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March 31, 2011

Apocalypse – Who’s Hiding the Cheese?

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This article is a general blog review, posted 20 days after the Fukushima quake-tsunami-radiation disaster. Newer articles have been added at the bottom.
“Professor Christopher Busby, of the European Committee on Radiation Risks, says that what we are witnessing in Japan is even worse than Chernobyl and [will] probably be an end to nuclear industry worldwide. ‘I have said right from the beginning that this was a Chernobyl-level disaster,’ he said. ‘I would hope that it means that the nuclear industry is finished… But then I thought about Chernobyl and what happened there –there was a massive international cover-up by the nuclear lobby of all the health effects of the Chernobyl accident, which is only coming out now.’ ”
   But there are health effects of the nuclear industry so successfully covered-up, and for so long, that most experts won’t mention it: knowledge that is critical to an authentic assessment of nuclear dangers that brings our entire medical establishment into its fold. Americans permanently gave up their liberty as a trade-off for nuclear weapons, and they are about to give up their biological birthright for a Transhuman experiment.  Dr. Rosalie Bertell has called nuclear power “our death crisis” :
   Some people are tossing the word “apocalypse” around, so I thought I’d check my Webster’s. The number one meaning is given as “to uncover”. Next, “one of the Jewish and Christian writings..marked by pseudocosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life..” Another word that comes to mind is “quickening”, number one meaning: “to make alive”. If you had asked me a few years ago about welcoming an apocalypse, I’d have said “No, no!” –oops– should’ve checked the dictionary. I’ve been writing an apocalypse…for the quickening. Hope you like it.
By request, I’m cleaning house in this almost-two-year-old journal, sorting and highlighting for you what I think are its premium contents. My “apocalypse” is a look back at medical research history to a point in time where x-rays, germ theorists, Rockefellers and Rothschilds converge in the late nineteenth century along with Zionists, globalists and “future pacers” of various sorts. Mixing science, history and current events with logical speculation, I hope(d) to penetrate some of the motive and methods giving insight into present conditions, and where things might be going based on the effectiveness and dominance of force-multiplying technologies. I could be a Luddite. Then again, my cautionary bias appreciates “roads not taken” and technologies undeveloped, but those may not be choices in a crisis-driven world. In fact, they may have always been only the illusion of choice. So this blog takes the perspective that “deep planning” has been the operative conspiracy in the full term of my lifetime, and maybe my parents also, who were born before WWII. A past event I see that crystallized the power divisions between nation-states and the people ruled was the distribution of polio vaccines, created in the early 1950s to mask the effects of radiological pollution and make the Nuclear Age administratively acceptable. Vaccines, in general, have become the chief biological tool of population control. The subject of atomic weapons, including x-rays, and polio causation was big enough for its own blog: Most of the medical research here was spun-off from studying polio, which was, 99% of the time, manifested as a flu. The H1N1 pandemic which was an urgent matter of concern initiated this blog into being.
“Understanding the Spanish Flu was a challenge to learn the “hidden” history of World War One….There’s reason to think that nitrate toxicosis also played a large role in this event….Spanish Flu appears to be multiple ailments: bacterial pneumonias, nitrate toxicosis, polio and many more. Viral agents were never found!”
   Medically speaking, the American Spanish Flu set a pattern of research management under the auspices of the U.S. military in collaboration with the Rockefeller establishment. The toxic causes and biological manifestations of flu were the beginnings of what I now know are a disease Continuum, reaching a psychological apex, perhaps, as cancer and AIDS. What we should know about the 2009 round of H1N1 swine flu is that the first specimens came from U.S. Navy labs in San Diego and that American public health laboratories were systematically unfunded down to bare bones in the previous years as the threat morphed from a bird flu into a swine flu. . The military, however, was prepared and eager to engage its Global Emerging Infections System (GEIS) and develop its policy of ONE medicine –treatment of humans and animals with the same protocols as managed livestock In the course of searching for swine flu origins, I discovered a crossover experiment performed by Rockefeller’s DAP in 1937, inserting human DNA into the causative agent of hog cholera. Without an actual document of the experiment, I assume this was done by radiation-induced reassortment and bacteriophage techniques.
   The H1N1 flu was hyperbolic hocus-pocus. The Washington state outbreak that was said to have infected 2,200 students on the campus of WSU actually turned up only 7 patients with virus, far less than the H1N1 ‘naturally’ existing in military-recruit populations.
I can’t emphasize enough the work of Drs. Stefan Lanka and Nancy T. Banks in helping us understand the HIV controversy. AIDS is a key feature in the progression of the Continuum. While the artifice of HIV is currently a political weapon devastating the continent of Africa, the coming vaccine could be staging the last great theft of the human endowment –natural immunity. The history of mandatory vaccination in the U.S. goes back to the Supreme Court case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts from 1905  “
Dr. Banks writes, “There is no scientific data validating the contention that what is currently referred to as HIV is, in fact, a virus! …The goal was perception management… [and] the proteins claimed to be specific for HIV are universally present in everyone.” [pp306-308]… Many of the drugs humans create to kill microbes end up killing themselves. [p263]“
   “Cells communicate by means of viral-like particles, electric currents, chemical emission, photons, and magnetic fields. There are about 100,000 reactions per second in all of our cells… Cells also make particles that travel through extra-cellular space to other cells, not to attack them, but to pass on information.”
The microbe killers love the stuff. This subject gets the most attention on the blog. I wrote three articles on CS as a warning against its use as a preventative medicament. . The deeper subject concerns nanotechnology and my speculation that inducement to drink CS (like flu fear), combined with other nanofoods (not foods!) are a recipe for microprocessors, perhaps preparing the platform for Transhuman manipulation in people who would otherwise resist.
Taking vitamins presents a number of similar issues from being a waste of money to becoming a dangerous biological threat. I wrote this to open the subject Are there nano-ingredients in there? Just wait…
Nanosized particles not only are invisible to the immune system but they have unique physical properties and are capable of penetrating every tissue.
In the face of the disease Continuum, which cycles through influenza, polio, cancer, and AIDS, I’ve postulated the opportunity in cancer as the vehicle for DNA computers and Immortality ; and the first case of truly artificial life made with a new amino acid, possibly perpetrated as the SARS outbreak of 2003: …”nature is only known to use 20 amino acids in the synthesis of the entire spectrum of genomes and the scientists admit that “the origin of the genetic code..remains an enigma”…”Nature magazine points out that Richard Chamberlin (UC Irvine) and Peter Schultz (Scripps) paved the way for synthesizing new amino acids. Both men are University of California indoctrinaires working for the US Dept. of Energy. The Human Genome Project is the DoE –mid-wife of Big Science– that started as the Manhattan Project.”…
And this is where things become very circular and related. In researching Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine, I learned that human cancer cells provided the growth medium for polioviruses –not just for the assays, as claimed, but for the vaccine ‘seed stock’ My theory that the polio vaccine was a dual-use anti-cancer vaccine (but in reality a false premise sold to the government) gained ground by exploring the background of a story called Dr. Mary’s Monkey which is another fraudulent version of polio, AIDS, and cancer in the context of the JFK assassination. and  Everyone who’s had a Salk or Sabin polio vaccine potentially has a stake in learning about SV40
…begin formally with x-ray inventions in 1895, followed closely by the discovery of radium and radioactivity. From that point, biological experimentation revolved around the scientifically fascinating effects of radiation. The potential of atomic energy had already been articulated two decades earlier, and H.G.Wells put atomic weaponry in the public imagination by the time of WWI.  It was a foregone conclusion that nuclear physics was bent for weaponization and blackmail, developed by Jewish bankers and scientists between the World Wars. Atom bombs were unstoppable technology because no one deemed to stop its decades of “peaceful” development as medically beneficial.
Constructing the cut-poison-and-burn “western paradigm” of medicine was enabled through infant nuclear technology; by the early 1930s circumstances to import a culture of practitioners committed to furthering its experimentation was rooted as a moral necessity
In the words of a scientist who was a displaced person: “During the 1930s a new biology came into being that by the late 1950s was to endow scientists with unprecendented power over life. These three decades culminated in…the cognitive foundations for genetic engineering. Scientists could now[by the ’50s] manipulate genes on the most fundamental level and attempt to control the course of biological and social evolution; they laid claim to “the secret of life”…“Gone was the rhetoric of biological improvements of the race… Gone also was..the old eugenics…
 “The Berkeley cyclotron project, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, was diverted during the war years from its putative medical applications to the production of fissionable material… However, they [the RF] would have preferred to distance themselves from the dubious honor bestowed by Ernest O. Lawrence who unwittingly boasted that “if it hadn’t been for the Rockefeller Foundation, there would have been no atomic bomb.” [p219]
Electromagnetic radiation, which is permeating the global environment with RF (in this case, radiofrequency), and very much promoted by RF (Rockefeller Foundation, and JDR Jr’s historic “radio city” consortium) is the harvest of energy and frequency effects without the radioactive substances –EMFs are perhaps the most important and least recognized of biological hazards from technology today
The biological aspect of the September 11 attack has a longer paper trail than we imagine, with two historical outbreaks coincident with radiological fallout contamination in 1957 and 1979 . During Operation Plumbob in 1957, considered the dirtiest of all U.S. atomic series tests, a small outbreak occurred in New Hampshire while the military doctors were injecting a new anthrax vaccine into textile mill workers. In ’79, five days after the accident at Three Mile Island, the Soviets claimed an accidental anthrax release from a govt. facility in Sverdlovsk –the spread of victims is thought to be in the thousands, but no one seems to know. Salk Institute investigators handled the inquiry in 1992.
   The truth movement missed out on highlighting the facts that the “official story” of the anthrax attack could not have happened. A toll of 22 victims and 22 post offices, minus Washington D.C. “trace” contamination that virtually shut down the capitol with chaos in the critical days before passing the Patriot Act, cannot be random or accidental. The mailed letters were hoaxes and the victims were individually targeted! No other scenario fits the facts. A 1997 anthrax hoax at B’nai B’rith headquarters in D.C. may be the test case that proved exploitable physical and psychological vulnerability .  The anthrax Ground Zero was the Florida tabloid publisher American Media Inc, owned by high-level financiers and friends of Israel with historic publishing connections to the CIA and mafia –smack-dab in the midst of related September 11 activity. These devils are in the details with connections to Israeli Aircraft Industries, the BioPort anthrax vaccine corporation, and a list of complicit beneficiaries.
Dragon lords, drugs and symbolism have been hastening the close of the millenium of “peace” (‘shalom’= payback) in favor of the new order age. Yeah, the Millenium of Peace –it’s over baby! Wake up and smell the chemtrails.
CLIMATE CHANGE appears to be the cause celebre for furthering a unitary global political agenda.
ARTICLE ADDITIONS posted after “Apocalypse” was first published include a breakdown of the Fukushima disaster as a devastating HOAX on the world’s public.
THREADS of conspiracies, known and unknown, with cross-over elements, merge in two important stories: the JFK assassination and a progressing articulation of the Disease Continuum.
The JFK Conspiracy Con proposes a fresh set of questions related to the assassination based on the proliferation of nuclear weapons –the link is the first in a five-part series:
The Disease Contunuum is also serial in nature, linked here as the introduction of the “four elements”; influenza, polio, cancer and AIDS:
Progress could mean this– madeover by self-assembling plastics: Morgification

March 12, 2011

The Fallout Is Coming

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Canada’s record of Chernobyl fallout:

“A large number of radionuclides released by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor were detected in air and river water samples collected in the Quebec region of eastern Canada. Analysis of the data supports the view that three waves of airborne radioactivity entered eastern Canada between 6 May 1986 and the end of June 1986. The first two waves would have followed an Arctic route and arrived over Quebec on 6 May and around 14 May respectively. The third wave would have been carried by the prevailing westerly winds across the Pacific Ocean and arrived over Quebec around 25–26 May. On 25 June and thereafter, Chernobyl radioactivity was undetectable in our airfilters but was still being detected in the St Lawrence river in March 1987.” … a3f5135048

(from Canada, thanks Jack!)

UPDATE: March 23 (my last update on this post, for now, because the Fukushima reactor crisis is going to continue for years to come) Follow the updating fallout news here; tracking HAARP, earthquakes and weather

“U.S. officials announced a block on Japanese dairy and other produce from the region… The crisis is emerging as the world’s most expensive… The latest reported food data showed sharp increases in radioactivity levels in a range of vegetables. In one area about 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of the plant, levels..measured 82 times the government’s limit for radioactive cesium…”
[CNN, video report] “high levels of radiation have been detected in tap water in Tokyo…the limit for children is 100..the level is 210 [measured in becquerels per liter]
“How long does it take [before] a contaminated area can be inhabited again?

[Renowned radiation biologist Edmund Lengfelder:] There is a rule of thumb: For a nuclide such as cesium-137, the half-life of 30 years. It takes ten half-lives, so you can populate an area again, making a total of 300 years. But in Japan is still added a difficulty: the nuclear fission process, radioactive substances, it is called the radioactive inventory of a reactor. In a boiling water reactor in Fukushima this inventory is 30 to 40 times as high as in Chernobyl, it can thus escape much more radiation. If we summarize it: In Japan, more people are concerned because the population density is higher than in Chernobyl and there is a higher contamination.” [posted 3-21]

Hazards of Low Level Radioactivity : Dr. Ernest Sternglass explains: “When the radiation from such isotopes as strontium-89 and 90 in the bone marrow mutates an existing virus that invades the T-cells of the immune system and kills them in the process of replication, the stage is set for the complete collapse of the immune defenses, and resulting death from opportunistic infections or cancer.” (“The Implications of Chernobyl for Human Health”, International Journal of Biosocial Research, p. 19, July 1986)


“In l997 former US Defense Secretary, William Cohen,while engaged in a News Briefing at the University of Georgia, spoke the following words while talking in general about weapons that various terrorists groups might be building: ‘Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.’ ”

Since 03-11-11 to 03-23-11 there have been 731 earthquakes… Japan is one giant volcano”. Can HAARP do this?


Israeli Security Firm in Charge at Japanese Nuke Facilities Prior to Disaster   …cameras recording Japanese nuclear core…

STUXNET computer worm –Fukushima’s smoking gun?

“Never before has a computer virus been able to manipulate devices in the physical world as would human hands. Stuxnet is a computer worm –or virus– that was developed for the purposes of manipulating and sabotaging industrial controls inside factories, power plants and electric utilities that use Siemens SIMATIC, WinCC (Windows) and PCS7 control systems. As such, CNET describes it as ‘the first-ever control system malware’…believed to be industrial espionage of the most sophisticated order… In reality, very little is known for certain about Stuxnet –with its unique ability to subvert every known security system and physically manipulate its surroundings– has ushered humankind into a potentially scary new age where computer viruses can interact with the material world like they own the place.”


               “Pictures appear to confirm the worst – that deadly spent fuel rods were exposed to blasts”

                     Newly Released Images Show Devastated Nuclear Reactors 160311top1

                     Paul Joseph Watson

Fukushima Flyover video



March 12 – News, at this writing, is that the reactor building of Unit 1 has exploded, injuring 4 people. The evacuation area has expanded from a 6-mile to a 12-mile radius. Edwin Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists made a statement to CNN that the accident could be “far worse” than expected. By the evidence, a meltdown at Fukushima is underway.
We never get the truth from officials about nuclear accidents. If they admit an accident, they deny the danger, but explosions (venting) and evacuations are nothing less than the minimum requirement of a major accident-in-progress. The mainstream news is already announcing that there is no damage to Japan’s “reactor itself”, contradicting the widespread notice of confirmed melting fuel.

In 1979, Three Mile Island did not explode. We were told there had been a partial meltdown and elevated levels of fallout were not significant enough to cause a public risk, but a group of Japanese visitors who came specifically to learn about TMI found a very different situation. 

Excerpt from the Fallout page, :

Three Mile Island: The People’s Testament , Aileen M. Smith  March 27, 1989

…”Interviewees said on the day of the accident, and for the next couple of days, a powdery ash fell and collected on everything. From the first day, Wednesday March 28, a strong and nauseating metallic taste began affecting them. People and animals stumbled and fell. They felt numbness in their legs and tingling or burning, sometimes a peppery rash. Veterinarian Robert Weber reported in his recollection made in 1982, “Immediately after the accident at TMI, we had many sheep and goats that couldn’t get up. Also, we had troubles with sheep just being found dead. Goats just being found dead…through that summer of 1979.” Weber said there were high numbers of stillbirths and an inability of the pregnant animals to deliver. Local farmers often went through him and filed reports with the Agriculture bureau, only to learn later from officials that no such reports existed. By 1982, he said “Cancer is our big deal now…We are finding the cancers in the uterus, the mammary systems, the lymphatics…I see this curve”.

Betty Fawber said of her animals, “After the accident happened…we’d go up and there’d be chickens that were dead. Just one at a time. Unexplained. We had maybe about six like that…The chickens started dying like that, I’d say, maybe 6 months after the accident…I had two rabbits and one had a litter of 7 bunnies, but they were all born dead. They looked perfect but they were dead.” Betty was sensitive to the ‘venting’, as were others, developing a burning rash on her skin and in her throat and sinuses. She said,” The first year..there were about 47 times when this burning happened….45 times..we accounted [in the newspaper] that they did vent….Last year [1982] sometime..we saw or heard that they were deliberately venting each day”…

Because of the “combined” incomprehensible destruction in Japan, effects like those at TMI will not be observable as radiological hazards. Fallout emanating from Fukushima will be masked by chemical and biological threats which will be enhanced by radiation.
   Published medical studies about enhanced effects from irradiation are ‘clean’ experiments in comparison to the very complex combinations found in fallout, usually performed with x-rays and UV. This link shows how radiation doubles sensitivity to nitric oxide:  Nitric oxide alone reduced survivor rate by 10%; with added irradiation the rate reduced to

President Obama called for the construction of 45 new nuclear power plants. The U.S. is in the midst of an ideological “nuclear renaissance” –officials have every reason NOT to tell us of radioactive fallout danger.  During the 1950s, when “peaceful atoms” were to justify the creation of weapons and usher in the age of global cooperation, an intense climate of suppression and secrecy surrounded the medical findings of scientists. The public propaganda of the Atomic Energy Commission under the leadership of Lewis L. Strauss, gave us the “Sunshine” campaign. In reality, the Health Physics researchers were desperately collecting and arranging new data.   Dr. John Gofman, former Manhattan Project scientist and Establishment defector, spread the news that the AEC policy stating  “the solution to pollution is dilution” was unofficially official

   During the Chernobyl crisis, there was political currency in reporting a fallout threat, and still the world waited a decade, and longer, to learn more about what happened. Many people have said that the Chernobyl accident forced the USSR into the policy of Glasnost with its neighbors and contributed greatly to the dissolution of the Soviet system. Nuclear accidents are everybody’s business.


The Fukushima explosion Special U.S. ‘radiation units’ of the military are en route to Fukushima and they probably have something you don’t have:, developed with Project BioShield funds.

Dr. Edwin Lyman, who made an alarming statement on CNN, Saturday 3-12-11, about an accident-in-progress, is familiar with the Fukushima reactors and the potential for disaster.
   “In 1999, quality data on MOX fuel made by BNFL in Britain for the Japanese..proved to be falsified. Belgonucleaire (BN) in Belgium, which made MOX fuel for the now also accused of falsification of its quality control data. In August 2000 [a coalition] started a court action in the Fukushima District Court seeking an injunction against Tepco… Dr. Koyama stated he found irregularities in four of fourteen MOX fuel assemblies for Fukushima 1-3… A second study was publshed in December 2000.. done by Dr. Edwin Lyman, scientific director for the Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) in Washington D.C…. The report claims that the MOX fuel made by Belgonucleaire for Tepco is tainted. It says the MOX fuel is made in an old facility with poor production and quality control standards, which are even below the standards of BNFL’s old MOX plant at Sellafield…  If Tepco loads MOX fuel in their reactors, it will significantly increase the risks of a nuclear accident with catastrophic effects involving the release of large amounts of deadly plutonium particles into the atmosphere, said Frank Barnaby of the Oxford Research Group, co-author of the study.”
 Did they?
Updated confirmation has come from Japanese authorities that Fukushima is venting.
“Already the coverup is going on at very high levels in Washington and Tokyo” —Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of Japan Times, CCTV News
Statements from mainstream sources on March 13 indicate two “likely partial meltdowns”
Unprecedented MULTIPLE  MELTDOWNS  and accidents waiting to happen
“Tepco owns 17 nuclear reactors, 10 in Fukushima and 7 in Niigata Kashiwazaki Kariwa [world’s largest plant]…”
1999 – “Fifteen of Japan’s 17 key nuclear facilities have inadequate health and safety measures, according to a report by the Labor Ministry. The facilities were inspected between October 1 and October 22–just after the accident at Tokaimura.” 
Dec-11-02 – “It was confirmed that dishonest acts had taken place, including injecting air into the primary containment vessel in order to lower the leak rate”
Dec-20-04 – [shutdown]”trouble that could lead to a water leakage”
Major Incidents At Japanese Nuclear Facilities 2005-2006
July 16, 2007 – EARTHQUAKE -“After a deadly earthquake struck northwestern Japan last week, the nation was stunned when a nuclear power plant near the earthquake’s center suffered widespread damage, including minor radiation leaks, ruptured pipes, flooding and a fire that belched black smoke for more than an hour on live television.”
“the basic policy stated in the revised Seismic Guide is that all buildings and structures must be installed on ground having enough support performance. There can be no doubt now that the ground of the site of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant does not fulfill this requirement. This was proved by the damage to many structures” 
[Feb?]02-6-09 – “suspended the operation of its No.2 reactor.. indicating problems with reactor..system pumps”
[Sep] 9-02-09 – “Tepco shuts down Fukushima reactor after radiation leak”
[reported shutdown,Nov 11-02-10 to Dec 22] “problem in a pump”
—This list above was a brief nonredundant search—
*Radiation levels increase 400 times in quake-hit province, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, March 13, 2011 at 2:41 am EST
“Typical dose near Chernobyl reactor 4 and its fragments, shortly after explosion: 10-300 millisievert per hour… Highest reported radiation beside reactor 3 at Fukushima: 400 millisievert per hour”  
March 14, 2011 [headline]  Radiation Level Up at Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant
In this image made off Japan's NTV/NNN Japan television footage, smoke ascends from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant's Unit   3. (AP/NTV/NNN Japan)
…”The morning explosion in Unit 3 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant was felt 25 miles (40 kilometers away)… fuel rods at another reactor, Unit 2, were fully exposed..”
” At 11:01 a.m., two consecutive hydrogen explosions occurred at Unit 3…Unit 3 is one of several reactors in Japan that is currently using mixed oxide fuel, or MOX, which is part of a program to recycle used nuclear fuel. At this time, TEPCO cannot determine whether the MOX fuel is associated with the inability to control pressure and cooling at Unit 3.”

Rising fallout reaching the jetstreams travels ahead of weather. This map shows windspeeds at 80-100 miles per hour.

‘Air’ distances between the world’s major cities; Tokyo to Los Angeles 5,433 miles;  Fallout in the jetstream can potentially reach the West Coast in as few as  54 hours. This will likely stay aloft for a long time, perhaps years. Lower altitude fallout will travel with the weather.

March 14:  a third blast at the Fukushima plant (No.2) was reported just after 17::00 hours EDT, March 14. The Navy vessel USS Ronald Reagan, 100 miles offshore at Fukushima earlier today was required to move out of the area and discontinue fly-over attempts after 17 crew members aboard helicopters were exposed.

“The blast tore through the unit 2 structure at the Fukushima Daiichi complex and a hole has been found in the container…there is also currently a fire in unit 4 reactor [fuel pool]. Prime minister Naoto Kan said radiation has spread from the reactors..”

“..this could become Chernobyl on steroids

“Afer Three Mile Island, strontium was detected 150 miles away from the reactor. That ends up in cows’ milk and doesn’t go away for 300 years. The releases from [Fukushima’s] plants will last for a year and will contain elements that will remain in the environment for 300 years even in the best case.” –Arnold Gunderson

(March 15) — Contamination is at dangerous levels locally in Japan with plumes of radiation feeding a fallout cloud that is dispersing whichever way the winds blow. High altitude fallout should already be streaming over North America at low levels. Radioactivity levels will pick up as fallout pushes out of the jetstream and lower altitude currents reach populations on the ground. Americans on the West Coast should take precautions today. Fallout is NOT like a “chest x-ray”–it’s a chemically dirty mix of biologically incompatible radioisotopes, many toxic for days, some for weeks, and others for months and years. Take an appropriate iodine supplement to prevent the uptake of radioactive iodine 131. The best prevention is to limit outdoor activity and wear long pants/sleeves; change and put the clothes in the laundry. Store a drinking water supply for a minimum of 30 days. Stay out of the rain. Curtail or postpone plans for voluntary x-rays or other non-necessary medical proceedures, at least for the coming month and as long as dangerous levels of fallout are emitted, adding 2 weeks. Nuclear fallout is a cumulative poison. Preventing avoidable exposure NOW will help us when exposure and contamination is unavoidable.

Taking iodine:

Vaccines and antibiotics should particularly be avoided for 30 days following even low-level radiation exposure.

UPDATE: March 16, ..”a surge in radiation made it too dangerous for workers to remain at the facility…’So the workers cannot carry out even minimal work at the plant right now’…Experts say exposure of around 1,000 millisieverts is enough to cause radiation sickness… Officials said they would use helicopters and fire trucks.”

“High radiation levels prevented a helicopter from flying to the site to drop water into the No. 3 reactor to try to cool its fuel rods…The plant operator described No. 3 as the “priority.” No more information was available, but that reactor is the only one at Daiichi which uses plutonium in its fuel mix… water was being poured into reactors No. 5 and 6, indicating the entire six-reactor facility was now at risk of overheating…”This is a slow-moving nightmare,” said Dr Thomas Neff, a physicist and uranium-industry analyst at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

VIDEO – “Use the Chernobyl option”, Michio Kaku and Joseph Cirincione

Economic Meltdown – “World-changing events are now underway…For decades, the world has been running its own nuclear-style reaction, only in the currency and debt markets where exponenially-accelerating piles of debt and money have spun about faster and faster… With any interruption to smooth flow of money through this pile, it will immediately become unstable… Banks begin to fail again, global trade falls off, unrest continues to build, and then it happens –a currency crisis. Everything changes. Fastr than you think.”  
March 17 
 “A United Nations forecast projects the radioactive plume from the Fukushima facility would reach the Aleutian Islands on Thursday [today] and hit Southern California late on Friday, the New York Times reported. The projection.. gives no information about actual radiation levels”.. Pacific jetstream is currently flowing due east directly toward the United States. In the event of a major meltdown and continuous large-volume radioactive release, airborne particles will be carried across the ocean in bands that will cross over the southern halves of Oregon, Montana and Idaho, all of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, northern Nebraska and Iowa and ending in Wisconsin and Illinois, with possible further eastward drift depending on surface wind direction.”

Don’t miss this page :

March 18 – Fluctuations in radiation levels range from 271 millisievert per hour to 1472 “Typical dose near Chernobyl reactor 4 and its fragments, shortly after explosion: 10-300 millisievert per hour”

Updating newswire from Japan

Two days ago this video of a radiation meter, off the scale, was posted after the man holding it fled the Fukushima area:

“Radiation…reaches California” 

Below is a circulating email alert:

RADIATION ALERT! First Cloud Reached California! [16-17 March] & Radiation Leak in Canada!!!
I am really sorry to say this, but the first radiation cloud reached California (dangerous radiation from the explosion of Fukushima’s first reactor).
Radiation Danger is above 126. It stayed at 235 for over 20 minutes:

Video Comment:
Its 5:30pm CST March 16, now.. this was reported over 2 hours ago.. im taping up my windows now and running some extra water into jugs. back in a few.. better safe than sorry in my opinion.

From a commenter:
“General surgeons of Québec will give free iodine tablets for resident of Bécancourt,? ?
Matipq 32 minutes ago.”

Here is a readout to show past activity with this station which verifies the LARGE spike in radiation :
Measure radiation here:
Here is the other radiation monitoring site for continental US:
Watch the clouds and storm track now.. from bakersfield CA.

Here is the other radiation monitoring site for continental US: :

Possible Danger Zones:
Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, California Bakersfield, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Idaho, Quebec, Arkansas.

CLICK HERE FOR Live Radiation Monitoring from West LA!!!



March 20
“radiation was found in spinach grown up to 75 miles (120 kilometres) from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant…Japanese shoppers picked groceries with care Sunday after the discovery of contamination in spinach and milk…”
March 21
“WHO warns of ‘serious’ food radiation in disaster-hit Japan… radiation in food..was more serious than previously thought… Japan’s health ministry has urged some residents near the plant to stop drinking tap water after high levels of radioactive iodine were detected…” [residents were evacuated, right?] ..At Fukushima, 300 engineers have worked around the clock inside an evacuation zone to contain the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl..”
“Meeting in Washington for an update on conditions at Fukushima, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said units 1, 2 and 3 have all seen damage to their reactor cores… ..’they’re going to have to take some decisions quickly in Japan to shut down and stop food being used completely from zones.. affected,’ said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl. ..The crisis has brought renewed scrutiny to Tokyo Electric, a wealthy, politically influential utility that has been accused in the past of safety violations. Days before the disaster, a NISA report criticized Tokyo Electric for failing to inspect crucial equipment related to cooling systems at Fukushima…” 
“Top U.S. offcal hints that radioactive material ‘has been deposited on the ground’ “*

March 9, 2011

The Culture of Organs


Watch this presentation by Dr. Anthony Atala on growing and printing organs, with an “inkjet” that uses cells!

Midway through the delivery onstage, the doctor appears to remove a newly made kidney from solution but “Reports in the media that Dr. Anthony Atala printed a real kidney at the TED conference in Long Beach, Calif., are completely inaccurate. At the conference, Dr. Atala used a new type of technology to print a kidney-shaped mold and explained how one day – many years from now – the technology might be used to print actual organs.”

The “printed” kidney got Dr. Atala’s audience to its feet, forgetting for the moment perhaps, the already amazing “biomaterials” able to provide structural scaffolding for new cells to grow on. He called them “smart biomaterials” in the first minutes of this show. Take away the Big Finish and Atala’s applications are in substance what the “Cheeseburger In Paradise” article is expressing. This is lab-grown meat with a twist, or I should say, a pulse.
In a reality of Virtual Organs, can Virtual Humans be far behind?
 Curiously Dr. Atala invokes the name of Alexis Carrel, author of The Culture of Organs along with co-author Charles A. Lindbergh who befriended Carrel in 1929 :
“In 1929, the interests of two prominent people intersected. Charles Lindberg’s sister-in-law, Elizabeth Morrow, was left with severe disease of the heart valves after acute rheumatic fever. Lindberg asked her doctor why her heart could not be repaired by surgery. When told that the heart could not be stopped long enough for surgeons to work on it, Lindberg questioned why a mechanical pump could not be used for circulating the blood while the heart was stopped. A physician friend introduced him to Carrel. Lindberg asked to become a volunteer assistant in Carrel’s laboratory and work on the perfusion pump. By 1935, the pump was able to keep the thyroid gland of a cat alive for eighteen days. Cells of that gland were then successfully transferred to tissue culture. Time magazine’s cover of July 1, 1935 pictured Carrel and Lindberg with their ‘mechanical heart’.”
Alexis Carrel is best known for his career (1906-1939) at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research where he gained a reputation as a philosopher-mystic, operating in his darkened experimental surgery lab in long black robes, isolated from the normal interaction of his scientific fellows. The same year that Time put him on the cover, Carrel published Man, The Unknown.
Carrel wrote, “The natural fate of all civilizations is to rise and to decline–and to vanish into dust. Our civilization may perhaps escape the common fate, because it has at its disposal the unlimited resources of science. But science deals exclusively with the forces of intelligence. And intelligence never urges men to action. Only fear, enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, hatred, and love can infuse with life the products of our mind. The youth of Germany and Italy, for example, are driven by faith to sacrifice themselves for an ideal–even if that ideal is false. Perhaps the democracies will also engender men burning with the passion to create. Perhaps, in Europe and in America, there are such men, still young, poor, and unknown. But enthusiasm and faith, if not united to the knowledge of the whole reality, will remain sterile. The Russian revolutionists had the will and the strength to build up a new civilization. They failed because they relied upon the incomplete vision of Karl Marx, instead of a truly scientific concept of man. The renovation of modern society demands, besides a profound spiritual urge, the knowledge of man in his wholeness.” [p1]
  …”None of the dogmas of modern science are immutable. Gigantic factories, office buildings rising to the sky, inhuman cities, industrial morals, faith in mass production, are not indispensable to civilization. Other modes of existence and of thought are possible. Culture without comfort, beauty without luxury, machines without enslaving factories, science without the worship of matter, would restore to man his intelligence, his moral sense, his virility,and lead him to the summit of his development.” [p299]
…”We must be freed from the universe created by scientists with their marvelous intelligence. We stand in awe before the great expanse of the material world, but it is too narrow for mankind… We know that we have a wider expanse that transcends the physical.”
   Alexis Carrel left a legacy that defies casual perusal –he appears in Man, The Unknown to be indoctrinated with the “negative eugenics” of his time, however, as a (very late) latecomer. Three decades earlier, while Cold Spring Harbor’s Eugenics Record Office was launching its family survey program from New York, Carrel, as an inexperienced MD in France,  was witnessing an unexplainable healing at the springs of Lourdes that changed his life. His new enthusiasm for the human soul and life-of-the-spirit soon excluded him from a medical career in his home country. He packed up for Montreal on the invitation of Canadian missionaries and carried on with building a brilliant reputation as a surgeon that led him to Chicago, the Rockefellers’ RIMR, and the winning of a Nobel Prize in 1912. He was different than his colleagues. His wife worked beside him as a surgical assistant. He spoke against war even though he dutifully served. Lindbergh was so impressed with Carrel that he bought a summer house in France so the two couples could spend long vacations together but it is unclear whether or not their camaraderie lasted beyond a summer or two. Lindbergh did not spend the “rest of his life” working with Carrel at the Rockefeller as Atala suggests.
   RIMR’s director, Simon Flexner, personally lobbied Carrel to join the staff (in 1906), but when Flexner retired in 1936, it seems Carrel was no longer welcome. By 1939, his lab was taken away and disassembled. The Carrels departed for France and became caught in wartime circumstances. Alexis Carrel, himself, made at least one more sojourn to New York on wartime medical business in the interests of the Rockefellers and thereafter “collaborated” with the Vichy government for a position leading the Institute for the Study of Human Problems. In 1944, Carrel died of heart failure. It is said that days later the press “mistakenly” reported that Carrel was a Nazi collaborator, an item of information that is prominently mentioned in his biographical sketches today, but referencing only his notable eugenical remarks. Some have even called him the “Father of the Gas Chambers” for penning an endorsement of euthanasia, though he was far from originating the idea. Edwin Black, author of War Against the Weak, would not have missed the opportunity to nail Carrel, as a payrolled Rockefeller employee, if it were true. Black’s treatise is devoted to the American origin of “negative eugenics” .
    So, it’s a curiosity that Dr. Atala should cite Carrel’s The Culture of Organs as his inspiration given the man’s controversial background and the Nazi taint that haunts both his and Lindbergh’s personal history There was so much more to him. A newspaper article from 1935 printed this: “Dr. Anton Julius Carlson, in whose laboratory fame first came to Dr. Alexis Carrel, scoffed today at his former associate’s new theory that [proposes]… [k]eeping a man in suspended animation.. so he can come back to life in the future century of his choice… The Chicago physiologist was even more critical of the Rockefeller Institute scientist’s declaration that ‘we know positively that clairvoyances are capable of perceiving past and future events’ and ‘it is far from being unreasonable to believe that some part of human personality may escape death.’
 “Lindbergh’s work with Carrel was interrupted on March 1, 1932,when his 2-year-old son, Charles, Jr, was kidnapped, and hisdead body was found 10 weeks later in a shallow grave. It took21/2 years for a suspect to be apprehended; Bruno Richard Hauptmannwas arrested on September 19, 1934, and was later was put ontrial. Because of Lindbergh’s celebrity, the events surroundingthe kidnapping, murder, and trial received enormous attentionfrom the press; it was billed as the trial of the century. Hauptmannwas convicted and executed. The United States Congress passeda law in response to the kidnapping, which made kidnapping acrossstate lines a federal crime for the first time. Both Charlesand Anne Lindbergh were intensely private people; therefore,to escape public attention they boarded a ship for Europe in1935, and they remained there until 1939 when they were forcedhome by the start of the war in Europe. Certain eventsduring that time placed Lindbergh on a downward spiral of publiccondemnation, parallel to a similar fall by his colleague, AlexisCarrelWhen the war began, the Lindberghs returnedto America, and in 1941, Lindbergh became a major spokesmanfor the “America First Committee,” an isolationist organizationopposed to the entry of the United States into the war in Europe.The once great man endured widespread condemnation within hisown country… 
    After the liberation of France in 1944,[Carrel] was relieved of all duties related to his institute and wasplaced under surveillance. An investigation began to evaluatethe extent of his collaboration with the Nazis and the Vichygovernment, but no conclusions were reached. Unremitting attacksby the press left Carrel deeply saddened, embittered, and depressed.He was a broken man when he died on November 5, 1944… 
America First Comittee
“Founded in 1940 to fight against U.S. participation in World War II, the AFC initially enjoyed the backing of Henry Ford and the historian Charles A. Beard… the committee was especially active in Chicago. After Charles Lindbergh, an AFC leader, made what was widely considered an anti-Semitic speech in September 1941, the organization began to decline…
   “Peaking at 800,000 members, it was likely the largest anti-war organization in American history… Nothing did more to escalate the tensions than the speech [Lindbergh] delivered to a rally in Des Moines Iowa on September 11,1941. In that speech he identified the forces pulling America into the war as the British, the Roosvelt administration, and the Jews… During its existence it was seen by some on the left, especially Communists, as a Nazi front..”
Once war was declared, however, Lindbergh served the U.S. heroically as a civilian, flying over 32 (or 50) missions for the armed services. . The America First Committee’s beginnings are retrospectively claimed to have a shadowy founding by Lessing J. Rosenwald, the son of Sears Roebuck & Co. magnate Julius Rosenwald. Lessing Rosenwald became a division chieftain of the War Production Board and Sears’ president, Robert Wood, took the leadership of the AFC.
   Maybe it’s glamour, mystique, and the larger-than-life auras of Carrel and Lindbergh that prompts Dr. Atala to cite them as his inspiration. They did not fundamentally contribute to the science for his work but they did provide Big Ideas. The nuts and bolts of virtual organs relies on the intrepid progress made in the culture of cells.


Eastman-Kodak has “longterm plans to sell inkjet printers” , although no statement is made about medical use. Kodak has long participated in medical ‘establishment’ business, from x-ray plates, radiation badges, cigarette filters, vitamins and pharmaceuticals.
The Culture of Cells
‘For the previous sixty years, from the time when cell culture technology began, in the late 1890s or 1900s,’ [Leonard] Hayflick explained, ‘it was believed virtually from day one that all cells put into culture were inherently immortal..’ …Alexis Carrel, a prominent doctor at the Rockefeller Institute, had mesmerized all of biology early in the century with the claim that cells grown in a culture dish would live forever. The French-born Carrel, who received a Nobel Prize in 1912 ..had in that same year placed a smidgen of heart muscle from a chick in a dish, replenished it almost daily with nutrients, and purportedly kept the cells growing and dividing right up to his death in 1944. It wasn’t just Carrel’s results but the theatrics surrounding his technique that created almost a cult of invincibility about the experiments. He insisted that the walls of a cell culture lab had to be painted black, and while performing their manipulations, his technicians donned long black gowns and hoods…[p25] ..everyone assumed that normal cells, whether isolated from chickens or humans, were immortal. Carrel’s mistake, science historian Jan Witkowski suggests, was that in replenishing the cell cultures with nutrients collected from freshly killed chicken embryos, he and his colleagues may inadvertently have supplied fresh new cells to the culture each time they fed them. In other words, they had merely created the illusion of immortality through sloppy laboratory technique. The gerontologist Steven Austad puts it more strongly: ‘It is now clear that the errors and incompetence were Carrel’s own, although a more charitable interpretation is that in his case it was the laboratory assistants who were incompetent or that they spiked the dishes occasionally with fresh cells because they were just too afraid to tell him that the cultures had died.’ .” [p26, Merchants of Immortality, 2003, by Stephen S. Hall]
More from the Merchants of Immortality:
“One day during medical school in Texas, Michael West stared down at an unusual tumor in his dissection pan. The tumor is known as a teratoma or, when malignant, a teratocarcinoma. It is a rare form of cancer that typically develops in a cell of the reproductive organs, appearing adjacent to either an ovary or a testicle, and it is arguably the most bizarre amalgam of run-amok tissue that can occur in human beings. It behaves something like a cancerous embryo, capable of forming any of the body’s two hundred or so tissues, but without any of the embryo’s exquisitely honed biochemical checks and balances that herd cells toward normal development… West was fascinated by the teratoma in his dissection tray that day. ‘I opened it up,’s an incisor and a molar,’ he said… ‘Beautiful pristine teeth. And the first thing I thought is, Can we make that happen in a dish? People need those cells… but what cells form these tissues, and how does it work?…I looked in textbooks and there was hardly anything on it. And I just stumbled across some stuff on mouse embryonic stem cells, which pointed out that if you put a mouse embryonic stem cell in perfect conditions, it’ll form a teratoma. And all of a sudden, it all made sense –that of course these are very primitive cells gone awry… And I thought, if we could just culture human embryonic stem cells, we could potentially make teeth and lots of other things..” [pp92-93]
“About that same time, a researcher at the University of California at San Francisco named Gail Martin isolated a version of the [mouse embryonic stem] cells. But there were intriguing early hints about this same class of regenerative cells in cancers known as embryonal carcinomas during the 1970s and, in a broader sense, in the purely observational annals of nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century medicine. Mark Pittenger, a researcher at Osiris Therapeutics in Baltimore, points out references to “wandering cells” in old medical journals, regenerative cells that appeared to gravitate to wounds and facilitate healing. Some of the first clues, Pittenger notes, were observed by battlefield surgeons… Julius Cohnheim, a famous nineteenth-century German pathologist, was among the first to assert that ‘wandering cells’ seemed to play a role in tissue regeneration….
…What exactly is a stem cell? That is a more controversial question to answer now than it was just a few years ago, following a host of preliminary but intriguing reports suggesting that brain stem cells can form blood, and blood stem cells can form neurons. This degree of developmental versatility has forced scientists to rethink the definition of the term…” [p94]
“In 1995, Alta Charo, a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, received a call out of the blue from a stranger who happened to be a colleague on the university’s science faculty. Jamie Thomson introduced himself… ‘He said he had been working on primates and was considering moving on to human work..” [p158] He applied to the university’s institutional review board, or IRB, shortly after publishing a paper in 1995 reporting the isolation of embryonic stem cells from monkeys…  Thomson..didn’t pave his route with press releases. He declined even to describe his lab’s creation of monkey stem cells at meetings until the experiments were published in August 1995 (although he shared the news with several like-minded researchers, including Roger Pedersen). And he rebuffed potential collaborators like Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor, of the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, who approached Thomson’s lab immediately after the 1995 paper.
   But Itskovitz-Eldor was persistent, and he felt a special affinity for the University of Wisconsin. In 1985 he had traveled to Madison to learn micromanipulation techniques from Neal First, an animal scientist..who had been a pioneer in cattle cloning; Itskovitz-Eldor returned to Haifa and was among the first in the world to apply the technology to assisted reproductive medicine for humans. Twelve years later, in 1997, Itskovitz-Eldor organized a scientific meeting in Israel in honor of First and invited Jamie Thomson to speak. It provided another opportunity to lobby Thomson about a possible collaboration. The two scientists spent a couple of days together traveling around Israel, and Thomson finally agreed to work with Itskovitz-Eldor. It was a fateful decision. As a result, the Wisconsin group was able to work with both domestic and overseas sources of human embryonic material… As it turned out, the Israeli embryos generated more stem cell lines than the Wisconsin embryos –an outcome not without legal and scientific ramifications…[p159] For the Wisconsin group, the key to the entire set of experiments may not have had anything to do with the embryos per se but rather with the elixir in which the embryos grew. The Thomson lab received embryos at the cleavage stage, a very early phase of development that is reached a few days after fertilization. As this clutch of identical embryonic cells continues to divide, the primordial clump slowly doubles in roughly geometric progression: next 16 cells, then 32 cells, and so on. About 5 days after fertilization, the embryo contains 200 to 250 cells. At this point, a very primitive segregation of fate begins to unfold, and the first faint architecture begins to emerge in the form of the blastocyst, with about 30 embryonic stem cells. For a fleeting embryonic moment, each of these cells is endowed with a pluripotent genetic cargo: the biological capacity to become any cell type in the organism. That was the goal– to capture those fleeting, changeable cells.” [p161].
    “In May 1998 the NIH held a symposium on embryonic stem cells in Madison [Wisconsin]. Unbeknownst to government officials –indeed, to almost everyone– human ES cells had already been isolated. ‘At that time,’ recalled Itskovitz-Eldor, who had traveled to Madison for the meeting, ‘we never mentioned that there were human ES cells actually growing a few blocks from where the meeting was held.’ [p162] As the Wisconsin researchers began to explore the properties of these unusual cellular dynamos, the stem cell story, perhaps fittingly, converged with the telomere story. Unlike normal human cells, of the sort first grown in a test tube by Leonard Hayflick [at the Wistar Institute, ], embryonic stem cells expressed high levels of telomerase; in other words, these cells had managed to switch on the gene that tells the cell how to make telomerase, and the presence of this normally rare and suppressed enzyme effectively immortalized embryonic stem cells… they seemed never to hit the Hayflick Limit. They are, in a very real sense, immortal, until they receive a signal to specialize… Thomson and his colleagues acknowledged that the ability to produce a ‘potentially limitless source’ of neurons and cardiac cells, for example, had widespread implications for transplantation therapy.” [p163]
“In the summer of 1998, a young South American scientist named Jose Cibelli worked at Advanced Cell Technology [ACT] where [Michael] West had agreed to serve as president. He was due to arrive in Worcester full-time in October, but several months earlier Cibelli was dispatched to Haifa with the express intent of trying to clone human embryonic stem cells –in the same lab as one of [Jamie] Thomson’s collaborators…Itskovitz-Eldor…[p165]
“In the spring of 1998, exiled from Geron and divorced from the stem cell race he had personally organized, Michael West was wandering the world like an entreprenurial nomad, searching for a way to become a player again… West traveled to Scotland specifically to ask [Ian] Wilmut [‘main architect of Dolly, the cloned sheep’] based at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh, if he would like to collaborate in an effort to create human stem cells through cloning. [p166]  West continued to talk to anyone who would listen… He became infatuated with ‘nuclear transfer’, or cloning, as a way to obtain stem cells…
   “On the day West met with the Avian Farms delegation.. several [ACT] scientists dropped in to give brief seminars on their work. One of them was Jose Cibelli… He had done graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts in the laboratory of James Robl, one of ACT’s founders and eventually joined the company. As Cibelli spoke, West’s jaw dropped because the Argentine scientist described experiments he had done in Robl’s lab in which he had created a hybrid embryo, albeit short-lived, through the union of a cow egg and an adult human cell.
   “When Cibelli showed a slide of the cow-human embryo, West couldn’t believe his eyes… ‘I mean, he showed me human embryos that had made by cloning. And I had no idea– no one in the world had any idea that it’d been done… and I thought, ‘..this is exactly what I want to be doing..’  …What West probably didn’t know is that the 1994 embryo panel specifically mentioned interspecies cloning as one of those Rubicons of experimentation that should not be crossed.” [p167]
   “James Robl had stepped in to stop Cibelli’s original line of research at U Mass, but West has always given his scientific colleagues very free rein. West joined ACT as president in the fall of 1998 and immediately instructed Cibelli to get the cow-human work going again. West decided.. that he needed to disclose the company’s intention to pursue this line of experimentation, given the burgeoning controversy surrounding cloning and embryo research (he did not feel similarly compelled to mention Cibelli’s efforts in Israel just a few months earlier). And as he has often done, he went shopping for a friendly media outlet to retail his story. [p168]  ‘I was intrigued,’ admitted Alta Charo, who was at the time a member of the Clinton bioethics panel. ‘If it were the case that you could take an enucleated cow egg ad a human cell, and create an entity that functioned like a human that you could get the stem cells, and then it decompensated later on, you would have evaded the problems of human embryo research because you would not have destroyed a viable human embryo.’ ” [p171]
Advanced Cell never set out, of course, to create cow-human embryos… The company first set out to clone barnyard animals, especially cows. Robl wanted.. bovine embryonic stem cells for a simple biological reason: ..[to] pluck these cells out of an embryo, genetically modify them (insert, for example, the gene for a pharmacologically desirable human protein like albumin) and reinsert them into another cow embryo to create..a pharmaceutical factory on hoofs… All of a sudden, Robl’s group had stumbled upon the very techniques.. mentioned as a theoretical route to the creation of human embryos: ‘somatic cell nuclear transfer’, or cloning… Here was a get fetal animal cells for clinical use; the initial interest was the creation and harvest of dopaminergic neurons, the kind of brain cells that steadily disappear in Parkinson’s disease. [p215] Around that time, a..veterinarian from Argentina..arrived in Robl’s lab to pursue a master’s degree. Jose Cibelli..[came] to Amherst in January 1994. [p216]
    ‘We were talking about cells and organ transplants.. and saying ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there were a source of human tissue for transplants? That’s sort of where it started.’ The three scientists –Cibelli, Stice, and Golueke– knew they couldn’t obtain human [ES] cells because of the federal ban on funds for research… But they bandied about the idea of an audacious..experiment: Why not fuse the contents of an adult human cell with a cow egg? …It’s not clear whether anyone..was aware that the precedent had already been set by Philippe Collas’s similar experiments with rabbit eggs in 1990, although Collas [said] ‘Jose knew perfectly well what had gone on…[p217] His first attempt at human cloning began with..some large cells from the inside of his cheeks. Known as epithelial mucosal cells, these provided the adult cells he would use for nuclear transfer. Using the same techniques honed by years of cattle cloning, he vacuumed out the DNA from the cow eggs and then, using a tiny needle, inserted his own cheek cells, one per egg. ‘And after that, if you don’t do anything, the egg’s going to sit there and it’s just going to ..die after a few days,’ Cibelli explained. ‘It’s waiting for the sperm. So what you do is, you fool the egg..that it is fertilized.’ This bit of biochemical chicanery is achieved by dousing the cow egg with a chemical that makes it behave as though it has been impregnated by sperm… ‘He did a bunch of them,’ Robl remembered, ‘..but [it’s] very difficult to get a blastocyst.’ [p218]. When all was said and done, Cibelli had managed to create several short-term cow-human embryos… The biologists never characterized the cells in their hybrid embryo, and never even bothered to submit a scientific paper reportng it… no one can say with any biological certainty what exactly Jose Cibelli had created in the union of his cheek cell and a cow egg…” [p219] But it was also clear, even then, that cow-human embryos were less than ideal as a source of human stem cells. The best source, obviously, would be an intact human embryo…[T]he world would learn in good time, human oocytes were indeed under consideration at ACT. [p224]
“Ali Hemmati Brivanlou..on the seventh floor of a building at Rockefeller University..the morning of November 10, 2000..[p174]..had already made arrangements with Zev Rosenwaks, director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility at New York Weill Cornell, to collaborate. ‘He has already given me eight embryos’…[p176] In the summer of 2000, he had reached a tentative..arrangement with Zev Rosenwaks, an Israeli-born expert in reproductive medicine, who had agreed to supply Brivanlou’s lab with surplus human embryos left over from in vitro Weill Cornell’s IVF center..[p177] In purely pragmatic terms, the earliest moments of human development held the key to tissue regeneration and cellular repair… ‘As you know,’ Brivanlou said that day, ‘nobody can stop scientists from doing the experiments they want to do. Nobody.’ [p178]
1998 Report: Embryonic stem cell lines derived from human blastocysts
“[Michael] West was pilloried for announcing that ACT was conducting the experiments, but in fact a number of leaders in he field..end[ed] up pursuing variations on the same general theme: create a ‘thing’ that couldn’t techncally be called a human embryo but could be used to harvest immunologically compatible stem cells… Other researchers, in England and Israel and Singapore, where the political constraints on research were not driven by the same religious concerns, were trying to create embryos in IVF clinics… [p172]
   “They never saw it as a way to create copies of animals, or humans for that matter. Rather, they saw it as an immensely powerful biological tool… Following his studies in England, [Douglas] Melton returned to Harvard..[and] began to catalogue the proteins that control the development of organs, especially in the nervous system. They learned that certain of these growth factors, or ‘morphogens’, could basically generate nearly any cellular fate depending on their concentration… [Brivanlou] was astonished to find that when you blocked activin, virtuallyall the cells in [an]..embryo became brain cells…[pp181-182]
   “[I]n the late 1990s, work at the Salk Institute, in the laboratory of Fred Gage,..another of StemCell’s cofounders,..electrified the field of neuroscience when they reported the existence of adult neural progenitor cells in the mammalian brain. Gage deliberately shies away from the term stem cell to describe these adult cells, because he’s still not sure what they are. But they can be recovered from the brain tissue of rats, for example, and possess the capacity to differentiate into either of the two main neural cells, neurons and glial cells… [p238] Gage’s group has shown that neural progenitor cells, when transplanted into an adult nervous system, migrate to the zone in the brain where new neurological cells are formed, and will also migrate to areas of injury…’Not only are new cells born, but they undergo synaptogenesis,’ Gage said..meaning they form the connections, or synapses, that link nerve cells.” [p239]
…and finally, a last composition of excerpts from Merchants of Immortality:
“Bone marrow transplants, first attempted in the early 1960s, achieved a routine success by the 1970s..because patients received..hematopoietic (or blood-forming) stem cells. These are progenitor cells of the blood system and possess the ability to differentiate..into all the cells of a healthy and whole blood system… [T]his spongy matrix of tissue, encased in a sanctuary of bone, is..recognized as the body’s safe-deposit box..for some of the body’s most precious regenerative jewels –namely, cells that can differentiate into many other tissues. In fact, adult stem cells from the marrow have actually been a proven..respectable feature of medicine for about four decades. It’s just one referred to them as stem cells.[p229].  The existence of that marvelously prolific [‘mother’] cell was first proposed in the early 1960s and grew out of medical experiments related to nuclear warfare and radiation exposure. Two Canadian researchers, J.E. Till and E.A. McCulloch, ..subjected mice to lethal doses of radiation that destroyed the rodents’ entire blood-making apparatus in the marrow; then they infused small amounts of blood..sufficient to rebuild the animals’ entire blood and immunological systems. [p230] According to [Bob] Deans, these mesenchymal [marrow] stem cells are conspicuously denuded of typical immunological markings…meaning that they can evade a basic form of scrutiny by immune sentinels known as T cells; they also lack a marker known as B-7 which..revs up an immune response. Deans added that these stem cells may even secrete a factor that actively inhibits a normal immune response…’The cells seem to be totally immunoprivileged and we are currently doing a study where we are injecting cells from one animal into another with no immunosuppression, and we are seeing no rejection.’ The cells, in other words, seem to deploy a biological stealth technology to remain immunologically invisible. This…could open the door to the use of universal donor cells…’It changes the whole ball game in terms of commercialization,’ said Brad Martin. When this immunological invisibility was first observed, Osiris scientists were stunned. ‘In the last year, this all came to light, and we are all just amazed,’ said Martin in May 2001.” [p234].
Info on Dr. Atala
Video (8min) on regenerating organs and tissue; “it’s the future today”
Dr. Atala’s bioengineered “neo-organs”
[2009] “Lab grown penis helps rabbits mate…like rabbits”

“Biotechnology now allows us to genetically engineer animals so that they produce proteins that are human pharmaceuticals. For certain drugs that are difficult to produce using existing methods or are needed in large quantities, production in GE animals offers the most efficient and practical solution… Other applications include making animal organs compatible with humans, a technology known as xenotransplantation. Research is being conducted to produce transplant organs in pigs that may be a source of organs for humans.”

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