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September 24, 2020

COVID, of course, by DARPA



Well, I’m cutting to the chase  –even though I won’t be skipping the BATS, rats and vats in this scenario–  DARPA’s M-O is the essence of speed. They kind of deny it.

“ ‘We have been thinking about and preparing for this a long time’ …said Amy Jenkins, manager of DARPA’s antibody program, which is known as the Pandemic Prevention Platform, or P3 …In that program and other [programs], DARPA has quietly been seeding the ground for…a rapid cure for a pathogen like covid-19 for years…”


This quote above, and all others following, comes from a Washington Post article published back on July 30, found at

A no-brainer, you could say, but a good condensed catch-up story on DARPA’s CoV footprint in vaccine-making.  Unfortunately, there’s not a dot in this piece about delivery tech, test methods or formulas also sponsored by DARPA, suggested by ‘other programs.’ Please do read on to ‘DARPA’s Darkest Agenda’ and the activist post found at ‘Stillness in the Storm’, and ‘DARPA’s Man in Wuhan’ below.

Nonetheless: “ ‘Being at DARPA at this time is exciting…because we get to see the research work that was funded… ten to fifteen years ago now really start to pay off,’ acting director [and current deputy dir.] Peter Highnam said…” speaking of COVID.

Remember this is fun!

Paying Off

“The first company [Moderna]… to enter clinical trials with a vaccine…was funded by DARPA. So was the second company [Inovio]. And the P3 program has already led to the world’s first study in humans of… antibody treatment… In addition to Moderna, two other pharmaceutical companies –Pfizer and CureVac—are pursuing RNA vaccines… CureVac was also funded by DARPA… …  DARPA also funded… companies [unnamed]  that manufacture vaccines…in tobacco-like plants as well as a ‘self-assembling vaccine’ platform at Massachusetts General Hospital…  ”

Something I appreciate is the article asking the natural question about treatment with antibodies:

 “Instead of forcing the body to produce antibodies using a vaccine, why not just inject the best antibody directly? The DARPA team began to pursue that aim in parallel. [Dan] Wattendorf called the rapid delivery of an antibody using RNA ‘the more aspirational dream.’ The idea was to take…the best antibody out of thousands in the bloodstream. Then, the genetic code of that antibody could be injected [into combat troops]…to give…protection…immediately. Protection could range from a few weeks to a few months –enough time for a deployment. In a pandemic, DARPA envisioned using such antibodies as a ‘firebreak’… For example, if one person in a nursing home tests positive, the antibody could be given to all the other residents…  DARPA had funded the development of rapid antibody technologies for years. Then, around 2016, DARPA director Arati Prabhakar [second woman in the chair, after Regina Dugan] wanted to weave [the programs] together into a production line… The result was the Pandemic Prevention Platform, which Prabhakar signed off on before leaving DARPA in January 2017. The goal of [P3]…was to develop an antibody for any virus within 60 days of receiving the blood sample of a survivor.”

Credit for DARPA’s Pandemic program, however, goes to “a brainy Air Force doctor named Dan Wattendorf [who] helped push rapid pandemic response further to the top of DARPA’s priority list… Wattendorf had ideas for a solution. In 2010, he took to a conference room at DARPA…to make a pitch…[and] Regina E. Dugan…greenlight[ed] his proposal. The result was a program called ADEPT, which invested $291 million from 2011 to 2019 in an array of technologies… ‘It may turn out to be the most important program from my time at the agency,’ said Dugan, who ran DARPA from 2009 to 2012. Chief among Wattendorf’s targets for the program: delivering vaccines and antibodies by implanting their genetic code… Wattendorf hoped to short-circuit [conventional methods by] cutting out the manufacturing process… By 2010, scientists had tested the idea using DNA with mixed results. Wattendorf wanted to try its single-stranded sibling RNA. If successful, RNA could be used to develop both vaccines and antibodies… It also offered a one-size-fits-all approach; in the future, scientists would need only the genetic code…   At least initially, the antibodies won’t be delivered using RNA, although Duke University plans to manufacture an RNA version of its antibody, meeting the original DARPA vision for the program.  Wattendorf…left DARPA and now works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”



DARPA’s Darkest Agenda

“DARPA-backed DNA and RNA vaccine companies, including Moderna, Inovio as well as Germany’s CureVac, have been unable to get their products licensed for human use, largely due to the fact that their vaccines have failed to provide sufficient immunity in human trials… Several workarounds for this issue have been proposed, including vaccines where the genetic material (RNA or DNA) ‘self-amplifies’ …[by] incorporation of nanotechnology…as the carriers for the genetic material”…

“[A] long-standing DARPA program, now overseen by BTO, is known as “Living Foundries.” According to DARPA’s website, Living Foundries “aims to enable adaptable, scalable, and on-demand production of [synthetic] molecules by programming the fundamental metabolic processes of biological systems to generate a vast number of complex molecules that are not otherwise accessible… The types of research this “Living Foundries” program supports involves the creation of “artificial life” including the creation of artificial genetic material, including artificial chromosomes, the creation of ‘entirely new organisms’…

“Changing human brain chemistry and functionality at the cellular level is only one of numerous DARPA initiatives aimed at changing how human beings think and perceive reality. Since 2002, DARPA has acknowledged its efforts to create a “Brain-Machine Interface (BMI).” Though first aimed at creating “a wireless brain modem for a freely moving rat,” which would allow the animal’s movements to be remotely controlled, DARPA wasn’t shy about the eventual goal of applying such brain “enhancement” to humans in order to enable soldiers to “communicate by thought alone” or remotely control human beings (on the enemy side only, so they say) for the purposes of war….

“According to one recent report on DARPA’s N3 program, one example of “minimally invasive” technologies would involve: an injection of a virus carrying light-sensitive sensors, or other chemical, biotech, or self-assembled nanobots that can reach individual neurons and control their activity independently without damaging sensitive tissue. The proposed use for these technologies isn’t yet well-specified, but as animal experiments have shown, controlling the activity of single neurons at multiple points is sufficient to program artificial memories of fear, desire, and experiences directly into the brain

“In 2011, DARPA announced its “Rapidly Adaptable Nanotherapeutics” program, which seeks to create a “platform capable of rapidly synthesizing therapeutic nanoparticles” aimed at combating “evolving and even genetically engineered bioweapons.” DARPA’s plan for these nanoparticles, which media reports described merely as “tiny, autonomous drug delivery systems,” was to combine them with “small interfering RNA (siRNA),” which are snippets of RNA that can target and shut down specific genes…

“ [The] current coronavirus crisis appears to be the perfect storm that will allow DARPA’s dystopian vision to take hold and burst forth from the darkest recesses of the Pentagon into full public view. However, DARPA’s transhumanist vision for the military and for humanity presents an unprecedented threat, not just to human freedom, but an existential threat to human existence and the building blocks of biology itself.”

Read it all, by Whitney Webb, at



Dr. Michael Callahan of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Boston

a.k.a.‘DARPA’s Man in Wuhan’ by Raul Diego

“Dr. Michael Callahan was given a leave of absence from his senior executive role at United Therapeutics (UTHR) in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China; sent there to assist colleagues handling mass infections… under his joint appointment at a Chinese sister hospital of the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, where he has maintained a faculty appointment since 2005 [as a program officer of DARPA]…

“Soon, Callahan would be…briefing U.S. officials on the location of the next likely outbreak… The doctor marveled at the “magnificent infectivity” of the disease, which sits “like a little silent smart bomb in your community”… [Callahan] has dedicated his life to studying these microscopic killers. “Triple boarded”  in internal medicine, infectious diseases and tropical medicine, Callahan, nevertheless also has a strong entrepreneurial streak, that drove him to launch no less than 11 companies and develop 8 patents.

“Callahan’s nose for business came into play early on in the pandemic. After studying data from over 6,000 patient records from Wuhan, he reportedly detected a pattern that could point to a possible treatment using a low-cost and widely available ingredient of an “over-the-counter histamine-2 receptor antagonist called Famotidine”, more commonly known as the brand name Pepcid… Simultaneously in the U.S., it is claimed, an old colleague of Callahan’s, Dr. Robert Malone, had been conducting a study… working alongside U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) consultants to carry out supercomputer-based analyses to identify existing FDA-approved drugs that may be useful against the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Per their analyses, famotidine turned out to be the “most attractive combination of safety, cost and pharmaceutical characteristics”…

In the ‘90s, Callahan and Massachusetts General Hospital were in the center of the U.S. program to convert the former USSR bioweapons program, and it’s weaponeers, into a ‘peaceful use’ industry making vaccines and drugs for the global marketplace. The conversion of Soviet bioweapons was also the subject of the 2001 book ‘Germs’ by Judith Miller, Stephen Engleberg, and William Broad.

“In 2005, just as he was getting ready to decorate his new office at DARPA, Michael Callahan testified before Congress together with Ken Alibek – former deputy director of the Soviet Biopreparat, who defected to the U.S. and became the darling of the bioterror alarmists in and out of government. In his prepared statement, Callahan concluded with a chilling statement that summarizes the general sentiment shared by many in his circle: “The dark science of biological weapon design and manufacture parallels that of the health sciences and the cross mixed disciplines of modern technology. Potential advances in biological weapon lethality will in part be the byproduct of peaceful scientific progress. So, until the time when there are no more terrorists, the U.S. Government and the American people will depend on the scientific leaders of their field to identify any potential dark side aspect to every achievement…” –Michael Callahan. Callahan would receive DARPA’s highest commendation, the DARPA Achievement Award, for his success with the Accelerated Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals (AMP) program. But, it would be another program of his creation that would prove prophetic. Prophecy was another program created by Callahan at DARPA. It sought to ‘transform the vaccine and drug development enterprise from observational and reactive to predictive and preemptive’ through algorithmic programming techniques. In layman’s terms, the program proposed that ‘viral mutations and outbreaks’ could be predicted in advance to more rapidly counter the unknown disease with preemptive drug and vaccine development.” …………………………

Read it all


The Covid-19 Healthcare Coalition

“According to its website, the Covid-19 Healthcare Coalition was established as “a coordinated public-interest, private-sector response to the Covid-19 pandemic, convening healthcare organizations, technology firms, nonprofits, academia, and startups.” The coalition, which was launched by the intelligence and defense contractor MITRE, also includes tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Palantir, Salesforce, and Amazon and allows its member organizations to “collaborate, collect, analyze, visualize, and share data and insights.” With access to the data from partnered health-care institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic and the Cedars-Sinai Health System, these tech companies are “helping” the coalition “unlock large-scale analytics for Covid-19.” Institutions tied to the US government, and the NSCAI in particular, such as the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, are also members of the Covid-19 Healthcare Coalition. Notably, the recent advances in US-based efforts to “predict” or “automate” Covid-19 diagnoses are all tied to this very coalition. Indeed, all of the companies and institutions mentioned thus far in this report have engaged in developing these tools, as Diagnostic Robotics, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Mount Sinai Medical Center are all coalition members”….



Q and A

Healthcare? –DARPA

5G and the Internet of Things? –DARPA

Thought control? –DARPA

The future? –DARPA, DARPA, DARPA

Any questions?



Pentagon will coordinate the ‘free’ covid-19 vaccine deployment:

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  1. September 25, 2020
    The Intertwined History of Myelitis and Vaccines

    Comment by plowboy,barefoot — September 26, 2020 @ 2:03 pm | Reply

    • There are at least two related ‘flaccid’ diagnoses; AFP (Acute Flaccid Paralysis) and AFM (Acute Flaccid Myelitis) and probably more in the polio-like spectrum. Discovery of AFM is credited to Dr. Ian Lipkin –so is West Nile Virus according to his biog.on wikipedia. Sometime in the ’50s, the Hanford (Richland, WA) plutonium works staged an atmospheric release which caused a massive ‘myelitis outbreak’, so they said, not wanting to call it polio at the time. See this at –The polio research proved that all cases involve encephalitis, another ‘spectrum’ of illness spread particularly by mosquitoes and considered by many as weaponized (re: Venezuelan type VEE)
      Thanks for all your links, PB. I especially liked reading Stefan Lanka’s coronavirus piece ‘Misinterpretation Virus Part II; the Beginning and End of the Coronavirus Crisis’ . He mentioned the 2009 H1N1 vaccine proposed for the German population, known to contain nanoparticles, and refused by the public at a rate of 93%.

      Comment by jenniferlake — September 27, 2020 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

  2. Vaccines and autism, a big link scroll to the video.

    Comment by plowboy,barefoot — October 1, 2020 @ 12:16 am | Reply

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