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July 28, 2009

Patriots, Truthers and Lies

It’s prudent of us to think of the “Pandemic” as a government assisted operation which it definitely IS if everyone is required to take a vaccine because of it. The preparation for a coming ‘bird flu‘ has been years in the making. We should scrutinize this unfolding pandemic event with the same kind of clear-eyed vision that enabled seeing through the deceit of September 11th without “falling” for a reenactment of the pattern. This is global and personal, very personal. Nothing in my imagination compares to the potential of this epic event to precipitate worldwide socialism.
There is no greater enemy to the coming World Government than the real patriots of America, and therefore no better place to entrench the cleverest opposition. The so-called Patriot Movement is swarming with operatives. It makes sense, so everybody else knows it too, whether or not they’ve examined their feelings or evidence. Speaking-out about state-sponsored deception inevitably invites “allies” and “enemies” but hardly distinguishes them one from another. Unfortunately, taking individual action eventually ‘blends’ a person into a group of activists, no differently than any sub-group of society that troubles the collective waters; “the strikers”, “the bikers”, “the homeless”, the “Jesus freaks”…etc. Getting a “patriot” soapbox to stand on for a few hours, no matter how limited the outreach, has put me in this camp.
“Similar” is not “same” just like fresh milk from a farm is NOT the stuff in the grocery store. Identical bottles would not fool you, would they? Would you accept the pasteurized/homogenized message, no matter how much it looks like the real thing, knowing it’s worse than useless to your body/being? ….your gut knows. Put it to the test. Take good care of your gut…and trust it (seriously, I’ve heard it called your “other brain”). I don’t know where to find the “Patriot Movement” exactly. I’ve experienced a little “movement” here, there, and everywhere; around kitchen tables, in coffee shops, sitting, standing, or waiting, and having conversation with “neighbors” over minutes or years. I listened for the Idea of America.
In my lifetime as a kid growing up in the 60s, I’ve seen the Idea of America dissolving into myth. I’ve seen Freedom do the “dead cat bounce” in the guise of hippies and drug abuse. I thought being a “baby-boomer” meant a birth in the age of Nuclear Bombs. We don’t know, my neighbors and I, if America can overcome the supranationalists leading the opinion shapers and policy-makers. Whatever the outcome, I’ll live my “Idea of America” until I cease to live. Share the road and I’ll show you what I found. If there is still an Idea of America with enough life in it to keep this nation and protect our Republican experiment into the future, then I’ll be satisfied. The premise of this blog is a simple one –it’s a demonstration of my learning curve.
Focus is coming my way because of the planned pandemic. I just learned that I have the attention of “patriots”.  Indeed, at least one, Dr. A. True Ott, is telling a lie about me. On Dec. 27th, 2008, in an episode of “What’s Ailing America”, Dr. Rebecca Carley and her regular guest, Dr. Ott, are asked by a caller if they heard of me. Dr. Carley says no, but Ott isn’t sure. The caller clearly identifies me by naming articles I’ve posted. Less than 2 months later, in an interview by Melodee on Truthquest, Dr. Ott responds to a question that he’s been “giving me info for years…and vice versa”. Folks, I’ve never communicated with Dr. Ott in any form or at any time, nor would I. Dr. True Ott, Dr. William Deagle, Dr. Gary C. Ridenour, “whistleblower” Alexander S. Jones, and others are behind the “Charges of Bioterrorism“. Had it not been for Tony asking my opinion on the lawsuit, I would not have discovered this lie, but it was not Tony’s intention to help, as he posted several more comments to me at this blog demanding I respond to my own opinion with “evidence”. The “truthers” are coming out in force.
This is not about personal self-defense but about catching a leader in the patriot “truth movement” telling a lie that I know is false. What other lies are Dr. Ott, Dr. Deagle, Alexander Jones, and their associates telling you? I don’t want to give any help to professional disinformation people by posting their self-promotion, but this is an exception. They claim to have special insider info that no one listening or reading can prove or disprove. The charges of bioterrorism against the US gov’t and Baxter Int’l are intended to do WHAT? They are preying on fear to what end –violence in the streets? The military-medical complex has been using bioweaponry on the public longer than I’ve been alive. We deserve to know the truth about this kind of “medicine”. That’s my point.
A caller (Keith) in the last segment of hour 2 (minute 40) asks Drs. Carley and Ott if they heard of Jenny Lake….Dr. Carley says “I’m not” and Ott mentions a Jennifer [sound-alike] he knows “who wrote a book but I’m not sure if it’s the same one…”(not me)…caller names my articles and moves along to mention The French Connection.
“What’s Ailing America” broadcast- December 27, 2008; hour-1, hour-2 .  
Less than 2 months later, and after I did an interview on Truthquest myself 2 weeks earlier on 2/10/09:
Starts at 12:51 in:
Melodee: Are you familiar with any of the research Jenny Lake has been doing? is that name at all familiar with you?
Ott: I…I have uh…given her…uh, some information over the years…and vice versa…so yes…
Melodee: okay, I was just curious…
Ott: yeah…
Melodee: ’cause she got into a little bit of that history, uh, it seems like histories that kind of cross paths
Ott: Oh yes, yes…and so you see…uh…once this is finished and weaponized ….[etc.]


Ends at 13:25




  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Rest assured that I am simply trying to find out the truth of the bioterrorism claims and have no other agenda. Your opinion with evidence was important to me because I know that Daryl Bradford Smith very much vouches for you. I have been listening to Daryl for about 1 1/2 years and have come to trust much of what he says. I believe that he is a truth teller. So, I really don’t understand why you have refused to respond to my inquiry?

    Comment by Tony — July 28, 2009 @ 11:56 am | Reply

    • Tony, your inquiry for my opinion was addressed. A subsequent question, “Are you saying that Jane Burgermeister is a shill?” is an attempt to put words in my mouth which I consider a disingenuous tactic. My response to you: “Take me at my word, Tony. This document is like corrupted legislation promoted to slide by for the very real needs it addresses, yet is unfit to stand as that for which it intends…vote no and take it back to the drawing board.”

      Repeating a demand to answer your Burgermeister question is a clear intent about your agenda. I’ll be kind –cut your losses. If you sincerely want to know, go investigate Burgermeister. Attempting to be more clever or demanding by spamming me with repititious questions empty of content won’t change my opinion of you or your ‘agenda’. JL

      Comment by jenniferlake — July 28, 2009 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    This was inevitable, frankly thought it would surface sooner.

    Your research is EVIDENCE based and that is very dangerous to “them”. Their lack of research is based on “a guy whispered it to me years ago while I was a black-op gynecologist” and the like. Can’t believe people would ever buy into “Dr.” Deagle. First time listening to him many years ago he didn’t pass the “GUT” test. When you get that feeling give it time and they always trip up eventually. Deagle trips up so often it surpasses all logic and defendability. Ott is more than suspect as well.

    The medical manipulation angle is HUGE, far bigger than most realize or have the courage to face. We have all seen pieces of it throughout our lives but you have put it together in a dangerously cohesive manner.

    You are correct Jenny, this non-movement (they have made sure its not a cohesive movement) is swarming with shills and liars. With each passing day it gets easier to see who they are and their numbers are higher than we want to accept.

    Keep following your gut and methodology and it will continue to flush them out. We understand and support your need to catch a leader in the patriot “truth movement” telling a lie, its important. However for the REAL truth seekers you need not post a word. We see the liars very clearly.

    Thank you for your diligent work.


    Comment by Artie — July 28, 2009 @ 1:37 pm | Reply

  3. Jennifer- I’m the one who asked True Ott on the Dr. Carley show if he had heard of you. I’m still trying to understand Carley’s role in this disinformation mess. Is she merely being deceived and used by Ott? She does say things such as “there is no such thing as a safe vaccine” and also has denounced Deagle as well by exposing his involvement in “treating” Columbine victims with psychotropic drugs. As far as Daryll Bradford Smith is concerned, his website is very good at exposing zionism and I believe he is sincere in his efforts. However, his admitted lack of knowledge of the Word of God has caused him to make many mistatements. Sincere men can still remain sincerely deceived. Neither the Ashkenazi(Genesis 10:3) nor the Sephardic/Sepharvaim(IIKings 17:24) “jews” are semitic. I put “jews” in quotes because neither of these groups are descendants of the House of Israel or the House of Judah. I’ve been studying the Bible for 15 yrs. and have been able to disprove the foundational lies(interpretations) being taught by today’s churches. If we, who are truly of Israel, find and lay hold of His truth we need not fear death. His people do not perish for lack of knowledgde, we perish for lack of knowledge of Him(Mat.7:23) and His law(Hos.4:1-6).

    Comment by Keith — July 31, 2009 @ 7:48 pm | Reply

  4. Waverly –Ive moved your comment to “Taking Vitamins”, will reply to it there –JL

    Comment by jenniferlake — August 15, 2009 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

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