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May 24, 2010

Assassination By Cancer

Speculation about JFK’s death and the many aspects of the plot to kill him which were shut out of the official investigation, are weaving together numerous conspiracies of the Cold War. We have yet to lay the pieces coherently, but the work of Edward T. Haslam and his book, Dr. Mary’s Monkey, move one of the main stories right onto my front burner –the ‘cancer’ contaminated polio vaccines of Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin! A plot within the JFK murder plot concerns the secret laboratories in New Orleans that were hatching a biological cancer weapon to take out Fidel Castro. Overseen by the eminent Tulane University physician, Dr. Alton Ochsner, a handful of covert researchers that included Lee Harvey Oswald designed a potent protocol of rapid death using the most carcinogenic medical substances known (radiation and vaccines): (addendum at the bottom deal with fast-acting cancers)

Edward Haslam: “To understand the background to this, you have to understand [Dr. Alton] Ochsner’s connection to the polio vaccine; and when the polio vaccine was produced there were several laboratories –I believe the number was 6– producing the vaccine, and Ochsner was one of the major stockholders of one of these laboratories [JL>>revealed in the Coast to Coast interview as Cutter Lab]. He had also been one of the people promoting the release of the polio vaccine all along. In fact, the situation was so intense that when the Francis trials occurred up in Michigan and it was said the polio vaccine was safe, at the last minute they asked Bernice Eddy at the National Institutes of Health, who was the official vaccine safety tester, to test the vaccines. When she injected the vaccines into her monkeys, she got back dead and crippled monkeys. So, she tried to delay the release of the vaccine. But the problem was that every day they waited there was another hundred children getting polio, and there was a lot of inertia on it all the way back to President  Roosevelt pushing for this with the March of Dimes and everything else. Ochsner was so convinced that Jonas Salk’s vaccine was safe that he decided to publicly inoculate his own grandchildren with the vaccine in front of the faculty of Tulane Medical School. The result of this bold and courageous action was that his grandson died from polio and his granddaughter got polio.
….At the time that I started [investigating], I was not aware of the SV40 issue…but I’d also heard about the contamination of the polio vaccine and I did not know if I could document it..but..there was very good documentation out there supporting the knowledge that the polio vaccine was contaminated with the cancer-causing virus –several of them, in fact– but the most dangerous one was SV40 which the experts say today is the most carcinogenic..entity they have ever found…
   One of the most interesting and frankly disturbing points in this entire investigation is that there is some level of connection between Dr. Alton Ochsner and Lee Harvey Oswald, and I can say that completely and confidently because [there is a legacy of evidence, including a record album of Oswald’s radio debate sponsored by Dr. Ochsner]…This man  was the president of the American Cancer Society. What is the president of the American Cancer Society doing tangled up with Lee Harvey Oswald? I think the answer involves cancer….
…Particle beam accelerators are used in cancer research…the American Cancer Society had a number of programs that they financed and sponsored for that… We were able to locate the man who said he built [a particle] accelerator in New Orleans..on the grounds of the U.S. Public Health Service hospital…
My conclusion is that this medical Manhattan project that was on the grounds of the U.S. Public Health Service hospital in New Orleans..was using a linear particle accelerator for the purpose of..mutation of cancer-causing viruses, and the danger and ethical issues why they kept it so secret.
….There was another [covert] laboratory which was the investigative team working for [Jim] Garrison’s investigation on the Kennedy assassination. This was an underground laboratory which was reportedly using cancer-causing viruses to create cancer and what is particularly disturbing about this laboratory is the location..[which] was in the hands of people who can easily be described as right-wing political extremists.”

View the video interview of Edward Haslam :


Part of the JFK assassination conspiracy was a plot to kill Fidel Castro by giving him cancer with injections and xrays. In the words of Judyth Vary Baker, during her film segment of the documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Ms. Baker revealed her role as a 19-year-old cancer researcher:
[from the episode “The Love Affair”, segments 3 and 4]
“I convinced Dr. Ochsner and others that the real thing we needed to do was pull down Castro’s immune system by using several ploys, and then when the cancer’s introduced into his body, it would be found in his blood system and they’d put him in front of the x-ray again and again and again. Supposedly he’d be getting treatments to kill the cancer when actually his immune system was getting destroyed. That could be done, in other words, Castro could be eliminated by using x-ray and they’ll think that it’s the side effects from lung cancer. And that was my idea”
[the secret US ‘cancer’ team]..went to Jackson Mental Hospital..[with] these prisoners that were going to be injected…and at that time those prisoners received the injections that were necessary to begin that terrible round of injections and x-ray, injections and x-ray..that they hoped would actually kill these people.”
The implications of Dr. Alton Ochsner’s work supervising the so-called cancer-causing monkey viruses are a direct extension of his endeavors and fame as a rabid anti-smoking advocate –the shaping of public health policy surely has no historical equivalent in the area of legislative power and influence-peddling than the two ‘issues’ of smoking and polio. Both concerns led (and continue leading) to unprecedented policies in human behavior control, and both issues were held closely to the vest of the Carnegie and Rockefeller establishment. Following either thread of ‘smoking’ or ‘polio’ leads one directly to the core network of global dominators who used fraudulent medical science to perpetuate their plans. The effect of having this ‘forbidden history’ succeed is the enabling platform-creation for the Global War on Terror, the doubtless consolidation of ‘earthy’ power. In my view, the scheme is a biological program and always has been.
The Post-human agenda is merely the methodical means of diminishing select human qualities and rendering the mass of humanity into a subspecies with controllable evolutionary features, “fallen” for all intents and purposes, to never again rise up and rival it’s adversaries: those “chosen” ones who move among and beyond us.  The underrated 2001 Anthrax Attack (as well as the West Nile Virus epidemic that preceeded it) as the ‘medical’ aspect of September 11, deserves intense scrutiny and deconstruction for the many fingerprints at it’s crimescenes….there, I’ve found again the entangling spidery threads of ‘life science’, depopulation, cancer and atomic weapons, on a trail of politics and ownership.
   Perhaps the fascination with cancer as the great biological ‘destabilizer’ really does represent the potential of the post-human transition, as I speculated in “A Few Words About the Agenda”.  Nuclear weapons, touted at their creation as “too horrible to use” became therefore a humanitarian “Good” existing for the greater future alliance in nuclear weapons prevention, did not present the truly lasting spector of endemic evil that it’s conceivers hoped for. The favorable propaganda in support of x-rays, electric generation, “peaceful uses” and the marginalization of the hazards of fallout caused the nuclear build-up to become a victim of it’s own success.
But biowarfare still scares us stupid.
More about Ed Haslam and Doctor Mary”s Monkey:
Jim Fetzer links a recent Ed Haslam interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory, which in the third part, has Haslam mentioning “the deep vein of power in this country”. Referring to it only as “them”, Haslam states several causes for the JFK assassination unrelated to the cancer-causing virus operations. In Haslam’s view, the virus work was an essential component in Oswald’s assassination. He believes Oswald was a special double-agent working under the secret direction of the Kennedys.
Noory: “..let’s spend some time talking about cancer…How much of it, in your opinion…is attributable to this contaminated monkey virus from the 50s?
Haslam: “A huge portion of it…and let me frame it this way…We all associate lung cancer with cigarettes at this point, but when Dr. Alton Ochsner was in medical school, he was woken up in the middle of the night to go down and observe an autopsy on a man who had lung cancer because it was said that it was so rare that he would probably not see another case in his medical career –that’s how rare cancer used to be…and we have 300% more cancer than our grandparents did… I can point to about 60% of our current epidemic”
Noory:”You said it’s sexually transmittable…does it also transmit to the fetus..?
Haslam: “I have seen studies by MDs on this which say they are finding it in second generation grandchildren of the polio vaccine recipients [JL>>in other words, greatgrandchildren]…the people who got it worse got the syringe..[like] my brother and sister who both got cancer”…”It’s the elephant in the livingroom that nobody’s talking about”….”I even have an article from the New York Times..back in the sixties..that says they were withdrawing the polio vaccine until the monkey virus could be removed from it” [JL>>the timing of this should be checked for a correspondence to a nuclear moratorium!]
…”you see these little chunks of evidence…[but]..this operation with the radiation in New Orleans was more like a medical Manhattan Project. That was a very tightly controlled group..and it was set up in 1960″
Noory: “This could be one of the biggest scandal stories I’ve ever heard”
Haslam: “I can’t imagine anything bigger…it’s the health and safety of everybody”
The Coast to Coast synopsis offers this:
“While researching the mysterious death of Dr. Mary Sherman, Haslam discovered that polio vaccines created in the 1950’s had been tainted with a cancer-causing virus. This contamination, he said, was detected after half of the doses, a staggering 100 million vaccines, had been administered to an unwitting public. Allegedly, the creators of the vaccine were afraid to admit the error and subsequently distributed the remaining half of the “medicine” as well. Having studied data on cancer diagnoses, Haslam noted that a “massive epidemic” of soft tissue cancers ‘erupts in the years following the polio vaccines.’ “
afraid to ADMIT the ERROR??
The Salk polio vaccine was rushed to the public, furiously banned and reinstated after Cutter Laboratory was blamed for the nondisclosed contamination, and resumed all within the test period of Operation Teapot!
–see this Atomic Weapons timeline at
 It should be noted here that the public was informed that the Cutter polio vaccine was contaminated with “live polioviruses” and that Salk’s inactivation protocol had been haphazardly misapplied by Cutter and that was the given cause of the contamination. Noteworthy also is that President Kennedy was pressing for a nuclear weapons treaty with the USSR and was engaged in a surreptitious showdown with Israel over inspections at the construction site of the  Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev Desert. US Intelligence had reason to believe that the Dimona power plant was only a ‘surface’ operation hiding a larger subterranean facility with weapons capabilities.
 The stunning realization that emerges from matching the polio vaccine and atomic weapons timetables, is that by the 1957 Nevada bomb series Operation Plumbob,  90 million Americans had been vaccinated with the Salk IPV and were then exposed to the greatest atmospheric concentration of radioactive fallout ever generated by nuclear blasting. The vaccine creators had a full awareness of the cancer-causing ingredients. More vaccine ‘trials’, this time using the easy-to-administer oral polio vaccines (so-called “live virus” vaccines) were arranged for populations in Northern Ireland, Siberia, Cuba and central/South Africa –all hotspots of populist resistance. Would you believe that vaccine contamination was a mistake, or do the words of Professor Fetzer chill your bones: “If you think that they wanted to kill Castro by infecting him, the United States, as a humanitarian gesture, should volunteer to share..100 million vials and inoculate the whole Cuban population”. (taken as caustic humor). That’s exactly what they did, professor, and these ‘trials’ were timed to coincide with massive radioactive fallout.
Ed Haslam grew up in New Orleans. His father was a WWII naval commander and leading professor at Tulane Medical School. In the Coast to Coast interview of April 2010, he says “I sat in Dr. Mary’s lap as a child…”. She had been a colleague of his father and a dinner guest in the Haslams’ home. The Haslams had a long and proud tradition of medicine in the family. “My father’s father..developed the original anthrax vaccine.”

*Addendum: this article is the first in a series regarding the substance of the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” and its author, Ed Haslam. Readers should note that Haslam and his theme are suspect ‘psy-ops’ and I had an ‘affirmingly’ negative encounter with Haslam and his supporters at the forum.  Mr. Haslam fits the profile of an operative as described by Jim Garrison himself  in “On the Trail of the Assassins”.  Follow-up articles on the blog are here:

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Fast Cancer by Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): “Human Tumor Cells Thrive in ELF Magnetic Fields…and are more immune to attack when exposed to power line fields, according to Dr. Jerry San Antonio, TX. Because the field effects persist for months after exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, Philips argues that 60 Hz fields ‘are capable of producing significant permanent changes in cellular structure and function’..[and] may be the first step in explaining the abnormally high cancer rates..among people exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs)…  Because the cells underwent a number of divisions over the course of the..experiment, the researchers suggest that the changes induced by the EMFs ‘are permanent and alteration of the cell’s genetic information‘. Next..the researchers studied how the same EMFs affected the number of transferrin receptors on their surface. Transferrin is a protein which transports iron and other metals through the cell membrane by binding to surface receptors: the number of receptors has been associated with cell proliferation. Four, six, and eight months after the same type of 24-hour exposure to the combined fields and to the magnetic fields alone, cells had more transferrin receptors… The ability of transferrin to bind with the receptor was unchanged… [E]xposed cell colonies multiplied prodigiously –up to a 24-fold increase relative to controls– and continued to do so eight months after exposure. The normal regulatory systems had clearly stopped functioning… In the third series [of experiments]..they examined the ability of human lymphocytes (natural killer cells) to destroy the EMF-exposed tumor cells, and they unexpectedly found that destruction..’dramatically decreased’. Previous studies have indicated a relationship between the number of transferrin receptors and susceptibility to attack by lymphocytes, and so it is not clear why the cells with the largest number of receptors did not succumb to the lymphocytes. Nevertheless, their immunity enhances the general ability of the tumor cells to thrive after EMF exposure, further supporting the role of magnetic fields in cancer promotion. ” –Microwave News, July/Aug 1986


Are these deaths Cancer Attacks?

Canadian politician Jack Layton died of “some dreadful kind of mysterious, fast-acting cancer that neither he nor his wife thought the Canadian people should know about…”

May 12, 2010

Anthrax Addendum

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Facts, Enigmas, Holes and Questions
        situation normal, all FEHQed up
Anthrax takes a while to propagate and set up an infection. In the 2001 attacks, it averaged out among the victims of either type, cutaneous or inhalation, to a close and repeated period of 4 to 6 days. Most of the cases fit neatly into this time window, although a few of the total 23 (plus or minus) took a few days longer. Only one case, the first one, violated this norm.  The woman was a New York Post editor who manifested a red ‘bump’ on her right-hand middle finger which she noticed on Friday, September 21. The bump was becoming a blister and the next day, while she attended a wedding, it burst. She recalled drying the sore on the fabric of her dress.
   Several days earlier, on Tuesday the 18th, someone dropped an anthrax-tainted letter into a mail slot somewhere in central New Jersey. It was addressed to the “Editor, New York Post”. A ‘twin’ letter to Tom Brokaw at NBC was mailed the same day from another N.J. mail slot, but they were both sent on to the Hamilton mail center outside Trenton where they passed through the sorting machines about three hours apart, sometime on the 18th. Later that evening, a Hamilton worker who repaired and maintained the postal machinery reached into a contaminated sorter and cut his arm. No one is really sure who got sick first, the mechanic or the editor. They both started out with unusual red bumps that they thought were spider bites and noticed about the same time, but clearly the mechanic had a head start. He recalled his symptoms began on September 22.
   New York City-bound mail was sent from Hamilton to the Morgan mail center in Manhattan where it was sorted, stamped again, separated and bundled for local delivery. No one at the Morgan center was ever reported with anthrax. After processing at Morgan, the Post’s letter arrived at the company headquarters, waiting there for the company mailroom clerks to sort it again. Could all this have happened in less than a day? It makes the editor’s anthrax onset more believable were it so. But the actual timing of this letter through the postal equipment appears unannounced by any public media. Maybe it’s classified, or maybe just a well-kept secret. Maybe, like the Leahy letter, knowledge of the real route and time stamps would cancel out what modicum of ‘credence’ remained with the telling. Without proof of the ‘Editor’ letter’s traveling time, the case is still implausibly fast and oddly isolated. An account by the editor herself, published five years later, contains a remembrance of this letter and how she transferred it from her desktop to a shelf where it got stuffed in a bin of anonymous-looking crank mail. Funny– because after she got sick and sought treatment she couldn’t remember anything about any unusual mail and had no idea about how or where she might have picked up anthrax!
   Four weeks after she first noticed her blister, on October 19, investigators said they finally found the letter, unopened in the company trash. Two of the Post’s employees, a mail clerk and another editor, had helped them look for it. Four days after that, those two workers developed unusual red bumps…
The deadliest of the “in evidence” letters, comprising four of a suspected seven, was the Leahy letter. It was found on November 16, 2001, shortly before the last recorded fatality in Connecticut, in a quarantined batch of undelivered mail. It was thought to have been delayed behind the Daschle letter which was opened Oct.15, because of mistaken routing to the State Department’s mail facility,  but it was missing a special stamp from the State Dept. machinery. CDC investigator Jim Hayslett tracked down the Leahy Letter’s Washington journey and learned from the senator’s aide that, in fact, the Leahy letter was delivered and returned unopened when the gravity of the Daschle letter contamination was known. Senator Leahy’s office tested negative for anthrax. Over a month later, when the letter turned up in undelivered mail, the envelope bore a mysterious pinhole.
   The official story asks us to believe that a 94-year-old woman in Connecticut died from cross-contaminated mail. As proof of a theory, on November 30, officials found a neighbor one mile away with a saved letter bearing “an anthrax spore, a tiny amount” that had followed the Leahy letter through the New Jersey sorting machine by 15 seconds. And that’s it — proof of a theory. The neighbor’s house and family turned up zero contamination. The local post office and the victim’s home and belongings turned up zero contamination. But the lingering question is whether or not Mrs. Lundgren’s neighbor, artist and “estate liquidator” John Smith Farkas, may have been involved in some deeper way with or without his knowledge. Among the ‘interesting persons’ of September 11th is New york/Miami lawyer who was well-connected to the CIA and Israeli Mossad, named Michael D. Farkas. As yet, the research neither proves nor disproves a connection between these men, however in the world of high-finance and fine-art, they are drawing closer and closer…
Earlier, in the Florida contamination at the National Enquirer where no letters had been saved, the remembrance of a woman employee who worked in the mailroom office, was that “on or about” September 25 she opened a powdery letter at her desk. She continued to use her office for two more weeks before the American Media Inc.’s building was closed down two days after the death of the SUN tabloid photo editor on Oct.5. She remained healthy and well, even through the diagnosis of having anthrax spores on her nasal swab. Her mailroom office later tested ‘hot’ for anthrax and the building had air-borne microscopic contamination throughtout its three-stories, but there were no spores found in the air ducts near her workstation….an enigma indeed.
   Photo editor, Bob Stevens, was said to have visited Duke University on or before the day his infection became acute, a recollection of his wife Maureen and known to be true by North Carolina health officials. No reports of Mr. Stevens’ activity or purpose at Duke has been offered in the mainstream press, but according to the “Special Libraries” of news archivists used by the tabloids, only two places in the country house the information and personnel Experts on the terror events of September 11- Harvard and Duke Universities. Was Bob visiting for professional reasons regarding 9-11? Did he have a personal interest in 9-11 or was there another reason? The ongoing ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit of Mrs. Stevens and her family, hinging on the ‘lone perpetrator’ theory, have fundamentally ‘gagged’ any case information until well into 2011, when the case may finally be allowed to proceed.
   The first two inhalation-anthrax cases which happened in Florida, to Mr. Stevens and co-worker Ernie Blanco, were both administered in ‘medical centers’ belonging to HCA, the Hospital Corporation of America, a large-scale hospital manager belonging to Senator Bill Frist, MD, and his family (founded by Frist’s father). Frist became the Congressional ‘anthrax’ spokesman and also took a chair at CSIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which participated in bioterror drills that included various anthrax attack scenarios. Mr. Blanco survived, thanks in great part to a ‘miraculous’ coincidence concerning a minor car accident on a Miami street involving the mother of a DoD anthrax expert. Blanco’s son-in-law was nearby, working at his car dealership job when the lady came in to negotiate for a car. This fateful connection led to Ernie Blanco’s case being advised from afar by top docs in the US military.
In Washington D.C. at the Brentwood Road mail center, four cases of inhalation anthrax resulted in two fatalities. One of the two survivors remains today ‘unidentified’. He does not appear in the subsequent lawsuits. Brentwood employed approximately 2,000 workers, and this man was said to be among them. Curiously, the other survivor, Mr. Richmond, was best friends with the two who died and he worked part of his time at an express package facility by the Washington-Baltimore Int’l Airport, some long distance outside D.C. Off work, the three met regularly to play cards and pray together, Mr. Richmond himself being the common point of contact. (Anthrax is not contagious – only spores can initiate infection). Richmond was the first to sicken enough to seek treatment. During his hospitalization which began Oct.19, he was enabled by his Brentwood plant manager to remember the details of how he became infected. It was agreed and reported in the news at the time, that an unusal request by his manager for Mr. Richmond to clean a Brentwood letter-sorting machine on the morning of October 11 was the infectious cause. At least one of the deadly “weaponized” letters, the Daschle letter, did not pass through the equipment until 7:10 am the next day, on the 12th. Either the contamination was already present, or the timing is wrong. Should we believe the Leahy letter caused this contamination when it did not leave a spore behind at the senator’s office? So far, details of the Leahy letter’s timing through Brentwood cannot be found.
   In a class-action suit brought against the Postal Service by Brentwood workers, it was revealed that mid-managers were instructed by their superiors to LIE to the floor supervisors about possible contamination and keep the workers on the job. In a surreal twist of visualization, regularly uniformed postal employees carried on their normal duites while health officials in hazmat space-suits walked around them taking samples. The lawsuit only mentions the Daschle letter, stamped on the morning of October 12. After the Daschle letter was opened on the 15th, hours later the FBI carefully ferried it over to Fort Detrick for analysis by Dr. John Ezzell –Dr. Ezzell was said to have called the anthrax powder inside “the Face of Satan”. He said in all his years as a bioweapons expert, he had never seen anything as concentrated or imagined an aerosol as finely produced.
   Despite his careful technique and state-of-the-art protective barriers, Dr. Ezzell took the “very painful” step of inhaling bleach solution for fear of anthrax. He went home and baked all his mail in the family kitchen and then prepared a public statement for the internet, encouraging everyone to use their ovens to ‘autoclave’ their own mail.
Fortunately, John Ezzell’s fears aside, the Face of Satan didn’t leave anthrax spores in anyone’s airways on Capitol Hill. Staffers and Capitol Police who might have breathed in spores turned out to test positive for bacterial antibodies only. Washington D.C. did not report any known contamination to any other letter or package mail. Just the Daschle and Leahy letters. Spores, however, seemed to be all over D.C. mailrooms in miniscule amounts, causing closures and general havoc.  Up to that point in time, the medical significance of tiny amounts was not a matter of concern. It was the later Connecticut case that began changing doctors’ minds. They really were very impressed, the news told us,  that Ottilie Lundgren could have been infected by near-undetectable amounts of anthrax. Another neighbor of Mrs. Lundgren was impressed enough to cover his entire house with heavy-gauge plastic and duct tape.
There’s more ‘Addendum’ to come…

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