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December 24, 2009


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  In the darkest times we light the inner fire…Beliefs about reality ARE the reality. These days it’s Reality that’s challenged, and with purpose –to accomplish the disabling of human ‘norms’ and impose a new script on confused populations. Below are quotes from an insightful author –the creator of the book “Order of the Dragon” who brought the concept of ‘profound agnosticism’ to light for me.
“Something very important has been actively suppressed across humanity’s existence…
It is the pattern of a massive struggle…a brutal struggle..bought at great sacrifice by determined human minds whose nature is to be free”…
“There is another history, a hidden or suppressed history” underlying the “tension of all social systems”…The pattern was “easy to see. It required no psychotic contruction, no occult superstition, no transcendental imagination…
   It was there in front of everyone’s eyes, hiding in plain sight…
It was the gestalt of Gnosis –knowledge, and it was the thought-system of historical freedom fighters, at one time, held deeply in check by the orthodox conventions of traditional societies”…
What makes us unique is that “we can express the thinking aspects of the Cosmos. That requires the freedom to seek any experiences, and the freedom to respond to feedback rather than deny or suppress it. So our very nature as human beings is at stake here, and has been throughout history… [T]he suppression of free-thinking is an attack against reality itself. It seeks to deny the possibility of knowledge (gnosis) and attempts to create or force upon us the impossibility of knowing what is appearance and what is reality (a profound agnosticism). This is the same radical agnosticism that postmodernism embraces, and with that embrace destroys sanity and culture.”
“If we are rendered unable to distinguish appearance from reality, and worse, if we accept there is no reality through suppression of information, supression of thinkers, reduction of everything to indoctrination and public relations, we are left with useless experiences that are buzzing confusions. Deliberate confusions. The Cosmos then can no longer be understood, and we as part of it are both its destroyer and the destroyed. That metaphysical and epistemological consequence is a frightening one to contemplate, and it makes successful functioning quite impossible. No one has previously succeeded in imposing this total confusion about reality on human beings. But we have new methods and technologies and we just might be able to do it now. It would be massively suicidal”………
[The word ‘agnostic’ was coined by Thomas Henry Huxley….his friends called him “Hal”, and it makes me think about the computer in “2001, A Space Oddessy”]
To All, Good cheer and holiday wishes!

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