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July 30, 2009

The Displaced Scholars

In 1933, with Hitler’s rise to power, thousands of Jewish “scholars” and professionals immediately packed out of Germany. No true accounting of the numbers or “rescue” organizations appears to have been compiled and the refugees represented by this movement that lasted into 1941 is an intangible transfer of professional practitioners of the sciences. By appearances and the testimonials of individuals who benefitted, the hand-selection of applicants and placement within other countries looks strategic, indeed. The process began in World War I. Institutions such as the New School of Social Research, founded in 1918 New York City, were crafted expressly for “refugee scholars”.
Between 1930 and 1933, new institutions for the professions were being founded to receive the incoming scholars. Abraham Flexner founded Princeton’s Insitute For Advanced Study, recruiting the scientists John von Neumann, Eugene Wigner and Albert Einstein before 1933. American universities established entirely new departments and staffed them with Jewish immigrants. Specialty committees and fundraisers, short and long term, placed untolled thousands in scattered communities across the U.S. In other countries, similar organization prevailed. Felix d’Herelle, who discovered properties of the bacteriophage, left the United States in 1933 to establish the Bacteriophage Institute in Tbilisi, USSR. A special project of mine is to help assess the volume and nature of this “movement” and how it affected the direction of scientific research.
Clear definition can be brought to bear on the development of nuclear weapons by refugee Jewish physicists, and bioweapons fit this pattern as well. Today’s genetic research is drawn largely from the “Phage Group” leaders like Max Delbruck and Salvador Luria, themselves “displaced”. They and their European associates were sponsored by rescue committees to develop this special kind of biological research science in the U.S. while other institutions like the Pasteur Institute networked abroad. My personal guesstimate is that tens of thousands of specialists were manuevered out of Germany and brought to the U.S. for the overt purpose of prosecuting World War II and the covert purpose of changing the course of global history, our social history in America, and the genetic future of our species.
This is a partial list of some of the better known longterm rescue organizations:
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Jewish [Foreign] Scholars (USA)
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Physicians (USA)
The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Medical Scientists (USA)
Emergency Rescue Committee (USA)
The Institute of International Education (USA)
Committee for the Study of the Recent Immigration from Europe (USA)
Committee for the Re-education of Refugee Lawyers (USA)
Committee for the Guidance of Professional Personnel (USA)*
National Committee for Resettlement of Foreign Physicians (USA)
American Council For Emigres In The Professions (USA)
American Guild for German Cultural Freedom (USA)
American Friends of German Freedom (USA)
German-American Emergency Conference (USA)
German-American Congress for Democracy (USA)
German Academy in Exile (USA)
German Academy of Arts and Sciences in Exile (USA) 
National Refugee Service (USA)
Russian Student Fund (USA)
Refugee Economic Corporation (USA)
International Relief Association (USA)
International Refugee Organization (USA)*
 Academic Assistance Council (UK)
German Refugees Assistance Fund (UK)
Federation of University Women (UK)
Jewish Professional Committee (UK)
International Student Service (UK)
Notgemeinschaft Deutscher Wissenschafter (Zurich)
Comite International Pour le Placement des Intellectuals (Geneva)
Association Universelle pour les Exiles Allemands (FR)
Comite Francais pour l’accueil et Organisation du Travail des Savants Etranger (FR) 
*location unconfirmed, for a more complete list of rescue organizations visit
To add understanding to the kind of information scattered about on Jewish refugees, read this article from Time magazine, Feb. 1939, on Refugee Physicians. Two more organizations noted by this article can be added to the list above, the “Boston Committee on Medical Emigres” and “Refugees Unlimited”.
note that a near syndicate of pricing appears for medical services, i.e. “fluoroscope, 50cents” –a fluoroscope is a real time x-ray


  1. So Alex Jones and Jim Marrs are right about the Nazis in America, taking it apart from the inside and setting up their NWO. Except their “Germans” weren’t/aren’t really Germans.

    Great work, as always.

    Comment by Kolnidre — August 6, 2009 @ 5:46 am | Reply

    • Thanks! and I hope to treat this ‘too big’ of a subject with clarity. In my reading, the term ‘nazi’ or ‘nasi’ has been used as an honorarium in the historic Jewish community to designate leadership. Barbara Thiering, author of ‘Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls’, makes a point that Jesus was called the ‘nasorean’ (or ‘nazarene’) before the existence of a place called Nazareth. In the late medieval period, the Jewish enclaves in eastern Europe called their local or ‘court’ officials the ‘nazi’. This is more of a case of misdirecting and subverting with partial truth.

      And something you wrote a while back, about our lack of medical/biological knowledge as ‘foreign territory’, has given me alot of pause. It really clinches the argument of how intentionally undereducated we are. Thanks for the ‘spark’. -JL

      Comment by jenniferlake — August 6, 2009 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

  2. Edward Teller offers some insight into the ‘saving of science’ in his autobiography:
    “By April 1933, the British had begun a rescue operation on behalf of the scientists in Germany whose ethnicity or politics placed them at risk. Called the Academic Assistance Council, it was financed by the Imperial Chemical Industries (I.C.I.)the British analog of I.G. Farben. Every scientist at risk who had ability, whether the British needed him or not, was being welcomed in Britain. Indeed, the British went further and sought out the people who were likely to be forced to leave. The purpose was to get us out… two well-known British scientists, Frederick A. Lindemann and George Frederick Donnen…were practically on recruiting missions.” (p.88, “Memoirs”)

    Comment by jenniferlake — August 7, 2009 @ 1:18 am | Reply

  3. I’m thrilled to know that I lit that spark for you, Jennifer. We need more fire in the minds of men (and women) who can think about important and complex issues.

    Speaking of the term “Nazi” in relation to Jewish history, that reminds me of the proto-Zionist Joseph Nasi, who was born under a different name as a Marrano in Portugal. Wonder what made him change his name to “Nasi”?

    Comment by Kolnidre — August 8, 2009 @ 10:08 am | Reply

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