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November 16, 2009

Calling All Bloggers

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The Call to NETWORK
Dear Readers –you can join in and put your researching skills to work with me or send me a link to your blog and I will post it here. So far, a number of dedicated blogs have been created to explore one or more subjects in depth and create a virtual INDEX on specified topics. Other blogs and websites will be able to tap into these indices and make use of this information. If you’re interested in networking research blogs or starting up a dedicated blog, I will gladly help in whatever way I can. These blogs are currently in progress: –dedicated to collating information on Agora Incorporated. Agora Inc. was established as a publishing company in Washington D.C. in 1979 by its founders; William Bonner, Jim Dale Davidson, Porter Stansberry and Lord William Rees-Moog. Notorious for promoting Penny Stock fraud and supporting an offshore investment network, Agora has a core membership of world-traveling Libertarians who have connections at the highest levels of government and industry. Through the illegal practice of naked short-selling, domestic Agorans function as “economic hitmen” and support “sovereign” enterprizes of all descriptions that move national and personal resources overseas to emerging markets. The primary operatives of Agora pose as financial experts and advisors, selling information over the internet that targets a variety of consumer interests including “natural health”, real estate, travel and leisure. Agora counts George Soros and known Rothschild agents among its “friends” as well as American “patriots” and “truthtellers”. — “Media Citizen’s Blog”, dedicated to investigating the pharmaceutical industry. This blog is brand new. –dedicated to creating an encyclopedic accounting of organizations that aided individuals emigrating out of the European war zones seeking placement in academia and industry where they perpetuated the science, sociologic and weapons development for World Government. (blog owner is currently reformatting for user-friendliness)
Please join with us in a RESEARCH COMMUNITY on topics both broad and narrow and together will we make a wide range of information available for re-educating ourselves! Blogs are FREE, easy to use, and already proven to be effective community tools for positive action. As such they make great online “notebooks” for posting and sharing. Add yours by sending me a ‘comment’ and I’ll post it with a description in a margin page just for research blogs along with the ones listed above.
Examples of subjects of special interest if you blog, want to start a blog, or know of great websites, are activities and history of the United Nations, Newspaper and Television industries, Big Oil, Banking and Investment, individual Zionists and Jewish-elites of the NWO, profiles on “truth” sites, the Intelligence and espionage operatives, new technology in Policing, Surveillance, Robotics and Medicine, the history of standardized Education, the Environmental Movement and climate change, food and agribusiness, the history and geo-politics of modern wars, and the “futurists”. I look forward to hearing from you!

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