Langmuir-Schaefer experiments, Australiasprinkled dry ice crystals..on 5-2-1947 ” and initiated a program under their Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO).;  “Cloud seeding experts in Israel began their work in 1948…” [p.74, document] “Experiments in ..Soviet Russia, United States, Israel, Australia, China, Morocco, Syria and other countries have demonstrated that cloud seeding increases the amount of rainfall up to 5-20% over large areas and for long durations…” [p.128, document]

In Israel, “The analysis period was chosen to be from 1952 to 2006 (54 years) because it corresponds to a period in which data from a high density of rain gauge stations are available.”

Due to the British program called ‘Cumulus’, “one of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain” devastated the town of Lynmouth on August 15, 1952. The discovery of a cloud seeding cause emerged from documents uncovered in a BBC investigation showing that Cumulus ran operations from 1949 to 1955 before it too disappeared. The UK government denied seeding clouds before 1955. “The documents also talk of rainmaking having a potential ‘to explode an atomic weapon in a seeded storm system or cloud. This would produce a far wider area of radioactive contamination than in a normal atomic explosion.”

Pakistan ran “encouraging” burn-induced cloud seeding experiments “in Balochistan, NWFP and Punjab during 1953 to 1956..”


“In 1966 Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald wrote:  “The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.”

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  1. Go to this radar weather site:

    Zoom out to the 5ookm scale and see how the rain formations expand explosively while crossing over the parts under the Great Lakes. This is proof of artificial weather in the making. It’s what they never tell you about in the news.

    Comment by Cloudy Skeyes — July 26, 2009 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

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