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December 13, 2009

DNA Ownership

“A man inherently owns his body information because it is the only object with which he is naturally endowed and serves as the basis for his future ownership of any other properties. The definition of body information is the sequence of biological codes that determines individual heredity characteristics…
DNA…becomes unique and is consequently acquired by a unique man through a process of his own creation.
…no person is entitled to the set of body information except the man who bears it.
…whether such ownership can be lost…The answer to this question is yes, yet only with one’s explicit and voluntary consent to a well-defined purpose.
…the purpose is binding.”
The DNA Control Grid ; this article states a 40 year (plus) international endeavor of DNA collection has been going on, with the material residing in the hands of private companies who claim ownership. Individuals who voluntary send in samples for “analysis” to programs purportedly determining ancestry or human migration history, such as the National Geographic Society effort, are giving their DNA to IBM and other integrated databases. Physical samples will enhance new and future genetic projects such as “minimal genome” research. 
In April 2008, a legislative move in Minnesota denied genetic privacy to newborns who’ve been having state mandated blood and tissue collection since 1997. The bill made it harder and more complicated for parents to prevent
the proprietary use of their children’s DNA.
   Twila Brase said that “researchers..are looking for genes related to violence, crime, and different behaviors…so this is not just about cancer and asthma”
   In this youtube video, she adds that almost all states collect blood and DNA which they hold in perpetuity.

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