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November 20, 2010

Ruminations on the Race

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I apologize to regular readers for taking many days to put up the previous post (Atomic Power, No Contest). I’m challenging myself to sift through a lot of material, stick to the point and paste ‘cleanly’, but it’s about as much fun as swabbing out a cesspool. When I start halting with a piecemeal approach, it’s due to my own sense of personal mortification.
   The Bomb may have brought about the political means to force a world government but its biological effects have been explored since the arrival of x-rays in the 1890s. It seems these were the true ‘benefits’ to the world dominators and the case for intentionally creating nuclear weapons is largely a medical one. X-rays alone demonstrated the capacity to disable humans by stealth and initiate disease processes since the technology first appeared. In combination with chemicals, radiation produced specifically fatal effects on cells, tissues and organs that marked it as a ‘force multiplier’ by the dawn of the 20th century. The fathers of the Bomb knew very well that they were unleashing uncontrolled biological poison, and the global takeover strategy is not complete without an exposition of ‘testing’. A tested nuke is a used nuke, cumulatively worth the contamination of about 40,000 Hiroshimas in the atmospheric period. The people of North America have taken direct hits from two-thirds of all exploded nukes and artificial weather has aided in bringing down the fallout, and as we succumb to the political machinations of socialism, the seduction is rendered most potently by the promises of healthcare– the final trap that will transition us to the post-human age, or what Michio Kaku calls the “Post-Genome Era”.
   Jonas Salk called it metabiology and his institute housed the active and idealogical program of the Rockefeller Foundation, America’s counterpart to the Rothschilds. This isn’t complicated, is it? I see great simplicity underlying the events of modern history: scientific domination of the world population by extreme racist elites. While the people struggled with Top-down oppression the real changes were wrought from the bottom up. This is the actualized significance of nuclear weapons (and power plants!). If they’re still effective as political leverage it’s because of “cultural lag”, our collective inability to rapidly assimilate the meaning and use of technological change-agents. But nuclear sabre-rattling nowadays just looks to me like very grandiose showmanship. If they complete their socialization plans, then the nuclear age will be fulfilled and as Bertrand Russell said, “there will be no more war”. We should expect Full Automation to kick in complete with a Kill Switch for detectable aggressor genes. 
…as my constitution permits, I’ll be expanding and modifying “Atomic Power, No Contest”…
Gordon Duff presents a pointed and predicted example of nuclear terror that reads like a script from some pre-Cold War think tank on the nightmare of proliferation:


  1. Hello Jennifer,

    I just wanted to say first how impressed I am with the breadth of the issues
    YOU research and write about.Actually though it was for another reason that I am writing.I had mentioned you in what was personal email to Gordon Duff of Veterans Today for the express reason of making my case that he NOT make Lila Rajiva a writer there.He listened to me at first,then he didn’t listen to so I posted our email correspondence in the Netherlands Indymedia blog below.

    I have written a little about biological subjects myself and I’m not sure what to think of reduced carbon like natural is all of biological origin or not.You’d have to read what I wrote about phosphates and oil in,’The Pope’s Misconceptions about conception and science history’,that was published in the berkeley Daily Californian when the pope was in California in 1987 to get my take on that.
    Howerver I’m getting side tracked and wanted to tell you the ‘bombshell’for me in corresponding with Duff was to learn from him that he has ‘a speed dial’ to ex CIA DIA George Tenet who I detest.

    ”As for(Lila Rajiva) CIA connections..the entire idea is a joke. I had George Tenet on speed dial and have had for years. He is the cousin of one of my best friends.”-Gordon Duff,Veterans Today

    Indymedia NL (Nederland) – Julian Assange,Wikileaks:Veterans Today …
    14 Dec 2010 … Gordon Duff and Lila Rajiva and their CIA connections by way of George ….. Jennifer Lake’s stuff although I’m biased because she has …

    Tony Ryals – 14.12.2010 04:58

    ”As for CIA connections..the entire idea is a joke. I had George Tenet
    on speed dial and have had for years. He is the cousin of one of my
    best friends.”-Gordon Duff,Veterans Today

    Gordon Duff must have enough on George Tenet to have him convicted of
    stock fraud at the very least.So why doesn’t he ? Probably for the same reason he brings Agora Inc stock fraudsrer Lila Rajiva to Veterans
    Today,Gordon Duff is an anti American international money launderer.Or as he prefers to describe himself, an expert in international banking.-Tony Ryals

    Comment by Tony Ryals — December 17, 2010 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

    • Tony– it’s always interesting with you. I read the full link you included. In fact, I’ve read many of your posts over several times as a preliminary “map” to the rabbit hole. You’re breaking some serious ground.

      Comment by jenniferlake — December 18, 2010 @ 2:47 am | Reply

  2. Lie-la dearest posted a teaser on her website yesterday,i.e.-her email correspondence with ex CIA DIA George Tenet’s boy at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff.And I admit I took the bait and headed right over to her site as fast as I could click the mouse.But surprise surprise it was gone so fast not even Google could make a cache.So no need to take the link because all you get is the reply I posted below the link.Ha Ha Heee
    I think her use of alias mb4 may be some sort of anonymous alias habit she may have developed from posting on penny stock tout boards but I don’t really know.

    Gordon Duff: Keep On Attacking Us, Shills & Stalkers | the mind …
    6 hours ago by mb4
    Subject: Re: Lila Rajiva From: Date: Fri, December 17,
    2010 7:56 am To:

    It looks like you’ve found a page that no longer exists. How about we do a little search?

    Comment by Tony Ryals — December 18, 2010 @ 8:45 pm | Reply

  3. Aloha Jennifer, your article bluntly cuts into the puss filled global infection and reminded me of the spectacle of kid’s cartoons where there seems to always be an evil character who wants to take over the world, the universe or something ghastly through force.
    Their world government can only be established at the point of the barrel of a gun; a genuine representative world government of the people and nations of the world-a sovereignty of the people and nations of the world for the benefit of all people and nations-would be more helpful to civilization. And I would have to dismiss Israel as a legitimate nation and therefore outside the real family of nations, because it represents retrograde movement as concerns the evolution of national sovereignty and is the reason the nations of the world are in disrepair. May the spirit of truth lead you into all truth.,

    Comment by paul cameron — December 22, 2010 @ 5:37 pm | Reply

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