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September 17, 2009

The War Upon You

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In a chance moment of flipping on the television as a guest at someone’s home, I caught a few minutes of the History Channel analyzing the American Civil War ‘Battle of Gettysburg’. The program imposed the strategy of the reknown Chinese martialist Sun Tzu on the actions of the losing Confederates and the mistakes they had made, apparently unfamiliar with war strategy : “Never send in troops to rescue a lost cause“.
…the moment was epiphanous…

Few people seem to know or comprehend the depth of the war being waged on humanity. I do not know it but feel it to the marrow, and my heart resists capture even by the seductive reasoning of my own mind. ‘Reason’ is what I was trained to believe in, not in the wild impulses of my heart. ‘Reason’, then, must be the tool of my enemy. It is a great piece of rationalist fakery to equate Reason with Logic. They are surely not the same creature of thought. Logic is simply a method of determining cause and effect. Reason, on the other hand, is the philosopher’s Ideal. I never did like academic philosophy for it’s failure to inform my heart on the nature of reality.

And so, my worldly thoughts seek their measure in practical constructs, like Sun Tzu. War is a business and all modern business has become the strategy of war. My mother, who knows little of business and even less of war, still often repeated the temporal wisdom inherent in the advice of Sun Tzu : “Never throw good money after bad”.

In a war of reduction, waged from within, the strategy is to lose; lose and survive. How many overreaching businesses have survived against considerable odds by downsizing, tightening control and imposing a uniformity of protocol? In the global business of downsizing, the more lost causes the better. The more good money after bad the better. The less Life the better. Winning by losing reduces everything to manageable proportions and hands over a ‘bloodless’ victory. The strategists have been honing their skills for centuries –they know you hate to lose. They’re counting on it.


  1. “They’re counting on it.”

    They always count on our inability to think that the enemy (the eternal owner of this world and that is in it) never stops thinking about better ways to trick them and to control their mind. The masses have been engineered to behave in exactly the way the money masters want them to behave. The masses will remain the eternally poor in everything! Nothing can ever be done to remedy that situation. Individuals will always fight (aware that they will always lose) because they are trapped in empty and futile concepts like freedom, justice or even equality. I am one of those losers! And, I will neverstop fighting, if not for others, at least for myself, my loved ones and my progeny. It is worth it!


    Comment by B.A.Fremaux-Soormally — September 26, 2009 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

    • Thankyou for your spirited comment, B.

      Knowledge is power. Understanding the forms of ‘engineering’ is the way to expose the means and methods of control. As you ‘burn brighter’ you can also go deeper in the darkness and see what is seldom seen. All along the way, I marvel at the good humor and creativity coming from all corners. The masses HAVE EVERYTHING. Why else would they work so hard at taking it from us?

      -Dream a new dream, it’s all metaphysics –it is worth it!

      Comment by jenniferlake — September 26, 2009 @ 10:51 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Jennifer

    I am surviving in the very heart of Empire, and for more than 18 years I have seen Britain heading fast towards the officialising of its dictatorship status under the guise of democracy. Travelling from Moscow and on my way to Mauritius I wanted to visit part of my family here. Although I held a British passport, the Britons jailed me in 1968 for one night and deported me to Paris. I was then 22 years old. Although I was not a Communist, a Marxist or a Socialist, I was indicted as one. The Soviets never allowed me back and my son Olyeg was born on 10 September in Stavropol without his father. In December, my wife wrote to me her first letter and informed me that our son had died in hospital. I did not believe her. Two years later she sent me a photograph with our son in her hands and told me he had been kidnapped by her family with KGB help. To this day I never knew the truth and never met with my son.

    To this day I carry the marks of both betrayal, the Britons and the Soviets, and after researching the politics behind this, I found out that all three ideologies, Communism, Capitalism and Maoism were financed by the same bankers and manipulated by the same Zionist controlled media.

    I know enough of the Elite’s methods of control and enough of the lack of combativeness of the masses and the horrendous holocaust in store for us all. At 63, I still do not see any happy ending of this satanic order of things. Religious people seek refuge in God or gods, or in a Judgment Day, but some visionaries are more optimistic for a change for the better around 2012 right here on earth. “Adriana Evangelizt”, a Hermetist friend of mine, is expecting such a drastic change around the same time. She is not a Christian, but is a healer and wrote the best poem on Jesus Christ I have ever read: “Jesus the Messenger of Light”. With a close friend, we rendered it into English. Even if Jesus did not exist at all, or was not what is claimed he was, that cosmic poem is heart breaking, and teaches us all a lesson about human compassion and sacrifice.

    Although an Atheist, so he says, Daryl Bradford Smith is fighting a Crusade for a free, moral and just world what the majority of Christians or Muslims are not doing. As you rightly say, “humor and creativity” comes from all corners. I am never bitter and never lost my good humor, and I believe I have done my part to the best of my ability because I never surrendered to the despots and their evil ways. But, I keep asking myself how such a well educated man like Pr Richard Dawkins can see in all these human tribulations only accidental jousts of molecules without any sense and purpose at all!

    Should we stop loving or having children just because some devils have mortgaged our lives for eternity? Yes, we need a new dream, and we still can find happiness in this wretched world and with a little more common sense and will, we may even make the plunderers of our souls understand that they can not own us for ever! I apologise for this lengthy response, but as my grand daughters are away, I have a little more time to bother others. One thing the usurers have never been able to steal from me: MY SMILE AND JOY OF LIVING! Keep on the good work and may God (if there is One, of course!) bless you and your loved ones.

    Monday 28th of September 2009

    Comment by B.A.Fremaux-Soormally — September 28, 2009 @ 10:46 pm | Reply

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