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Timeline 1901–1920

–Jan10, the famed Spindletop gusher opens Texas to oil speculation
–Mass food production begins
–May 1, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research is founded
–the Industrial Removal Office (IRO) is formed by the B’nai B’rith and Baron de Hirsch Fund to relocate immigrating Jews across the US
Australia chartered
–Queen Victoria dies; succeeded by Edward VII
–Sep, President McKinley is assassinated
–artificial insemination is used in agriculture
–Monsanto is founded by John Queeny, sells saccharin and caffeine to Coca-Cola
Sterling Drug Inc founded, US subsid/partner of Bayer-I.G. Farben
–Chaim Weizmann unlocks polycyclic chemicals for dyestuffs and pharmaceuticals, sells patent to Bayer IG
–Plague is confirmed in San Francisco; Rockefeller men form an investigation
–Karl Landsteiner classifies blood types
–Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen wins the first Nobel Prize for x-rays
–Ernest Rutherford transmits radio waves over one-half mile
–Carnegie Institute founded in Washington D.C.
–passage of the Biologics Control Act
–the US Marine Hospital Service becomes the US Public Health Service
–entire British Empire is linked by telegraph cables, called the All Red Line
–Guglielmo Marconi broadcasts a radio signal, the letter ‘S’, across the English Channel
–the Second Convention of Russian Zionists is held in Minsk
–the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) is founded in Germany by Carl Kellner
–Radon/radium added to public drinking water (see Albert Schatz on fluoride)
–No. Dakota passes the first US Pure Food and Drug law
–chlorine gas is used for water disinfection
–Minsk, Russia (Belorussia) formation of the “Russian Social Democratic (Communist) Party”; “Minsk became an important center of Jewish-Communist cultural activity in the
Soviet Union.”
–Dr. Harry Plotz discovers a Typhoid vaccine
–“swine fever” described by Marion Dorset of the USDA
Simon Flexner becomes the director of RIMR (Rockefeller)
–Record-breaking floods in the US, beginning of weather modification (?)
–Panamanians are induced to revolt against Colombia with help from the U.S. Navy, the nation of Panama is born
–the Wright brothers fly at Kitty Hawk N. Carolina
–Ford Motor Company founded
–Richard Zsigmondy develops the ‘ultramicroscope’
–Japanese (who are vaccinated) at war with Russia
–Trans-Siberian Railroad completed
–Cold Spring Harbor property donated by the families of Dulles and Harriman to the Carnegie Foundation
–Thomas Edison’s glassblower dies of radiation sickness/cancer/amputation after X-rays burn him in 1898
–Dynamite is made with whale glycerin
–13 manufacturers of ‘biologics’ are granted licenses, number grows to 41
–first Communist revolt in Russia led by Alexander Parvus [aka Israel Helphand] aided with funds from Japan and Jacob Schiff
–Protocols of the Elders of Zion printed on a Red Cross press; “Official histories state that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was first published as the twelfth and final chapter of a book, “The Great in the Small,” by Sergei Alexandrovich Nilus, at Tsarskoe Selo, Russia, in 1905.”
–the “Wobblies” are created, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
–the Jewish Territorial Organization (ITO) is created by Israel Zangwill
–the Chicago Union stockyards “Meat Trust” is ordered to disband by the US Supreme Court
–Einstein publishes his first paper on Relativity called “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”
–the first case of forced vaccination, Jacobson v. Massachsetts, is upheld by the Supreme Court
–Collier’s Magazine author Samuel Hopkins Adams estimates Americans spend annually $75million on patent medicines
–passage of the Wiley Act, or the national Pure Food and Drug Act
–the American Jewish Committee is founded; Oscar Straus is ‘first’ Jewish Cabinet member under Pres.TR
–Finland first to grant women the right to vote
–Apr 19, Pierre Curie dies, sick with leukemia, run down by a horse-and-wagon
–the first US sterilization laws are passed in Indiana
–the Galveston Plan relocates Russian Jews to Texas, underwritten by Jacob Schiff
–Robert Goddard launches his career in rocketry at Worcester Polytech, Mass.
–New York City has a major polio epidemic; 2,500 cases and 300 deaths
–the Panic of 1907 hits Wall St. and sets the stage for implementation of the Federal Reserve
–the ‘American Assoc. for Cancer Research is founded (later to become the National Cancer Institute)
–President Teddy Roosevelt sends out the Great White Fleet on a world tour
–W.W. Hodkinson, “The Man Who Invented Hollywood”, opens one of the first movie theaters in Ogden Utah; Hodkinson’s distribution network becomes Paramount Picture Corporation
–‘Young Turk’ rebellion
–Tunguska asteroid strikes in Siberia
–passage of the Quarantine Act of 1908, Australia, complete authority of public health officers of search, seizure, and treatment
–H.G. Wells publishes “The War in the Air” forecasting nuclear bombs
–Poliovirus is discovered by Karl Landsteiner in Vienna
–the National Committee for Mental Hygiene is founded; becomes first grantee of the New York Foundation (c.1909)
–the FBI is established
–Jersey City adds chlorine to public water supply
–first congress on Freudian psychology held
–Wilhelm Johannsen coins the term ‘gene’ as the “underlying structure in the organism..transmitted during hybridization”
–California becomes 3rd US state to pass eugenics and sterilization laws
–Sigmund Freud makes his only US visit to Clark University in Worcester, Mass.
–the Neurological Institute of the City of New York is founded (part of Columbia-Presbyterian)
–Paul Erhlich, in Germany, performs chemotherapy on rabbit cancers; Ehrlich converts to Zionism in 1914 after indocrination by Chaim Weizmann and continues thereafter to represent the interests of the Rothschilds
–formaldehyde sensitivity studies begin (reactions from adding to commercial milk)
–founding of the NAACP in the U.S., Nat’l Assoc. for the Advancement of Colored People
–Ford sells the first Model T cars, cost of 300 dollars each with ‘new’ assembly line production; the Model T uses vanadium alloy steel
–Eugenics Records Office established at Cold Spring Harbor, Carnegie sponsored
–US, passage of the Insecticide Act of 1910
–secretive meeting of world bankers held at Jekyl Island, Georgia
–David Horsley establishes Hollywood’s first film studio; the General Films Company creates first distribution conglomerate
–the Flexner Report on medical education is published as Carnegie Bulletin #4
–doctors give patients radioactive water without consent
–Fluoride experiments begin on Colorado schoolchildren by Frederick S. McKay
–tonsillectomies become a routine surgery
–Sir Henry Hallett Dale discovers ‘histamines’ and neurotransmitters
–Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch patent a process for extracting ammonium nitrate, or synthetic sodium nitrate (saltpeter), used in gunpowder and explosives; read about health effects
–Thomas Hunt Morgan demonstrates sex-linked inheritance
–approx. 10 percent of U.S. households have electricity
–first “Farm Bureau” forms in the US, Binghamton NY
–Aaron Aaronsohn founds the Jewish Agricultural Experiment Station (JAES) in Athlit with backing from Jacob Schiff, Julius Rosenwald, Oscar Straus, the USDA,
–Dr. Alice Hamilton (sister of Edith) proves toxic cause of disease
–Peyton Rous of the RIMR discovers transmissable cancer
–April 8, “superconductivity”, the elimination of electrical resistance, is discovered in low temperature (cryogenic) physics by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
–Standard Oil forced to break up by anti-trust law, market-share increases as a result
–Equitable Life Bldg. 120 Broadway, NYC, burns destroying Union Pacific RR records
Typhoid Fever vaccine (TAB) is made mandatory by the US military
–C.T. Wilson invents the ‘cloud chamber’, used for the study of ionized nuclear particles
–Standard Chemical Company (SCC), Pittsburgh, est. to become largest radium producer. SCC’s source ore  is ‘carnotite’ vanadium; by 1914, owners Flannery had the radium market cornered. “Standard even sold radium fertilizer to farmers..”; Standard was put out of the radium business after WWI by competition from Union Miniere de Haut Katanga, Belgian company in the Congo managed by Edgar Sengier and Emil Francqui (Societe Generale bank), later partner with Herbert Hoover in WWI organization ‘Relief of Belgium’
–Britain passes the National Insurance Act for socialized medicine
–the Masonic ‘House of the Temple’ starts construction in Washington DC
–Norway opens the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world,Vemork operated by Norsk Hydro (in 1934, Vemork begins producing ‘heavy water’ for moderating nuclear reactions)
–Jan., the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) is established; in 1923 renamed to African National Congress (ANC)
–Mar.12, Tom B. Slick completes drilling of Cushing oil field in Oklahoma
–Mar.31, J.P. Morgan dies
–Apr. 15, the Titanic sinks
–E.M. House publishes “Philip Dru, Administrator”
–First International Eugenics Conference held in London
–Oct., outbreak of the First Balkan War
Woodrow Wilson elected US President
–Jacques Loeb, biologist, publishes “The Mechanistic Conception of Life”
–Jun., Second Balkan War
Rockefeller Foundation is chartered by New York State
–a new Nationality Act passed June 13 in Germany entitles any state/civil employee to automatic citizenship
–BASF mass produces ammonium nitrate, used for munitions, refrigeration, fertilizer
–American Society for the Control of Cancer is founded (ASCC), later becomes the American Cancer Society [Eustace Mullins on cancer]
–chemist Frederick Soddy proposes the term ‘isotope’ for atoms with identical chemistry but different mass; Soddy “envisioned nuclear energy as the basis for an advanced civilization” and inspired H.G.Wells to write ‘The World Set Free’ (pub.1914)
–Albert Einstein accepts directorship of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics
–Sep17, Sigmund Livingston founds the Anti-Defamation League in Chicago, an “independent order of the B’nai B’rith”
 –Josephus Daniels becomes the US Sec. of the Navy
–Lockheed makes the first commercial airplanes
–Dec 22, US passage of the Federal Reserve Act; London Rothschilds hold 57% of stock
–US Dept of the Treasury (controls Public Health Service) enacts “water standards” that require disinfection
–Congress establishes the Federal Trade Commission
–passage of Irish Home Rule, provokes British occupation
–first successful blood transfusion performed in Brussels
–Apr 20, the Ludlow Massacre occurs when Rockefeller agents burn the camps of striking Colorado miners
–Rockefeller founds the China Medical Board
–Chaim Weizmann secures the allegiance of Edmund de Rothschild to finance a research institute
–Nathan Straus commits his ‘laboratory’ in Jerusalem to Weizmann’s cause
–Robert Goddard files two rocket patents, one liquid fueled and one multistage solid fueled
–June 28, assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sofia by a Serbian national
–Jul 28, WORLD WAR ONE begins; Austria declares war on Serbia; “It is now apparent that there might have been no World War without the Federal Reserve system.”–Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Chapter 8
–Aug 15, Panama Canal opens
–Wilson sends U.S. Navy to invade Vera Cruz, Mexico; Mexican president Huerta ‘abdicates’
–the Mexican ‘Generals’ (Pancho Villa) strike cross-border raids, Wilson sends J.J. Pershing in pursuit; Pershing was protecting the interests of Asarco copper mining in Tuscon, belonging to the Guggenheim family
–Jan, AT&T initiates its transcontinental telephone line; first 3 minutes of a call costs $20.70
Dr. Joseph Goldberger uses Mississippi prisoners for ‘pellagra’ study, finds nutrition deficiency cause
–US, the National Dairy Council is founded
–Canada institutes Prohibition on alcohol, 1915-1919 (excerpt from Dope Inc. about the bootlegging Bronfmans )
–Jewish Agricultural Experiment Station members form the pro-British NILI spy ring; they have free access all over ‘Arabia’
–the Armenian Genocide occurs (Henry Morgenthau Sr. is US Ambassador to Turkey); over 1 million Armenian Christians are killed and starved; they occupy a borderland between Turkey and Russia
–publication of the book to popularize ”Radium as a Fertilizer”, from the Univ. of Illinois
–AIC, the American International Corp. is founded on Nov.22 with a charter allowing it to engage in any business, anywhere except for banking and utilities
–passage of the National Defense Act of 1916
–Wilson agrees to join the WAR on Mar. 9 (declares war in April 1917)
–April 20, the ‘Easter Rising’ occurs, Irish revolt
–Margaret Sanger opens clinic for the American Birth Control League (becomes the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942)
–UCBerkeley chemist Gilbert N. Lewis publishes his seminal work on molecular bonding “suggesting that the chemical bond is a pair of electrons shared or held jointly by two atoms…”
–the Americn Radium Society is founded, radium therapy is popular
–physicist Ernest Rutherford tells a London audience, “A mere pound of uranium..might liberate the same energy as burning 100million pounds of coal.” [ref. The Deadly Element by Lennard Bickel, p52]
–SONAR (active echo location) is invented by French physicist Paul Langevin
–UK MoD, Porton Down founded on the Salisbury plain to test chem/biological weapons
–June 1, France, first Chlorine Gas attack in WWI, invented by Fritz Haber, 94,000 killed
–Committee for Relief in Belgium is formed headed by Herbert Hoover; Lewis L. Strauss (Kuhn Loeb partner, 1950s Atomic Energy chief)  becomes Hoover’s assistant
–July 31, Black Tom Island is blown-up in NYC harbor
–massive POLIO outbreaks nationwide 27,000 cases recorded, 9000 in NYC in August
–Peking Union Medical College is founded under the auspices of J.D.Rockefeller Jr.
–“The world’s largest ever manual telephone exchange, serving 60,000 lines, was installed by Ericsson in Moscow in 1916.”
–passage of the US Selective Service Act
–Feb., the “Zimmerman telegram” incident, Germany incites Mexico to war with the U.S.
–April 6, US declares WAR on Germany
–T.E. Lawrence helps organize the Army of Arab Revolt against the Ottomans
–Munich Revolution of 1917 occurs, led by the Bavarian Soviet who held an interim government until the revolution was quashed in May of 1919
–Adolph Zukor and Jesse Lasky of “Famous Players” acquire Paramount Pictures; with Kuhn, Loeb &Co funding, Paramount launches a theater-building and acquisition drive
–Goodyear Zeppelin Company builds 9 airships for the U.S. military
–Sept., the Red Cross Commissions to Russia and Roumania arrive with trainloads of supplies; lawyer and zionist Bernard Flexner leads the Red Cross ‘relief’ mission to Petrograd
–Oct-Nov, the Bolshevik Revoluton occurs in Russia; watch Juri Lina’s film, part 1,
–the Balfour Declaration is signed in Nov., 6 weeks later the British take Jerusalem promising independence to the Arabs
–Feb, women over 30 are granted the right to vote in Britain
–March 11, the capital of USSR is moved from Petrograd to Moscow
–March 11, official first cases of Spanish Flu at Ft. Riley, Kansas begins the Global Pandemic

–the Warner Brothers make their first film, “My Four Years in Germany”
–July, Kuhn Loeb & Co. banker Jacob Schiff orders the execution of Tsar Nicholas and family (ref. Juri Lina)–the-rise-and-fall-of-the-soviet-empire
–Aug., 10,000 U.S. troops join the Japanese invasion of Russian territory, occupying Vladivostock and parts of Siberia
–Sept. 26, one million Allied troops mass for the last major offensive of WWI
–Armistice is signed in Nov. ending the WAR on “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”
–Arthur Dempster builds the “mass spectrometer” for analyzing mineral isotopes; later in 1935 Dempster discovers U-235, the uranium isotope processed for the first atomic bombs
–Jan., the Paris Peace Accords convene at Versailles, treaty signed in June
–Edward L. Bernays opens a Public Relations office in NYC
–first useful RADAR detection in the UK
–photos of a total eclipse verify ‘star displacement near the sun’ confirming an effect of gravity on light and a concept of the fabric of space (space-time)
–the Polish-Soviet War begins (1919-1921)
–Prohibition, the Volstead Act, ratified by US congress Jan.20
–Robert Goddard publishes “A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes” outlining how to send a rocket to the Moon
–League of Nations takes effect in Europe, rejected by the US
–worsening famine grips Russia
–first commercial airlines (former crop dusters)
–first commercial radio stations; Westinghouse Electric establishes world’s first broadcasting station, KDKA, in Pittsburgh,PA
–world population at 1,811,000,000; US population at 107,823,000

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