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July 21, 2009

Was the Polio Vaccine a Radiation Experiment?

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In January of 1947, a new “study” in medicine was organized called Health Physics which is defined as “a highly specialized branch of Radiology…to make a study of radiation problems and devise means of preventing radiation damage…” This link (if it works) refers to a document in the National Security Archives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The military medical staff that had overseen the Manhattan Project reorganized in the era of Nuclear Testing and developed Health Physics to examine the effects of fallout and industrial use of radioactive materials. At that time in 1947, the document states, “many critical problems of far-reaching scope remain to be solved. Information concerning the method of production of these injurious effects in body tissues is almost completely lacking. No methods are available which might stop or delay the development of radiation injuries. No therapeutic measures are at hand….Such problems relate to the fundamental nature of living matter…”.

The team that devised this document recommends for a “safe atomic power program….the effects of acute and chronic exposure must be determined…actual dtermination of the toxicity of a substance must be made, measuring how poisonous it is, both in acute and chronic exposures. The amounts administered are decreased until asymptomatic levels are found…some pilot work in this direction has been completed for a few compounds of uranium, plutonium and certain special oils…..[but] No practical mask, military or otherwise, which will protect against some of the worst hazards has yet been found.” The document goes on with recommending “study of casualty effects. Field study of fission clouds, possible injury to water supply, soil, and the like, human damage by population surveys…”

 …and… “Feeding experiments using radioactive materials in the foods”… “…methods of determining the amount of plutonium, polonium, uranium, etc. that are fixed in the body” and to “bring to light entirely new problems with unknown hazards and unpredictable safeguards”… “Large scale biological work is mandatory“.

 In 1953, seven years after drafting the Health Physics document, the secret Wilson Memorandum shows the government finally giving itself permission to experiment on the population, despite the many decades of doing so less officially. The field testing of the Salk “IPV” vaccine began in 1953. This followed the “gamma globulin trials” of 1951 in Provo, Utah. In my article, “Polio, Then, Now and Forever”, I made a partial case for the precision of the down-wind gamma globulin trials coordinated with the Nevada Test Site series called “Buster-Jangle”. The continuum of ongoing research has shown me even more precise coordination with nuke tests that followed and the specific will of the experimenters to persist under the heading of Health Physics. Future articles will explain and illustrate this vital connection of  “Operation Polio”, as I call it, to the use of nuclear weapons and the elaborate activities of the military-medical complex to cover it up.

NSA can be accessed at, search for documents using quotes

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