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February 19, 2010

Haiti, HAARP, and Terahertz

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Weaponizing the weather: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis…this is just Too Big to hide and now part of mainstream conspiracy news. Posting this here is my way of  “thinking out loud”. I wonder what refined applications of this technology can do.  –Dr. B. Agnew demonstrates how HAARP causes weather modification and earthquakes
Jesse Ventura and “Conspiracy Theory” take it on . Is this the conspiracy version “they” want us to know?  –DoD running an exercise for ‘Haiti hurricane’ disaster, staged from Miami, in the days before the quake. SouthCOM decides to ‘go live’…  –news report, communications down; Haitian cellphone network, Digicel, was founded by Fuad El-Hibri, CEO/Chair of “Emergent BioSolutions” (formerly BioPort of Lansing Michigan, anthrax vaccine provider) and sold off What’s the involvement, if any, here? Did they participate in a communications test?
TERAHERTZ technology, now being deployed as airport scanners, has new communications potential and applications in super-fast computing. Did they test this in Haiti?
Basics about “the world made visible” with terahertz is here . This is super detection!
April 2008 — “University of Utah engineers took an early step toward building superfast computers that run on far-infrared light instead of electricity: They made the equivalent of wires that carried and bent this form of light, also known as terahertz radiation, which is the last unexploited portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.’We have taken a first step to making circuits that can harness or guide terahertz radiation,’ says Ajay Nahata, study leader and associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. ‘Eventually – in a minimum of 10 years – this will allow the development of superfast circuits, computers and communications.’
Unlabeled nano-ingredients in processed (and “unprocessed”!) foods today sound like a recipe for self-assembling semi-conductors or fiber-optics. This is right up DARPA’s dark alley. How about a wild speculation that the Haiti catastrophe was also a multi-use experiment for sophisticated communication electronics under (electrical) disaster conditions….
The Utah research:
“The study [was published] in the March 29, 2007, issue of the journal Nature”… “funded as part of a three-year, $250,000 grant from the U.S. Army Research Office and by $100,000 from the Synergy program, operated by the University of Utah’s vice president for research to promote interdisciplinary research.”…
…”To visualize their discovery, imagine shining a flashlight through a kitchen colander, and that holes make up 20 percent of the colander’s surface. Only 20 percent of the light will pass through the colander. But when the Utah researchers shined far-infrared radiation through holes punched in a thin steel foil or film, almost all of the radiation passed through the film if the holes were arranged in semi-regular patterns known as “quasicrystals” or “quasicrystal approximates.”…
…”metal reflects terahertz, and certain chemicals — such as plastic explosives — strongly absorb terahertz radiation at specific frequencies…Nahata says”….
“The study used stainless steel film about three-quarters the thickness of a human hair. Different patterns of holes were punched in the film. The holes were one-quarter to one-half millimeter in diameter (about one-hundredth to one-fiftieth of an inch). That is smaller than the roughly 1-millimeter wavelength of far-infrared light.”…”Study co-author Agrawal used a computer to design patterns of holes that he expected would allow “resonance” or “anomalous transmission,” meaning all the far-infrared light passes through the holes in the metal films. The researchers projected terahertz or far-infrared light onto the metal films with punched patterns. They found certain frequencies of the far-infrared radiation were completely transmitted through the films with crystal, quasicrystal and quasicrystal-approximate patterns — even though the terahertz radiation has wavelengths larger than the holes.
“efficient transmission occurs because the far-infrared light not only goes through the holes, but also moves electrons in the metal film, generating “surface plasma waves” that launch all the far-infrared radiation through the holes.”
poliovirus >   THz  film> 
                 <porous silica glass       polymer particles> 
                             silica microspheres>
…more wild  out loud thoughts
Terahertz computing promises speeds 1,000 times faster than gigahertz ,1 oz. of DNA holds the data equivalent of one trillion CDs, and “slow glass” offers a way to store light energy –is this the desired combination for biological machines?
“Far-infrared” devices are well down the road in the health industry. Watch this demonstration of a far-infrared plate melting ice with ‘vibration’  (–and I’m not suggesting or endorsing the ‘health benefits’. This is experimental at best.)
      Global warming   or wiggling?

Haiti’s quake was a direct hit on Port-au-Prince

(map provided by USAID) 

“The devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake which hit Haiti on Tuesday has raised many concerns in the seismic community throughout the Caribbean. Dr. Lutchman of the University of the West Indies Seismic Centre says there is greater seismic activity taking place throughout the world. Therefore, the Caribbean needs to re-evaluate their infrastructure so as to reduce the number of persons that may die in case of a hit.”


…”the so-called interferogram, a composite radar snapshot of Haiti captured by Japanese satellite just before and after the Jan. 12 earthquake, is a trove of geological information. And much of it has taken the University of Miami geologists by surprise. The kaleidoscopic color contours rippling from the quake’s epicenter, west of the capital, Port-au-Prince, indicate not just lateral but also unexpected vertical movement along the fault line. What’s more, the quake’s rupture didn’t reach the surface, unusual given its powerful 7.0 magnitude.  But there’s a more important anomaly: despite the quake’s force, the fault-line segment that ruptured is only half as long as Amelung and Dixon anticipated. That has left the other half, which lies only a few miles south of Port-au-Prince, subject to that much more stress, which may cause another quake to come sooner than later. “Even if the next earthquake is the same magnitude,” says Amelung, “it will still be more damaging to Port-au-Prince” than last month’s was.” …””As a result, geologists like Amelung and Dixon are now urging the Haitian government and its international donors to consider relocating the capital, which was largely reduced to rubble in the quake….the earth scientists’ case for moving the capital may actually dovetail with the arguments of social scientists.”,28804,1953379_1953494_1958231,00.html 


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