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October 7, 2009

What’s Your BQ?

“BQ” is your Biological Quotient. It’s closely related to your IQ and EQ. I don’t know if anyone else has coined the term yet, but I happily know that the concept is well illustrated in the body-mind-spirit gestalt (IQ,EQ,BQ) where a tangible proof of wholeness has real life values. A body temple would simply be a flimsy facade without a generous BQ. How do you know if your BQ is low? You would probably feel chronically depressed and run-down, irritable, unsociable, or worse; fearful and unloved.

The concept of BQ emerged from a personal experience of making simple but significant changes to my diet –I went raw; meat, milk, eggs, everything– and the impact was immediate. Previously, my diet was about 50% raw (mainly fruits and vegetables) and for a time I struggled with the challenge of undoing preconditioned aversions to foods like raw meat. The “power of food” took on such a profound meaning that I started a quest for information seeking support and comfort for these ‘new’ ideas –not new at all! In fact, the scientific literature is loaded with studies and experiments that few people have dared to publicize against the prevailing food conventions of our time.

A high BQ is a true measure of health, and no one can tell you how to measure it –you will just know. The word ‘health’ means ‘whole’ and it also means ‘holy’. Your BQ is the natural intelligence that integrates the living substance of the earth with the body-mind of your animal creature. It is 90% of your physical material and mediates the quality of your existence. It’s your ‘in-forming principle’. Raising my own BQ has resulted in a deep sense of groundedness and satisfaction that has stabilized and empowered my ‘other’ intelligences. All I can say is TRY IT!

Getting started:
…is a willingness to improve and eliminate the refined, processed and toxic additives from your diet, choosing instead to eat foods the way nature provides and do your own ‘processing’.
This wonderful essay from the Weston A. Price foundation highlights the gifts of health from the lessons of ‘traditional primitives’.

“Price took photograph after photograph of beautiful smiles and noted that the natives were invariably cheerful and optimistic. Such people were characterized by ‘splendid physical development’ and an almost complete absence of disease, even those living in physical environments that were extremely harsh”.

..”groups that had come into contact with traders or missionaries and had abandoned their traditional diet for foodstuffs [like]..sugar, refined grains, canned foods, pasteurized milk and devitalized fats and oils…[had] rampant tooth decay, infectious illness and degenerative conditions. Children born to parents who had adopted the so-called civilized diet had crowded and crooked teeth, narrowed faces, deformities of bone structure and reduced immunity to disease. Price concluded that race had nothing to do with these changes..”

“In the Swiss village where Price began his investigations, the inhabitants lived on rich dairy products –unpasteurized milk, butter, cream and cheese– dense rye bread, meat occasionally, bone broth soups and the few vegetables they could cultivate during the short summer months…The children went barefoot in frigid streams during weather that forced Dr. Price and his wife to wear heavy wool coats; nevertheless childhood illnesses were virtually nonexistent and there had never been a single case of TB in the village.”

“African cattle-keeping tribes like the Masai consumed no plant foods at all; just meat, blood and milk….Southsea islanders..ate seafood of every sort..along with pork meat and fat and a variety of plant foods including coconut, manioc and fruit. Insects were another common food in all regions except the Arctic…”

“Price discovered ‘The diets of healthy native groups contained at least 10 times more vitamin A and vitamin D than the American diet of his day. These vitamins are found only in animal fats –butter, lard, egg yolks, fish oils and foods with fat-rich cellular membranes like liver and other organ meats, fish eggs and shell fish. Price referred to the fat soluble vitamins as ‘catalysts’ or ‘activators’ upon which the assimilation of all the other nutrients depended..”

“..researchers used such foods very successfully for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as TB, asthma, allergies and emphysema. One of these was Francis Pottenger whose sanirorium in Monrovia California served liberal amounts of liver, butter, cream and eggs to convalescing patients….Dr. Price consistently found that healthy ‘primitives’ whose diets contained adequate nutrients from animal protein and fat had a cheerful, positive attitude to life.”

…more to come

August 2, 2009

Healing With Milk

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Raw milk boosts glutathione naturally:
The importance of glutathione:
This excerpt below comes from, sent by a friend (thanks!)
Universal Oral Vaccine: The Immune Milk Saga!
by Anthony di Fabio
“Part I
An oral vaccine exists that is:
• 100% safe for 100% of those who use it;
• can be taken orally without any distaste;
• can be manufactured in virtually every country in the world with the technology available to each country;
• is so cheap that virtually everyone in the world can afford it;
• boosts the immune system, accelerates healing of injuries, helps repair nervous system damage, burns fat and builds lean muscle, increases vitality and stamina, and elevates mood;
• is ubiquitous, in that it will protect against any organism (including virus, rickettsia, parasite, protozoan, bacteria, mycoplasm, yeast/fungus, amoeba) or any allergen (including exogenous and endogenous sources), and might – just might – dry up to blow away a number of cancers?
Over 4,000 clinical studies worldwide describe and/or support the use of this oral vaccine for hundreds of different diseases. Would you like to have this vaccine?”
……………..[Mr. di Fabio writes about “colostrum” and disease-specific antibodies produced by a mammal mother, Bessie the cow, and passed on to her offspring, Nina. Scientists who analyzed the properties of colostrum developed formulas and filed patents for “immune milk”…subsequently falsified and rejected by studies of the FDA.
“According to Herbert Struss, PhD, former Senior Chemist, Food Chemistry Laboratory, Minnesota Department of Agriculture Laboratory Services Division – and also a scientist who was involved in much of the early clinical work testing this wondrously universal vaccine – those interested in “immune milk” (as it is called) during the ’60s, made their astounding oral vaccine discoveries when they were trying to answer the question: “What’s the survival advantage to being a mammal?”
Human milk may not be necessary for survival [in other words, a substitute milk works -JL], as it is with multilayered placentas such as horse, goats, and cattle. But some immunity does pass from the mother to the human child. It’s since become clear that a breast-fed human baby usually has an advantage over bottle fed, as the human mammary gland provides the same kind of acquired immunity to the child as that supplied by the cow to its calf. During the fifties and sixties pediatricians recommended against breast feeding [in the 70s, breastfeeding in the US was at an historic all-time low -JL]. Those nurtured by bottle, rather than breast, did not receive a necessary boost to immune and digestive systems, or growth factors required after puberty. Vulnerability to disease and allergies was clearly greater.
So now that Nina [the baby cow in di Fabio’s story] is safe, and the survival of mammals seems assured in this aeon, a second question was posed in the 50’s and 60’s: Could Bessie’s protective immunoglobulins and disease-specific antibodies and complement also be used by other species, such as ours?
The answer to the question of Bessie’s disease-specific antibodies and complement being transferable to other species turned out to be an unequivocal YES!
Why? Because (1) the end products desired from all vacinations against microorganisms are disease-specific antibodies and complement that can surround, attach to, and overwhelm its counterpart invader one by one;
and, (2) this disease-specific antibody and complement is the same regardless of whether or not it comes from a mouse, guina pig, horse, cow, human, goat, lion, or any mammal on earth, so far as is known.
[end excerpt]
**[JL] Parke-Davis was one of the laboratories making ‘Immune Milk’. The company was acquired by Pfizer, and I’m going to update this story, try to find out what happened to ‘Immune Milk’ and who/what is turning out new pharmaceuticals based on this technology.
My own studies and experience have shown me that FRESH, RAW MILK is an invaluable healing food. Humans are able to digest and benefit from fresh milk products for LIFE, enabled by a natural “mutation” it is claimed, thousands and thousands of years ago which makes us unique among mammals.
Read these two excellent articles: “The Milk Cure”  and
For more on the benefits of RAW MILK:
Books by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, “The Raw Truth About Milk”,
Lactose intolerance, or ‘lactase deficiency’, is considered an illness, a disease believed to originate in the small intestine, where primary activity of the lymphatic/immune system takes place.
Dr. Mercola interviews organic raw-milk dairy farmer Mark McAfee:
The Milk Diet
“Charles Sanford Porter in The Milk Diet and Bernarr Macfadden in The Miracle of Milk wrote popular how-to books on curing chronic diseases with milk. Porter and Macfadden even collaborated on a third publication also titled The Miracle of Milk, a rare collection of pamphlets on the milk diet. In these books they answer common questions of their patients and they provide powerful testimonials about the healing power of milk.”
Radiation and vaccines are highly destructive to the small intestine, and hence to general immunity.
No accounting has been made of the practice of irradiating milk, but it was done historically to the milk supply in the 1930s  — “the addition of vitamin D to milk was originally accomplished by irradiating milk or by feeding the cows irradiated yeast.”
Nuclear physicist, Emilio Segre, who emigrated from Italy to Berkeley California, gives an anectdotal account of a childhood illness experience in 1917: (section 21) “When I was ten years old, I fell seriously ill with scarlet fever, complicated by nephritis. I was in mortal danger…There were no specific treatments for streptococcal infections. I was kept in bed for a couple of months on a milk diet“.
In the book “Secret History of the War on Cancer” author Devra Davis relates the story of a Russian radio- biophysicist (p.232) who told her that the Soviets gave the scientists “half a gallon of milk a day for detoxification”, implying that it was sufficient. Davis never returns to this subject.
Fallout in Milk
“Careful studies of the movements of strontium 90 in the calcium cycle of nature reveal that, at many points in this cycle, organisms are able to distinguish between strontium and calcium… In most cases, fortunately, the tendency is to concentrate the calcium and reject the strontium. This process of differential absorption has been termed “discrimination”…Then, as one follows calcium from soil to plant to farm animal and finally to man, the progressive decrease in the amount of strontium the human skeleton is perhaps tenfold lower than that in the plants and soil… More frequently..the ratio of strontium to calcium is much greater in the plant than in the soil in which it grew. Apparently..the plant may absorb fallout directly into its leaves… the leafy portions (which make up the major source of plant food for grazing farm animals) seem to have higher concentrations than the grain and fruit portions.

   …The major discrimination, or strontium ‘filtering’, comes in the animals that eat the plants. Their digestive and metabolic processes tend to select calcium and reject strontium, with the result that the original strontium-calcium ratio in their feed is reduced to about one fourth in their meat and eggs and to perhaps one tenth in their milk. This has important implications for the human diet. Milk, for instance, has a smaller concentration of strontium than vegetables do. Thus milk is our safest and best source of calcium…” [pp44-47, Fallout, ed. John M. Fowler, 1960]; caveat>>> cesium concentrates at high levels in milk.
The Campaign to Pasteurize
I wrote about the practice of pasteurization in an article called “The Ruination of Milk” which focuses on zionist Nathan Straus and his creation of “Milk Depots” and laboratories to promote and distribute altered milk and infant formula. Straus dedicated his personal fortune to spreading milk pasteurization throughout the US, Europe, and Israel, in spite of scientific evidence that the needed benefits of milk required it to be wholesome and unheated. As the New York City Health Commissioner (for which he had no qualifications) during the ‘consolidation’ he had the power to regulate dairy practices within the burroughs. With the complicity of (NIH) Lab chief Milton Rosenau and Dr. Abraham Jacobi, Straus was successful in extending his influence to the US Federal government. His brothers, Isador and Oscar Straus, were notable luminaries in government service, as are Straus descendents today. One of their more famous but unclaimed relatives was Lewis L. Strauss, chief of the Atomic Energy Commission, Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study (chair), and powerful Washington insider. Lewis Strauss led the AEC through the mid-1950s Cold War at the peak of covert human experimentation and nuclear fallout.
Dr. Sarfaraz Niazi quotes an English medical journal from the 1890s: “They force the milch cows with swill so that they literally become drunkards, and send the milk to rear our children — thus sowing the seed of disease in the cradle and poisoning the fountain of life at its source”.
The Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research which was founded in 1901, indicates on its own official history website , “At first, the Rockefeller Institute awarded grants to study, among other health concerns, bacteria contamination in New York City’s milk supply”….”Early on, researchers at the hospital (est.1910) studied polio, heart disease and diabetes, among other diseases”….co-founder of the RIMR, Luther Emmett Holt, helped to make milk a controlled substance in the advancement of the ‘certified milk’ commissions which led to ‘medical milk’ and generalized pasteurization.
Nelson Rockefeller applied himself to the perpetuation of RIMR goals:  “Late in 1932 Nelson journeyed to Port Chester, not far from the Rockefeller family seat at Pocantico Hills, to meet with Westchester County Republican chairman W.L. Ward. “Boss” Ward had an iron grip on public jobs in the county…his astonishment must have been considerable when he found a young Rockefeller at his doorstep beseeching him for a position… Ward suggested an appointment to the Westchester County Board of Health… After [Nelson’s] first meeting, in February 1933..he made it clear that his appointment would not bring the county a windfall… He was fascinated by the range of issues: in his first year..the board tackled the problem of raw milk (barring its sale) and expanded the county’s prenatal and venereal disease clinics… He continued to serve on the board, on and off, until 1953.”
Here’s both old and current news about pasteurized and homogenized milk CAUSING those very diseases that the Rockefeller paid its staff to investigate:
–formaldehyde and other ‘contamination’ in milk causes polio; J.C.Dingman 1916 New York State Journal of Medicine
–pasteurized milk causes diabetes
–children who drink raw milk are 41% less likely to suffer asthma and hay fever ; “First, twenty percent of Americans get sick immediately upon drinking regular [pasteurized] milk and this has been growing every year. An informal survey by The Weston A. Price Foundation found that ninety percent of those lacto-intolerant can drink raw milk. What is it doing to the health of the other 80 percent? This study names just asthma and allergies. But there are a host of other auto-immune disorders caused or made worse by drinking regular milk.”
The Campaign toNo Milk
Advancing the control and ruination of milk has gone from Nathan and Lina Straus’s 1913 book “Disease in Milk : The Remedy Pasteurization” to a variety of similar sounding books advocating no milk at all. One of the prononents of ‘no milk’ is vegan Robert Cohen who maintains the “Not Milk” website.
I included a brief criticism of Cohen in Part II of The Vegan Conspiracy
Scientific Citations about the benefits of Milk
“The Chemistry of Colostrum Milk” by George Woodward, MD, 1897
…”That infant feeding is one of the most promising fields for investigation in the great domain of preventive medicine is a fact..owing in large measure to the Meigs, Rotch, and Holt…..good human milk is the ideal food for infants……all substitute foods must approach this ideal.
…the only foundation upon which we can build our substitue food is a knowledge of what good human milk is.
…if we compare [human milk] and note the diversity in the results obtained, we shall conclude that each infant must be a law unto himself and that his best friend is his own mother.”
Dairy Farmers under attack:
RAW MILK on trial Ontario farmer..”has stood by his actions since health officials carried out an armed raid of his farm in November 2006 and seized his milking equipment…[He] defended himself in 2009 against the charges for dispensing milk straight from the cow.”
Autism, breastfeeding, and gut flora:
…”Gut flora is a hugely important part of our human physiology. Recently research in Scandinavia has demonstrated that 90 percent of all cells and all genetic material in a human body is our own gut flora. We are just a shell… a habitat for this mass of microbes inside us. We ignore them at our own peril.
   …”As a result, their digestive system—instead of being a source of nourishment for these children—becomes a major source of toxicity. These pathogenic microbes inside their digestive tract damage the integrity of the gut wall. So all sort of toxins and microbes flood into the bloodstream of the child, and get into the brain of the child. That usually happens in the second year of life in children who were breast fed because breastfeeding provides a protection against this abnormal gut flora. In children who were not breastfed, I see the symptoms of autism developing in the first year of life.  So breastfeeding is crucial to protect these children.
…”While the baby is breastfed, despite the fact that the baby has acquired abnormal gut flora from the mom, there will be some protection. But as soon as the breastfeeding stops that protection stops as well. That is the time when the abnormalities in the gut flora really flourish and the child starts sliding down into autism or ADHD or ADD or any other learning disability or physical problems such as diabetes type 1, for example, and celiac disease or other autoimmune conditions, or… asthma, eczema and other physical problems.  That’s where this epidemic comes from.”

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