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April 13, 2011

Cracking Down on Kids

Recent news items have my attention as anti-human “livestock” policies underway, directed at children under 10 who already contend with forced vaccination, drugging, expulsion for Zero Tolerance, tasering and adult-style arrest. American civilization is crumbling as surely as the Titanic sank. Prevention, anyone?
Add these to the list:
Florida gated community votes $100 fine for children playing outside:–face-100-fine.html?ITO=1490 Don’t people with children move to gated communities in the first place because the streets are safer for their kids? And in sunny Florida, no less, where adults travel expressly to play outside with “obnoxious” toys. Can a Homeowners Association enforce an unconstitutional policy not represented in their oiginal covenants? A recent statistic I heard was that children already interact with electronic media nine hours of every day –this, they say,  contributes to childhood obesity, the number one claim setting up the next bit of news.
Home lunch banned at Chicago public elementary school: Detractors, of course, don’t buy into the ‘health’ argument  but when I heard it my first thought was about school lunch programs overseen by the Department of Defense who have a keen interest in what the kids eat, when “half of their daily calories come from lunch at school”, sayeth the government. It might all have something to do with this too–  the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 which authorizes the USDA to regulate all food transactions on school grounds.  Half the money for the school food program, apparently, is slated to come from diverted food stamp allotments– how about that when food stamps buy groceries for home meals prepared by parents. Is that double-dealing for control?
“High-Tech Cameras to Record Kids’ Food Choices in School Cafeterias”
Six-year-old gets TSA patdown: The little girl broke down in tears after this experience –she’d been through the obligatory scanners and was selected for a patdown proceedure.  The news interviewer sympathetically assured the shaky parents that the patdown was professional and TSA is “doing the best job that they can”. ughh.
Homeless mom enrolls child in neighboring city school and faces 20 years jail: “Connecticut authorities have filed theft charges against a homeless woman, alleging that she used a false address to enroll her son in a higher-income school district… If she’s convicted, [she] may end up in jail for as many as 20 years and pay a $15,000 fine for the crime… Authorities are accusing [her] of enrolling her 5-year-old son in nearby Norwalk schools by using the address of a friend (Her friend has also been evicted…) ‘I had no idea whatsoever that if you enroll your child in another school district it becomes a crime,’ the 33-year-old told the paper… The case is..similar to the headline-making story of [an] Ohio mom..who spent days in jail after using her father’s address… ‘One woman has been evicted, another could go to jail and all because a little boy went to school in a district where he sometimes lives’.. ”
Pregnant “famished” mom in Hawaii eats a $5 sandwich while shopping for family groceries and forgets to pay at the checkout –the parents, who offered to pay as soon as the mistake became known, were arrested and their 2-year-old daughter was taken into custody for 18 hours by Social Services.$2-sandwiches-state-briefly-takes-daughter-away/
“Earlier..a Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital..and was charged with battery on a police officer. That student was 5 years old…[and] diagnosed with…ADHD…”
“Police handcuff kindergartner for tantrum” : “The girl’s family…say the child was shaken up by being put in a cell at the police station…”
“18-month-old baby pulled from flight” –“The parents..say..their young child had been placed on a no-fly list..”
Boy pees on a tree in the park:
“Harry Branch-Shaw, a 3-year-old pre-schooler who lives in Manhattan’s East Village, was with his nanny in the park when they both realized that he wasn’t going to make it to a nearby public toilet in time. To avoid an accident, she had the boy urinate near a tree.
The nanny was promptly handed a $50 summons for Harry’s public urination.
New York City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern said this week that he will review the case and make a “reasonable judgment,” after officials find out the facts. Meanwhile, his mom, Gigi Branch-Shaw, has vowed to appear before the Environmental Control Board later this month to get it straightened out.”
Older news:
October, 2009: “Six-year-old..was so excited to become a Cub Scout that he  brought his camping utensil to school. The tool serves as a spoon, a fork and a  knife..[but] the gizmo violated his school’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons. And now the..School District in Newark, Del., has suspended the first grader and ordered him  to attend the district’s reform school for 45 days.”,2933,564605,00.html
One wonders if offenses like these suffice for justifying intervention by Child Protective Services. Many cases of legal kidnapping by state officials have proven to require much less in the way of offense, by either child or parent. An investigation by state senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia resulted in a “scathing” report that cost her a senate seat. Some believe the senator’s investigation also cost her life.
Reports suggested that Nancy Schaefer was shot by her husband who then shot himself in the head as a result of illness from cancer:
“Note that the “doctor” who said he “believed” Nancy’s husband had cancer was also a politician. Now for the true story. I have been contacted by a very close friend of Senator Schaefer and he states that she was wrapping up a self-funded documentary that “named names” and exposed a very high-level, child-pedophile ring.
That’s enough to get anyone killed.
   The above article also states that they did not know who pulled the trigger. I believe that could clearly indicate that the triggerman, or woman, fled the scene. Note the following Update to the above story:
(WSB Radio/AP) Investigators with the GBI and the Habersham County Sheriff’s Department can’t find any evidence that the husband of former State Senator Nancy Schaefer was suffering from a terminal illness when he shot her in the back and then killed himself in their Clarksville home.”
Listen to Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer:

November 20, 2010

Ruminations on the Race

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I apologize to regular readers for taking many days to put up the previous post (Atomic Power, No Contest). I’m challenging myself to sift through a lot of material, stick to the point and paste ‘cleanly’, but it’s about as much fun as swabbing out a cesspool. When I start halting with a piecemeal approach, it’s due to my own sense of personal mortification.
   The Bomb may have brought about the political means to force a world government but its biological effects have been explored since the arrival of x-rays in the 1890s. It seems these were the true ‘benefits’ to the world dominators and the case for intentionally creating nuclear weapons is largely a medical one. X-rays alone demonstrated the capacity to disable humans by stealth and initiate disease processes since the technology first appeared. In combination with chemicals, radiation produced specifically fatal effects on cells, tissues and organs that marked it as a ‘force multiplier’ by the dawn of the 20th century. The fathers of the Bomb knew very well that they were unleashing uncontrolled biological poison, and the global takeover strategy is not complete without an exposition of ‘testing’. A tested nuke is a used nuke, cumulatively worth the contamination of about 40,000 Hiroshimas in the atmospheric period. The people of North America have taken direct hits from two-thirds of all exploded nukes and artificial weather has aided in bringing down the fallout, and as we succumb to the political machinations of socialism, the seduction is rendered most potently by the promises of healthcare– the final trap that will transition us to the post-human age, or what Michio Kaku calls the “Post-Genome Era”.
   Jonas Salk called it metabiology and his institute housed the active and idealogical program of the Rockefeller Foundation, America’s counterpart to the Rothschilds. This isn’t complicated, is it? I see great simplicity underlying the events of modern history: scientific domination of the world population by extreme racist elites. While the people struggled with Top-down oppression the real changes were wrought from the bottom up. This is the actualized significance of nuclear weapons (and power plants!). If they’re still effective as political leverage it’s because of “cultural lag”, our collective inability to rapidly assimilate the meaning and use of technological change-agents. But nuclear sabre-rattling nowadays just looks to me like very grandiose showmanship. If they complete their socialization plans, then the nuclear age will be fulfilled and as Bertrand Russell said, “there will be no more war”. We should expect Full Automation to kick in complete with a Kill Switch for detectable aggressor genes. 
…as my constitution permits, I’ll be expanding and modifying “Atomic Power, No Contest”…
Gordon Duff presents a pointed and predicted example of nuclear terror that reads like a script from some pre-Cold War think tank on the nightmare of proliferation:

July 7, 2010

‘Dr. Mary’s’ Flunky

flunky – n [of unknown origin] 1a: a liveried servant, b: one performing menial duties
2: Yes-Man
For the third time, since writing “Assassination By Cancer”, the theme of the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Ed Haslam is bubbling on my front burner, except this time I’ve progressed through the analysis stage and even had an encounter with Ed!
The subject seems to be more of a Third Rail than I could have initially thought or guessed.  A recent and very disingenousness experience with Ed and other posters at the forum, is a personally convincing argument that the same historic elements that plotted against JFK are still at it, controlling the story.
Someone, of some forum-associated agency, held this blog hostage while I engaged in a thread called “Is Ed Haslam Disinfo?”. When the thread was closed and locked-out, I finally got a password from WordPress after two days of hold-up. Now, who could do that?
…but it was not the end, of course. Behind the scenes “dire” consequences were threatened.
You’d probably never suspect it from the mild-looking discussion here:
The thread title was changed to “Ed Haslam Discussion” and reopened after I was no longer able to post (by my request, to prevent imposter posting in my name given that my assigned forum password was my name!)
So how important a story is Dr. Mary’s Monkey? It’s value to me lies in what is NOT said, and what IS said appears to be the value of lies.
Could the real story here be the Binding Tie that illuminates the money trail and significant persons of Israel’s secret nuclear and biological weapons? Will an investigation of Ed Haslam and his book BOTH turn up the key ingredients to Shadow Government operations that link POLIO vaccines, nuclear weapons, JFK’s death, DARPA-NASA technology, cancer, AIDS, September 11, Anthrax Attack, H1N1, economic meltdown, “loose nukes” and Gulf oil disasters?
Many of those answers may already be here on the blog and in the “dedicated research” websites that take up some of these points in depth.
Like a weaver with new color yarns, I’ll be laying more of these threads into the existing patterns found at
and (anthrax attack)
It was forecast for Americans almost 100 years ago, that we would be biologically owned down to our cells.  The American Century symbollically closed with September 11. Are they owning us yet, or keeping us busy til they get the job done?
Perhaps 9-11 was also the closing of the Millenium of Peace –not the ‘peace’ of lack-of-conflict, but the peace of “shalom”, in its fullest meaning of ‘restitution’: the paying back, the settling of scores.
–more on this idea is in the archives article, “The Worshipful Apothecaries”.
The Trouble With Ed
It’s either very unfortunate or cultishly cunning to ‘star’ in a book about historical and scientific research, because Ed Haslam has written himself in as the main character of Dr. Mary’s Monkey, thus ensuring his guardianship of a story that runs afoul of facts, logic, and emotional sense. But in spite of this, and because it is ultimately NOT personal, I have to thank Ed Haslam for doing his job.
As he suspected, few people (as yet) would ever bother to analyze him, let alone attempt to challenge him on his home turf. The real service of Ed’s book is learned by embracing the contrived “fusion” of a secret nuclear facility, a false vaccine Project, the contaminated polio vaccines, the “Jewish backers”, and the assassination plot of JFK and to reframe the story in its greater context to uncover the “deep vein of power in this country” (Ed’s words).
Polio, the disease ‘complex’ and the vaccine that went ’round the world, was the product of Organized Medical Crime which has begged its place in the Global Syndicate of racist Israeli domination. In our times, it wears the face of the SALK Institute for Biological Research, those “metabiologists” who wrought world-changing mutations on planetary lifeforms (us!). For the committed eugenicists applied to the division and dehabilitation of the general public, chemicals and radiation have aways been the choice weapons of mass destruction. If you didn’t know it before, learn it now and step out of the toxic pressure that is mutating your genes. The frontiers of real natural ‘science’ are unfolding truths that are written on the hearts of all God’s children…and it will not be stopped.
As you can see, the blog is up and running…my associates are taking care of business…and this ballgame is over for now… so call the boys home, Ed. You can only be the Monkey’s Pa for so long, and it will sink or swim on its own integrity.
                                                               Recommended Reading
FINAL JUDGEMENT, by Michael Collins Piper
(sorry, no reliable link to Final Judgement)
AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS and EMPIRE, by Nancy Turner Banks, MD
distributed by Barnes and Noble booksellers
Dr. Mary’s Monkey analysis, to be posted at
The Trouble With The Particle Accelerator
As a distinctive type used in the making of  industrial “metamaterials” (see the photo link in  ‘Particle Accelerator 101′, June), and according to the known association of the Sterns (WDSU radio and tv) as central JFK  assassination plotters, the New Orleans facility should be regarded in a similar light to the Sterns’ investment in NUMEC, the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Apollo, Pennsylvania.
   Mike Piper tells us that Edith Stern was one of Clay Shaw’s closest friends.
Edith Goodkind Rosenwald (Mrs. Sulzberger, Mrs. Stern) was the daughter of Sears, Roebuck & Co. magnate, Julius Rosenwald. Julius’s best friends from his ‘apprentice’ days in New York were Henry Morganthau and Henry Goldman.
Henry Goldman personally and privately supported physicists Max Born and Albert Einstein in Germany. With his close associate, Abraham Flexner  and his brothers Simon and Bernard, Rosenwald applied his fortune to hand-selecting “displaced scholars” for presigious academic appointments in the U.S. His son, Lessing, filled his father’s shoes and maintained the close relationships with the Flexners –Simon Flexner was the chief of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and Bernard Flexner was a founding CFR member, signer of Paris Peace for the Zionist Organization of America, President of the Palestine Economic Development Corp (1922), and incorporating officer of the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Jewish Scholars (1933). Abraham Flexner founded Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study in 1930, where Einstein and other select elite scientists were given an institutional home from where they performed the avant-garde services of cutting edge weapons technology.
    Edith’s brother Lessing J. Rosenwald, was chief of the Office of Production Management for WWII. Among his accomplishments in wartime, was having building codes significantly relaxed to allow valuable materials to be conserved (and cheap ones placed in their stead!) Lessing founded the America First Committee (for US neutrality) and the American Council for Judaism  (anti-Zionist coalition) which put him in charge of his opposition!
NUMEC was founded was Zalman Shapiro in 1957 to produce commercial nuclear reactor fuel. A commited and longstanding Zionist with high-level Israeli connections, Shapiro also held a patent to purify diamonds with particle accelerators!

Aug.2002  “NUMEC used Apollo, Parks as guinea pigs” – “If you lived near the former NUMEC nuclear fuel plants in Apollo and Parks in the 1960s, you were part of studies to determine how much nuclear fallout was safe for humans. You just didn’t know it. And neither may have the workers inside the plants, who were studied to see just how much radiation the human body could absorb…But what were the results of the tests? Few seem to know…The extent of the studies will most likely stay unknown. ‘Private contractor sites like NUMEC fell off the map’ [Dan] Guttman said…results of the ongoing study [worker lifetime study] are not available.” [Guttman chaired the Pres. Committee on Human Radiation Experiments]More information about  Dr. Mary’s Monkey-related history will be added to the polioforever analysis.

The Library Evidence
 The murder mystery of Dr. Mary Sherman, which was published, says Haslam, to be the “case for an investigation” at the heart of Dr. Mary’s Monkey, is based on New Orleans Public Library documents that were turned into the library system after nearly 30 years of cover-up. These scurrilous papers are the ‘proof’ that Mary died, not in March of 1967 as was believed, but in July of 1964. At least, that’s what the providers of the documents would like us to believe.
So who was in control of the New Orleans Public Library?
In the time period that the Sherman autopsy report showed up for public perusal, one of the illustrious N.O. Library Commissioners was James R. Moffett, owner and oil wildcatter of the Freeport-McMoRan Corp. From 1988 to 1995, Henry Kissinger was on Moffett’s Board of directors.
The question of which year Dr. Sherman died may even be a false choice. Her role in the JFK assassination and the “galloping cancer” bioweapon which she supervised may have endeared her enough to her patrons to arrange a staged disappearance, perhaps to Latin or South America where her fluency in Spanish and the connections made while traveling with Dr. Alton Ochsner gave her a shoe-in. Maybe she stuck around a while and had more to do with David Ferrie’s death than is supposed.
    Readers are reminded on p.233, “Remember that Dr. Talley identified the victim by body shape and hair color”. On page p.235, the referenced autopsy report describes “burns over the entire face producing marked shrinkage of the skin, with deformity of the facial features and drying and shrinkage of the eyeballs”.  Ed Haslam goes on to ask “Is it any wonder that the first two people who tried could not identify her?”. Haslam, in facts, paints the picture of the circumstances of Mary Sherman’s death as a dual mystery, one of which he sets up, and one of which he illustrates with a theory . But really, why should we care?  Interest in Haslam’s versions of this human story appear to be trails of breadcrumbs that lead anywhere but home. Mary Sherman is not important, but the smoke-and-mirrors of the story is intriguing for its look of “content control” and opinion shaping.
The Witness: Judyth
On page 243, Ed Haslam writes, “By the summer of 1995, I had spent three years investigating the death of Mary Sherman, the history of monkey virus research, and the uncharted epidemic of soft tissue cancers. I was exhausted…Much had been done, yet much was undone. I had to make a decision about publishing….Should I publish?…Or should I continue researching..? On the one hand, one of my major goals had been accomplished. Much of the nonsense surrounding Mary Sherman’s death had been exposed. On the other, my list of unanswered questions stretched to the horizon. It was as if all my years of work were little more than clearing the brush before the real work could begin [emphasis added]. The ultimate problem was that I had no way of knowing if additional effort would produce additional answers. Or whether a major discovery lay just around the corner. For better or worse, I decided to publish, just to get the story out….Perhaps someone would come forward with more information.”
Someone did.
Judyth Vary Baker was perhaps the only living person to make a “coherent explanation” in the overall pattern that Ed was seeking. In 2000, a CBS ’60 Minutes’ contact “brought her” to Ed. Professing reluctance for Judyth’s witness, nonetheless, Ed Haslam moved (? or was already there) near Judyth’s home town of Bradenton, Florida. Sometime, in this period, Ed Haslam even “ran into Mohammed Atta at the Venice airport”! Whaddya know!?
Judyth Baker is important.
And it stands as a major curiosity to consider that Haslam’s original publication of “Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus”, under a pseudonym, circulated like a baited hook. Judyth lives outside the US now, in “exile”, and if we believe her communication on the forum (titled “Judyth’s Last Message”), she vows to never, never again post messages to public websites. That message itself, was posted by proxy.
Maybe now, the real work is done.

March 15, 2010

Ms. Rajiva, my reply

On March 1st, author/blogger Lila Rajiva,, posted a critical piece on a couple-or-three paragraphs I’d written about Baltimore publisher Agora Inc. Ms R. seems to have hung on every word, maximizing her “hit” ratio with verbal ammunition, although she does not give her readers an actual link or title citation to my article that she quotes, as one might expect a responsible journalist would do. To make up for her shortfall, the article in question is “The Debt-For-Nature Scheme” and was not designed as a hit-piece on Agora Inc. The Agora paragraphs are brief and general within the context of Debt-For-Nature.
Who is Lila Rajiva? She is Agora Inc. founder Bill Bonner’s co-author of “Mobs, Messiahs and Markets”. She has a Wikipedia biography listed on her ‘about’ page (here: ) A native of India (one assumes from the bio), Rajiva did doctoral work in the US and resides in Baltimore (and Argentina as well?), and has authored 2 books: (quoting wiki) “The first book examines the place of Iraqi prisoner torture in U.S. culture and politics and is a study of propaganda; the second book details mass delusions and explains why they continually arise.”
I wonder why Ms. Rajiva has even bothered to critique me, small fish that I am. By taking the Agora material out of context and supposing me a ‘rookie’, is she making sport of a ‘soft’ target? or did she perceive an opportunity to weave ‘spin’ according to her credentials as a somewhat-authority in “propaganda” and “delusion”? I have no doubt that my regular readers have an interest in unwinding the ‘spin’ and getting down to fundamentals about real world problems and their causes. I also don’t doubt that Ms. Rajiva has similar interests, if she could just figure out which side of the fence she’s on, but that’s purely my wish. Maybe she knows exactly her position. As it stands, she straddles fact and fiction and moves the fence when it suits her.
In answer to Rajiva’s March 1 article (with update, 3/06/2010), the following is my reply:
Rajiva claims “while googling, I stumbled on some weird material by a blogger Jennifer Lake, who seems to have gotten some facts mixed up about libertarian newsletter publisher, Agora Inc. [I’ve since had time to read through her archives and many of her entries are overtly anti-semitic]”
The first thing LR wants to tell you before launching her critique is “weird” and “overtly anti-semitic”. The second hyperlink leads to 3 posts that quote from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I’ve referred to the Protocols myself as “hoax or not” they seem to be acted upon in the implementation of official policy. The quotes are supported by demonstration in the body of the blog. Is it “weird”? –ee-yeah!  We’ve all heard the maxim “fact is stranger than fiction” and in the world of advanced technology and medical science, which is a dominant theme in my blog, this is surreal weirdness. The objective existence of the Protocols makes it “fact” but only in demonstration can it be determined if it’s true, and I’ve found the principles of the Protocols underlying much ‘truth’ in the outcome of events. Apparently, as Ms. Rajiva will have it, that makes one an anti-semite.
   Anti-semitism is certainly an issue as a ‘weaponized’ charge and confessed “trick” that has been used to generate opposition to legitimate claims, criticisms, and dissent against Israeli or Jewish actions. In Ms. Rajiva’s blog post “Israel-Palestine Problem Exhibits Wound of PTSD”, she writes, “For Jews, the great trauma is, of course, the Holocaust itself, the systematic and ultimately incomprehensible slaughter of one-third of world Jewry“.
Slaughter of one-third? Is that a “fact”? If I question the source and accuracy of her statement, I would be labeled ‘anti-semitic’ and a (worse) ‘Holocaust denier’, however I deny no one the legitimacy of their personal suffering. In fact, I agree with Lila that “they need therapy”. What’s interesting is that this hyperlink is the top of her critique, not related to the content of Agora or the article she is quoting from, which is never cited in the first place.
See this video about using the charge of “anti-semitism” as a “trick”
As for “some facts mixed up” about Agora: how badly did I do?
“[Lake]“Agora Inc. was established as a publishing company in Washington D.C. in 1979 by its founders; William Bonner, Jim Dale Davidson, Porter Stansberry and Lord William Rees-Moog.
(Lila: I don’t believe Stansberry was involved in founding it…he might not even have been born would have been very young at the time; and it’s Rees-Mogg. Moog is the electronic synthesizer. Also, most people who’ve written on the subject don’t mention Rees-Mogg as a founder, except Lyndon Larouche. Besides Larouche, the person who harps on Rees-Mogg is a minor Internet spammer…”

—like I said, in context I was generalizing. Stansberry founded 2 or more later divisions of the various businesses under Agora’s umbrella. That makes him a founder, or ‘partner’ if you prefer, in the expanding establishment. He was not an original incorporator in 1979. If I erred, it was for being too brief and nonspecific but I’ll take a lesson. It was not my intention to belabor the Debt-for-Nature article. Instead, I offered a source link which details the original founders as Bill Bonner and James Dale Davidson. Rees-Mogg was included in my statement precisely because others identify him as a founder, one of whom LR describes as ” a credible left-oriented writer”. Good thing LR caught that “Moog” mix-up so nobody thinks I was referring to a synthesizer! It was probably a typo on my part and I’ve been criticized before for not correcting typos. Consider me ‘slapped’. I only used his name once, so who knows if it was a typo or not– I don’t even know. A lot of what follows this is apologist drivel, which Rajiva couches as “Not to defend Agora, but…” and proceeds to defend Agora.  LR confirms rather than refutes more of what I’ve written, such as disreputable stock promotion, government connections, charges of fraud, etc. and writes this about her own efforts at exposing Agora:

“.. I’ve been quite critical of Agora (within the limits of what you can say of a place where you once worked)”…”I posted a detailed criticism of Agora that I later took down to avoid claims of defamation

We’ll have to take her word for it that such a publication existed and was as damaging as she suggests, though I do not find Ms. Rajiva a credible exposer under the circumstances. As she points out by way of another veiled hyperlink, noted as “other facts” concerning the murder of an Agora employee who may have found out inconvenient truths as his widow believes, knowing or exposing things about Agora could be hazardous. Much safer just to talk about how honest and forthright you’ve attempted to be.

The larger criticism in all this appears to be a “lack of evidence” charge. Since her readers probably don’t know that LR quoted every single word about Agora in the Debt-For-Nature article, and wasn’t simply highlighting the passages of some ‘tell-all’, it stands to reason that there just isn’t very much there. She says she’ll do some homework, but will she post it? Considering the off-putting nature of the “overtly anti-semitic” content on my blog, which begins and ends the article, LR had already censored herself with  “confirming my decision not to link the material” that was otherwise supportive (of something at variance with the sanitized Agora, one gathers?)…and so, in all, she has demonstrated the limits of her offering as just another disingenuous propagandist willing to protect and apologize for criminals.

December 8, 2009

Pausing For Thought

I’ve reached a point with this blog where I’ve laid out a lot of the things that concern me –and I’ll recap some of that– and for the time being I need to ‘go deep’ and get familiar with the guiding authorities that are shaping this New World into which we’re being delivered. People who generally are not concerned with controlling others have a tendency in common –they don’t explore the mechanisms of control or the literature that supports it, at least not until it becomes a problem. I have this tendency.
I’m in the process now of rereading a book that was initially loathsome, B.F. Skinner’s “Beyond Freedom and Dignity” –I highly recommend it. Skinner worked for Army Intel and trained a generation of Harvard behaviorists to create a science of social control. It’s been exceptionally thought-provoking to give Skinner’s book another go ’round and carry his ideas, published in 1971, forward to the state-of-the-art contributions in control made by science and technology. Behaviorism was Skinner’s technology.
I’ll give you a taste:
[page 42]
“Man’s struggle for freedom is not due to a will to be free, but to certain behavioral processes characteristic of the human organism, the chief effect of which is the avoidance of or escape from so-called “aversive” features of the environment. Physical and biological technologies have been mainly concerned with natural aversive stimuli; the struggle for freedom is concerned with stimuli arranged by other people. The literature of freedom has identified the other people and has proposed ways of escaping from them or weakening or destroying their power. It has been successful in reducing the aversive stimuli used in intentional control, but it has made the mistake of defining freedom in terms of states of mind or feelings, and it has therefore not been able to deal effectively with techniques of control which do not breed escape or revolt but nevertheless have aversive consequences. It has been forced to brand all control as wrong and to misrepresent many of the advantages to be gained from a social environment. It is unprepared for the next step, which is not to free men from control but to analyze and change the kinds of control to which they are exposed.”
I’m nearly bubbling-over to use Skinner’s book as a touchstone and apply what I’ve learned about the ‘state’ we’re in to his exposition of behavior. That will take some time, but doing so can only be helpful to know where to look and how to strengthen and extend the concepts of the “literature of freedom and dignity” to cover the areas implied by Skinner but not addressed; namely tools of control such as biological/pharmaceutical and electronic means which have slipped into “legal” development –like the article just below endeavors to point out. Freedom and dignity are concepts that Skinner believed to be artifacts from an earlier time when humans “aggrandized the individual” –they could be fatal, he believed, for a culture wishing to preserve itself. What culture, exactly, does Skinner hope to preserve? He answers only ‘our’ culture. His allegiance is to the controller-designers who esteemed him to develop a methodology; and so man is not the autonomous being of his thought and spirit. He is an automaton in motion, subject to the contingencies of the environment and the ‘reinforcers’ that condition him. That’s all.
If  governments can manipulate our DNA, and program entirely novel organisms into existence (they can and they do!), nothing prevents them from using it to solve the “Human Question” once and for all. In fact, every aspect of this scientific pursuit has been accelerated. It’s not a moral question in behaviorism, but a contigency. 

November 8, 2009

A Few Words About the Agenda

Most “conspiracy” researchers like myself have found that the last 200 years of history prove an undeniable case for the emergence of a One World System in our lifetimes run by the Rothschild banking establishment and founded on the traditions of the Talmud. Hoax or not, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a tangible demonstration of the Plan for global domination. The evidence is all around us, just as the evidence for the destruction on 9-11 points to Israel and the complicity of high-ranking public officials. The publications from the Club of Rome likewise read like “progress reports” for the Protocols agenda. For all of ‘us’ who will be subject to this agenda, and yet remain outside of the zones of open hostility, day-to-day life has been compared to the hapless frog in a slow-to-boil pot; each day a little more hot and a little less free.
The peculiar directions of science and medical research over the last century are incredibly revealing in the amount of comprehension attained in biological control and we are left to guess at how much of each day’s “measure” is serving this Grand Design. I started this blog in July09 in the midst of a “pandemic” that is not happening because of a deep foreboding that the Controls being sought are nearly in hand. There is no rational/logical explanation for things like mandatory vaccines, forced healthcare, carbon-footprint permits and the like when it flies in the face of experiential science. What else can it be but the consolidation of the Plan? Every article here in my blog is telling an aspect of this story; One story about One World, where everything coalesces under the rulership of an earthy oligarchy. Once they rule you, they own you, and then they will create or annihilate you as they see fit. There is no future but Their future and ‘we’ are to be made less than fully human to eliminate their competition. It’s an old ‘conquerors’ trick, once merely a device of speech and record-keeping to alter social perceptions but today achievable in physical fact.  How will we be ‘less than human’ –perhaps by becoming programmable DNA computers. Take a look:

DARPA has been working on an artificial intelligence ‘interface’ for untold years, calling it the “Golem Project” in respect of the Talmudic tradition. I don’t know how many of the visible aspects of DARPA’s Golem program apply to its greater activity, but in essence I assume that all of it does. The impetus in DNA computing, according to Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Institute speaking in 2003, is to find a “molecule that can recognize, cut and join DNA sequences in specific ways”, what he suggests will be “designer enzymes…that can do things and go to places that silicon can’t –such as inside our cells to make and control drugs.” . Phage and virus already do this naturally –enter our cells and install a program– so the question is begging about the ability of virus-like ‘nano-machines’ harnessed for the activity of synthesizing specific enzymes to run an assembly program. If you were going to ‘assemble’ a DNA computer capable of replicating and replacing its own parts, wouldn’t the ideal machine have an immortal and unlimited source of those parts? Cancer cells are just such an immortal cellular anomaly. A pharmaceutical-generating program that can control cancer cells in the self-performance of chemotherapy has the capacity I would think of becoming an immortal DNA computer, capable of replacing itself with endless ‘perfect copies’ while keeping the overproduction of those cells in check.

Such thoughts account for the intentional induction of cancer-causing substances today. Cancer cells may become the needed raw material for constructing immortal bio-bot computers. The staggering potential of DNA computing forecast by Leonard Adleman is that “One gram of DNA can store as much information as a trillion compact discs”. “What’s more”, states the text of the USC webpages above, “myriad DNA molecules can examine every possible [pathway] at once, rather than one at a time as in a conventional computer”. With this much incredible promise, is it likely that the DNA computing science would take a backseat? If I’m on the right track with this projection, a lot of agendas appear to be satisfied. I’m over my head here, but too intrigued not to steer for personally unchartered waters. Explanations for the presence of sophisticated and nano-sized materials in food, vaccines and chemtrails are not forthcoming and yet they are turning up in products of every description. At the atomic level, organic, inorganic and cellular materials have new and different properties, most informative of which comes from electrochemical experiments.  As in the past, this new technical platform will be maximally spun-off and exploited in some ultimate pursuit of global mastery.


“Nanotechnology may replace the current treatment for cancer” [Feb. 2007] 

2004– “Recently, simple molecular-scale autonomous programmable computers were demonstrated… allowing both input and output… Such computers, using biological molecules as input data and biologically active molecules as output, could produce a system for ‘logical’ control of biological processes… As proof of principle, we programmed the computer to identify and analyze mRNA of disease-related genes associated with models of ..cancer, and to produce a single-stranded DNA molecule modelled after an anticancer drug.”

September 17, 2009

The War Upon You

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In a chance moment of flipping on the television as a guest at someone’s home, I caught a few minutes of the History Channel analyzing the American Civil War ‘Battle of Gettysburg’. The program imposed the strategy of the reknown Chinese martialist Sun Tzu on the actions of the losing Confederates and the mistakes they had made, apparently unfamiliar with war strategy : “Never send in troops to rescue a lost cause“.
…the moment was epiphanous…

Few people seem to know or comprehend the depth of the war being waged on humanity. I do not know it but feel it to the marrow, and my heart resists capture even by the seductive reasoning of my own mind. ‘Reason’ is what I was trained to believe in, not in the wild impulses of my heart. ‘Reason’, then, must be the tool of my enemy. It is a great piece of rationalist fakery to equate Reason with Logic. They are surely not the same creature of thought. Logic is simply a method of determining cause and effect. Reason, on the other hand, is the philosopher’s Ideal. I never did like academic philosophy for it’s failure to inform my heart on the nature of reality.

And so, my worldly thoughts seek their measure in practical constructs, like Sun Tzu. War is a business and all modern business has become the strategy of war. My mother, who knows little of business and even less of war, still often repeated the temporal wisdom inherent in the advice of Sun Tzu : “Never throw good money after bad”.

In a war of reduction, waged from within, the strategy is to lose; lose and survive. How many overreaching businesses have survived against considerable odds by downsizing, tightening control and imposing a uniformity of protocol? In the global business of downsizing, the more lost causes the better. The more good money after bad the better. The less Life the better. Winning by losing reduces everything to manageable proportions and hands over a ‘bloodless’ victory. The strategists have been honing their skills for centuries –they know you hate to lose. They’re counting on it.

August 19, 2009

The Constant Gardeners

There is well-founded speculation and evidence to support the idea that familiar human illnesses began when humans began tilling the soil and ceased ranging over the earth in the blossoming epoch of Civilization. Agriculture changed the diet of human beings and the animals they kept, causing theorists to point to zoonosis as the primary culprit in human diseases.
   In the book “Food of the Gods”, Terence McKenna suggests the discovery of fermented grains supplanted the ancient wild ‘sacred ritual’ mushrooms of the nomads who followed grazing cattle and in time changed religious practice and beliefs as well as the dietary customs of people and their animals.
In Genesis 3, God curses the ground for the transgression of Adam and Eve and declares “in pain you will eat of its produce…and you must eat the vegetation of the field”… “Cain became a cultivator of the ground” and [God] “did not look with any favor upon Cain”……
Modern biological science is founded upon the processes of fermentation, or harnessing the activity of microbes for specific applications. The arts of fermentation have evolved ‘cultural’ distinctions and undergird the development of perhaps the most ancient of human sciences, all within the religious context of defining humanity’s relationships to the ‘gods’. Joseph Campbell has pointed out that ‘religion’ means “linking back” to attain communion with one’s god, a process that has always involved a special sacramental substance. Not by accident, fermented alcohol is called ‘spirits’. The prominence of alcohol above ‘other’ sacraments is the story of the conquest of cilvilization and the imposition of one religion over another as grain-based culture came to dominate the landscape. 
From a biological perspective, the selection of crops has introduced various complex chemistries into human societies and altered genetic expression. Arno Karlen in his book “Man and Microbes” is one of many voices to identify grain-based agriculture as the beginning of human diminishment and the universalizing of mammalian disease. This biological shift is the determining factor in our ‘collectivity’ and arguably the basis of all contagion. In the modern era, the secrets of fermentation have unlocked the real Pandora’s Box.
In 2005, the film industry released a movie called “The Constant Gardener” about the murder of a young British woman in Africa who pursued the trail of an experimental vaccine to a conclusion…her death. The provocative title of the film strikes a deep chord. Civilization, or the civilizing of societies, has invited an unending tampering with the ‘human condition‘ giving rise to eugenics and a tacitly accepted environment of experimentation in the guise of ‘science’. The great irony for the world’s population is that we actually, at long last, adapted well to being civilized a couple of centuries ago. Before Germ Theory, before Louis Pasteur and Justus von Liebig, humanity had gained its equilibrium in the civilized environment. We were on our way to becoming a healthier species after many thousands of years of setbacks.
Today, in a climate of change, the goal of biological science appears to be ‘mutation’. We will be altered whether we like it or not, and the imposition of  “constant adaptive pressure” to “select” in evolutionary terms is in the hands of the Constant Gardeners.  

August 10, 2009


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One of my life’s pleasures is being regaled by stories of the past from people who lived it. The more I can help older people reduce and eliminate unecessary drugs, the more stories I get. It’s a win-win situation. A 90-yr old gentleman recently told me about growing up on a farm during Prohibition: they had a Ford Model-T truck that ran on alcohol. He said the way he learned it, the Rockefellers founded the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union to eliminate home fuel production. Indeed, Laura Spelman, JDR senior’s wife, was a co-founder of the WCTU (not listed in the wikipedia), but noted here: (and this site makes no mention of ‘fuel’ but takes up the argument against intemperance as a ‘worker efficiency’ issue).
What the general reflections on Prohibition illustrate is that it was unquestionably unenforcible from inception, which didn’t stop police actions of course. Around 1925, the drawbacks were evident and ‘this’ was allowed until 1932. Long enough to establish a gasoline-car culture. Pretty slick. Henry Ford was known for exploring alternative fuels with an emphasis on ‘soy’. In 1920, after Prohibition passed, Armand Hammer helped to get Ford a major contract manufacturing trucks for the Soviets
The Russians had always reserved the production and control of alcohol for the ‘royal purse’ except for a very brief time in the early 2oth century.
…”the Tsarist government instituted prohibition in 1914 as part of the mobilization of men and resources for World War I. The loss of such an important source of revenue during the war exacerbated Russia’s economic crises and ultimately helped spark a revolution. After the October [Bolshevik] Revolution of 1917, the state reestablished a monopoly on alcohol production, and vodka once again became the single most important source of revenue”.

July 29, 2009

Time for Vigilance

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Yesterday I got a last-minute request to fill in on a radio show called “Truth Quest with Melodee”. We talked about the Pandemic and other subjects. Melodee asked a question about the Flu being a diversion “from what?”. I had a poor response at the time, but of course thinking about it reminds me in a very stark way that our American Founding Fathers warned us to be vigilant. We seem to have a collective weakness about monitoring the activity of our Congress and Courts. The people who work the hardest bringing truth to light follow the minutiae of legislation and alert us to pending  legislation. Bird Flu, economic collapse, perpetual wars…all diverting our attention away from our judges,  legislators and executives. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this : the devil’s in the details.

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