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November 8, 2009

A Few Words About the Agenda

Most “conspiracy” researchers like myself have found that the last 200 years of history prove an undeniable case for the emergence of a One World System in our lifetimes run by the Rothschild banking establishment and founded on the traditions of the Talmud. Hoax or not, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a tangible demonstration of the Plan for global domination. The evidence is all around us, just as the evidence for the destruction on 9-11 points to Israel and the complicity of high-ranking public officials. The publications from the Club of Rome likewise read like “progress reports” for the Protocols agenda. For all of ‘us’ who will be subject to this agenda, and yet remain outside of the zones of open hostility, day-to-day life has been compared to the hapless frog in a slow-to-boil pot; each day a little more hot and a little less free.
The peculiar directions of science and medical research over the last century are incredibly revealing in the amount of comprehension attained in biological control and we are left to guess at how much of each day’s “measure” is serving this Grand Design. I started this blog in July09 in the midst of a “pandemic” that is not happening because of a deep foreboding that the Controls being sought are nearly in hand. There is no rational/logical explanation for things like mandatory vaccines, forced healthcare, carbon-footprint permits and the like when it flies in the face of experiential science. What else can it be but the consolidation of the Plan? Every article here in my blog is telling an aspect of this story; One story about One World, where everything coalesces under the rulership of an earthy oligarchy. Once they rule you, they own you, and then they will create or annihilate you as they see fit. There is no future but Their future and ‘we’ are to be made less than fully human to eliminate their competition. It’s an old ‘conquerors’ trick, once merely a device of speech and record-keeping to alter social perceptions but today achievable in physical fact.  How will we be ‘less than human’ –perhaps by becoming programmable DNA computers. Take a look:

DARPA has been working on an artificial intelligence ‘interface’ for untold years, calling it the “Golem Project” in respect of the Talmudic tradition. I don’t know how many of the visible aspects of DARPA’s Golem program apply to its greater activity, but in essence I assume that all of it does. The impetus in DNA computing, according to Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Institute speaking in 2003, is to find a “molecule that can recognize, cut and join DNA sequences in specific ways”, what he suggests will be “designer enzymes…that can do things and go to places that silicon can’t –such as inside our cells to make and control drugs.” . Phage and virus already do this naturally –enter our cells and install a program– so the question is begging about the ability of virus-like ‘nano-machines’ harnessed for the activity of synthesizing specific enzymes to run an assembly program. If you were going to ‘assemble’ a DNA computer capable of replicating and replacing its own parts, wouldn’t the ideal machine have an immortal and unlimited source of those parts? Cancer cells are just such an immortal cellular anomaly. A pharmaceutical-generating program that can control cancer cells in the self-performance of chemotherapy has the capacity I would think of becoming an immortal DNA computer, capable of replacing itself with endless ‘perfect copies’ while keeping the overproduction of those cells in check.

Such thoughts account for the intentional induction of cancer-causing substances today. Cancer cells may become the needed raw material for constructing immortal bio-bot computers. The staggering potential of DNA computing forecast by Leonard Adleman is that “One gram of DNA can store as much information as a trillion compact discs”. “What’s more”, states the text of the USC webpages above, “myriad DNA molecules can examine every possible [pathway] at once, rather than one at a time as in a conventional computer”. With this much incredible promise, is it likely that the DNA computing science would take a backseat? If I’m on the right track with this projection, a lot of agendas appear to be satisfied. I’m over my head here, but too intrigued not to steer for personally unchartered waters. Explanations for the presence of sophisticated and nano-sized materials in food, vaccines and chemtrails are not forthcoming and yet they are turning up in products of every description. At the atomic level, organic, inorganic and cellular materials have new and different properties, most informative of which comes from electrochemical experiments.  As in the past, this new technical platform will be maximally spun-off and exploited in some ultimate pursuit of global mastery.


“Nanotechnology may replace the current treatment for cancer” [Feb. 2007] 

2004– “Recently, simple molecular-scale autonomous programmable computers were demonstrated… allowing both input and output… Such computers, using biological molecules as input data and biologically active molecules as output, could produce a system for ‘logical’ control of biological processes… As proof of principle, we programmed the computer to identify and analyze mRNA of disease-related genes associated with models of ..cancer, and to produce a single-stranded DNA molecule modelled after an anticancer drug.”


  1. That’s your scariest post yet, J.

    In the face of gov’t-mandated “health” care, carbon taxes for non-existent man-made climate global warming change, phony terrorism, obvious chemtrailing, and a constant stream of Newspeak on the “news,” only a Plan ties it together to make sense. Otherwise it’s just so patently absurd. But the absurdity provides a high degree of plausible deniability it quickly goes from silly to terrifying.

    Being terrified rather than defiant is silly, however.

    Comment by Kolnidre — November 9, 2009 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

    • Yes K –only by knowing their goals can we make sense of ‘this’– in this scenario genocide becomes incidental. This is the “greater good” crowd. Surely they’re counting on a percentage of people to adapt. I’ve wondered before what the advantages are to them in creating total immune suppression with vaccines –so that we don’t reject the program! Our bodies will become factories for their ‘bots’.

      Comment by jenniferlake — November 9, 2009 @ 5:29 pm | Reply

  2. This is a ‘start’ page for nano-products, which I’ll add to as I go along.

    It’s been helpful to me to read up on how these technologies work, such as the listings from the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science along with “tissue-engineering” resources

    For insight into basic nano-structural forms using the sol-gel process, with a preponderance of silica which is the substance of interest in creating “alternative biology” and

    Comment by JL — November 9, 2009 @ 11:39 pm | Reply

  3. “Our bodies will become factories for their ‘bots’.”

    This is Matrix-esque. Large fields of humans that are grown to be used as factories. Wow.

    In addition to chemtrails and forced vaccinations, don’t forget about the water supply. Its a good candidate for immune suppression “therapies” (fluoridation, chlorination, etc.) The elite oligarchy can keep us constantly ill and make our bodies good hosts by genetically modifying or poisoning the food, water, and air.

    Also agree with Kolnidre that a Plan is the only thing that makes sense and that the absurdity provides a high degree of plausible deniability. Anyone that questions the “reality” spun by the MSM is considered a conspiracy theorist, “truther”, anti-Semite, or various other absurd labels. Such an environment of doublespeak makes it nearly impossible for reality to assert, which is of course how they want it. Reality (or rather knowledge of reality) is not a friend of these criminals. However, their control is now so total that they may not care about truthers soon.

    Notice no mention of Zionism or Israel on the truther Wiki (just vague references to “United States government insiders”):

    For my part, I don’t believe the Protocols is a hoax, even if Zionist controlled Wiki wants me to. Maurice Joly (Masonic Jew whose real name was Joseph Levy) was a known plagiarist and “borrowed” from the Protocols, not the other way around as the criminals would like you to believe.

    Comment by Kendar — November 10, 2009 @ 12:42 am | Reply

  4. This website below is a note about the research going on at New York University (Mount Sinai Sch. of Med.)experimenting with the designer enzymes for “programming, cutting and pasting” DNA. The discovery of these kinds of enzymes (called ‘restriction’ enzymes) was made in the 1930s by Salvador Luria, a radiobiologist who worked with Enrico Fermi (who made the first successful nuclear chain-reaction for the Manhattan Project) and Max Delbruck (also a nuclear physicist who turned to biology on the advice of Niels Bohr). Luria claims to a long lineage from the famous rabbinical family and received institutional support for his work from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

    According to this site, the project goals of the ‘CRISP’ program are “to understand the mechanism by which type II restriction enzymes recognize and cleave DNA, and to design mutants with altered specificities… Endonucleases Fokl, Sill and Bsll recognize and cleave DNA by mechanisms that differ from most restriction enzymes. Bsll..has a clinical application in detecting cancerous mutations”…

    Immortality websites:
    The Immortality Institute,, a non-profit org with a mission to “conquer the blight of involuntary death”
    Essays on infinite lifespans,
    Immortality links:

    An enzyme involved in the critical understanding of cancer is “telomerase”, a ‘pasting’ enzyme that maintains the DNA strand at the end of each chromosome. “Aging is strongly correlated with the length of an individual’s telomeres, the repetitive DNA at the ends of each chromosome. Each time a cell divides, its telomeres become shorter.” . The telomeres are also often called “junk DNA” because they seem to be like vestigial spare parts. The telomerase ‘repairs’ telomeres, but it can also be an activator for cancer. Read here: . Interesting that the founders of Sierra Science quoted by the wiki are all IT computing entrepreneurs. IT moguls are all over the map of the Green/Climate Change movement, such as the ‘Long Now Foundation’ in San Francisco.

    Comment by JL — November 10, 2009 @ 5:59 pm | Reply

  5. They’re going to sell us this science as “anti-aging” and “anti-cancer”:
    from today’s news (Nov.12, 2009)

    Robert Roy Britt
    Editorial Director robert Roy Britt
    editorial Director – 2 hrs 18 mins ago
    Scientists have zeroed in on one apparent key to long life: an inherited cellular repair mechanism that thwarts aging and perhaps helps prevent disease. Researches say the finding could lead to anti-aging drugs.

    The study involves telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that have been likened to the plastic tips that prevent shoelaces from unraveling. Telomeres were already known to play a key role in aging, and their discovery led to this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine.

    The new study, which focused on Ashkenazi Jews, finds those who lived the longest had inherited a hyperactive version of an enzyme called telomerase that rebuilds telomeres.

    In effect, centenarians tend to have a top-notch body mechanic at work 24/7 repairing the hardware that runs the body, versus a normal person whose body’s cellular control center is left to wear out with time.

    “Humans of exceptional longevity are better able to maintain the length of their telomeres,” said Yousin Suh, associate professor of medicine and of genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University. “And we found that they owe their longevity, at least in part, to advantageous variants of genes involved in telomere maintenance.”

    The results are detailed this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Telomeres are short bits of specialized DNA that cap the chromosomes, which tell a cell what to do. Over time, cells divide over and over to keep the body alive. But with each cell division, telomeres get shorter. When they become too short, the cell stops dividing and lapses into a state called cell senescence. Vital tissues are no longer produced, and organs start to fail.

    All this was known, and telomeres have been a focus of anti-aging research for years. However, no silver bullets have been discovered to increase the average lifespan.

    In the new study, Suh and colleagues studied Ashkenazi Jews, a homogeneous population whose genetics are well-studied. Three groups were part of the research: A very old (average age 97) but healthy group of 86 people; 175 of their offspring; and a control group of 93 offspring of parents who lived a normal lifespan.

    “Our research was meant to answer two questions,” explained said Einstein researcher Gil Atzmon in a statement. “Do people who live long lives tend to have long telomeres? And if so, could variations in their genes that code for telomerase account for their long telomeres?”

    “Yes” on both accounts, the scientists conclude.

    The old crowd had “inherited mutant genes that make their telomerase-making system extra active and able to maintain telomere length more effectively,” the researchers write. “For the most part, these people were spared age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which cause most deaths among elderly people.”

    “Our findings suggest that telomere length and variants of telomerase genes combine to help people live very long lives, perhaps by protecting them from the diseases of old age,” Suh said. “We’re now trying to understand the mechanism by which these genetic variants of telomerase maintain telomere length in centenarians. Ultimately, it may be possible to develop drugs that mimic the telomerase that our centenarians have been blessed with.”

    Top 10 Immortals
    Video – Why We Age: A Genetic Clue
    Anti-Aging News
    Original Story: One Key Found for Living to 100 chronicles the daily advances and innovations made in science and technology. We take on the misconceptions that often pop up around scientific discoveries and deliver short, provocative explanations with a certain wit and style. Check out our science videos, Trivia & Quizzes and Top 10s. Join our community to debate hot-button issues like stem cells, climate change and evolution. You can also sign up for free newsletters, register for RSS feeds and get cool gadgets at the LiveScience Store.

    Related Searches:
    albert einstein college of medicine
    ashkenazi jews
    stem cells
    cardiovascular disease
    cell division

    Comment by JL — November 12, 2009 @ 5:53 pm | Reply

  6. Ran across this interesting article of the mystery illness in Ukraine and the Baxter connection. Also includes an section on the bizarre microbiologist take-down in LA.

    Comment by Kendar — November 13, 2009 @ 10:53 pm | Reply

    • Kendar –I remember this from the day it happened and thought the whole thing was staged. True Ott has no credibility, imo, and pushes his unverifiable ‘insider’ dis-info. He’s a part of maximizing Flu Fear and keeping false stories circulating. During the 1918 pandemic, people were reportedly coming down with pneumonic plague, which is not a mystery illness. With more chemical and radiological pollution, its also resurging. The bigger picture of Spanish Flu looks like a lot of mixed illness, including plague, TB, and nitrate toxicosis with some very bizarre ‘seed’ points of bioweapons. There has never been a virus identified that caused “Spanish Flu”, but they’ve been ‘telegraphing’ a replay of this event for over 10 years –interestingly, since they’ve been able to track unsubtypable H1N1. Are they using deadlier than normal bioweapons (vaccines)? or chemical attacks?…I’d say the likelihood is very high, but as the article points out, people in the Ukraine have been under stress. A great deal of investment has been made in this global pandemic, so like Warburg said “we shall have it whether you like it or not”. I’ve been very alarmed about things like colloidal silver being added to people’s ‘health’ regimen –able to cause the violent cytokine reaction– and even our common use of OTC drugs which are normal causes of flu. This is a horrible game and Ott, this man Moshe, their sponsors –they’re all players. They side with ‘patriots’ and ‘survivalists’ and sell highly questionable products with nano-ingredients coming out of weapons-science. The US is going to have its own mystery illnesses in the days ahead because Americans are fertile ground for chemical sensitivity. The dumbest thing I can think of is REALLY unleashing a contagious bio-weapon –it just isn’t necessary! Large numbers of people are near the tipping point and can produce the desired ‘diagnosis’ with relatively little extra input. A thought that comes to mind is the area I live in –as of Jan. 2008, fluoride was added to our county water. This is our second fluoridated winter and it’s logical to have systemic illness like flu show up in higher numbers now–d’oh! It’s infuriating.
      Here’s a youtube about the Ukraine swine flu:

      Comment by jenniferlake — November 14, 2009 @ 8:26 am | Reply

  7. Great article, an excellent (if scary) synthesis. I need to read more about these nano-particles.

    Comment by xyz — May 25, 2011 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

  8. Jennifer, can you send me any articles you have that mention Bayer/GMO/Biosciences etc please? I know you have some stuff on here with that in it, but I can’t find it, although in looking around I of course saw some other good stuff… thanks! I think you have my email, if not post on my blog comments…

    Comment by bcfreedom — May 31, 2013 @ 5:59 am | Reply

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