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July 24, 2009

Staging a Pandemic

It’s my belief that a pandemic is being HYPED in the press & media and will appear to get much much worse as vaccines become ready. The potential is RIPE for police-state powers to gain permanent longterm advantages, overcoming the last measures of personal freedom designed by the US Founding Fathers. The most oppressive examples of exercize of legal jurisdiction have come in regard to “public health” threats such as epidemics. The Quarantine Act of 1908 allowed “health officers” in the New York City polio epidemic (1916) to forcibly enter homes and separate families. The Supreme Court case of 1905, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, allowed forced vaccination. The Court refused to hear the testimony of expert witnesses provided by Mr. Jacobson on his own behalf. The American public has had ample opportunity since 9-11, 2001, to review the circumstances of the attack that led to the Patriot Act, creation of Homeland Security, the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the bundles of legislation that followed. Complicity within the government is evident and undeniable. As such, the unfolding pandemic deserves our scrupulous attention as a planned HOAX, elaborately constructed to permanently alter the national and civil rights of not just Americans, but citizens in all corners of the world. Below is a summary of a discussion thread from a public forum where I’ve posted news and information on the current swine flu epidemic.


July 23, 2009

 where are we in this Plan-demic?

 The early news reports, which included limited but certain information about individual deaths, showed that victims had underlying medical conditions. I could not find one example of a person without a previous health challenge, not counting an infant in New York where no information about the baby’s status was given. This dispels the propaganda of “healthy young adults” dying from ‘swine flu’. Evidence is not there and no one at TIU has posted anything other than the repitition of the claim. As the toll mounted and included more adults, less information was given, and mostly no information was given regarding a person’s health.

Comparison to Spanish Flu, where most of my posts focus, I hope by now are evidently false. This is the centerpiece of the current “pandemic” myth compounded with the “never before seen” recombinant A/H1N1. Ruben Donis of the CDC made a statement in April that similar viruses were recorded in 1998. H1N1 is noted for being globally endemic in many species and recombining easily. In the 1930s, “phage” work was inserting infectious bacteria with (then) recently identified “influenza virus”from multiple species, known definitively by the 1950s to be RNA/DNA fragments. The “mixing bowls” for swine-human flu genes were bacteria used in lab experimentation, demonstrated by a speech from George Hirst in 1961. This removes a need for contact among the species. Currently, doctors like Stefan Lanka and Nancy Banks are arguing several points about ‘virus’ not being detected in cases of HIV/AIDS. Historically, there is ample evidence that virus was undetected in other diseases declared to be contagious. “Contagion” has a clear legal definition, but not a clear medical one. The medico-legal definition of many diseases is dependent on the quality of the tests designed to determine whether the conditions for the disease are present. No such tests, good or bad, existed in 1918.

The Spanish Flu was many “flu-like” illnesses, but the most dreaded element which frightened doctors and nurses was the rapid hemorrhagic-like illness that caused people to turn blue/black and bleed out from their ears, noses, eyes, and lungs. Poisoning may account for this, as this particular set of signs/symptoms vanished after the war, never to return. The role vaccines could have played is speculative. I posted some evidence that Frederick Gates, John D. Rockefeller’s right hand and sometime medical researcher, was sending reports from Ft. Riley Kansas in 1918 regarding the use of experimental meningitis vaccines. Nitrogen compounds were ingredients in vaccines as well as pervasively used in processed foods and war munitions, possibly responsible for sudden onset sickness, resembling in an uncanny way in cows and pigs the same signs as Spanish Flu. Other issues regarding chronic disease and damage from nitrogen compounds are posted in the thread, including links to the cause of AIDS.

The issue of reporting, due to awareness or lack of adequate testing and diagnosis was as much a problem for the US Army during WWII, despite vigilant monitoring, as it is now. Fear of the flu, this particular flu, would cause more people to seek out a diagnosis. Even still, case incidence is low, mortality lower than seasonal flu. In concert with the media hype and pseudoscientific “expert” reports of the mainstream are a small band of “champions for truth” who’ve filed the charges of bioterror targeting the internet news community of “patriots”. In their own words, they promote the need for vaccines, and yet demand the public join them in resisting “with deadly force if necessary” the vaccines made for this purpose, claiming contamination and unsafe proceedures. In every case known to me, vaccines kill and disable a percentage of the population. Many articles and professional medical journals highlight this tragic fact as a certainty. To say that a certain vaccine has a high probability of causing injury or death is disingenuous –a vaccine, any vaccine, has a certainty of killing or injuring a nominal group of people who receive it. Ironically, the people leading the charge against the “new” vaccine sell products that claim to detox vaccines and kill viruses while concurrently claiming the scope of a “real” pandemic far beyond the available evidence. In other words, the claim is that a truly contagious “deadly bioweapon” has been unleashed as a “resurrected 1918 virus” but will only spread if people accept the “contaminated vaccine”. At best, this is a mixture of little fact and mostly fiction.

 The clear motive of money-making is evident in the commercial Vaccine Congresses which have demonstrated the market demand and intend to capitalize on the very lucrative business of vaccine-production. The individuals appointed by gov’t and NGO agencies to direct the policy and investigation of pandemic-related incidents are also invested in the vaccine business. They are looking forward and planning for a growth to 4.4 billion dollars, however, reports about expenditures to date are already over half this amount this year, so a future market value of 4.4 billion (for the year 2016) appears to be an extreme undervaluation of this actual market. Many billions are spent on R&D; posted that Robert Webster rec’d 7.1 billion from the Bush Administration. Are the funds for R&D left out of the equation –counting a “market” of sales value only? The many billions in funding being drained from national treasuries is not covered. Obviously, veterinary vaccines will be a part of this growth industry too, but not accounted for here. According to the site article in this thread, the US makes up more than 50% of the global vaccine market. Terrapinn also claims that 3.5 million people die annually of flu, while news outlets are repeating a figure of 250,000 to 500,000. Is the purpose to make it appear that a deadly pandemic is occurring when “actual reports” count flu deaths over a million?

Questions remain about the role of viruses and bacteria. More questions are being raised about the trustworthiness of information. If there’s any common ground between the Spanish Flu and today’s pandemic, it’s the use of the media to promote an Influenza PANIC.


the entire thread can be found at disclaimer: views of individual forum participants are often not my own


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