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November 5, 2009


Spiritual Marketing Techniques
“..spirituality is the perfect commodity…it costs nothing to produce; it is in infinite supply; a large percentage of the population wants some of it, especially in desperate times; and it can be packaged in any way desired without risk of trade descriptions legislation.”   ….”your target audience is more open and gullible than you could imagine…don’t even try it on rational people; it is a complete waste of time and resources”…


Diamonds are nearly worthless, except as tools for industry and cost “no more than what a breakfast costs” according to Edward Epstein. This documentary highlights that when Ernst Oppenheimer consolidated his land holdings in So. Africa, diamonds were so plentiful that workers crawled along the ground and filled up cans strung from their necks. “Each time diamonds were found in an inconvenient place, they begin –the diamond cartel– ways to think ‘how can we prevent these diamonds from reaching the market’ “. More disturbing perhaps is Mr. Epstein, in the last few minutes of the film, saying “people like spending a lot of money on diamonds…Like all deception, the person who’s deceived plays a part in the deception as well as the deceiver…it’s not a one-person act –it’s two people; the deceiver and the deceived in collaboration.”

The deceived person is a collaborator in the deception? Who thinks like that?

The Diamond Empire: Oppenheimer family’s cartel, Artificial

The Diamond Empire: Oppenheimer family’s cartel, Artificial scarcity (1994) id=”VideoPlayback” src=” – Cached


Copyrighting DNA

Andre Crump, president and founder of the DNA Copyright Institute in San Francisco charges $1,500 for you to submit a DNA sample, obtained at your own expense, which his company will maintain in ‘confidentiality’. According to Robert Dizard of the US Copyright Office, “Copyright does not protect a person’s DNA because it is not an original work of authorship”.


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