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March 21, 2020

Still Going…

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Been a long time since a new post went up –so you all know, I expect to be online regularly in the next few months when my service area issues resolve. I’m still checking in for comments every week or so and to get information from these “old” posts. It’s always good to hear from you!

September 1, 2014

Back in the Bloghouse

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“There is nothing new in the world except the history you did not know” —Harry S. Truman


NOTE to ALL: The lack of posts over this past year has been due to it being my busiest ever, including a major relocation, computer meltdown and necessary curtailment of services. Optimistically, restoration on all fronts is near, though my future posting habits still bode unpredictable. I’ll be tending the bloghouse regularly even if the ‘care’ is unnoticed and look forward to comments. Don’t be shy.

   My free hours of offline life involve a lot of books, reading and writing, what ex-Pres. H.T. called nothing new, dogging that ol’ military-industrial-medical complex– promise I’ll fly it out to ya.


Latest Audio: Saturday Oct.11, 2014 on  with host Ingri Cassel’s program In Defense of Humanity


February 26, 2014

Blog Note: Hair of the Dog

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Pardon my long absence of late but it’s fated to continue– possibly another six months give or take– while I adjust to new routines and responsibilities. Blogging certainly has made my heart grow fonder, especially of the subjects covered in the bulk of previous posts. I’m carrying on offline and will post when I can… so ya know.

September 8, 2013

Just Checkin With Ya

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Some few of you have noticed a long break in the posting here –it wasn’t intentional exactly– a short break gone wild.
I feel much better now.

October 15, 2011

Temples of Science

I can hardly think of a subject that needs and deserves an extraordinary essay as much as this one. In all my reading of late, no concept taps at the essence of occult development more than the idea of “scientific inquiry” transforming men into gods. And no time  seems more dangerously prophetic in attempting to fulfill that transition than the present.  But alas, this is not that essay and I am not that writer.  True to form, though, I can still take steps toward better elucidation.  The upside of all the reading and research going into my “books” is a swimming collection of quotes. I’m a quote junkie now. C’mon share the pain.


“If the conquests useful for humanity touch your heart, if you are overwhelmed before the astonishing results of electric telegraphy, of the daguerrotype, of anesthesia, and of other wonderful discoveries, if you are jealous of the part your country may claim in the spreading of these marvelous things, take an interest I beg you, in those sacred places to which we give the expressive name of laboratories. Demand that they be multiplied and ornamented, for these are the temples of the future.” –Louis Pasteur (ref. Pierre Curie, p70, by Marie Curie, 1923)

 “Science Angel” in the crypt of Institut Pasteur


“..early in May 1912 Weizmann wrote to Judah Leon Magnes, outlining a new scheme. Weizmann had just read in the press that Mr. Nathan Straus, a German-born philanthropist now residing in New York, had established in Hadera (Palestine) a health station under the direction of Dr. Wilhelm Bruenn… Weizmann suggested the following: Why not combine the various projects into one big institute, ‘something like a small Pasteur Institute…Such an institute could fulfill two functions: a teaching institute and a research institute, and could develop into the nucleus of the great Jewish research centers of the future.’ …In short, such a project would consolidate all the small scientific enterprises in Palestine… Moreover, Baron Edmond de Rothschild was moving closer to Zionism…’but it is up to us to steer him in this direction’ [he wrote]… the baron was indeed prepared to cooperate with the Zionist movement…  Weizmann did not waste a minute…[H]e called on Leopold Landau, a gynecologist in Berlin..[and] relative of Paul Erhlich, one of Germany’s most eminent scientists… Weizmann met Erhlich in the latter’s laboratory on March 10, 1913..[and] won over an important new ally… Weizmann [then] returned to Manchester full of energy. His friends on the Continent and in England promised their full support and he felt that his moment had come. ‘The movement has begun to smack of gunpowder,’ he wrote [to his wife] Vera, ..’I feel that I don’t belong to Manchester at all. Everything here is temporary and alien… To my way of thinking, this is the one slogan that can evoke a response just now –the Hebrew University. Die Zionsuniversitat auf dem Berge Zion! The Third Temple!’ ” –(Weizmann biographer) Jehudah Reinharz, Chaim Weizmann, The Making of a Zionist Leader, pp 375-378

>>>Rothschild did not support a university at this time, but endorsed a research institute “like the Pasteur..or Rockefeller institutes”; Nathan Straus was a subject in an article I wrote in 2008 called The Ruination of Milk

  Weizmann Institute


“Emerson said that an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man, and the [Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research] did reflect Simon Flexner… Flexner made Rockefeller sharp, edgy, cold… The room most feared in the institute was Flexner’s office. He could be brutal there, and several prominent scientists were afraid of him… He sought attention for the institute from the press and credit from the scientific community. His own work created controversy… The result was a publicity machine. Highly respected investigators mocked the institute for, said one who himself spent time there, ‘frequent ballyhoo of unimportant stuff as the work of genius’… Flexner..wanted the institute to become a living thing… It was a place of excitement, of near holiness… Flexner, [Peyton] Rous said, made the institute ‘an organism, not an establishment.’ ” –(historical writer) John Barry, The Great Influenza, pp 75-78

“Science would be the magic wand waved over any project… In 1917, when advising his father to pump another fifty million dollars into the RIMR, Junior explained his preference for medicine: ‘This is a field in which there can be no controversy, so that I think the possibility of criticism as regards the use of the fund or its potential dangers would be almost nothing. There is no limit to the development of medical work.’ ” –(John D. Rockefeller biographer) Ron Chernow, Titan, p568

 Rockefeller Institute


“Our society, in which reigns an eager desire for riches and luxury, does not understand the value of science. It does not realize that science is a most precious part of its moral patrimony… Neither public powers nor private generosity actually accord to science and to scientists the support and the subsidies indispensable to fully effective work.” –Marie Curie, 1923

The oral history of radium/uranium dealer Boris Pregel, Manhattan Project supplier : “..The centralization was at the Institute Curie… It was also a kind of scientific monopoly. They did the whole thing…  they were the most important… In fact, the Institute of the Curies had tremendous quantities of radium all along… That’s why later also, when Joliot-Curie and Halban and Kowarski wanted to discuss the..application of atomic energy, they were received very well… [A] lot of the most important work was done in France, because of the establishment of the Institute”

 Radium Institute, Paris


“The society of experts which I am imagining will embrace all eminent men of science… It will possess the sole up-to-date armaments and will be the repository of all new secrets in the art of war. There will therefore be no more war since resistence by the unscientific will be doomed to obvious failure. The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government and make nationalism high treason. The government… will instill submissiveness into the great bulk of the population… It is possible that it may invent ingenious ways of concealing its own power, leaving the forms of democracy intact and allowing the plutocrats to imagine that they are cleverly controlling these forms. Gradually, however, as the plutocrats become stupid through laziness, they will lose their wealth; it will pass more and more into public ownership and be controlled by the government of experts. Thus whatever the outward forms may be, all real power will come to be concentrated in the hands of those who understand the art of scientific manipulation.” –Bertrand Russell, The Scientific Outlook, 1931


“The Public Health Law posits…that government has both the power and the duty to regulate private behavior in order to promote public health. The constitutional source of this authority is the police power which encompasses both directly coercive interventions and policies such as taxes and subsidies that shape behavior by altering the costs of certain choices.” –New England Journal of Medicine, 2003


“Judaism is not a creed: the Jewish God is simply a negation of superstition… It is also an attempt to base the moral law on fear,… regrettable…  Yet it seems to me that the strong moral tradition of the Jewish nation has to a large extent shaken itself free from this fear… Judaism is thus no transcendental religion… It seems to me, therefore, doubtful whether it can be called a religion in the accepted sense of the word, particularly as no ‘faith’ but the sanctification of life in a supra-personal sense is demanded of the Jew… [T]he Jewish tradition also contains something else …a sort of intoxicated joy and amazement at the beauty and grandeur of this world… This joy is the feeling from which true scientific research draws its spiritual sustenance… To tack this feeling to the idea of God seems mere childish absurdity… In its pure form, it is nowhere to be found, not even in Judaism where the pure doctrine is obscured by much worship of the letter. Yet Judaism seems to me one of its purest and most vigorous manifestations.  This applies particularly to the fundamental principle of the sanctification of life.”….. “The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, an almost fanatical love of justice and the desire for personal independence –these are the features of the Jewish tradition which make me thank my stars that I belong to it… we shall continue not merely to survive as the oldest of living peoples, but by creative work to bring forth fruits which contribute.. as heretofore… We must be conscious of our alien race and draw the logical conclusions from it…” –Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions, p184-186, 1934


“Just as some people live by the sword, we shall live by science” –Chaim Weizmann, 1948


“[Jonas] Salk dreamed of organizing his own Institute for Experimental Medicine, and in May of 1957, he drew up what he called its “Magna Carta”. He gave it the loftiest of goals, not merely to cure disease but to address ‘the problems of humanity that are the most important of the day’…he imagined an alliance of like-minded colleagues who valued ‘the freedom, integrity, and independence of the individual’ at a scale that preserved ‘flexibility and freedom’ and rewarded ‘boldness and courage’. Unlike traditional research insitutes, this one would include humanists as well as scientists…Its senior members would be fellows for life, a self-governing body..with ‘unencumbered time for contemplation and for action’… Following the Rockefeller Institute’s example, Salk would build his institute…’A shot in the light’ Salk called it.”…”In December 1959, Salk and architect Louis Kahn began a unique partnership to design such a facility… The buildings soon gained international fame for their dramatic and innovative design…“the modern equivalent of a temple of Zeus beside the Aegean”…Deliberately elitist, the Salk Institute would free its half dozen or so fellows from grant-writing, teaching, and administrative distractions. As masters of their own laboratories, the fellows could set independent research agendas. Salk, directly inspired by the cloister of St. Francis of Assisi and by its carceri (cells), provided the fellows with individual studies, places for reflection connected to, and yet buffered from, the bustle of laboratory life.”  –quotes referenced at

 Salk Institute


[On the creation of the Investigation of Human Ecology, a cover program for the CIA’s MKUltra]  “I am frightened about this one. If the scientists do what they have laid out for themselves, men will become manageable ants.” –Adolf Berle, personal diary, 1950s


“We have had the bomb on our minds since 1945. It was first our weaponry and then our diplomacy, and now it’s our economy. How can we suppose that something so monstrously powerful would not, after forty years, compose our identity? The great golem we have made against our enemies is our culture, our bomb culture –its logic, its faith, its vision.” –historian E.L. Doctorow, 1980s (ref.  preface, American Prometheus, Bird and Sherwin)


“I feel that at least several hundred scientists trained in the biomedical aspect of atomic energy –myself included– are candidates for Nuremburg-type trials for crimes against humanity for our gross negligence and irresponsibility. Now that we know the hazard of low-dose radiation, the crime is not experimentation –it’s murder.” –Dr. John Gofman, 1979; read more about fallout;

July 13, 2011

Stx and Stuxnet

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I’m not one to overlook the obvious. Stx, the Shiga toxin that is spreading in Germany, and the Stuxnet virus which may have unhinged Fukushima, have too small an alphabet pool. A short list of words I can make out of ‘Stuxnet’ almost sounds like a bad memo : ‘next stunt use Stx’, which rearranges the word ‘stuxnet’ twice with an extra ‘s’ (stuxnetstuxnets, using all letters). A word that begins and ends with the same letter can represent a circle in a linear form… therefore ‘closing the circle’ to become a never-ending round.

But apart from whatever added meaning I might ‘see’ in alphabet language, there is an unmistakable parallel, and very real possibilities that the events are two parts of one operation just as the September 11 attack was followed by anthrax –again, with symbolic relatedness.

Ralph Langner, the German computer engineer who cracked the Stuxnet attack code, gave a presentation in February 2011 at the Longbeach TED seminar,  . I’ll quote him loosely: “This was a directed attack… Stuxnet’s code was [searching for] a target, and if [no target is found], Stuxnet does nothing… The attack structured in two digital bombs… we saw they were very professionally engineered… people obviously all had insider information, they knew all the bits and bytes for attack… the payload is..way above anything we have ever seen before… [but] this is very important, think about this, [the] attack was generic… You can use conventional technology to spread it as widely as possible… and the target-rich areas are in the United States, Europe, and Japan.”

Mr. Langner, with my editing, has succinctly described the Stx-encoded E.coli. If not for his pre-Fukushima presentation, I would not have articulated the comparison as accurately. Instead, with his words, two halves of a thought creature reunited as one entity. Stx and Stuxnet.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell insisted that all humans are led by symbols. Abiding his views, we can know when events are speaking the language of power. I’m still working on a page about the Stx outbreak, elucidating a description of biowarfare through the details of scientific progress in genetics, but a bit of information came to my attention that corporate “food and beverage” controls are liable to use Siemens systems –and I thought of Stuxnet and found Langner’s video.  It flows with predictable Order even when I don’t see it until I’m running and looking back over my shoulder.

May 30, 2011

Fukushima: Faked Quake

looding_from_Tsunami_near_Sendai,_Japan_satellite_NASAImage credit NASA.
 Sendai area, much of which is below sea level
“..the real seismic data..proves beyond a doubt the quake is not what we were told and was, in fact, an inland 6.8… The Japanese government is going along with the story of a scientifically proven false 9.0…
“Fukushima was impossible…”
As Jim Stone points out, the tsunami in  and near Sendai slammed into perfectly good buildings that show no earthquake damage. Watch these youtubes again, and notice (1) a person walking on top of a building at risk for being swept away.  How could one of the largest earthquakes in world history leave this area undamaged unless it didn’t really happen?!
In this TV special, “Mega Quake;  Hour That Shook Japan”, 2 minutes and 40 seconds into part 2, an American named Brian Barnes is filming from a car trying to find the road out that leads to high ground. The narrator says they have only seconds left to flee before the tsunami strikes– the view out the windshield shows clean streets and perfect buildings– no broken glass, fallen signs or roof tiles, none at all.  Passersby look nervous and uncomprehending, as Jim Stone suggests, taken by surprise. Notice the very large puddles –the Fukushima site had large puddles too. The region had been saturated with rain. ; minute 14:30 says the Fukushima seawall was 5.7 meters high and “at its highest point, the tsunami reached 38 meters above sea level”, suggesting a wave of ocean water over 32 meters above the seawall crashed into the nukes –at minute 12:07 the image shows cars in the parking lot behind the tower are still neatly parked.
Japan’s Nine-Eleven
I don’t intend here to provide an analysis of events because everything that’s wrong with the quake/tsunami story seems to be built in to the ‘Megaquake’ program, much besides the absence of earthquake damage. The timing offered for the tsunami coming ashore at various locations makes no sense whatsoever, for a quake erupting at 2:45 (14:45) An epicenter 80 miles offshore,
generating a wave at 400 to 500 mph would hit the nearest places in 10-15 minutes. The narration notes a Japanese Coast Guard ship “3 miles” out bobbing over the tsunami and then announces “they have less than 30 minutes before the big waves start to hit” [Coast Guard clip; riding over two swells]  –cut to Brian Barnes in Otsuchi, 80 miles north of Sendai, who is fleeing the town at 3:11, “moments before”. A city neighboring Sendai on the coast, Arahama, doesn’t get the wave until 3:55. If we’re to believe this program, then the damaging tsunami appears like many smaller local tsunamis, and we’re only shown “damage” occurring within land-sheltered harbors. Is this a case for Tsunami Bombs as Jim Stone declares? Thing is, Stone never suggests a series of smaller tsunamis and there’s no footage of anything resembling a “peak height of 124 feet” (maybe here )
Brian Barnes,  the dolphin activist who provided footage of Otsuchi while fleeing by car, it turns out, is an extreme weather storm-chaser. The BBC used Barnes’ and his outfit for a documentary about tornadoes in 2009 saying “Brian has been at the game for years.” I can guess  he’s an expert on radar signatures. ; He was in Japan representing, a project of Earth Island Institute. “Earth Island Institute is an umbrella organization with[sic] has more than 60 projects for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the Earth.”  Brian is missing the best tornado season ever  — his company website,, is “No longer in business.”
Barnes, and the 5 activists who were with him, were on a mission to film Otsuchi fishing practices –activists from the Sea Shepherd crew had been in the area since late February, about 2 weeks of coming and going –but they couldn’t find their way to the highroad.?? Interesting– He tells his interviewer, “I just felt that it was time to start documenting..” The sensitivity of locals to the Sea Shepherd mission to document dolphin killing concerns a statistic that the catch in  “Iwate Prefecture came to 866 tons in 2009, accounting for more than half of the nation’s total [dolphin] catch of 1,404 tons.”

Barnes never actually mentions his own experience feeling a quake. His first edited words mentioning earthquakes are,”When I went to Japan, I didn’t even think about possible earthquake, I didn’t know a tsunami would happen…”
Water receeding from the porpoise butcher houseOtsuchi tsunami wall in the background
Another account of Otsuchi’s tsunami from a dolphin activist relates “The police, who had taken up a post at the only place we could pass, were frantically motioning for everyone to get through the gates in the tsunami wall. We got through. These walls and gates are massive… They extend high up into the air and rim the entire harbor area of the town… As we were driving along the interior of the wall, the huge gates were being closed… It was not long before the water drained from the harbor and then refilled. We learned from the firemen to expect to see several cycles of this draining and refilling… and all the while afterhocks were happening… [After the high water dragged seaward with debris carrying a woman, the activists attempted a rescue]..We continued to venture out on a seawall that was constantly being exposed and then overtopped by water. It was a gamble..”
“City firemen manually closed the 12 water gates in the port’s tsunami wall…”
“It is known that four members of the fire brigade died during the disaster…and it appears that another seven may also be dead because seven more..have not been found… It was the duty of the No.2 branch fire close the storm barrier gates when an earthquake struck the region… The earthquake had shut down the power supply therefore the warning system was not functional… the former head of the same branch of the local fire brigade stated that he could hear the bell that Fujio Koshida was ringing in order to warn people.”
..”apparently the time between the quake and the full-force arrival of the tsunami was longer than reported earlier. There was even time for one of our elderly neighbors to make it to safety walking with her cane… Having been in Otsuchi several times when quakes triggered false tsunami alerts, I fully understand the lack of urgency among those who failed to escape… One of the most haunting accounts came from those who took refuge on top of hall. They watched Fujio Koshita..ring the bell on top of the nearby firehouse until he and the building were swept away. As the warning siren failed to work properly Koshita took it on warn the town.”;
“The waves hit the eastern coast of Japan about 1.5 hours after the quake… ‘I was actually shocked’ to see all the damage the waves had caused, Barberopoulon told OurAmazingPlanet, because the damage didn’t match up with initial estimates of the earthquake’s magnitude..”
A structural engineer, who was driven into Otsuchi in mid-April to survey damage, had this to say about his observations: “During this time, at least in my opinion, one can’t help but develop a further appreciation of an underlying elegant expression of Japanese lifestyle. What you notice is the concept that anything undertaken should always be done with the best effort and utmost precision of execution. When everyone does this, a harmonious mechanism results where everything appears to be just where it ought to be… there appears to be a remarkable lack of graffiti, litter or spiteful vandalism. Our arrival in the tsunami-stricken area of Otsuchi Bay was therefore quite shocking, because in the span of a few seconds, or less than a few hundred meters, the serenity of the scene is utterly transformed into chaos; there is extremely little middle ground between the unaffected and severely damaged zones…  with essentially no exceptions, seawalls were overtopped… Undermining failures have also occurred… In other cases, some concrete gravity seawalls were overturned by the return flow after inundation, rather than by the incoming tsunami… heavy steel gates..seem to have resisted well the incoming flow but not necessarily the outward return flow.”
“[Scott West] was in..Otsuchi this week when the city was essentially destroyed..Suzanne West said. ‘He said that the gates for blocking tsunami waves were ripped from hinges..’ ”
“Patrick Fuller of the International Red Cross Federation [said] ‘I don’t think you will find anywhere worse on the coastline.’ ”
Otsuchi’s broken and missing tsunami wall:
Otsuchi fishing is destroyed: “Two months after..far from recovery and, with many working-age people moving away, they face the prospect that they could simply wither away and, ultimately, perhaps even disappear.”
Sumatra, December 26, 2004, 9.1 earthquake and tsunami, depth of 18.6 miles
Tsunami wave time map:
Banda Aceh witnesses, 155 miles from the epicenter, saw waves they believed were 10 meters high:
“People [were] standing around or examining the remains of wrecked houses and cracked concrete.. Then suddenly..between 15 and 20 minutes after the quake..a swift powerful wall of water engulfing a busy street, rising to at least the second floor of buildings..”
Comparing the Sumatra tsunami makes the timing in Japan’s ‘Megaquake’ impossible. We’re obviously being treated to a large dose of video fakery.
   For example, one of Brian Barnes’ live-action clips that shows a tree engulfed by rising water also has a pile of flood debris already on its top. Did they run this clip backwards?  While driving the streets of Otsuchi with a soundtrack blaring sirens, a person in the car asks, “Are we hearing sirens?” –someone answers “yes”. They chatter about escaping the tsunami, worried that “bridges might be out” while viewers witness the perfect scene in front of them… All too revealing in the style of 9-11 perception management.
So, is it possible to localize a tsunami?
If a swimming pool model works, the answer is yes. Did Japan’s seawalls contribute to a swimming pool effect, and were the effects ‘boosted’ from inside those barriers?
  2002 image
The image of the wave crashing into Fukushima, above, was supposedly a “new” release a month after the tsunami –not a lie exactly– since the same angle shot appears in ‘Megaquake’ but shows a definitely much thinner spray and calmer sea — that ‘thin’ image seems to appear only in the broadcast version of ‘Megaquake’, and not in the internet edits that I can link or paste. Either way, a careful look at the site damage confines its perspective to a small area of the first tier platform where 3 white tanks group together, and a patch on the second tier that fits with damage from hard falling water. It clearly doesn’t correspond to the notion that the essential generator buildings were under 15 feet of water. Not that it matters, apparently. Reactor safety features were not dependent on the generators according to Jim Stone who concludes that sabotage is the only way that the Fukushima reactors could have exploded.
   According to this post and the official TEPCO diagram, the flood on the reactor level was 14 to 15 meters deep:
Compare the wave spray heights with this:; or these still photos  and it looks like the Daiichi wave video was taken during a storm at some other time. “In 2004, eight cyclones passed over or skirted Japan’s Tohoku region, where the Fukushima Dai-ichi power station is…The earliest was May that year…”  For my money, the small leafy trees in the foreground of the power plant tsunami video look more like May than March.
News update: Aug.08,2011 –“Towering waves from a tropical storm threatened to hit a chemical plant in a Chinese port city… Waves as high as 65 feet (20 meters) broke a dike..and threatened to hit the..Fujiahua chemical plant..”
–lest we compare the waves with the Fukushima plant, this item is circulating without wave photos.
MORE RECENTLY (below), however,  a September 2011 Typhoon-generated wave offers comparison
View Image  Go to fullsize image
 Go to fullsize image a larger image shows rectangular chunks of seawall in the wash; a tsunami height of 46 feet minus a seawall height of 18 feet leaves 28 feet of water crashing above and ‘carrying’ the wall, except that all the images I can find of the Daiichi plant aftermath show that the platforms and seawalls are intact. Can someone explain this image?
   The New York Times is sticking by this story: “..the tsunami was as high as 46 feet, the report said…. The tsunami struck [Fukushima] 46 minutes after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake..”
   There are obvious tons of debris on the site from the explosions, but this video footage shows that the seawall is still there –plans for sandbagging the walls are underway as cyclone season intensifies,0,7287295.story;
   Excellent photos of the Daiichi waterfront, damaged reactors, and debris help with site orientation and confirm the “tsunami” shots as improbable-to-impossible
Curiously, following the satellite map down the coast in Fukushima prefecture (south of Minamisoma) shows a very different-looking Daiichi site with an additional ‘dog-leg’ breakwater inside the  large surrounding triangular arms. The shape of the interior ‘box’ breakwater was also changed.
Everyone was surprised
The “papers” now coming out on the Tohoku-Oki Quake are writing a new chapter in geophysical science history:
“[It’s] not the [quake]size alone that has people worried; it’s the fact that something this size occurred on a segment of fault that we didn’t think was capable of producing a quake of this magnitude (an estimate that has had disastrous consequences at the Fukushima nuclear reactors)…  The initial period of rupture occurred relatively deep under the plate and lasted for up to 40 seconds. That was followed by an extremely brief but violent horizontal rupture as the North American plate released the built-up pressure… This violent horizontal motion was followed by up to a hundred seconds of further deep rupture… [The] horizontal motion was the primary cause of the tsunami, but only provided a portion of the energy released in the quake. Thus, if a quake can generate that sort of motion on its own, then we could see much smaller quakes generating tsunamis that are far larger than we would have predicted… Globally, the quake has also told us that it’s possible for a relatively small fault segment to spawn a giant earthquake. A perspective quotes the US Geological Survey’s David Wald as saying, ‘If you can get a 9 that is this compact, it increases the number of places you can [fit in] a 9 where you may not have expected one.’ So, coastal nations around the globe might want to start re-evaluating the risks they face…”
The Foreshock
“The March 11 earthquake was preceded by a series of large foreshocks over the previous two days, beginning on March 9 with a 7.2 event approximately 40km from the epicenter of the March 11 earthquake, and continuing with another three earthquakes greater than M6 on the same day.”
Infrared emissions before the quakes: dense infrared signatures appear near Otsuchi on March 8 and 10
On March 9 a 7.2 hit northeastern Japan: ..”7.2 magnitude has struck off the coast of Japan, shaking buildings in the capital, Tokyo, and triggering a small tsunami…A 60cm (24in) tsunami reached the coastal town of Ofunato, with other towns reporting smaller waves shortly after the quake hit at 1145 (0245 GMT) far no reports of damage or injuries..”; The Sidney Morning Herald reported a near-identical location offshore for the March 9 quake: “The quake hit at 1:54pm about 169 kilometres off the city of a depth of 14 kilometres”
What about HAARP –could HAARP have enabled the events of March 9-11? Could the huge circular signature over Otsuchi on March 8 and 10 signal that an infrared-based ground technology exploiting  terahertz frequency was being used? Are there networked, off-grid (and subsurface) weapons that depend on infrared and the presence of HAARP? Read an earlier piece on the Haiti quake: What caused the strange diagonal pattern seen on the 12th, accompanied by another ‘target’?
Infrared (IR) signatures from previous quakes bear no resemblance to the round target-like images presented to the public in the technologyreview link. Quake radiations are pressure generated, asymetric, and sometimes butterfly-like,  emanating along a fault or fault system. A closer-earth image, provided by NASA,  of thermal IR scanning in India in January 2001 shows one such example (satellites showed intense IR 5 days before the deadly 7.9 Gujarat quake that killed more than 20,000) scroll down to third picture:
“Relative to the..8.8 Maule, Chile earthquake, the Tohoku-Oki earthquake was deficient in high-frequency seismic radiation –a difference we attribute to its relative shallow depth.”
–Gujarat India was also shallow at 17 kilometers.
In 2008, “Minoru Freund, a physicist and director for advanced aerospace materials and devices at Nasa’s Ames Research Center in California, told BBC News: ‘I do believe that we will be able to establish a clear correlation between certain earthquakes and certain pre-earthquake signals, in an unbiased way.’ …the BBC understands that scientists also observed a “huge” signal in the ionosphere before the Magnitude 7.8 earthquake in China on 12 May.
   “Last year, we looked at some fascinating data from the DEMETER spacecraft showing a significant increase in ultra-low frequency radio signals before the magnitude 7 Haiti earthquake in January 2010…”
Earthquake Animation sequence, beginning 00 hours March 11 JST, showing 1,326 quakes in the sequence:
August’s AUDACIOUS UPDATES with additional programming on the disaster, confirming even more video fakery to further confuse tsunami events, is PBS’s NOVA release of a newly made hour-long documentary in which Otsuchi (pop.18,000) is identifed as Miyako (pop. 52,000) and uses some of the same footage with “special thanks” credit to Brian Barnes. A satellite map pinpoints Miyako up the coast, set deep inside Miyako Bay which opens to the north, away from the traveling direction of the tsunami. . Nova drums up additional experts, such as Roger Bilham of the Univ. of Colorado who states, “Never before have we had such a surplus of data. There are no mysteries in this earthquake. We know exactly what happened.” New sets of facts and obfuscations, not put forward in earlier programs, should really muddle things up. Around minute 32, Nova focuses on a snowy mountain village called Kahoku which had a saltwater lake appear within 24 hours of the first wave, surge from the coast that funneled into a river and traveled several miles uphill to flood out the town. Orientation to Kahoku suggests it’s not far south from Ofunato, yet Kahoku evades a map search.  To make a point, PBS assures us that this tsunami had “no clear pattern to when or where” it struck.
 Tulane University has created a class around Nova’s production. The webpage states that “despite the fact that a tsunami warning system was in place, the earthquake was so close to the coast that little time was available for people to react.”
Seismologists report
“We used observations of open-ocean tsunami wave heights measured by deep sea-bottom pressure gauges..[from] 12 sensors in the Pacific ocean east of the Japan trench….”
Global wave intensity image (click on the link):; showing a strongly compact eastward thrust of the wave. Consider that Hawaii, Oregon and California received the tsunami but the Philippines and New Guinea did not.
Below:  colorized motion; March 11 epicenter is outlined with a black star (top of the red patch). This motion graph shows that the quake occurred at some distance from the trench.
“A ‘major’ earthquake is one measuring greater than magnitude 7.0… On average, the world has [had]..16 major quakes annually since 1900… In some years, such as 1986 and 1989, we have recorded only six major quakes while 32 of them occurred in 1943.”

April 29, 2011

Weather Whoas!

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Lessons from Dutchsinse:
After watching about a dozen HAARP-labeled videos, I got the gist of radar-assisted storm prediction based on these odd signatures. Check out these short clips from the last 6 weeks.
Amazing and anomalous things from the record:
Radar rings, tornado prediction for general Kansas City area, April 3, 2011,_2011_derecho_and_tornado_outbreak
HAARP squares, tornados predicted for Iowa, Apr 9,;
Ground-based weather mod. and severe weather prediction Apr.13;

Bizarre rings and cones, tornado prediction Apr19; as presented, severe weather ‘appears’ approx 24-48hrs.after (the present storm passes) where the large ring signatures are located. This prediction was for St. Louis, MO. This clip from Apr 20 explains more In other words, the large ring formations, mostly visible as ‘edges’, have an epicenter that will bear a severe weather event in 1-3 days. On Friday, April 22, St. Louis took a hit.
Scalar rings and squares,”massive” tornado prediction, Apr 26
Apr 27
“April 2011 has been a horrific month for severe weather so far with nearly 900 reports of tornadoes, hundreds of tornado-related deaths and unthinkable destruction…There is a good chance that April 2011 will end up being the most active April on record for tornadoes.”
>>>historically, 900-1000 tornadoes in the U.S. is the average in a year. Weather news spokesmen now say the average is 1,300.
I started a Weather Control theme looking at hurricanes, linked here showing the potential of storm steering, and the probability that this practice became routine by 1950. I surmise that during atmospheric nuclear testing it was in the interest of the U.S. government to rain out as much fallout as possible on its own territory to prevent easy detection from drifting fallout by other countries. Massive rains could be ascribed to a similar desire to rain out the particulates in chemtrails, among other flooding uses. Not yet addressed is the practice of using bacteria in weather modification, which have known properties of ground warming and may be a plausible ‘balancing’  ingredient in fallout when increased CO2 cools surface temps.

February 17, 2011


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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” –Proverbs 17:22

“Ever since biology became a science at the hands of biochemists it has carefully avoided or renounced the concept of purpose as having any role in the systems observed… Only the observer may have purpose, but nothing observed is to be explained by it. This materialist article of faith has forced any study of process out of science and into the hands of engineers to whom purpose and process are the fundamental concepts in designing and understanding and optimizing machines.
…An automaton, thus, must have two explanations, one in terms of mechanism and accounted by efficient cause, the other in terms of process and accounted by final cause. Thus, to deny purpose to living creatures is foolish, it is tantamount to denying what you don’t choose to explain, a peculiar stance for a scientist. Logical computers can be built by the arrangement of switches. Analogue processors can be built by the arrangement of amplifiers. What is the problem? Every process must have a mechanism to sustain it. And this holds even for thinking about a process. The spirit has no subtle action (such as thinking abstractly) which is not accompanied by the action of devices in the brain which is part of the body.” –Jerome Y. Lettvin

November 20, 2010

Ruminations on the Race

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I apologize to regular readers for taking many days to put up the previous post (Atomic Power, No Contest). I’m challenging myself to sift through a lot of material, stick to the point and paste ‘cleanly’, but it’s about as much fun as swabbing out a cesspool. When I start halting with a piecemeal approach, it’s due to my own sense of personal mortification.
   The Bomb may have brought about the political means to force a world government but its biological effects have been explored since the arrival of x-rays in the 1890s. It seems these were the true ‘benefits’ to the world dominators and the case for intentionally creating nuclear weapons is largely a medical one. X-rays alone demonstrated the capacity to disable humans by stealth and initiate disease processes since the technology first appeared. In combination with chemicals, radiation produced specifically fatal effects on cells, tissues and organs that marked it as a ‘force multiplier’ by the dawn of the 20th century. The fathers of the Bomb knew very well that they were unleashing uncontrolled biological poison, and the global takeover strategy is not complete without an exposition of ‘testing’. A tested nuke is a used nuke, cumulatively worth the contamination of about 40,000 Hiroshimas in the atmospheric period. The people of North America have taken direct hits from two-thirds of all exploded nukes and artificial weather has aided in bringing down the fallout, and as we succumb to the political machinations of socialism, the seduction is rendered most potently by the promises of healthcare– the final trap that will transition us to the post-human age, or what Michio Kaku calls the “Post-Genome Era”.
   Jonas Salk called it metabiology and his institute housed the active and idealogical program of the Rockefeller Foundation, America’s counterpart to the Rothschilds. This isn’t complicated, is it? I see great simplicity underlying the events of modern history: scientific domination of the world population by extreme racist elites. While the people struggled with Top-down oppression the real changes were wrought from the bottom up. This is the actualized significance of nuclear weapons (and power plants!). If they’re still effective as political leverage it’s because of “cultural lag”, our collective inability to rapidly assimilate the meaning and use of technological change-agents. But nuclear sabre-rattling nowadays just looks to me like very grandiose showmanship. If they complete their socialization plans, then the nuclear age will be fulfilled and as Bertrand Russell said, “there will be no more war”. We should expect Full Automation to kick in complete with a Kill Switch for detectable aggressor genes. 
…as my constitution permits, I’ll be expanding and modifying “Atomic Power, No Contest”…
Gordon Duff presents a pointed and predicted example of nuclear terror that reads like a script from some pre-Cold War think tank on the nightmare of proliferation:
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