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July 28, 2009

Charges of Bioterrorism, Revisited

It’s not my idea to spend too much time on this subject or invite much in the way of dialog. I did enough exploring for me to be convinced that this is staged and shot full with disinformation. I’ll state my position again on the “plan-demic”: this pandemic-influenza is being generated by the NEWS. Take a look, if you will. After this, my effort is back on my own track to investigate the medical research.
These are the doctors and whistle-blowers bringing the “Charges of Bioterrorism“. Instead of filing a real lawsuit against Baxter International for neglect or endangerment and proving the charges, these injunction documents “teach”. This was designed for the uninformed or the partly informed. How good is the history? How good is the science? Do they back it up with evidence acceptable in a court of law? This lawsuit crew promotes vaccines and they denounce vaccines. Which is it? Where’s the evidence that vaccines caused the Spanish Flu? Dr. Ott can’t even name the right vaccine, but he repeats and repeats it.
Here’s a brief look at Deagle, Ott, Jones and Ridenour :
DR William Deagle
Dr. Deagle has been speaking out for years now about the IMMANENT Bird Flu Pandemic (expected in 2005) and owns a company called Nutrimedical, catering to people who fear the pandemic. The page link shows a listing of articles from his colleagues also on this crusade.
Bill Deagle and Henry Niman push the Bird Flu back on Aug. 26, 2005. Deagle says “we have to get vaccines for everybody”, Niman agrees, Deagle repeats this and states clearly “they can make a safe vaccine”. Both men agree that a “Manhattan Project” for a bird flu vaccine is needed quickly.

Here’s a couple bits of an interview with Dr. Deagle:

[interviewer referring to a man named ‘Cliff Hugh who says Deagle is a gov’t agent, which BD denies]

When I worked in occupational medicine back in the early ’80s, they made a decision in the government that they no longer wanted to have a lot of jobs done by people inside the military. Because they either didn’t have the expertise, they wanted to hire a company and if they weren’t satisfied with the work that was done by that company (i.e., medical or contract for specific things), so they started contracting out; especially during the era of Bill Clinton.

So what they did, is they contracted for me. And my first major job for C-Com: to contract C-Com to handle Fort Carson, NORAD, Falcon Air Force Base, U.S. Space Strategic Command, the GPS Military-Grade system, and Directed Energy Weapons. The reason why I was their doctor was simply because I was their doctor. I took care of people that worked in these things; worked around these toxic things, worked around rocket labs, and I was their physician. They were not permitted, most of these people, to even talk to their colleagues who were in the next room, let alone the next building. But they would talk to their doctor.

And the only difference was with me, is that because I have a technical background in nuclear physics, advanced computing, electronics, biotechnology; they would share with me. And after a while, because I’m a talker, they were more interested in what I would have to say about the bigger picture about what was going on at their facility, and they were more interested in telling me their little piece — that’s very, very compartmentalized — than what I would tell them.
………………… … _2009.html

BD: I have people who have written books as long as ten years ago when I spoke at the Prophecy Club, that literally — I can’t believe this — but literally have written a book that I’m the antichrist. I mean, how foolish! [Kerry laughs] I mean, every day I put my personal life, my career, everything on the line to be the whistleblower for…
In fact, I just did an audio for tenth anniversary of Columbine. I was the examiner for the Englewood Fire Department and the first young man shot in Columbine outside the restaurant there, Mark Taylor. I was the exit examiner for the 5 Special Op Team of the Oklahoma City Memorial Building. I have been trying to do radial toxicology testing on the World Trade Center debris, and I’m writing the position paper which I’m going to present at We Are Change, New York City, on the eighth anniversary of 9/11.
I’ve been told by my radial toxicology colleagues, because I have advanced training in radial chemistry, that if I order the tests the Department of Defense and the FBI will arrest me immediately for requesting the tests of debris which I have from the World Trade Center. Further proving that they not only used Thermate and other high explosives, but they used nuclear bombs in the buildings, okay?
KC: Okay, you know…
BD: People need to realize that I am a whistleblower central. That’s why my Genesis [Communication Network radio show]… The number one reason, number one, that I did this is: twelve years ago, when I spoke at Human Life International in Zurich on the super-soldier program, which they tried to recruit me to in 1978 at UCLA VA/Wadsworth Hospital and I turned them down, is because I have the documents and the proof that they were trying to create a pandemic flu to bring the world, and literally we are going to enter the new world order with a mask. This is their plan. I had the documents 12 years ago. [end excerpt]

Does it make any sense for this man to advocate a “Manhattan Project” to make a bird flu vaccine and then stand behind the effort to thoroughly discredit it?


from Utah, owns a company called Mother Earth Minerals. He does hucksterism for his “Magi” machines, and is noted for his salesmanship of other equipment and products. He promotes shape-shifting demons at the root of our problems and chastizes his fellow Mormons for corruption in degrading the One True World Religion. He brags that his ‘142’ IQ puts him in the intellectual elite 2% of the population and qualifies it with a testimony of his visionary ability. He also claims that he, True Ott, was the unaware keeper of secret documents that “prove” the who-dunnit and how of JFK’s assassination. Turning over his documents to JFK Jr. led to the fatal plane crash off the N.E. coast. Fortunately for himself, he’s alive and talkative today, alerting you to these “truths”. Do you want this man to be your teacher or spokesman?


Dr. Ott speaks continually of his ‘friends’ who work for Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, NIH, and the military. He claims to have inside knowledge, the kind for which no one else has proof. He claimed certain knowledge that the pandemic would be started in China during the Olympics. He also claims to have been “recruited” by elitist-eugenicist ?? intelligence forces within the government. Listen to him say it in the “Fallen Angels” interview, linked below the next paragraph. He says his school is the “Kneip Institute” and they teach “German theories” there that you “can’t get anywhere in America”. A Kneip Institute search brings up the T.J. Kneip Institute of Environmental Medicine in New York City, a sub-unit of NYU. Ott says he believes the Nazis from ‘Project Paperclip’ are responsible for the flu. He also says that in his own background in the “Mormon cult-ure” he was “completely and totally brainwashed” and that’s “not a bad thing” as his life was “safe and secure”.
In his presentations, recordings and this “lawsuit”, Dr. Ott repeats and repeats what appears to be an error, confusing (?) the illness of Typhoid Fever with the illness of Typhus. He also makes mistakes or misspeaks on medical history and terminology. The encyclopedia says “Typhus is not to be confused with Typhoid Fever….they are not the same disease.”
–from the injunction/indictment:
(p.22)”The 1918 virus pandemic was the direct result of TYPHUS FEVER VACCINES injected into
millions of soldiers during the Great War (WWI).”


Alexander S. Jones in his own interview on “The Awakening” program states clearly, twice, with emphasis that “the Spanish Flu was caused by Typhoid Fever B vaccine”. Where did he learn his information from? He says he learned it from Dr. True Ott. Jones “outs” Henry Niman as a “gatekeeper” and calls him a liar which he did on the advice of Bill Deagle. Listen to Jones get testy about being challenged on the science.


Jones also makes it clear that his whistle-blowing is directed at the “American Patriot Movement”. His prior relationships with Ott, Deagle, Ridenour, Burgermeister, et. al., are not known to me. I didn’t find anything on him beyond the audios and his address/phone. His professional expertise appears limited to 3 years of “computational bioinformatics” at the NIH. Listen close and hear that his information on flu genetics was provided by others.…_-jones/



Dr. Ridenour gave an interview on Coast to Coast am where a brief biography, supplied by himself, can be found. (free audio here … /678520364)
Gary Ridenour
Gary Ridenour attended Hiram College and was at Woodstock and the Kent State Shootings. He interviewed at numerous medical schools that refused his application because they didn’t like people that,”rock the boat.” Gary attended medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico and was one of the main characters in the movie, “Bad Medicine,” written by a classmate. He ran his own clinic for the poor out of a Catholic Church clinic and…did his Internship in Regina, Sakatchewan, and then moved to St. Louis for his residency in Internal Medicine.

Later he set up the Critical Care Fellowship Program and was the first fellow. After training Dr. Ridenour ran the emergency room at St. Louis City Hospital, where he saw a murder a day, a rape a day and two gunshots…. was, “Citizen of the Year,” in 1980. He decided to go West and arrived in Fallon, Nevada in 1981. During the Reagan years, Naval Air Station Fallon grew into the premier fighter weapon school in the world and boasts of being the home to, Top Gun. Dr. Ridneour has been heavily engaged in the leukemia cluster in Fallon and has co-authored four papers on the subject. He probably is the only citizen in the U.S., who can say he turned an aircraft carrier around toward home and made sure everyone received antiviral medications on the way. His current interest is in educating everyone on the threat of the, “Avian Flu.”
ADDITIONAL information on Dr. Ridenour turns up this:
State of Nevada
Board of Medical Examiners

License Verification</CENTER

Person Information Name: Gary Charles RIDENOUR Address: 625 W. Willams Fallon NV 89406 Phone Number: (775) 423-6400
License Information License Type: Medical Doctor Status: Active Issue Date: 4/3/1982 Scope of Practice: Family Practice Internal Medicine

APRIL 25, 1994
The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board
of Medical Examiners filed a formal complaint against
Dr. Ridenour alleging that he was prescribing controlled
substances to others except as authorized by law, writing
a prescription for controlled substance without a exam,
failure to maintain medical records, influencing a patient
to engage in sexual activity , and conviction of a felony
involving moral turpitude relating to the practice of medicine.
Copies; Complaint w/ Exihibit 17 pages
JUNE 10, 1994
The Board entered into a Stipulation for Settlement with
Dr. Ridenour and it was orderd that his medical license be
revoked, the revocation was stayed and he was placed
on probation for 5 years, he must complete a prescribing
course, he must complete a 6 month course in medical ethics,
must perform 40 hours drug abuse public service, he shall not
prescribe Schedule I, II & III drugs, he must fax to the Board a
monthly log of all Schedule IV & V controlled substances he
prescribes, he must submit to random samplings of body fluids
collected by the Board, reimburse the board the cost of the
investigation and prosecution, shall pay a $1,000 fine, and he
shall receive a public written reprimand.
Copies; Stipulation for Settelment 8 pages, Order 7 pages
JUNE 28, 1999
The Board ordered that Dr. Ridenour successfully
completed his probation and removed him from probationary
status and restored his medical license to a full and
unrestricted license in the state of Nevada.
Copies: Order 1 page … irst_Name=


Another person with military involvement, named by Alexander Jones is the “journalist” Lt. Col. Carmen Reynolds. Reynolds also promotes the Nazi-Paperclip story and claims our terror-activities are caused by Arabs.

Other spokespeople for genocidal bird flu vaccine and the Nazi story include Mayer Eisenstein, Rebecca Carley, Dr. Coldwell, Dr. Cantwell…and more jumping on the bandwagon.


Dr. Joseph Mercola is an example of someone with a widely circulated newsletter, nearly a mainstream source and known to alternative health advocates, who has picked up the gist of this phoney lawsuit and appears to endorse it.




  1. How is Dr. Carley for the bird flu vaccine? She constantly speaks out against vaccines in general and states that there are no safe vaccines all the time.

    Comment by Dave — July 29, 2009 @ 10:31 pm | Reply

    • On this point, Dr. Carley and I agree. JL

      Comment by jenniferlake — July 29, 2009 @ 11:23 pm | Reply

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