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March 31, 2011

Apocalypse – Who’s Hiding the Cheese?

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This article is a general blog review, posted 20 days after the Fukushima quake-tsunami-radiation disaster. Newer articles have been added at the bottom.
“Professor Christopher Busby, of the European Committee on Radiation Risks, says that what we are witnessing in Japan is even worse than Chernobyl and [will] probably be an end to nuclear industry worldwide. ‘I have said right from the beginning that this was a Chernobyl-level disaster,’ he said. ‘I would hope that it means that the nuclear industry is finished… But then I thought about Chernobyl and what happened there –there was a massive international cover-up by the nuclear lobby of all the health effects of the Chernobyl accident, which is only coming out now.’ ”
   But there are health effects of the nuclear industry so successfully covered-up, and for so long, that most experts won’t mention it: knowledge that is critical to an authentic assessment of nuclear dangers that brings our entire medical establishment into its fold. Americans permanently gave up their liberty as a trade-off for nuclear weapons, and they are about to give up their biological birthright for a Transhuman experiment.  Dr. Rosalie Bertell has called nuclear power “our death crisis” :
   Some people are tossing the word “apocalypse” around, so I thought I’d check my Webster’s. The number one meaning is given as “to uncover”. Next, “one of the Jewish and Christian writings..marked by pseudocosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life..” Another word that comes to mind is “quickening”, number one meaning: “to make alive”. If you had asked me a few years ago about welcoming an apocalypse, I’d have said “No, no!” –oops– should’ve checked the dictionary. I’ve been writing an apocalypse…for the quickening. Hope you like it.
By request, I’m cleaning house in this almost-two-year-old journal, sorting and highlighting for you what I think are its premium contents. My “apocalypse” is a look back at medical research history to a point in time where x-rays, germ theorists, Rockefellers and Rothschilds converge in the late nineteenth century along with Zionists, globalists and “future pacers” of various sorts. Mixing science, history and current events with logical speculation, I hope(d) to penetrate some of the motive and methods giving insight into present conditions, and where things might be going based on the effectiveness and dominance of force-multiplying technologies. I could be a Luddite. Then again, my cautionary bias appreciates “roads not taken” and technologies undeveloped, but those may not be choices in a crisis-driven world. In fact, they may have always been only the illusion of choice. So this blog takes the perspective that “deep planning” has been the operative conspiracy in the full term of my lifetime, and maybe my parents also, who were born before WWII. A past event I see that crystallized the power divisions between nation-states and the people ruled was the distribution of polio vaccines, created in the early 1950s to mask the effects of radiological pollution and make the Nuclear Age administratively acceptable. Vaccines, in general, have become the chief biological tool of population control. The subject of atomic weapons, including x-rays, and polio causation was big enough for its own blog: Most of the medical research here was spun-off from studying polio, which was, 99% of the time, manifested as a flu. The H1N1 pandemic which was an urgent matter of concern initiated this blog into being.
“Understanding the Spanish Flu was a challenge to learn the “hidden” history of World War One….There’s reason to think that nitrate toxicosis also played a large role in this event….Spanish Flu appears to be multiple ailments: bacterial pneumonias, nitrate toxicosis, polio and many more. Viral agents were never found!”
   Medically speaking, the American Spanish Flu set a pattern of research management under the auspices of the U.S. military in collaboration with the Rockefeller establishment. The toxic causes and biological manifestations of flu were the beginnings of what I now know are a disease Continuum, reaching a psychological apex, perhaps, as cancer and AIDS. What we should know about the 2009 round of H1N1 swine flu is that the first specimens came from U.S. Navy labs in San Diego and that American public health laboratories were systematically unfunded down to bare bones in the previous years as the threat morphed from a bird flu into a swine flu. . The military, however, was prepared and eager to engage its Global Emerging Infections System (GEIS) and develop its policy of ONE medicine –treatment of humans and animals with the same protocols as managed livestock In the course of searching for swine flu origins, I discovered a crossover experiment performed by Rockefeller’s DAP in 1937, inserting human DNA into the causative agent of hog cholera. Without an actual document of the experiment, I assume this was done by radiation-induced reassortment and bacteriophage techniques.
   The H1N1 flu was hyperbolic hocus-pocus. The Washington state outbreak that was said to have infected 2,200 students on the campus of WSU actually turned up only 7 patients with virus, far less than the H1N1 ‘naturally’ existing in military-recruit populations.
I can’t emphasize enough the work of Drs. Stefan Lanka and Nancy T. Banks in helping us understand the HIV controversy. AIDS is a key feature in the progression of the Continuum. While the artifice of HIV is currently a political weapon devastating the continent of Africa, the coming vaccine could be staging the last great theft of the human endowment –natural immunity. The history of mandatory vaccination in the U.S. goes back to the Supreme Court case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts from 1905  “
Dr. Banks writes, “There is no scientific data validating the contention that what is currently referred to as HIV is, in fact, a virus! …The goal was perception management… [and] the proteins claimed to be specific for HIV are universally present in everyone.” [pp306-308]… Many of the drugs humans create to kill microbes end up killing themselves. [p263]“
   “Cells communicate by means of viral-like particles, electric currents, chemical emission, photons, and magnetic fields. There are about 100,000 reactions per second in all of our cells… Cells also make particles that travel through extra-cellular space to other cells, not to attack them, but to pass on information.”
The microbe killers love the stuff. This subject gets the most attention on the blog. I wrote three articles on CS as a warning against its use as a preventative medicament. . The deeper subject concerns nanotechnology and my speculation that inducement to drink CS (like flu fear), combined with other nanofoods (not foods!) are a recipe for microprocessors, perhaps preparing the platform for Transhuman manipulation in people who would otherwise resist.
Taking vitamins presents a number of similar issues from being a waste of money to becoming a dangerous biological threat. I wrote this to open the subject Are there nano-ingredients in there? Just wait…
Nanosized particles not only are invisible to the immune system but they have unique physical properties and are capable of penetrating every tissue.
In the face of the disease Continuum, which cycles through influenza, polio, cancer, and AIDS, I’ve postulated the opportunity in cancer as the vehicle for DNA computers and Immortality ; and the first case of truly artificial life made with a new amino acid, possibly perpetrated as the SARS outbreak of 2003: …”nature is only known to use 20 amino acids in the synthesis of the entire spectrum of genomes and the scientists admit that “the origin of the genetic code..remains an enigma”…”Nature magazine points out that Richard Chamberlin (UC Irvine) and Peter Schultz (Scripps) paved the way for synthesizing new amino acids. Both men are University of California indoctrinaires working for the US Dept. of Energy. The Human Genome Project is the DoE –mid-wife of Big Science– that started as the Manhattan Project.”…
And this is where things become very circular and related. In researching Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine, I learned that human cancer cells provided the growth medium for polioviruses –not just for the assays, as claimed, but for the vaccine ‘seed stock’ My theory that the polio vaccine was a dual-use anti-cancer vaccine (but in reality a false premise sold to the government) gained ground by exploring the background of a story called Dr. Mary’s Monkey which is another fraudulent version of polio, AIDS, and cancer in the context of the JFK assassination. and  Everyone who’s had a Salk or Sabin polio vaccine potentially has a stake in learning about SV40
…begin formally with x-ray inventions in 1895, followed closely by the discovery of radium and radioactivity. From that point, biological experimentation revolved around the scientifically fascinating effects of radiation. The potential of atomic energy had already been articulated two decades earlier, and H.G.Wells put atomic weaponry in the public imagination by the time of WWI.  It was a foregone conclusion that nuclear physics was bent for weaponization and blackmail, developed by Jewish bankers and scientists between the World Wars. Atom bombs were unstoppable technology because no one deemed to stop its decades of “peaceful” development as medically beneficial.
Constructing the cut-poison-and-burn “western paradigm” of medicine was enabled through infant nuclear technology; by the early 1930s circumstances to import a culture of practitioners committed to furthering its experimentation was rooted as a moral necessity
In the words of a scientist who was a displaced person: “During the 1930s a new biology came into being that by the late 1950s was to endow scientists with unprecendented power over life. These three decades culminated in…the cognitive foundations for genetic engineering. Scientists could now[by the ’50s] manipulate genes on the most fundamental level and attempt to control the course of biological and social evolution; they laid claim to “the secret of life”…“Gone was the rhetoric of biological improvements of the race… Gone also was..the old eugenics…
 “The Berkeley cyclotron project, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, was diverted during the war years from its putative medical applications to the production of fissionable material… However, they [the RF] would have preferred to distance themselves from the dubious honor bestowed by Ernest O. Lawrence who unwittingly boasted that “if it hadn’t been for the Rockefeller Foundation, there would have been no atomic bomb.” [p219]
Electromagnetic radiation, which is permeating the global environment with RF (in this case, radiofrequency), and very much promoted by RF (Rockefeller Foundation, and JDR Jr’s historic “radio city” consortium) is the harvest of energy and frequency effects without the radioactive substances –EMFs are perhaps the most important and least recognized of biological hazards from technology today
The biological aspect of the September 11 attack has a longer paper trail than we imagine, with two historical outbreaks coincident with radiological fallout contamination in 1957 and 1979 . During Operation Plumbob in 1957, considered the dirtiest of all U.S. atomic series tests, a small outbreak occurred in New Hampshire while the military doctors were injecting a new anthrax vaccine into textile mill workers. In ’79, five days after the accident at Three Mile Island, the Soviets claimed an accidental anthrax release from a govt. facility in Sverdlovsk –the spread of victims is thought to be in the thousands, but no one seems to know. Salk Institute investigators handled the inquiry in 1992.
   The truth movement missed out on highlighting the facts that the “official story” of the anthrax attack could not have happened. A toll of 22 victims and 22 post offices, minus Washington D.C. “trace” contamination that virtually shut down the capitol with chaos in the critical days before passing the Patriot Act, cannot be random or accidental. The mailed letters were hoaxes and the victims were individually targeted! No other scenario fits the facts. A 1997 anthrax hoax at B’nai B’rith headquarters in D.C. may be the test case that proved exploitable physical and psychological vulnerability .  The anthrax Ground Zero was the Florida tabloid publisher American Media Inc, owned by high-level financiers and friends of Israel with historic publishing connections to the CIA and mafia –smack-dab in the midst of related September 11 activity. These devils are in the details with connections to Israeli Aircraft Industries, the BioPort anthrax vaccine corporation, and a list of complicit beneficiaries.
Dragon lords, drugs and symbolism have been hastening the close of the millenium of “peace” (‘shalom’= payback) in favor of the new order age. Yeah, the Millenium of Peace –it’s over baby! Wake up and smell the chemtrails.
CLIMATE CHANGE appears to be the cause celebre for furthering a unitary global political agenda.
ARTICLE ADDITIONS posted after “Apocalypse” was first published include a breakdown of the Fukushima disaster as a devastating HOAX on the world’s public.
THREADS of conspiracies, known and unknown, with cross-over elements, merge in two important stories: the JFK assassination and a progressing articulation of the Disease Continuum.
The JFK Conspiracy Con proposes a fresh set of questions related to the assassination based on the proliferation of nuclear weapons –the link is the first in a five-part series:
The Disease Contunuum is also serial in nature, linked here as the introduction of the “four elements”; influenza, polio, cancer and AIDS:
Progress could mean this– madeover by self-assembling plastics: Morgification

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