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August 20, 2009

Alarming Prognostications…

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Being an autodidact on many of the subjects concerning chemistry and physics makes the research kinda slow but has unusual rewards. The intersection of these sciences with biology has clearly brought the FUTURE into the Crossroads. A haunting thought about the direction of state-of-the-art biology is that the FUTURE is known –the experimentalists have carried through with exploring the variations of Lifeforms and the present manipulations are designed to hurtle and hasten us toward these ‘ends’. Alternate Systems have been a major focus in the work of NASA astrobiologists and others who see a controllable living technology looming on planet earth. I bear in mind the idea of A.I. (avian influenza) as an information system of Adapted Intelligence. This is one more layer of probabilty in the pandemic vaccination campaign.

Ingestion of certain substances like colloidal metals and silica are likely transitional ‘aids’ in the Transhumanist agenda. They’re turning up in abundance in food and personal care products and can hardly be avoided. Frequency ‘weapons’ are common objects like cell-phones and digital TVs….we are apparently living a science fiction from which a ‘remnant’ will survive and continue the experiment…perhaps. Or maybe our handlers and deciders are just gathering new knowledge. Every once in a while, I sit back in wonderment and go ‘whew’….
…thought I’d share.

but while I’m on the subject of living in science fiction, the buzz about ‘truth’ and why some people see it while the majority do not is an interesting twist in the scheme of Adapted Intelligence. It seems to boil down to a contest between ‘earthy’ and ‘alien’, a struggle as old as civilization, subject of the Rig Veda epic Mahabharata between the sons of the gods and the sons of man. Later near a civilization mid-point, more than 2000 years ago, this similar conflict is reflected in the Dead Sea Scrolls as “Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness”. Earthy people have always been the sons of men and darkness in these expositions.
So what is it that opens some to “Light”?
Something’s a’brewing in the stew, folks….recent news about swine-flu vaccines suggest a ‘delay’. Delay? Is that ominous? An ABC report mentions that ‘more adjuvant’ will be needed to stretch vaccine supplies. Is the ‘mandatory vaccine’ scare a way of testing the public resistance and now they know that we know and won’t be lining up for our shots? Who is it that needs more time?
The deadly adjuvanted vaccines appear reserved for adults, they say. Is this another harvest of children?

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