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April 13, 2011

Cracking Down on Kids

Recent news items have my attention as anti-human “livestock” policies underway, directed at children under 10 who already contend with forced vaccination, drugging, expulsion for Zero Tolerance, tasering and adult-style arrest. American civilization is crumbling as surely as the Titanic sank. Prevention, anyone?
Add these to the list:
Florida gated community votes $100 fine for children playing outside:–face-100-fine.html?ITO=1490 Don’t people with children move to gated communities in the first place because the streets are safer for their kids? And in sunny Florida, no less, where adults travel expressly to play outside with “obnoxious” toys. Can a Homeowners Association enforce an unconstitutional policy not represented in their oiginal covenants? A recent statistic I heard was that children already interact with electronic media nine hours of every day –this, they say,  contributes to childhood obesity, the number one claim setting up the next bit of news.
Home lunch banned at Chicago public elementary school: Detractors, of course, don’t buy into the ‘health’ argument  but when I heard it my first thought was about school lunch programs overseen by the Department of Defense who have a keen interest in what the kids eat, when “half of their daily calories come from lunch at school”, sayeth the government. It might all have something to do with this too–  the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 which authorizes the USDA to regulate all food transactions on school grounds.  Half the money for the school food program, apparently, is slated to come from diverted food stamp allotments– how about that when food stamps buy groceries for home meals prepared by parents. Is that double-dealing for control?
“High-Tech Cameras to Record Kids’ Food Choices in School Cafeterias”
Six-year-old gets TSA patdown: The little girl broke down in tears after this experience –she’d been through the obligatory scanners and was selected for a patdown proceedure.  The news interviewer sympathetically assured the shaky parents that the patdown was professional and TSA is “doing the best job that they can”. ughh.
Homeless mom enrolls child in neighboring city school and faces 20 years jail: “Connecticut authorities have filed theft charges against a homeless woman, alleging that she used a false address to enroll her son in a higher-income school district… If she’s convicted, [she] may end up in jail for as many as 20 years and pay a $15,000 fine for the crime… Authorities are accusing [her] of enrolling her 5-year-old son in nearby Norwalk schools by using the address of a friend (Her friend has also been evicted…) ‘I had no idea whatsoever that if you enroll your child in another school district it becomes a crime,’ the 33-year-old told the paper… The case is..similar to the headline-making story of [an] Ohio mom..who spent days in jail after using her father’s address… ‘One woman has been evicted, another could go to jail and all because a little boy went to school in a district where he sometimes lives’.. ”
Pregnant “famished” mom in Hawaii eats a $5 sandwich while shopping for family groceries and forgets to pay at the checkout –the parents, who offered to pay as soon as the mistake became known, were arrested and their 2-year-old daughter was taken into custody for 18 hours by Social Services.$2-sandwiches-state-briefly-takes-daughter-away/
“Earlier..a Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital..and was charged with battery on a police officer. That student was 5 years old…[and] diagnosed with…ADHD…”
“Police handcuff kindergartner for tantrum” : “The girl’s family…say the child was shaken up by being put in a cell at the police station…”
“18-month-old baby pulled from flight” –“The parents..say..their young child had been placed on a no-fly list..”
Boy pees on a tree in the park:
“Harry Branch-Shaw, a 3-year-old pre-schooler who lives in Manhattan’s East Village, was with his nanny in the park when they both realized that he wasn’t going to make it to a nearby public toilet in time. To avoid an accident, she had the boy urinate near a tree.
The nanny was promptly handed a $50 summons for Harry’s public urination.
New York City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern said this week that he will review the case and make a “reasonable judgment,” after officials find out the facts. Meanwhile, his mom, Gigi Branch-Shaw, has vowed to appear before the Environmental Control Board later this month to get it straightened out.”
Older news:
October, 2009: “Six-year-old..was so excited to become a Cub Scout that he  brought his camping utensil to school. The tool serves as a spoon, a fork and a  knife..[but] the gizmo violated his school’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons. And now the..School District in Newark, Del., has suspended the first grader and ordered him  to attend the district’s reform school for 45 days.”,2933,564605,00.html
One wonders if offenses like these suffice for justifying intervention by Child Protective Services. Many cases of legal kidnapping by state officials have proven to require much less in the way of offense, by either child or parent. An investigation by state senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia resulted in a “scathing” report that cost her a senate seat. Some believe the senator’s investigation also cost her life.
Reports suggested that Nancy Schaefer was shot by her husband who then shot himself in the head as a result of illness from cancer:
“Note that the “doctor” who said he “believed” Nancy’s husband had cancer was also a politician. Now for the true story. I have been contacted by a very close friend of Senator Schaefer and he states that she was wrapping up a self-funded documentary that “named names” and exposed a very high-level, child-pedophile ring.
That’s enough to get anyone killed.
   The above article also states that they did not know who pulled the trigger. I believe that could clearly indicate that the triggerman, or woman, fled the scene. Note the following Update to the above story:
(WSB Radio/AP) Investigators with the GBI and the Habersham County Sheriff’s Department can’t find any evidence that the husband of former State Senator Nancy Schaefer was suffering from a terminal illness when he shot her in the back and then killed himself in their Clarksville home.”
Listen to Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer:

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