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September 11, 2009

Imposters and Hell-hounds

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A rash of posters, one who is using my name with this email(, are spamming this blog with verbatim text from the “Educate Yourself” website in response to an article I wrote and posted here called “Colloidal Silver”. They seem a little pissed, like the editor of the website, Ken Adachi whose words they are pasting. Anyone using the above email is doing so to defame me, my opinions, the quality of the research, or just for personal attack. This is not my email.

and it’s happening because I dared to question the safety of ingesting colloidal silver and publishing the results…

Addendum: I won’t be approving comments here on the subject of ingesting colloidal metals. Period. There are plenty of discussions elsewhere on the web, pro and con,  however I will continue to address the matter as it pertains to biophysics experimentation, nanotechnology and environmental pollution. The majority source of documentation that I’ve been able to find in support of “safe limits” for silver are govt/industry studies prepared for occupational exposures seeking human tolerance levels. This, of course, carries enormous legal obligations and repercussions to industries that expose workers to hazardous materials on the job. Personally I don’t take any such studies as “health advice”. These studies were made not for ‘health’ but for ‘liability’.

Colloid metals are among the ‘special substances’ of interest to the medical Manhattan Project scientists who created the field of Health Physics to study “human damage by population surveys”. It was the objective of these scientists to determine safe limits for toxic exposures, which is a euphemism for symptomless or sub-clinical illness that would serve govt/industrial purposes for a given length of time. In a document I referred to in an earlier article from the which no longer seems to have a working link , though here it is,( –meeting to organize a Health Physics and Safety program, Jan. 29, 1947– an objective of the study program is spelled out: …”actual determination of the toxicity of a substance must be made, measuring how poisonous it is, both in acute and chronic exposures. The amounts administered are decreased until asymptomatic levels are found…”  This defines the purpose of human toxicology reports as I see it. Current studies addressing the intake of silver solutions are admittedly lacking adequate data.


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