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October 15, 2011

Temples of Science

I can hardly think of a subject that needs and deserves an extraordinary essay as much as this one. In all my reading of late, no concept taps at the essence of occult development more than the idea of “scientific inquiry” transforming men into gods. And no time  seems more dangerously prophetic in attempting to fulfill that transition than the present.  But alas, this is not that essay and I am not that writer.  True to form, though, I can still take steps toward better elucidation.  The upside of all the reading and research going into my “books” is a swimming collection of quotes. I’m a quote junkie now. C’mon share the pain.


“If the conquests useful for humanity touch your heart, if you are overwhelmed before the astonishing results of electric telegraphy, of the daguerrotype, of anesthesia, and of other wonderful discoveries, if you are jealous of the part your country may claim in the spreading of these marvelous things, take an interest I beg you, in those sacred places to which we give the expressive name of laboratories. Demand that they be multiplied and ornamented, for these are the temples of the future.” –Louis Pasteur (ref. Pierre Curie, p70, by Marie Curie, 1923)

 “Science Angel” in the crypt of Institut Pasteur


“..early in May 1912 Weizmann wrote to Judah Leon Magnes, outlining a new scheme. Weizmann had just read in the press that Mr. Nathan Straus, a German-born philanthropist now residing in New York, had established in Hadera (Palestine) a health station under the direction of Dr. Wilhelm Bruenn… Weizmann suggested the following: Why not combine the various projects into one big institute, ‘something like a small Pasteur Institute…Such an institute could fulfill two functions: a teaching institute and a research institute, and could develop into the nucleus of the great Jewish research centers of the future.’ …In short, such a project would consolidate all the small scientific enterprises in Palestine… Moreover, Baron Edmond de Rothschild was moving closer to Zionism…’but it is up to us to steer him in this direction’ [he wrote]… the baron was indeed prepared to cooperate with the Zionist movement…  Weizmann did not waste a minute…[H]e called on Leopold Landau, a gynecologist in Berlin..[and] relative of Paul Erhlich, one of Germany’s most eminent scientists… Weizmann met Erhlich in the latter’s laboratory on March 10, 1913..[and] won over an important new ally… Weizmann [then] returned to Manchester full of energy. His friends on the Continent and in England promised their full support and he felt that his moment had come. ‘The movement has begun to smack of gunpowder,’ he wrote [to his wife] Vera, ..’I feel that I don’t belong to Manchester at all. Everything here is temporary and alien… To my way of thinking, this is the one slogan that can evoke a response just now –the Hebrew University. Die Zionsuniversitat auf dem Berge Zion! The Third Temple!’ ” –(Weizmann biographer) Jehudah Reinharz, Chaim Weizmann, The Making of a Zionist Leader, pp 375-378

>>>Rothschild did not support a university at this time, but endorsed a research institute “like the Pasteur..or Rockefeller institutes”; Nathan Straus was a subject in an article I wrote in 2008 called The Ruination of Milk

  Weizmann Institute


“Emerson said that an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man, and the [Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research] did reflect Simon Flexner… Flexner made Rockefeller sharp, edgy, cold… The room most feared in the institute was Flexner’s office. He could be brutal there, and several prominent scientists were afraid of him… He sought attention for the institute from the press and credit from the scientific community. His own work created controversy… The result was a publicity machine. Highly respected investigators mocked the institute for, said one who himself spent time there, ‘frequent ballyhoo of unimportant stuff as the work of genius’… Flexner..wanted the institute to become a living thing… It was a place of excitement, of near holiness… Flexner, [Peyton] Rous said, made the institute ‘an organism, not an establishment.’ ” –(historical writer) John Barry, The Great Influenza, pp 75-78

“Science would be the magic wand waved over any project… In 1917, when advising his father to pump another fifty million dollars into the RIMR, Junior explained his preference for medicine: ‘This is a field in which there can be no controversy, so that I think the possibility of criticism as regards the use of the fund or its potential dangers would be almost nothing. There is no limit to the development of medical work.’ ” –(John D. Rockefeller biographer) Ron Chernow, Titan, p568

 Rockefeller Institute


“Our society, in which reigns an eager desire for riches and luxury, does not understand the value of science. It does not realize that science is a most precious part of its moral patrimony… Neither public powers nor private generosity actually accord to science and to scientists the support and the subsidies indispensable to fully effective work.” –Marie Curie, 1923

The oral history of radium/uranium dealer Boris Pregel, Manhattan Project supplier : “..The centralization was at the Institute Curie… It was also a kind of scientific monopoly. They did the whole thing…  they were the most important… In fact, the Institute of the Curies had tremendous quantities of radium all along… That’s why later also, when Joliot-Curie and Halban and Kowarski wanted to discuss the..application of atomic energy, they were received very well… [A] lot of the most important work was done in France, because of the establishment of the Institute”

 Radium Institute, Paris


“The society of experts which I am imagining will embrace all eminent men of science… It will possess the sole up-to-date armaments and will be the repository of all new secrets in the art of war. There will therefore be no more war since resistence by the unscientific will be doomed to obvious failure. The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government and make nationalism high treason. The government… will instill submissiveness into the great bulk of the population… It is possible that it may invent ingenious ways of concealing its own power, leaving the forms of democracy intact and allowing the plutocrats to imagine that they are cleverly controlling these forms. Gradually, however, as the plutocrats become stupid through laziness, they will lose their wealth; it will pass more and more into public ownership and be controlled by the government of experts. Thus whatever the outward forms may be, all real power will come to be concentrated in the hands of those who understand the art of scientific manipulation.” –Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook, 1931


“The Public Health Law posits…that government has both the power and the duty to regulate private behavior in order to promote public health. The constitutional source of this authority is the police power which encompasses both directly coercive interventions and policies such as taxes and subsidies that shape behavior by altering the costs of certain choices.” –New England Journal of Medicine, 2003


“Judaism is not a creed: the Jewish God is simply a negation of superstition… It is also an attempt to base the moral law on fear,… regrettable…  Yet it seems to me that the strong moral tradition of the Jewish nation has to a large extent shaken itself free from this fear… Judaism is thus no transcendental religion… It seems to me, therefore, doubtful whether it can be called a religion in the accepted sense of the word, particularly as no ‘faith’ but the sanctification of life in a supra-personal sense is demanded of the Jew… [T]he Jewish tradition also contains something else …a sort of intoxicated joy and amazement at the beauty and grandeur of this world… This joy is the feeling from which true scientific research draws its spiritual sustenance… To tack this feeling to the idea of God seems mere childish absurdity… In its pure form, it is nowhere to be found, not even in Judaism where the pure doctrine is obscured by much worship of the letter. Yet Judaism seems to me one of its purest and most vigorous manifestations.  This applies particularly to the fundamental principle of the sanctification of life.”….. “The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, an almost fanatical love of justice and the desire for personal independence –these are the features of the Jewish tradition which make me thank my stars that I belong to it… we shall continue not merely to survive as the oldest of living peoples, but by creative work to bring forth fruits which contribute.. as heretofore… We must be conscious of our alien race and draw the logical conclusions from it…” –Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions, p184-186, 1934


“Just as some people live by the sword, we shall live by science” –Chaim Weizmann, 1948


“[Jonas] Salk dreamed of organizing his own Institute for Experimental Medicine, and in May of 1957, he drew up what he called its “Magna Carta”. He gave it the loftiest of goals, not merely to cure disease but to address ‘the problems of humanity that are the most important of the day’…he imagined an alliance of like-minded colleagues who valued ‘the freedom, integrity, and independence of the individual’ at a scale that preserved ‘flexibility and freedom’ and rewarded ‘boldness and courage’. Unlike traditional research insitutes, this one would include humanists as well as scientists…Its senior members would be fellows for life, a self-governing body..with ‘unencumbered time for contemplation and for action’… Following the Rockefeller Institute’s example, Salk would build his institute…’A shot in the light’ Salk called it.”…”In December 1959, Salk and architect Louis Kahn began a unique partnership to design such a facility… The buildings soon gained international fame for their dramatic and innovative design…“the modern equivalent of a temple of Zeus beside the Aegean”…Deliberately elitist, the Salk Institute would free its half dozen or so fellows from grant-writing, teaching, and administrative distractions. As masters of their own laboratories, the fellows could set independent research agendas. Salk, directly inspired by the cloister of St. Francis of Assisi and by its carceri (cells), provided the fellows with individual studies, places for reflection connected to, and yet buffered from, the bustle of laboratory life.”  –quotes referenced at

 Salk Institute


[On the creation of the Investigation of Human Ecology, a cover program for the CIA’s MKUltra]  “I am frightened about this one. If the scientists do what they have laid out for themselves, men will become manageable ants.” –Adolf Berle, personal diary, 1950s


“We have had the bomb on our minds since 1945. It was first our weaponry and then our diplomacy, and now it’s our economy. How can we suppose that something so monstrously powerful would not, after forty years, compose our identity? The great golem we have made against our enemies is our culture, our bomb culture –its logic, its faith, its vision.” –historian E.L. Doctorow, 1980s (ref.  preface, American Prometheus, Bird and Sherwin)


“I feel that at least several hundred scientists trained in the biomedical aspect of atomic energy –myself included– are candidates for Nuremburg-type trials for crimes against humanity for our gross negligence and irresponsibility. Now that we know the hazard of low-dose radiation, the crime is not experimentation –it’s murder.” –Dr. John Gofman, 1979; read more about fallout;


  1. Dear J,
    Thanks,as always, &C.

    Comment by fedupusa — October 19, 2011 @ 1:41 am | Reply

  2. Thank you Jennifer. They certainly have been open as to their intentions. The concept of the Golem is so crazy yet central to their thinking. Perhaps a creature that can’t love has more affinity to them than humans so it really doesn’t strain logic. Always enjoy your thought provoking articles and your interviews. Thanks again.

    Comment by Barry Sullivan — October 20, 2011 @ 10:37 am | Reply

    • The legend of the GOLEM: “A golem is a being in Jewish folklore..made of inanimate material [“clay”]..brought to life by a rabbi… Legends vary.. although Hebrew incantations would usually be involved… the rabbi would write the Hebrew word emet, meaning ‘truth’ on the golem’s forehead to activate it. To deactivate it, the rabbi would erase the letter aleph, leaving met, the Hebrew word for ‘death’ .”; The first golem is said to have been created by Rabbi Loew of Prague

      Doctorow’s allusion to the golem (c.1995) was deeply symbolic in its relation to the Manhattan Project and highly accurate in describing biological manipulation with radioactive “clay” inasmuch as genetic material is coded in letters.

      “David Ben-Gurion was well aware of the potential role that science and technology could play… In the spring of 1952 he started his nation on the path to nuclear weapons with the creation of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). Ben-Gurion was acting on the recommendation of Ernst David Bergmann.. an organic chemist [who] had been expelled from the University of Berlin in 1933… From Germany [Bergmann] emigrated to Palestine, where he became the scientific director of the newly created Daniel Sieff Research Institute in Rehovot. In August 1948, he was appointed head of the scientific department of the new Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)… With the creation of the IAEC, he received a second government job: chairman of the commission.” [pp231-232, Spying On The Bomb, by Jeffrey Richelson] “Ben-Gurion resigned as Israeli prime minister and defense minister in 1953. But in early 1955 his party’s leadership, in the wake of the Lavon Affair, requested that he take charge of the Defense Ministry again. Before the end of the year he had become Prime Minister for the second time. In between he apparently decided that not only should Israel begin a nuclear energy program, but its ultimate goal should be the production of nuclear weapons. Ben-Gurion’s decision was followed by a recruiting drive by the Defense Ministry’s Research and Planning Division (EMET)” [p238] –see GOLEM– “Shimon Peres, the director general of the Ministry of Defense.. offered two basic options: purchasing a small reactor from the United States, Canada or France or attempting to obtain a much larger, more capable reactor. The cabinet considered the alternatives and chose to start small, with a reactor purchased from the United States and located at Nebi Rubin, south of Tel Aviv.” [p238, Spying On The Bomb]

      ”Under an agreement with the United States the Soreq IRR-1 5-MW swimming pool-type research reactor was constructed at Nahal Soreq in 1955.”

      Barry– activating the Golem with “EMET”. How do like that for in-your-face? The weaponized atomic golem was always a biological reality for its masters, coded throughout nuclear history in anagrams and acronyms; DNA –Defense Nuclear Agency, GENE –General Electric Nuclear Energy, and even in subtle phrasing like “accelerated evolutionary change” corresponding to AEC –Atomic Energy Commission. What I sense is that we (humankind) are to become the Golem through biological engineering, made by the ‘rabbis’ for the protection of the Chosen. It should not surprise you that a very large percentage of the most influential biological “scientists” who ministered in the ‘temples’ were students of the rabbinate. An example is here

      Comment by jenniferlake — October 21, 2011 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

  3. This is a sentence from the first Book of the Torah (Hebrew Scriptures): “…Behold, Man has become like one of us…”

    The curious thing is that – although many prominent people have been quoted and others have used the words Temple, Rabbi, rabbinate, etc, the word God was not used neither appears into the equation.

    How can the word Zion or Zionism be used without God coming into play? Can we separate the wind from the air?

    What was interesting to know was the understanding Einstein had about Judaism – “… where the pure doctrine is obscured by much worship of the letter. ” – obviously in direct opposition Sir Isaac Newton had about the same subject, when he said “…God is not eternal, He is Eternity…”, and he was not Jewish. It seems Einstein separated God from Men and was not very pleased with these latter in the representation of the first.

    Thanks for article.

    Comment by dust — October 29, 2011 @ 7:28 am | Reply

  4. Refreshing to see an exposure of sionist aims based upon verifiable fact, and insights that derive from the need to understand rather than pontificate. I apply that commendation to the blog as a whole, rather than just this piece in particular. As to the premise of this entry, “the essence of occult development more than the idea of “scientific inquiry” transforming men into gods” you might find my parallel investigations – or – to be of interest: artists and intellectuals were the carefully chosen vector which carried the virus of cultural suicide into the western realms.

    Almost all the anti-sionist materials I read operate from static positions and agendas that do little credit to their supposed aim, and absolutely no harm to the intended opponent. In fact, much of it has to be considered as possible psyops stuff designed to muddy the water(and people’s thinking) even more.

    Certainly this passes the ‘sniff’ test, and is powerful stuff, but so ‘nutrient-dense’ as to perhaps give the reader of average intelligence such as myself a bit of indigestion. I see that you have grouped entries into themes, but even so, I find myself wishing for the author to somehow be able to tie things together in a way that would make the central point coherent and accessible. No easy task, to be sure, but
    even if you didn’t write another single entry, refining and reworking what is already here would be a contribution of huge importance to our rapidly diminishing chances of surviving the cabbalist magicians’ agenda. Work of this caliber is rare and needs greater exposure. Kudos.

    Comment by apostate — November 1, 2011 @ 2:21 pm | Reply

    • High praise from you, apostate. You’ve honed in on the task: “wishing for the author to somehow be able to tie things together in a way..coherent and accessible.” We are all probably much closer to a full comprehension than we allow ourselves to believe– at least in terms of what individuals can contribute– and when these parts come together and the interpretations present their contigencies, it becomes time for personal responsibility and action. Are we ready for that –the consequences of dot-connecting? I have no judgement to make about what people think they are or are not prepared to deal with, nor would I keep any dot-connecting in reserve except where I think I may not be qualified or perceiving rightly. And still, it’s my take on this reality, not necessarily what other people find valid. It may be subtle to arrange “evidence” according to my view of things yet neutral enough for the “facts” to represent themselves in the creation of other points of view. To an extent, I welcome other points of view in shaping questions and theories, but in the end it will be my own voice “tying things together”, summarized and submitted for your consideration. I still believe that, in the present, we’re living in a changeable dynamic flux. We’re just running very short on basic (factual) information. In my opinion, the most well-connected theories of anything would include the greatest emphasis on shared values –say, for example, human rights that most people would agree with– and set those priorities in order as a template for all other dot-connecting.
      For example: the right to be human and have human rights. The human species is being directly altered by purposefully engineered biological ‘inputs’. The consequences of forced biological change could lead to human extinction, by either (dysfunctional) species collapse or other catastrophic means, or by assimilation into hybrid lifeforms. Is this the most important DOT? methinks. If a lot of steps appear bypassed on the way to this DOT, but everybody gets it, then the other dots will fall in line each to his own ability and the author will have succeeded –then maybe, we’ll start taking the action and leadership needed to safeguard our most valued right to be human.
      Of any author, I always thought Eustace Mullins had the widest scope and insight into the Zionists and still think so. If I can expand and clarify those aspects regarding science and medicine, then I’m happy for augmenting his work.

      Comment by jenniferlake — November 2, 2011 @ 3:57 pm | Reply

  5. I would hate for it to be thought that your right to steer your own work in whatever direction you choose was challenged, and would gladly apologize if that inference were taken, but that was not my intention in using the words ‘refining’ or ‘reworking.’

    Here is where I think we disagree, tactically:

    “the most well-connected theories of anything would include the greatest emphasis on shared values –say, for example, human rights that most people would agree with– and set those priorities in order as a template for all other dot-connecting.”

    For myself, I don’t view disagreement per se as anything except a culture medium for fruitful growth of consensus and action. But from my own viewpoint, the wider the lense you use to focus upon the phenomena being discussed, the less adhesion to a common cause you are going to attract. Human beings, being what WE are, have little emotional stake in a concept as wide as “the right to be human and have human rights” …it’s simply not going to mobilize enough people, in enough force, to make any headway against the agenda that we both see is being played out.

    Picture if you will, concentric circles of human motivation, on the outside of which are the broadest themes of our commonality-and inside being the level of self, expanded to family, then community, ethnicity, racial group and so on. Those who will react with ferocity and self sacrifice to attacks upon their family, community etc., are simply not going to do the same for such broad definitions are ‘our common humanity’…that just the way it is. And on the timeline of where we are at in the progression of the Frankish-Sabbatean conspiracy against our haplogroups, I do not believe we have the luxury of staying weak and divided by our committment to our own style and perspective.

    I for one would gladly give up any insights which have occurred to me uniquely to a common cause or framework that would serve to mobilize the greatest number of us who are capable of surviving the coming holocaust. We are going to lose a lot of people, this much is clear. How many of us will survive will be a function of the ability to perceive the danger and prepare accordingly, and to drop the need for individuality in favor of group cohesion and action.

    Certain monstrous sociopaths are dedicated to removing from us our most intrinsic identities: this much we agree upon – to identity the enemy is to create the means of defeating them…Mullins was marginalized and his insights essentially nullified because he used too narrow a lense for his times. What I saw in your writings was the potential for a fresh approach that could prove to be the vector by which the most people who already ‘get it’ get mobilized to ‘get together’ and actually do something to stave off the madmen amongst us. If we hold out for the primacy of our individual voice at this late stage of the affair, I fear we will lose everything for the indulgence.

    Comment by apostate — November 4, 2011 @ 6:30 am | Reply

    • Your last paragraph, apostate, certainly goes straight-to-target –and you are a fine writer. Thanks for posting again. This is a conversation that’s also going on in my head. Your statement, “..the wider the lense you use to focus upon the phenomena being discussed, the less adhesion to a common cause you are going to attract ” resonates with veracity and highlights the dilemna of true-seekers. But we’ve been socially conditioned to the broad brush because pluralistic democracy can’t be reconciled to the aims of super-states. In other words, we accept the narrowest and most generalized definition of ourselves to the largest possible extent. More and more, I see that definition alarmingly ascribed to reductionist science despite PR to the contrary. And, if a quote from a bureaucrat sociology expert is considered, “science is not the highest value in society” [ref. Immortal Cancer], the situation is ripe for scientific tyranny. Clearly, you do recognize that: Vestigial Vision’s premise, “Although science and magic are posed to us as two entirely separate spheres of activity, close study of the available evidence shows their conflation underpins the structure of our daily lives.” (well said). If ever there was a time to hammer out a “Human Being Manifesto” it’s now. It should have a whole lot of biology in it being common to us all, for the present. This is fundamentally the only lens that I can focus, the place where it matters most. My problems of articulation stem from “learning” and “writing about” at the same time, violating this old Chinese proverb: “teach what you know, not what you’re learning.” I’m trusting my gut, and it’s immeasurably supportive to have you and others trust my gut too. “Reworking” and “refining” is exactly what I’m doing as the expanding pictures take shape, and I took your comments as a compliment. Thankyou. I share this feeling: “I for one would gladly give up any insights which have occurred to me uniquely to a common cause..that would serve to mobilize the greater number of us…”.

      Comment by jenniferlake — November 4, 2011 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

  6. Dear Jennifer, I am so glad you were on Iamthewitness interviews where I first come across your path. I fully agree that Eustace Mullins was the most important writer on the Conspiracy of the Axis of Zion, I like to call it, in the 20th century, along with others like Douglass Reed, and Nesta Webster, to name a few equally talented writers. Your research is likewise crucial for the 21st century. Spiritually, the Urantia Book is at the top of my reading list and would encourage truth seekers to make more than a casual review of it. This Golem notion always catches my attention. To me it represents the frankenstein fake-state of nuclear armed israhell. I was a kid in Nevada when my dad worked at the test site as a ecological scientist on the nuclear weapons testing front. I have also read, Population Control Through Nuclear Pollution, which was written by two Lawerence Livermore Lab. scientists whose names I don’t recall. It’s a joke how the zio-media is making like a little dose won’t hurt you, that its like sunshine. The Fuke-Nuke catastrophe and any other nuclear reactor accident that takes place, stuxnet virus or not, is dire to the fate of life. There is no ‘before’ to compare the ‘after’ with is what my dad’s professor at Ohio St. ‘Doc Wolff, told Congress in 1955, the year Einstein died, and the year the Urantia Book was first printed. I completely get how you have shown that the polio vaccine was cover for nuke test fallout and bioweapon creation insanity. I also think cannibis, which now after 35 years of ridicule and defamation by the NIH, now admits there are anti-cancer/anti-tumor properties in cannibis, and may be a life saver for some. The financial filth emerging from their scientifically engineered collapse, seems to be window dressing to distract from the deeper iniquity that your research reveals, namely, that with malice aforethought, they will do anything to gain the ultimate plunder possesion–the planet. Such schemery is accomplished at the expense of one’s soul–the super-material reality capable of eternal survival. True reality leads to cosmic consciousness–God knowing. False reality is a time-space illusion that lead to self destruction…Live on Jennifer. Aloha, PK

    Comment by PK — November 21, 2011 @ 7:30 pm | Reply

    • Thankyou, PK, for your comments and support. I’m not unfamiliar with Urantia, btw. They had an HQ in so.Cal–El Cajon, which is still there, I believe, except the old ‘hippie’ storefront is long gone.

      Comment by jenniferlake — November 21, 2011 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

  7. “the oldest of living peoples” ha! reeeaaaaaally!

    Descartes’s science angel [the ‘measure and number’ ‘angel’] has a lot to answer for.
    Perhaps it was Mr Dee in disguise, trilling his enochian gematric gibberish.

    And to think that nowadays, despite all this ‘science’ people no longer know the burning temperatures of hydrocarbon fuel
    and steel buildings. A fine mess.

    A friend recently brought me a copy of the Urantia book, which i already knew from his description to be, er, a waste of anyone’s time. What arrogant, turgid, prepoterous drivel it was. But, as a case study in human credulity, and the history of ‘channelling’ it has some slight merit.

    Did not Weshaupt say something like; o mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe?

    And a final, totally random thought; Alien might be better written as; A Lien.

    Comment by Kieran Zero — April 12, 2012 @ 6:27 am | Reply

    • [typo; Weishaupt]

      Comment by Kieran Zero — April 12, 2012 @ 6:28 am | Reply

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