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1) Warning! (ultra-brief intro page, scope of contents)!/
 2) Mandatory Flu Vaccine
 3) Charges of Bioterrorism
(link to the Burgermeister document)
 4) Weather Control (brief history of US cloud seeding)
 5) Tracking The Spanish Flu
 6) Timeline Project
(invitation to add to the timelines)
 7)  Was the Polio Vaccine a Radiation Experiment?
 8)  Staging a Pandemic
 9) Understanding Virus and the Flu (collated in the margin page “INFLUENZA, special”)
 (complementary posts are on Bacteriophage)
10) Patriots, Truthers and Lies
 11) Charges of Bioterrorism Revisited (people behind the ‘Burgermeister’ injunction
 12) Time for Vigilance (brief opinion)
13) Enter O Viruses  (gut bacteria making you sick with flu?)
 14) The Displaced Scholars
15) The X-Ray
16) Healing With Milk — updates
 17) Bacteriophage I
18) Bacteriophage II
19) Bacteriophage III
20) Over My Head (link to Jim McCanney)
21) The Shot Heard Round The World; an alternate history of polio
22) Temperance
24) Taking Vitamins
25) News items, good bacteria, polio mutations
26) Colloidal Silver (warning)
27) Fabricating DNA Evidence (news from the NYTimes)
28) The Constant Gardeners
29) Alarming Prognostications (about vaccines)
30) Warning About Swine Flu Vaccine (link to Dr. Mercola)
31) Pandemic Unfolding
32) Imposters and Hellhounds (who didn’t like the Colloidal Silver warning)
33) Jane Burgermeister (Project Camelot video link)
34) Global Emerging Infections System (pandemic management)
35) Anatomy of an Outbreak (Washington State University)
36) The War Upon You
37) U.S. Victory for Forced Vaccination (1905 US Supreme Court, Jacobson v. Massachusetts)
38) Disease Begins in the Brain (link to ‘German New Medicine’)
39) Vaccine Nation (link to the film by Gary Null)
40) One Medicine (policy of the international/US pandemic interface)
41) Quarantine
42) What’s Your BQ  (intelligence; ‘biological quotient’)
43) The DebtForNature Scheme
44) Every Silver Lining Has a Black Cloud (strongest warning yet about colloidal silver, read ‘comments’)
45) Cheeseburger In Paradise (laboratory meat!)
46) Modern War, 1968 (predictions??, Club of Rome)
47) Climax, Climate and Change in Copenhagen
48) The VaccineControlled Population
49) EcoVillage Under Glass  (Costa Rica’s ‘green’ plantation enterprises)
50) Scam Nation (everydayfraud)
51) A Few Words About the Agenda  (DNA computers and Transhumans)
52) Calling All Bloggers
53) The Battle of Chernobyl  (film doc and news)
54) Kymatica (videolink)
55) The Worshipful Apothecaries
56) Sweating The Small Stuff (SARS, artificial amino DNA)
57) Pausing For Thought (intro to B.F. Skinner)
58) Beyond Freedom and Dignity, part I (behaviorism, B.F. Skinner)
59) DNA Ownership
60) The Host and the Parasite (excerpts from Greg Felton’s book plus video)
61) Beyond Freedom and Dignity, part II
62)…part III
63) Bunkering Down (images/video of underground bases/storage)
64) Police Power (link to graphic video)
65) Holiday (Christmas Eve thought)
66) Haiti, HAARP and Terahertz
67) Ms. Rajiva, my reply (response to a detractor)
68) American Anthrax
69) Anthrax Addendum
70) Assassination By Cancer (premise of the book ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’)
71) Particle Accelerator 101 (questioning ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’)
72) Dr. Mary’s Flunky
73) Why Were Monkey Viruses in Polio Vaccines?
74) The Big Spill (reviewing BP’s Gulf of Mexico debacle)
75) Anthrax Revisited (summary of 2001 events and its importance)
76) Molecular Vision: Rockefeller Science (upward causation, you bet!)
77) Atomic Power, No Contest (nuclear in the 1920s)
78) Ruminations on the Race (the A-bomb race)
79) AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire (book by Dr. Nancy T. Banks)
80) Immortal Cancer (use of HeLa cells in research and the polio vaccine)
81) The Culture of Organs (artificial organs and stem cells)
82) The Fallout Is Coming (Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster)
83) Apocalypse (premium content blog review)
84) Borgification (techno-man)
85) New Global Economy (George Soros and Bretton Woods II)
86) Cracking Down on Kids (anti-child news)
87) Transgenic Round-Up
88) Weather Whoas! (links to Dutchsinse)
89) The Minimal Genome Project
90) Fukushima, Faked Quake
91) Mysterious Meltdowns
92) Shiga Boom, Shiga Boom (toxic E.coli outbreaks)
93) Stx and Stuxnet
94) Vaccine Diplomacy
95) Anthrax, Ten Years After
96) Temples of Science (sacred laboratories?)
97)  JFK Conspiracy Con (nuclear traffick assassination theory in five parts)
      JFK, Part Two
      JFK, Part Three
      JFK, Part Four
      JFK, Part Five
98) The Disease Continuum (serial in progress)
99) THRIVE or Threat (content and commentary on the film Thrive)
100) Cyborgology
101) Those Manipulative Extraterrestrials
102) EMF Killing Fields (your brain on radiowaves)
103) The Moscow Signal (and the Zapping of America)
104) Morgification (Morgellon’s, polymers and Polaroid)
105) MPG on The Road Not Taken  (100 to 900 miles per gallon!)
106) Lewis Strauss and JFK (in three parts)
part II;
part III;
107) Sandy Hook Early Birds (tweeting…Bird is the word)
108) The Boston Twitter-run
109) JFK File: Signs of Traffick (smuggling plutonium pellets)
110) Atomic Agent Oswald
111) Atomic Oswald Two
112) Atomic Oswald Three
113) Germ Games (Bill Gates and COVID-19)
114)Genetically Modified: Tag You’re IT
115) COVID: Sunspots and Corona Holes


  1. Jennifer Lake

    If disease is the result of an unhealthy internal environment, as expressed by Beauchamp, is fluid transfer the only means of propagation? To be more specific, if our cells play host to beneficial microbes in a symbiotic relationship (mitochondria) and exibit characteristics of bacterium only under the least optimal conditions (anaerobic,acidic) does this mean disease can only be transfered via body fluid by an unhealthy person? And by extending this idea to its logical conclusion, does this mean bacteria, virus, and other microbes do not exist in the external environment independently? Virus and bacteria floating through the air and inhabiting every square inch of the environment is intergral in the conventional dogma of disease transmission. But is there any truth in this idea? I have no medical background.

    Comment by Tonka — September 28, 2009 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

  2. Hello Tonka
    For no medical background, I’d say you hit the dogma squarely on the head with this statement, “Virus and bacteria floating through the air and inhabiting every square inch of the environment is integral in the conventional dogma of disease transmission.” The characterization is that of Life itself, so the fault of the dogma is apparent.
    Your questions: “is fluid transfer the only means of propagation?”. Absolutely not, and you mean person to person which answers your next question, “does this mean disease can only be transferred via body fluid by an unhealthy person?” No. If body fluids are the mode of transfer, disease will pass TO an unhealthy person, even from a “healthy” one. This brings up the central area of dogma: contagion. I can suggest two very good conceptual means of understanding. Read the article on German New Medicine linked in the blog “Dis-ease Begins in the Brain” and search on an agricultural practice called “competitive exclusion”. Bacteria and viruses are ubiquitous in the environment (and ubiquitous in you). Viruses are not ‘alive’, so they don’t die but they do disintegrate and become incorporated into other lifeforms, and bacteria exhibit an enormous range of properties –fascinating subject. Balance in the environment and in yourself is the key to homeostasis. There are many myths about “good health”, and we pass by some of the most important truths –a sense of wellbeing, personal satisfaction, and stress management. For a partial take on my stance with nutrition read the article from called The Vegan Conspiracy.
    addendum: I’m very interested and concerned with “contagion”, as a legal and medical premise. Much of the future postings will be exploring this. It is obviously not in the interests of state-powers to clear it up, as we see, a prime tool for public control and constitutional subversion.

    Comment by jenniferlake — September 28, 2009 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

  3. hi Jen, i’m not sure where to put this but would love your take on it. i came across this from following the e. coli situation with A13, another blogger.

    he’s saying these viruses have never been isolated. they don’t exist.

    “Could it be that the term “Contagium” = “Gift” (poison/toxin) = “Virus” from the 18th and 19th century was applied in the 20th century to the cell components which were named “viruses” since the electron microscope was introduced in 1931? And in order to hide this, the “disease causing viruses” have often been described but never been isolated? And then they were used as seemingly logical explanation for poisonings and adverse affects of vaccination, as Luhmann (1995) (i.e.) writes about the symptomatic of Hepatitis B, which was observed for the first time in 1985 following smallpox vaccinations, and 1938 following measles vaccinations? The copies in the textbooks show only structures within cells and nothing that looks like isolation and thus homogenous. The biochemical characterization, which is crucial, lacks completely. ”

    if you can access my email from the comment log, please feel free to email me Jen.

    Comment by A. Peasant — June 8, 2011 @ 10:13 am | Reply

    • Will do, AP. I’ve been treading this turf too, starting with and including the review of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire. I think in the process of developing virology they were searching for genetic ‘universals’ in a biological equivalent of atomic particles. The mad genius of it seems perfectly complementary to me.

      Comment by jenniferlake — June 8, 2011 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

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