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Timeline 2001–2011

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–Jan26, India Earthquake, 7.9 in Gujarat; over 20,000 killed
–Congolese president Kabila assassinated
–Nature magazine publishes on an emerging biotechnology called Protein Transduction which “relies on the inherent property of a small number of proteins and peptides [called protein transduction domains, PTDs] to penetrate the cell membrane,..expressed as fusions..for the delivery of therapeutic proteins into target cells.”  The fusions are created with gene “tags” from HIV-1 (the TAT sequence), herpes simplex (VP22) and other engineered gene fragments that are rapidly taken up and integrated into host cells, carrying along their new protein cargo.
–Feb, the Human Genome Project reveals findings
–Mar, Ariel Sharon becomes Israeli Prime Minister
–September 11, attack on the WTC and Pentagon
–Oct 7, US invades Afghanistan
–post 9-11 Anthrax attacks (begin 9-18-01) Oct/Nov; passage of the Patriot Act while Washington D.C. experienced the chaos
–Dec, China enters the WTO as the 143rd member
–the first transgenic primates carry jellyfish genes
–G.W. Bush withdraws the US from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
–Feb, Dr. Peter Schultz of Scripps Research Institute says “The constraints of the genetic code are history”; artificial (new) amino acids incorporate into E.coli using transfer RNA (tRNA), a synthetic ‘loading’ enzyme, and a redundant noncoding (nonsense codon) receiving site on a chain of RNA
–Jul, Eckard Wimmer of SUNY creates poliovirus from scratch with chemicals
–Aug, “On August 30, 2002 Conoco’s  merger with Phillips Petroleum was approved creating Conoco Phillips, which in  2005 bought coal titan Burlington Resources. In 2002 Royal Dutch/Shell bought up  previously merged Pennzoil/Quaker State as well as Britain’s biggest remaining  independent oil company – Enterprise Oil.”
–North Korea withdraws from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
–Feb, civil conflict erupts in Darfur, Sudan
–March 18, US and UK declare war on Iraq; Operation Iraqi Freedom
–Columbia Space Shuttle disintegrates over Texas
–Israel constructing “the wall”
–SARS, Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome spreads from Asia to 32 countries
–NASA sends up the Mars Rover
–Sep, Hurricane Isabel, cat5, strikes US
–Dec 26, Iran Earthquake
–US, Project BioShield, bioweapons countermeasures, initiated by law
–March 11, Madrid train bombings
–Oil price reaches US$50; Exxon make highest profits in oil company history
–Aug, Hurricane Charley
–Dec 26, Sumatra Earthquake and tsunami, 9.1-9.3, fatalities over 200,000; “The quake resulted from the longest fault rupture ever observed –720 to 780 miles..which spread for 10 minutes… A second quake to the south on March 28 [2005] registered 8.6”
July , 7/7 bombings London
–Aug, Hurricane Katrina barrels through New Orleans and Gulf coast; city floods emanate from Lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne levee breaks
–H5N1 Bird Flu threatening global pandemic, jumping species
–Oct 1, Bali resort bombings
–Oct, Pakistan Earthquake, 7.6 in Kashmir, near 70,000 fatalities
–Jan, Ehud Olmert becomes Israel’s acting PM
    –NASA launches mission to Pluto
–US population reaches 300 million
–North Korea allegedly tests its first nuclear weapon
–Guatemala is first US ‘debt-for-nature’ swap
–Dec., Saddam Hussein executed
–Nicholas Sarkozy wins presidency of France
–Sep, Israeli air strike against Syrian nuclear reactor under construction
–Benazir Bhutto assassinated
–Nov, “Rio Tinto completed its largest acquisition..purchasing Canadian Aluminum..renamed Rio Tinto Montreal” becoming world’s largest aluminum producer
–July, Mumbai terror attacks
–Aug, outbreak of Georgia-Russo War, or 5-Day War, in the oil-rich coastal Black Sea and Caucasus
–US subprime mortgage crisis reaches peak;
–Feb, recognition of first H1N1 pandemic strain (H1N1pdm), the BEAST computer program analyzes genetic spread and variation
–Mar, NASA launches the Kepler telescope to search for life in the Milky Way
–June, Stuxnet virus infects Iranian nuclear facilities, undiscovered until July 2010
–Aug.31-Sep.4, third UN World Climate Conference held in Geneva (first in 1979, second in 1990)
–Sep 29, an unprecedented ‘doublet’ earthquake (M8.1 and M8) strikes Samoa-Tonga, tsunami kills 192 people
–Jan12, 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, epicenter 16 miles from Port-au-Prince, kills 230,000
     –“[In the] first decade of the new millenium.. more than 650,000 people died unnecessarily from earthquakes” –more than any other decade in the history of civilization.
     –Bill Gates declares the “Decade of Vaccines“, donates $10 Billion
–Feb27, 8.8 earthquake and tsunami, offshore Chile
–Apr, BP’s Deepwater Horizon creates largest oil ‘spill’ in history
–US, DoE reports 2.5 trillion liters of groundwater contaminated with radioactivity
–May, the 13-country INTERPHONE, mobile phone hazard study, publishes results on cancer-causing RF/EMF phone use; the study was a project of the UnitedNation’s IARC division
–Aug., The Pentagon’s  Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite system launches its first stage orbiter for “global..information superiority”
–Jan [report] “The global construction industry..worth $7.5 trillion annually, and which is expected to double in the next decade, is recognized by experts as being the most corrupt segment of the world economy.”
–Mar11, earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima northern Japan; kills 24,000 and is ongoing…..
–Mar18, Germany recognizes toxic E.coli O104; deadliest E.coli outbreak in history
–April, worst super-cell tornado outbreak in U.S. history rakes across 7 states
–July, severe drought in East Africa (Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya) causing extreme food crisis
–Kalle Lasn of Adbusters initiates the Occupy Wall Street protest (to begin Sep.17)
–FEMA announces “Huge Increase In Disaster Drills Across America in 2011—disaster-drills.html#Anchor-Disaster-49575
–Nov16, NERC (No.American Electronic Reliability Corp.) conducted the first sector-wide grid security exercise, GridEx 2011, on November 16-17, 2011.
–WORLD population at 7,013,000,000
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