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Timeline 1961–1980

(under construction)
–Jan20, JFK takes office
–March, the Peace Corps is founded, headed by (JFK in-law) Sargeant Shriver
–first industrial robot put into use by General Motors at Trenton NJ
–April 12, Yuri Gagarin launches into an 89 minute earth orbit to be the first man in space
–April 17, Bay of Pigs invasion to oust Castro from Cuba, proposed by Allen Dulles
–founding of the World Wildlife Fund in Switzerland
–Prof. Lev Rivlin of Moscow proposes construction of a gamma-ray laser
–Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram begins “Obedience to Authority” studies, subjects deliver electric shocks to ‘victims’ when told
“In 1961, Allen Frey..reported that humans could hear microwaves…Pulsed microwave..(sound-to-skull) transmission was discovered during World War II by radar technicians who..could hear the buzz… By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligent speech may be created…”
–Aug., Berlin Wall under construction
–USSR nuclear test series detonates the largest H-bomb ever, “Ivan” (Tsar Bomba) yields over 50 megatons (approx half capacity); designed for 100 mt
–hurricane Carla
–AMA forms the ‘Committee on Quackery’ to eliminate Chiropractic
–Rothschilds create Imetal, an umbrella corp. for their mining interests
–Jul03, Algeria declares its final independence from France following its war for independence which began Nov.01, 1954
–Super Typhoon Karen (name repeated) destroys 95% of the buildings on Guam causing ‘retirement’ of the base
–Sep27, biologist Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” is published
–October, 13-day “Cuban Missile Crisis”
–the Sabin ‘OPV’ polio vaccine replaces the Salk ‘IPV’
–for the first time since the Nevada Test Site opened in 1951, the National Institutes of Health gets an operations accountability review and a budget trimming. By contrast, its parent agency HEW gets triple funding.
–US Air Force deploys the defoliant ‘Agent Orange’ in Vietnam
–success of ‘artificial inovulation’, the transplant of mammal eggs from one breed/species to another
–Feb., Theodor von Karman, the “father of supersonic flight”, receives the first US science medal
–first human ‘nerve’ transplant
–Roger Revelle founds Harvards ‘Center for Population Studies’
–SV40, simian virus #40, discovered as a contaminant in polio vaccines. SV40 soon becomes classed as an oncogene with an added property as a genetic ‘promoter’ in transgene recombinants.
–Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico becomes world’s largest radio telescope, 305m diameter dish
–Betty Friedan publishes “The Feminine Mystique”
–first human lung implantation performed by Dr. J.D. Hardy
–Aug 5, signing of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in Moscow by US, UK, and USSR; enters into force on October 10
–Herman J. Muller publishes ‘Radiation and Heredity’ proving chromsome damage, predicting chronic disease and human extinction (see the American Journal of Public Health, vol 54)
–Mar, Alaska Earthquake and tsunami:Magnitude 9.2
–Apr.2, Soviets launch Zond 1 space probe to Venus
–US satellite disintegrates over Madagascar, dumping its plutonium core
–U.S. Civil Rights Act passes, Johnson gives his “Great Society” speech (the ‘Great Society’ is book from the Fabian socialist, Graham Wallas)
–Aug., Gulf of Tonkin Incident escalates Vietnam ‘police action’
–first animal-to-man organ transplant of porcine kidneys
–eastern US has 3 intense and expensive hurricanes
–Oct.16, the Chinese test their first nuclear bomb at Lop Nor
–Nov.30, Soviets launch second space probe with pulsed plasma propulsion, the Zond 2, which made a Mars flyby in August of 1965;
 –war between India and Pakistan
–US launches its first nuclear reactor in space; the SNAP-10A, under Atomic Energy program SNAPSHOT
–Aug. the racial “Watts Riots” occur in Los Angeles
–Hurricane Betsy
–first major conventional clash of forces in Vietnam, US troops expand to 200,000
–Malcolm X is assassinated in a Harlem mosque
–Nov9, NYC and the NE U.S. experience the largest urban blackout
–Jan, Soviets land Luna 9 probe on the moon
–a military coup in Nigeria, led by Gen. Ojukwu, creates the secessionist state of Biafra
–the later-named Gulf War Syndrome is first described
–Project Pandora, a secret study of The Moscow Signal microwave beamed into the American Embassy, is begun to determine the biological and behavioral effects of low-level microwave radiation
–Charles Bluhdorn (Gulf+Western Industries) acquires Paramount Picture Studios; Paramount was funded with $10 million from Kuhn Loeb & Co through Adolph Zukor’s partner, banker Felix Kahn; Paramount merged into Viacom/CBS
–Sep, Star Trek premiers as a new TV series (canceled after 3 seasons, rerun in 1969)
–Standard Oil of New York merged with Vacuum Oil to form Socony-Vacuum, which  became Mobil Oil
“By 1920 Exxon, BP and Royal  Dutch/Shell dominated the world’s booming oil business, with the Rockefeller,  Rothschild, Samuel, Nobel and Oppenheimer families, along with British and Dutch  royals owning the brunt of their stock. Two other Rockefeller babies, Mobil and  Chevron, weren’t far behind the Big Three. The Texas Murchison family –  themselves patronized by the Rockefellers – controlled Texaco, while the Mellon  family – with its own ties to the Rockefeller fortune – controlled Seventh  Sister Gulf Oil.”
–the Report from Iron Mountain is published (leaked) noting that Perpetual War is good for the economy and social control (is it a hoax?)
–The Oasis Plan is proposed; Eisenhower, Strauss and Weinberg
–May 31, US launches the first Timation satellite for global navigation; predecessor to GPS
–Jun 5-10, Six Day War; Israel captures the Sinai Penninsula
–Jun 8, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty
–Nigeria and it’s oil-rich breakaway eastern region of Biafra brace for civil war
–Jun 17, PRC, China, explodes it first H-bomb at Lop Nor
–it’s the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco
–race riots in Newark, N.J. and Detroit, Michigan
–hurricane Arlene
–Jan., the North Vietnamese VC launch the Tet Offensive
–Robert S. MacNamara, who says US cannot ‘win’ war in Vietnam is replaced as Sec. of Defense by Clark M. Clifford; MacNamara becomes president of the World Bank
–My Lai Massacre of Vietnamese village residents by US troops is reported in a letter to Nixon by ‘Charlie Company’ trooper Ronald Ridenhour
–March, first successful human heart transplant
–April 4, Martin Luther King assassinated in Memphis, TN
–April 4, MGM film 2001 A Space Odyssey is released
–US military dumps obsolete weapons stores off  US coastal waters
–Marburg virus infects ‘monkey handlers’ in Germany; monkeys used in vaccine production
–June 6, Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in California
–June 12, the Paramount film Rosemary’s Baby opens in theaters
–July 1, Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) signed by US, UK, and USSR
–Hong Kong Flu goes pandemic, strains H3N2 (brought from Vietnam) and H2N2 (Japan strain)
–Drs John Gofman and A. Tamplin say ionizing radiation is cause in all cancers
–Mar 2, supersonic Concorde makes its first flight
–Golda Myerson (Meir) of Wisconsin becomes the 4th Prime Minister of Israel (resigned 1974)
–July 16, Apollo 11 moon landing, 5 more complete crewed landings occur through Dec. 1972 Apollo 17
–major sheep kill from biowar release outside the Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah
–Aug 10, Charles Manson followers from The Family commit the Tate-LaBianca murders
–Aug 15-18, Woodstock Festival makes music history in upstate New York
–Aug 17-18, hurricane Camille, cat5, landfall windspeeds believed to be strongest in US history
–Nov, the first link in DARPA’s ‘ARPAnet’ (internet) connects UCLA with Stanford
–Dec, the USAF Project Blue Book on UFOs, begun in 1952, is officially closed
–Jan., after 3 years of “one of the most devastating civil wars in history” in which 2-3 million people perished from starvation, Biafra is reunited with Nigeria; “Oil fueled the Nigerian civil war. The major fields were in what was Biafra..”
–Mar 5, effective enforcement of Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (signed Jul,1968) begins
–launch of the first “Ecology Day” (Earth Day) by Gaylord Nelson; cofounder and Master of Ceremonies, Ira Einhorn, is later known as the “Unicorn Killer”; Einhorn was a close associate of Dr. Andrija Puharich, psychical researcher
–May 4, students shot and killed at Kent State University, Ohio, by National Guardsmen
–the World Bank initiates a Third World lending program
–George Soros and Jim Rogers co-found the Quantum Fund N.V., offshore investment banking
–Dec 2, creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); lawyer William Ruckelshaus is first (and 5th, under Reagan) director
–US population at 203,392,000
–WORLD POPULATION at 3,680,000,000
–US, National Cancer Act of 1971, passes under the Nixon Administration
–April, US table tennis team visits China; Ping-Pong Diplomacy initiates official diplomatic relations
–Greenpeace Foundation est. in Vancouver, first ‘action’ in Amchitka, Alaska
–Club of Rome publishes “Limits To Growth”
–‘Nat’l Center for Toxicological Research’ is founded at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas
–Paul Berg genetically ‘recombines’ E.coli and SV40 monkey virus (both ‘infectious’ in humans)
–successful ‘clone’ of a frog performed by John Gurdon, Cambridge Univ. England
–July, Henry Kissinger secretly visits Beijing while on a trip to Pakistan
–New York Times publishes the “Pentagon Papers” about top-secret involvement in pre-war Vietnam, the source is RAND Corp. analyst Daniel Ellsberg
–Dec.11, the Libertarian Party is founded in the U.S.
–Feb 21-28, Nixon makes historic visit to the People’s Republic of China which he called “the week that changed the world”
–the “paradoxical dose-response” to radiation is discovered by Abram Petkau
–US and Israel endow the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) for incentive grants; in 1977 and 1978, two more development funds, BIRD and BARD, support joint industry and agriculture projects
–US Marine Mammal Protection Act, halts the dumping of obsolete munitions begun in 1968
–the Special Virus Cancer Program is initiated at Fort Detrick by the Nat’l Cancer Institute
–the Stockholm Agreement is signed, environmental protection
–June 17, the “plumbers” who “stop leaks” are arrested in Watergate Hotel break-in
–pesticide DDT is banned (partial) for domestic US use
–Sep.5, 11 Israeli athletes are killed by terrorists at the Olympic Village in Munich
–“In 1972 Standard Oil of New Jersey became Exxon… Exxon Mobil shares board members with JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank,  Royal Bank of Canada and Prudential… Exxon owns most of the land in Yemen (5.6 million acres), Oman and Chad. Its  1991 assets totaled $87 billion… As of 1993 Banker’s Trust was  #1 shareholder in Exxon.” 
–Jan, US announces the “end of the draft”, changes to an all volunteer army
–Mar, last US combat troops leave Vietnam
–Apr.3, Motorola produces and demonstrates the first hand-held mobile phone
–first CAT-scan, computer assisted tomography
–New York’s WTC under construction
–Golda Meir delivers the “Samson Option” to Richard Nixon
–Sep,Chile’s president Allende is overthrown in violent US-backed coup d’etat
–Oct, Yom Kippur War, Egypt recaptures Sinai, lost to Israel in 1967 (Israeli withdrawal completes in 1982)
–techniques of recombinant DNA are perfected
–first OPEC gas/oil ‘crisis’
–Vice-president Spiro Agnew resigns in ‘no contest’ to tax evasion, Gerald Ford appointed
–the Batelle Report confirms high cancer-rates to the AEC, which buries the report
–Aug.9, Nixon resigns, Gerald Ford ascends the US presidency and appoints Nelson Rockefeller as VP (both the new Pres and Vice-pres are “appointees”)
–Nov, nuclear industry worker and whistleblower Karen Silkwood is killed on her way to meet NYTimes reporter
–the “Arecibo Message”, written by Cornell’s Frank Drake, is beamed into space at star cluster M13
–Feb, China Earthquake, 7.0 hits Haicheng, residents had a one-day warning to evacuate
–US economy in ‘stagflation’
–France hosts the first of the “G8” economic summits (Group of Eight, expanded from an original 6); representing 53% of the world economy
–JulyAug, the Helsinki Accords result in a policy charter for European security on borders and human rights; deemed favorable to the USSR
–Lyme Disease breaks out in northeast US; named for the town of Lyme, CT; caused by spirochete bacteria of the genus Borrelia, the first confirmed case in the US was in 1970 Wisconsin
— British writer Anthony Sampson pens “The Seven Sisters” about the international OIL cartel; the Seven Sisters are: Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Exxon, Mobile, Chevron, Texaco, and Gulf.
–Biology “milestone came in 1975 with the productionof hybridomas by Kohler and Milstein. These cell lines, formed by the fusion of a normal antibody-producing cell with an immortal cancer (myeloma) cell, are each capable of the continuous production of antibody molecules [leading to monoclonal antibody therapeutics, the “mab” suffix designation for a new class of potent antibiotic-type drugs].
–Jan., GHWBush becomes 11th Director of the CIA (one year), succeeding William Colby
Ebola appears in the southern Sudan
–Legionnaire’s (legionella) appears in Philadelphia
–the “swine flu” threat becomes a vaccine campaign in the US
–military coup d’etat against Isabel Peron in Argentina
–Gary Allen publishes ‘The Rockefeller File’ with an introduction by Congressman Larry Patton McDonald (McDonald was ‘assassinated’ on KAL flight 007 shotdown by Soviets in 1983)
–variant of Mad Cow (TSE) infecting the US deer population, Dr. Elizabeth Williams
–detection of the Ozone Hole over Antarctica
–UK builds the Joint European Torus (JET) plasma/fusion project; achieves plasma in 1983, fusion in 1991; 16 megawatts of fusion in 1997
–the “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” meets to draft the ENMOD Treaty (ratified in 1978)
–Mar.27, two Boeing 747s collide at the Tenerife airport in the Canary Islands killing 583
–May25, opening day of the first Star Wars movie, released by 20th Century Fox; sequels follow in 1980 (Empire Strikes Back) and 1983 (Return of the Jedi)
–Nov., Columbia Pictures releases Close Encounters of the Third Kind
–legal case filed of “Patenting Life” by Dr. Chakrabarty, invention of oil-eating enzyme which is feared to lead to ‘designer microbes’. Dr. Chakrabarty’s right of patent is upheld by the US Supreme Court in 2001
–Afghanistan, coup d’etat, the Saur Revolution
–the Shah of Iran is overthrown by followers of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeni
–Sep11, Janet Parker is the last person known to have died from smallpox, contracted in a UK medical lab
–Feb.12-23, first UN World Climate Conference held in Geneva
–Mar26, Camp David Peace Treaty signed by Israel and Egypt; U.S. pays both parties each $7.5 billion; thereafter US converts aid to Israel into direct cash transfers
–Mar29, accident at Three-Mile Island Nuclear Plant
–Apr04, biowarfare anthrax ‘accidental’ release in Sverdlovsk, USSR
–FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, is founded
–the “last wild case” of polio is declared in the US among the Amish (TMI falllout?)
–a US Constitutional amendment to ban the ‘electoral college’ and replace it with direct voting is killed in the Senate
–Nov, 500 Iranians storm the American Embassy and take 90 hostages
–Dec, Soviets invade Afghanistan, a military conflict that lasts over 9 years
–the 80s are dubbed the International Decade of Water and Sanitation; rotavirus (discovered in 1973) is identified as the major global cause of diarrheal diseases in children
–W.H.O. announces the worldwide eradication of smallpox
–U.S. creates the Dept. of Health and Human Services
–Pres. Carter deregulates the banking industry
–the Pope is shot by a Turkish national
–the most powerful (megawatt) laser of its time, MIRACL, becomes operational [Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser]
–Mount St. Helens rumbles from dormancy and explodes on May 18
–the Hunt brothers of Texas attempt to corner the Silver market; Gold and Silver hit record prices
–Ted Turner’s CNN begins broadcasting
–Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) gains official independence from Britain
–Sep22, Iraq seizes territory from Iran, war begins
–Dec08, John Lennon assassinated in NYC by Mark Chapman

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