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July 13, 2011

Stx and Stuxnet

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I’m not one to overlook the obvious. Stx, the Shiga toxin that is spreading in Germany, and the Stuxnet virus which may have unhinged Fukushima, have too small an alphabet pool. A short list of words I can make out of ‘Stuxnet’ almost sounds like a bad memo : ‘next stunt use Stx’, which rearranges the word ‘stuxnet’ twice with an extra ‘s’ (stuxnetstuxnets, using all letters). A word that begins and ends with the same letter can represent a circle in a linear form… therefore ‘closing the circle’ to become a never-ending round.

But apart from whatever added meaning I might ‘see’ in alphabet language, there is an unmistakable parallel, and very real possibilities that the events are two parts of one operation just as the September 11 attack was followed by anthrax –again, with symbolic relatedness.

Ralph Langner, the German computer engineer who cracked the Stuxnet attack code, gave a presentation in February 2011 at the Longbeach TED seminar,  . I’ll quote him loosely: “This was a directed attack… Stuxnet’s code was [searching for] a target, and if [no target is found], Stuxnet does nothing… The attack structured in two digital bombs… we saw they were very professionally engineered… people obviously all had insider information, they knew all the bits and bytes for attack… the payload is..way above anything we have ever seen before… [but] this is very important, think about this, [the] attack was generic… You can use conventional technology to spread it as widely as possible… and the target-rich areas are in the United States, Europe, and Japan.”

Mr. Langner, with my editing, has succinctly described the Stx-encoded E.coli. If not for his pre-Fukushima presentation, I would not have articulated the comparison as accurately. Instead, with his words, two halves of a thought creature reunited as one entity. Stx and Stuxnet.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell insisted that all humans are led by symbols. Abiding his views, we can know when events are speaking the language of power. I’m still working on a page about the Stx outbreak, elucidating a description of biowarfare through the details of scientific progress in genetics, but a bit of information came to my attention that corporate “food and beverage” controls are liable to use Siemens systems –and I thought of Stuxnet and found Langner’s video.  It flows with predictable Order even when I don’t see it until I’m running and looking back over my shoulder.

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