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December 15, 2009

The Host and the Parasite

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“The Host and the Parasite”, presented by its author Greg Felton from Vancouver B.C. in February 2008
“September 11…led to the passage of the USA Patriot Act and from there, people might argue, we went into a spiral toward the abyss of statism, torture, imperial overreach and all sorts of other things you can associate with undemocratic activity.”
“On October 3rd, 2001, 24 days after September 11th happened, the Department of Justice handed Congress a document; it was called the USA Patriot Act and Congress was told to pass it….here we have a congress being told to follow a dictate from the Executive….
…the Patriot Act was entered into the House on October 23 and signed by GWBush on October 26. For legislation, that is an absurdly fast scenario.
…that document did something very strange and very sad –it legislated the Republic out of existence, legally.”
“We have to explain why a Congress would commit political suicide. Why would Congress do this? My book takes the perspective that Congress was incapable of defending the Constitution, which..the Patriot Act utterly destroys.
…beginning with Ronald Reagan in 1980, and through a period of 25 years, the United States managed to mutate from a republic.. toward a police state and it did so because of events that came out of the Vietnam War”…
[part 2]”In 1967…Israel provoked a war in the Middle East and managed to seize control of the Suez….They occupied East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Suez, the West Bank, Gaza Strip –it is still an illegal occupation…
The Israel Lobby which came to prominence under Harry Truman in 1948 and owed its allegiance to the Democratic Party was considering supporting a Republican [after Carter, who supported a Palestinian treaty]…with the election of 1980, ..the Zionists and Neoconservatives came to power and their front man was Ronald Reagan.
Through the 1980s we have a transition..between the role of oil as the dominant influence and cause of US policy in the Mid-East and that of supporting Israel, to the detriment of oil and to the detriment of the United States.”
“Throughout the 1980s, Israel virtually ignored everything the US wanted to do…It had carte blanche to do what it wanted”…
“In 1991, Dick Cheney had acknowledged there was no threat of nuclear weapons from Saddam Hussein. Colin Powell said the same thing in 2000, so did Condoleeza Rice…that Iraq posed no threat to the US or Israel. [Then] the US policy flip-flopped 180 degrees”…
[part 3]” the only interested party involved in Iraq was Israel, for three reasons. Iraq has a lot of oil –Israel needs oil. Iraq has a lot of water; the Tigris and the Euphrates all within the ambit of what’s called the Zionist claim on Middle Eastern land, “from the Nile to the Euphrates”…
…it’s also the case that Saddam Hussein was one of the few Arab leaders courageous enough to stand up and defend the Palestinians against the repression and sadism of the Israeli state.
Israel wants complete military superiority over the region and so ‘we’ had a provocation to bomb Iraq.”
“The United States government, especially since Clinton, has been populated by people who owe more of an allegiance to Israel than to the United States itself. To this day there are people in the United States government who are citizens of Israel, and to have dual citizens form the policy really brings up questions of duplicity and treason…
…it makes more sense to believe that the United States Congress is not in control of itself. The people making policy would rather serve Israel than serve their own public…and if we’re ever going to have a discussion of what happened on September 11, ..we have to look at who benefitted from it.”
“The United States has been humiliated, abused, disgraced, internationally and domestically, as it moves to support Israel in whatever it does. And it is impossible to think that this has been done willingly…The only possible thing that we can conclude is that the United States has been under Israeli occupation, to all intents and purposes.
…The United States..has slowly and quite clearly allowed itself to be occupied and humiliated by a lobby that had as it’s primary interest the interest of another government…
   If you look at the people who run the United States…the interplay between them and the Israeli lobby is very very close, and it makes no sense for the United States to murder Arabs en mass…to repudiate its principles and to declare war on its own citizens. The only way we can make sense of this is that the people in Washington are serving another government…We have essentially a treasonous government.”
[part 4,5,6 are question/answer and very instructive]
For a listing of government employees:  –‘fed up usa’ kicks butt

Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the host.

In general, parasites are much smaller than their hosts, show a high degree of specialization for their mode of life, and reproduce more quickly and in greater numbers than their hosts. Classic examples of parasitism include interactions between vertebrate hosts and diverse animals such as tapeworms, flukes, the Plasmodium species, and fleas. Parasitism is differentiated from parasitoidism, a relationship in which the host is always killed by the parasite such as moths, butterflies, ants, flies and others.

The harm and benefit in parasitic interactions concern the biological fitness of the organisms involved. Parasites reduce host fitness in many ways, ranging from general or specialized pathology (such as castration), impairment of secondary sex characteristics, to the modification of host behaviour. Parasites increase their fitness by exploiting hosts for food, habitat and dispersal………..


The parasitic financial class:

Americans spying for Israel –scientists selling secrets to the ‘Mossad’

November 21, 2009



Brothers Benjamin and Daniel Stewart have made a brilliant film with shining moments about the nature of consciousness. In one hour and twenty-four minutes they ambitiously cover the range of the electro-magnetic properties of the ‘organism’ Earth, how this gives rise to biological form and function, the meaning of myth and religion as symbolic outer stories that enable our conception of the True Self and the False Ego, and how the global drama of terror and control is a collective expression of our inner divisions.
As they describe “Fear”, calling it the Parasite (minute 35), “this parasite called our Ego requires a continuous flow of sustenance to survive….a [biological] parasite will release chemicals that cause the host to crave the sustenance that the parasite needs to survive. As long as the host is unaware, it will keep feeding the parasite and starving itself…”
(minute 52) “During the 1990s, three Nobel laureates in medicine advanced research that revealed the primary function of DNA lies not in protein synthesis, as was widely believed for the past century, but in electromagnetic energy reception and transmission”…
“The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other’s functioning. Although it is not well known, the heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, and the signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing, and higher cognitive functions. The heart also generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body and this can actually be measured in the brainwaves of people around us” –HeartMath Institute
(mintute 1hr:19:10) “In this conscious living universe, there are no LAWs of nature, just habits. There is nothing external to this universe to force a Law upon it. The illusion of a fixed Law of nature is only the result of there being no need for that habit to be broken. When habits need to be broken to ensure the survival of the organism, we see this event in nature and call it Evolution. The collective mind shapes our evolution. A great example of this is the experiment done by John Kairns [sic?] in 1988. His team put lactose-intolerant cells in an environment with only lactose for food. Under a Law of nature every one of these lactose-intolerant cells would have died, but surprisingly they all survived. Every one of them understood the problem they were facing and replaced a defective lactase enzyme with a functioning one to utilize lactose for food. If a cell has the ability to decide how and when to evolve because it’s facing extinction, then anything can.”
[Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist]–“The existing belief is that the human body is a biochemical machine controlled by genes and therefore the behavior, emotions, and character of our biology, our health and lives, are controlled by genes –which we don’t control! So, this is what we taught people, “You’re a victim; genes control your life; you didn’t pick them and you can’t change them; the genes you end up with program what’s going to happen.” But experiments on stem cells which I started in 1967 –I’d isolate one stem cell and put it in a Petri dish and then it would divide every ten hours –so I took all of the cells and split them up in 3 Petri dishes. Then, I changed the growth medium –the constituents of the environment– in each of the three dishes. In one dish the cells formed bone. In the second dish they formed muscle and in the third dish they formed fat cells. What controlled the fate of a cell? The first thing you have to say is “wait, they were all genetically identical when they were put in the dish, so obviously the genes didn’t control it because they all had the same genes!” What was different was the environment, and all of a sudden in my career I said “Oh my gosh, here I am teaching [that] genes control life and the cells are telling me that genes respond to life”. And since you can control the response, you can control your life. It’s how you read the environment; how your mind perceives the environment. And if you understand this you can lead yourself to the most wonderful expression on this planet –to be fully alive and fully healthy, by just how you respond to the world.” 
Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? I watched the film twice so as not to miss which were the shining moments and which were doubtful. The thing about a brilliant creation is that you are placed within it’s light at the time of perception: it not only illuminates the moment but it shines the way ahead –the way the conceptualist has lit the path. Many other paths have to be ignored in the meantime, though I clearly liked this film and the bottom-line message of taking responsibility, delivered right off the top.
The biology news seems troubled, however. Humans beings universally possess the ability to synthesize ‘lactase’, therefore this mechanism is already within us, albeit in a dysfunctional state for the lactose intolerant. It ‘s a far cry for you to whip up an entirely new mechanism than it is to “fix” a broken one. Stem cells have already been noted to be unique –if all our cells were stem cells than I suppose we could be anything we “wanted” to be provided we understood exactly what kind of environment was needed…{A604DCCE-2E5F-4395-8954-FCE1C05BECED}&NRORIGINALURL=%2Finfo%2Ffaqs.asp&NRCACHEHINT=NoModifyGuest
Other issues raised in the film:
 regarding Maritime Law: applied to debts, and more generally to ideology and constitutions

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